Holy Russia believed that the world was living on BORROWED TIME, or OVERTIME, because year 1 in the Orthodox calendar was 5508 BC. They based their calculations on the Creation Week of 7 days symbolizing 7000 years (Psalm 90:4, II Saint Peter 3:8). Therefore, they expected the world to end in 1492 (5508+1492=7000). If that calendar was retained, Darwinism and Communism would never have deceived the whole world!

Diplomatic relations between Britain and Holy Russia began as far back as the reign of the Queen Elizabeth I double.....At that time Holy Russia was ruled by Tsar Ivan the Great.

The British embassy in Moscow.

Ivan the Great was ruler of Holy Russia when diplomatic relations were first established with the English Muscovy Company in 1551.

Ivan is the English equivalent of John, and Tsar is the equivalent of Caesar—hail Caesar!

Devout Christian Ivan envisioned Moscow as the New Jerusalem, and Russia as Holy Russia!


The Russian embassy is still located at Kensington
Palace Gardens in North London.

Amazingly, the Russian embassy in London has not been banished to the boondocks!

Ivan was the first Russian ruler to bear the title Tsar or Caesar, which was the title of the emperors in Constantinople. The emperors in Constantinople saw themselves as the successors of the Caesars in old Roma.

The Cold War actually began in 1547 when Ivan was crowned as CAESAR because "Holy Roman" Emperor Charles V was already crowned as "CAESAR" in 1519.

Tsar Ivan the Great (1530–1560).
Tsar from 1533 to 1560.

In 1547, Ivan married devout Christian Anastasia Romanovna, and the couple had 6 children.

In 1551, the double cross diplomats arrived from England.

In 1560, she died of poisoning, and a totally different Ivan appeared.

Alarmingly, the Joseph Stalin double murdered his wife Nadja in 1932.


Anastasia Romanovna (1530–1560),
devout wife of Tsar Ivan.

The double even married a Turkish princess named Qochenay bint Teymour (Maria Temryukovna). The Terrible Turks were the deadly enemies of Orthodox Russia. In 1552, the real Ivan had conquered the Turkish stronghold of Kazan.

Tsar Ivan the Terrible double
Terrible Tsar from 1560 to 1584.

It didn't take long for the double to earn the sobriquet "Ivan the Terrible."

A marriage was proposed between Ivan the Terrible double and Lady Mary Hastings.

Lady Mary Hastings was the granddaughter of Henry Pole—brother of fanatical Papal Inquisitor Cardinal Reginald Pole.

Queen Elizabeth I was familiar with doubles because she was the daughter of King Henry VIII and Bessie Blount!



The Rainbow Portrait of

Orthodox Christian Russia would never allow a female ruler because it is a clear violation of Holy Scripture (I Timothy 2:12, Apocalypse 17:5).

The Poles were fanatical opponents of the Reformation in England and Reginald Pole was exiled in 1539. His mother, Margaret Pole, was beheaded by order of King Henry VIII in 1541.... The Poles were scions of the Plantagenet dynasty, so they looked upon the Tudors as usurpers!

As papal legate and Archbishop of Canterbury, Cardinal Pole was the real power behind the throne during the reign of terror of "Bloody Mary" Tudor!

No portrait exists of the proposed bride
of Ivan the Terrible double.

The Inquisition was on steroids during the reign of Sultana, with the Great Siege of Malta and the bloody St. Bartholomew's Day Massacre!

Lady Mary Hastings sailed to Moscow incognito, and no records are available of her activities after her arrival.

As a granddaughter of Henry Pole—brother of the late Cardinal Reginald Pole—her burning ambition was to convert the Tsar to Catholicism, and link Holy Russia to Old Roma!



Cardinal Reginald Pole

When Lady Mary arrived in Moscow the double was already married 6 times. When she married him that made 7, so he beat Henry VIII by one! However, it was not long before she became a widow because the double died of poisoning in 1584.

Pope Gregory XIII (1502–1585).
Pope from 1572 to 1585.

In 1582, Pope Gregory XIII sent papal legate Antonio Possevino to Moscow for the express purpose of converting Russia to Catholicism.

He was the precursor to the President Carter double.

Ivan was indeed terribly anxious to unite Orthodoxy with the heretical See of Roma.

After many long discussions nothing was resolved because an unbridgeable gulf existed between the heterodox and the Orthodox!


Antonio Possevino S.J.

The Metropolitan of Moscow asked Possevino why the Latins did not observe the decrees of the Council of Jerusalem or Apostolic Council which prohibited eating strangled animal and blood:

Wherefore I judge that we are not to trouble those who from the nations are turning to TheĆ³s, but that we write unto them to abstain from the pollutions of images, and from fornication, and from what is strangled, and from blood (Acts 15:19-20, Greek Orthodox Version).

The Jesuit controversialist told him that the prohibition only applied to pagans . . . and was not binding on Christians!

The Latins and the Orthodox are miles apart doctrinally: The filioque, the 3 immersions, leavened bread in the communion, Purgatory, married priests, corona tonsure, etc., etc....Even the number of nailed used on the cross differ: The Latin have 3 and the Orthodox have 4.

