According to the 1823 Monroe Doctrine, no European power was permitted to establish a colony in the New World. The manifest destiny of the New Jerusalem was to police the New World, while Orthodox Russia was supposed to police the Old World!!

Margaret Thatcher was prime minister of Britannia from May 4, 1979 to November 28, 1990. When she began her reign in 1979, Britannia was ruled by 3 QUEENS: Elizabeth, Lilibet, and Cleopatra.

The people on that imprisoned island are not allowed to vote for their prime ministers. Since WWII, the person that fills that position has always been selected and appointed by the head of MI666.

Queen Cleopatrathe last Pharaoh of Egyptwas living proof of how disastrous female rulership can be. That femme fatale and Jezebel on steroids was totally controlled by that old Serpent the Devil and Satan (Rev. 12:9).

She seduced 2 of the most powerful men in the world at that time, and killed her own brother and sister. She was known as "The Poisoner," and during her reign she perfected the deadly art of poisoning.

Queen Cleopatra "Isis."
(69 BC
30 BC).

"Milk Snatcher" Margaret Thatcher was the British Cleopatra. Amazingly, she also had a boy and girl twin; in the very same year that Elizabeth and Lilibet began their reigns.

Queen Cleopatra bewitched the 2 most powerful men in the ancient world: Julius Caesar and Marcus Antonius.

Cleopatra had Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev eating out of her hand.


Margaret Thatcher (1925–1913).
Prime minister from '79 to '90.

The Egyptian Queen Cleopatra was also known as "The Poisoner," as her pharmacopoeia included deadly poisons to eliminate anyone who got in the way of her political ambitions. Here is a quote from the Roman historian Plutarch:

Cleopatra was getting together collections of all sorts of deadly poisons, and she tested the painless working of each of them by giving them to prisoners under sentence of death. But when she saw that the speedy poisons enhanced the sharpness of death by the pain that they caused, while the milder poisons were not quick, she made trial of venomous animals, watching with her own eyes as they set upon one another (Plutarch, Life of Anthony. p. 8).

Queen Cleopatra even contemplated poisoning King Herod in order to annex Judea to Egypt. That was only 40 years before the Messiah was born in Bethlehem.

"Sir" Gordon Reece

2 "spin doctors" were largely responsible for creating the image of "Iron Lady" Margaret Thatcher.

Gordon Reece was an ultra-Catholic from Liverpool who coined the phrase "Make England Catholic Again." (MECA).

Tim Bell—an advertising executive—was a convicted sex-pervert!


"Lord" Tim Bell (b. 1941).

Reece was a diligent student of the Papal canon law, and his goal was to return Britain to the time of "Hanging Judge" Jeffreys and Babylonian Bishop Laud:

Born in Liverpool in 1930, the son of a car salesman, Reece was educated at Ratcliffe College, a Catholic public school where one of his contemporaries was Norman St. John Stevas, then plain Norman Stevas, and later a Conservative Cabinet Minister. A vigilant Catholic, Stevas reported young Reece to the headmaster for alleged atheism. This was almost certainly unfair: later in life Reece became a devout Roman Catholic, sometimes attending church four times on a Sunday. 'Church services', he said, in the 1970s, 'are so wonderful that they ought to charge for them . . . I think religion is the coming thing. People are ready for it'. (Hollingsworth, The Ultimate Spin Doctor, p. 50).

Reece spent a lot of time in the U.S. studying Presidential campaigns, and he carefully observed how the "selling of a President" worked. He tried to adopt our system to Britain, and he even suggested that the "Iron Lady" debate her Labour opponent in a U.S. style televised debate.

Both Cleopatras were experts in the use of poison!

The Egyptian Cleopatra tried several times to poison Octavian—the man who was Caesar when the Messiah was born in Bethlehem. She used every weapon at her disposal to keep Roma from annexing Egypt to the Roman Empire.

Cleopatra studied "chemistry" for 4 years at Somerville College, Oxford, and her curriculum included proficiency in the use of all kinds of poisons.

The British Cleopatra studied "chemistry"
at Somerville College, Oxford, for 4 years.

Before a British Secret Service agent receives his/her license to kill, he/she must be thoroughly proficient in the use of all kinds of poisons.

It has always been their favorite method for eliminating enemies of the British Empire.

Additionally, the agent must perform a hit to prove his/her loyalty.


Cleopatra mixing deadly potions
in her "chemistry" lab.

In December 1951, Cleopatra married Denis Thatcher, the owner of a New Zealand founded paint company which used copious amounts of ARSENIC:

There was enough arsenic on site at Atlas to poison quite a slice of the population—it was the basic ingredient in many of the products. Drums of toxic white powder were carefully stored and great emphasis was put on safety. All the Atlas products were arsenic-based when the company was started in New Zealand. (Thatcher, Below the Parapet, p. 67)

That wedding was strictly a business partnership as she now had access to unlimited amounts of money . . . and arsenic.

The wedding of Denis (1915
and Margaret took place in 1951.

Denis Thatcher was no Julius Caesar or Marcus Antonius.