Even the Orthodox calendar was different, the Orthodox year for creation was 5508 BC, so they believed that the world would end in 1492. The world did not end in 1492—the year that Portuguese Christopher Columbus "discovered' the New World. However, that year was the beginning of the end of the world!

It was not until the 1917 October Revolution that Old Roma could seriously contemplate eliminating her Orthodox rival. In 1918, "Communist" Vladimir Lenin adopted the Western Gregorian calendar.

In 1812, Tsar Alexander I was ruling Russia when Napollyon invaded with almost 1 million men. British ambassador General William Cathcart was stationed in St. Petersburg.

General William Cathcart (1755–1843).
mb. from 1812 to 1820.

Moscow—the New Jerusalem in the East— was occupied by Napollyon Bonaparte in September 1812.

At that time the capital was located at Saint Petersburg, so the British ambassador was not there to welcome "Puss n' Boots" when he entered the city!

Napollyon expected Tsar Alexander I to meet him in Moscow and formally surrender Orthodox Russia to the French Empire!


Tsar Alexander I (1777–1825).
Reigned from 1801 to 1825.

Instead, the Muscovites burned the city to the ground and Tsar Alexander I pursued Napollyon all the way back to Paris. It was the precursor of another invasion which began on the same date in June 1941.

George Seymour (1797–1880).
Minister from 1851 to 1854.

Diplomatic relations were suspended with Russia just before the Crimean War commenced in 1854.

Britain and France—normally bitter rivals—united with the Terrible Turks to block Russian access to the Mediterranean and Baltic Seas.

If Russia was defeated, then Britain and France planned a combined offensive against the New World New Jerusalem!

Bellicose Lord Palmerston was prime minister, and Napollyon III was emperor of the French.


Emperor Napollyon III (1808–1873).
Dictator from 1852 to 1870.

The Russians defended Sebastopol heroically, and the two bitter rivals had a falling out when the British celebrated Waterloo Day! During the Civil War, Napollyon conquered Mexico and installed Maximilian and Carlota as emperor and empress.

George Vane-Tempest (1821–1884).
Amb. from 1867 to 1871.

George Vane-Tempest was ambassador to Moscow during the epochal year of 1870.

In July, Vatican Council I declared Pope Pius IX infallible!

In August, Prussia declared war on France. Austrian Emperor Franz Joseph was about to come to the aid of Napollyon III, but Tsar Alexander II threatened to mobilize his army!

On September 20, Italian troops entered Porta Pia and the Papal States were gone with the wind!


Pope Pius IX (1792–1878).
Pope from 1846 to 1878.

The troops of Emperor Napollyon III were garrisoning Roma, but they had to be withdrawn to save Paris from a Prussian invasion. The liberation of Roma was the apocalyptic event which began the countdown to the end of the world!

The Prussian victory was also a great boon to Tsar Alexander II because he repudiated the 1856 Treaty of Paris which blocked Russian access to the Black Sea and Mediterranean.

Sir George Buchanan was the British ambassador to Orthodox Russia from 1910 to 1917. Thanks to the timely intervention of Tsar Nicholas II in August 1914, Kaiser Wilhelm II had to withdraw troops from France, and that led to the bloody stalemate on the Western Front.

Sir George Buchanan (1854–1924).
Russian amb. from 1910 to 1917.

Sir George Buchanan coordinated the Russian Revolution from the British embassy in St. Petersburg.

He was assisted by Ace of Spies Sidney Reilly and Bruce Lockhart.

The number of MI666 spies in Russia at that time were legion.

Like Lord Lyons before the assassination of President Lincoln, he feigned an illness, and he left Russia just before his "Bolsheviks"seized power!


Tsar Nicholas Dagmar (b.1865).
Tsar from 1894 to 1917.

The Russian capital was moved from Moscow to Saint Petersburg by Tsar Peter the Great in 1703. After the Russian Revolution of 1917 it was moved back to Moscow.

No official diplomatic relations existed between London and Moscow until the new "Communist" regime was consolidated by the Stalin double in 1929.

Sir Esmond Ovey (1879–1963).
Amb. from 1929 to

In 1929, Sir Esmond Ovey was appointed the first British ambassador to the new Soviet Union.

Concurrently, he coordinated the assassination of the real Joseph Stalin, and his replacement by a double.

At the same time, the British ambassador to Berlin, Sir Horace Rumbold, orchestrated the rise of Hitler to power!


The Joseph Stalin double
(d. 1953)

The Great Terror purges greatly weakened the Russian Army, so Hitler was confident that he would be proudly goose-stepping ahead of the triumphant Wehrmacht as they marched into Moscow!

Sir Stafford Cripps (18891952).
Amb. from 1940 to 1942.

Ambassador Cripps was looking forward to welcoming Hitler to Moscow.

Hitler did not get as far as his predecessor Napollyon, who entered Moscow in September 1812.

Cripps returned home in February 1942, and he urged Britons to take off their masks and declare openly for Hitler's Catholic Third Reich!



Nazis surrendering to Russian soldiers
outside frozen Moscow, Dec. 1941.

With the Nazis stuck in front of Moscow, Cripps returned to Britain and pleaded for an open alliance with Hitler. That put him on a collision course with Halifax and Churchill.

Churchill, the Stalin double, and Averell Harriman
conferring in Moscow, August 1942.

Churchill arrived back from Moscow in a hurry, flying in an American Liberator bomber because he did not trust the RAF.

He was sure that he was going to be removed from office and replaced by Sir Samuel Hoare.

Sir Samuel Hoare was the British ambassador to Fascist Spain, where Generalissimo Franco was spoiling for a fight with Mother Russia!!


Sir Samuel Hoare (1880
plotted to replace Churchill.

That attempted coup d'etat failed, and Cripps resigned from his position as Leader of the House of Commons. In diplomatic language he was "kicked upstairs" to get him out of the way of the new Anglo-American Alliance.

Archibald Clark Kerr (1882–1951).
Amb. from 1942 to 1946.

Archibald Clark Kerr replaced Cripps as ambassador.

He was much more pliable than Cripps, and he was careful to follow all directions from Halifax and Churchill.

As a reward he was posted to Washington after the war.

With sole possession of the atom bomb, Washington was then the most important capital in the world.


Kerr shaking hands with George Marshall at the
Tehran Conference, Dec. 1943. The Stalin
double can also be seen in the photo.

Kerr replaced Lord Halifax as ambassador to Washington. The Halifax, Churchill, and Averell Harriman alliance had replaced Nazi Germany with the United States!

Maurice Peterson (1889
Amb. from 1946 to 1949.

Maurice Peterson succeeded Kerr as ambassador to Moscow.

After the war, Russia was the most powerful nation in Europe, so Maurice Peterson and the Stalin double created the Edomite state of "Israel," with its capital in Tel Aviv.

Kosher Nostra David Ben-Gurion was the first prime minister.

The inmates called themselves "Israelis" after British Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli.


David Ben-Gurion (18861973).
First Edomite prime minister.

Edomites are always looking for a fight, so by 1955 the Edomite state had acquired a nuclear arsenal. Of course, their nuclear weapons were aimed at Moscow.

In 1967, during the Six Day War, their nuclear arsenal would have joined with the Confederate and Royal Navy in raining down destruction on Mother Russia.

Frank Kenyon Roberts (1907
Amb. from
1960 to 1962.

Frank Kenyon was British ambassador to Moscow just before the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis.

He recruited Colonel Oleg Penkovsky to take out the Russian High Command during the Cuban Missile Crisis.

A great admirer of Guy Fawkes, he also loved a "big bang."

Naturally, he made sure that he was not in Moscow in October 1962.


Colonel Oleg Penkovsky

The decapitation of the Soviet High Command was supposed to take place just before the B52's and Vulcan bombers arrived over Moscow!

Geoffrey Harrison (1908
Amb. from 1965 to 1968.

Geoffrey Harrison was the British ambassador in Moscow during the 1967 Mideast War.

The Unsinkable USS Liberty saved the world from WWIII.

Harrison worked to recruit the crew of K-129, which almost succeeded in firing a nuke at Pearl Harbor.

Again, only a miracle saved the world from Armageddon!


Captain Vladimir Kobzar

When the Pearl Harbor redux false flag operation failed, there was a lull in the Cold War, but it heated up again when Margaret Thatcher became Prime Minister and President of the United States!

Sir Iain Sutherland (1925
Amb. from 1982 to 1985.

The Cold War almost turned hot again in 1983 when the Russians feared a thermonuclear attack by Thatcher and Reagan.

It was called Operation Able Archer.

The operation started when thatcher and Reagan introduced intermediate range Pershing II missiles into Western Europe.

Iconic image of Cleopatra on
maneuvers in a battle tank.

Soon after retiring from his post, the ambassador had a timely demise as he waited for a train in London. Naturally, the Russians were blamed for injecting him with a "poison dart" from an umbrella . . . and that turned the Cold War hot again!

The Soviet Union was dissolved in 1991, and the following decade was a disaster for Mother Russia.

The real President Putin finally began to bring his nation back from the precipice when he became President on May 7, 2000.

Sir Timothy Barrow (b. 1964).
Amb. from
2011 to 2015.

Sir Timothy Barrow was ambassador in 2014 when President Putin was replaced by a double.

After the disastrous dissolution of the Soviet Union, President Putin was determined to rescue Mother Russia from the deadly grip of the Kosher Nostra crime syndicate.

In March 2014, President Putin went missing for 10 days!

He never reappeared because he was replaced by an actor who adopted the name Vladimir Putin.


Vladimir Putin is currently playing
the role of President of the Russian Federation.

There is a crematorium located inside the Kremlin, and during the Soviet era it was kept very busy. Cremation is forbidden by the Orthodox Church. That was the most likely fate of the real President Putin, but only the Day of Judgment will reveal what really happened to that patriotic Russian President.

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