The marriage was strictly a business partnership.

He was rich and his paint company used a huge amount of arsenic.

The infamous twins were born a little over a year later.


Carol and Mark were born
on August 15, 1953.

On her father's side, Cleopatra's ancestors were Papal Irish and her mother's family were devout British Christians. Margaret had baby Mark circumcised according to the Edomite custom, but that did nothing to change his evil nature.

Alfred Roberts (18921970)
and baby Margaret.

The Roberts family was a house divided. Her father was Roman Catholic and her mother was a devout Christian.

After the age of 15, Margaret stopped speaking to her mother!

In 1960, her mother suddenly became very ill with "cancer" and died.


Beatrice Roberts (18881960) mother
of Margaret, with her Bible.

Margaret was not in the least bit perturbed by the death of her devout Christian mother. The 2 of them never agreed on anything:

Finally, it was an achievement that her mother never lived to see. Beatrice Roberts had become ill with cancer, and had been in and out of hospital in Grantham for some months before she finally died at home in December 1960. (Junior, Margaret Thatcher: Wife, Mother, Politician, p. 51).

After the customary crocodile tears were shed, Margaret had her mother CREMATED so that no autopsy could be performed.

In 1975, Cleopatra promised Ronald Reagan a co-starring role in her new movie!

Cleopatra was first appointed Leader of the Conservative Party in February 1975. In April of the same year Ronald Reagan visited her in the House of Commons. His talent scouts told him that she would be the next prime minister when the Conservatives won a majority in the House of Commons.

Prior to 1975, Ronald Reagan was only known as a B-movie actor. He was mostly famous for starring with a chimp in a 1951 movie called Bedtime for Bonzo. The chimp stole the show and was nominated for an Academy Award.

Ronald Reagan co-starred in the
1951 Bedtime for Bonzo film.

Prior to 1975, Ronald Reagan's most memorable role was co-starring with a chimp in Bedtime for Bonzo.

Cleopatra promised him a role as her co-star in a new British movie called My White House Years.

True to her word, after she entered 10 Downing St. she set her plans in motion to give him a co-starring role in her new motion picture.



Ronald Reagan and Cleopatra first met
in the House of Commons, April 1975.

When the couple first met in London, Cleopatra offered Ronald Reagan a role as her co-star in an upcoming British movie called My White House Years. Reagan was thrilled, because up to that time his most memorable co-star was a chimp named Bonzo.

Cleopatra and Reagan in the House
of Commons, Nov. 1978.

In November 1978, future co-star Ronald Reagan visited her again at the House of Commons.

In May 1979, the Conservatives won a majority of the seats in the House of Commons, which meant that Cleopatra automatically became prime minister.

Nobody voted for her because the people on that imprisoned island are not allowed to vote directly for the most important position in the kingdom.

Election elation: Cleopatra enters
10 Downing St., May 1979.

The position of prime minister is close to the position of Speaker of the House of Representatives in the U.S. However, the Speaker follows the Vice President in the line of succession and he must win a national election in order to be President.

Cleopatra told Ronald that Ayatollah Khomeini was on standby to seize the U.S. Embassy in Tehran, and that seizure would catapult him into the White House as her co-star.

In November 1979, Cleopatra arranged for a mob to storm the U.S. Embassy in Tehran.  52 American diplomats and citizens were held hostage for 444 days, from November 4, 1979, to January 20, 1981.

I6 Ayatollah Khomeini

In 1979, Iran—ancient Persia—was taken over by a brutal dictator named Ayatollah Haji Williamson Khomeini.

Ayatollah Haji Williamson Khomeini was British Secret Service all the way as his father was actually born in England.

In November 1979, the U.S. embassy was stormed by an MI6 "rent a mob" and 52 hostages were taken.

Iconic image of the storming of the U.S. Embassy by an MI6 "rent a mob."

The Iran hostage crisis was a diplomatic standoff between Iran and the United States. 52 American diplomats and citizens were held hostage for 444 days from November 4, 1979, to January 20, 1981. At that time, Jimmy Carter was President and his failure to secure the release of the hostages cost him a second term as President.

In April 1980, President Jimmy Carter, under Operation Eagle Claw, tried to rescue the hostages, but that attempt ended in abysmal failure. That failure cost him the Presidency.

Inauguration of acting President Reagan,
January 20, 1981.

Only a month after his inauguration, Cleopatra arrived at the White House and gave President Reagan his marching orders.

Cleopatra was quick to remind him that she chose him for the co-starring role in My White House Years.

Not since Camelot was a U.S. President so dominated by a British prime minister.


Cleopatra and President Reagan at the White House, Feb. 26, 1981.

Cleopatra's top priority was the Fall of the Soviet Union, and she demanded that President Reagan initiate a massive military buildup.

The British Cleopatra caused the downfall of the Soviet Union!

The feisty queen was indeed a worthy counterpart to the Egyptian queen. A thermonuclear war threatened all life on earth, so the Cold War was mainly fought with money, oil, and spies.

Mikhail Gorbachev and Margaret Thatcher
Mikhail Gorbachev and Margaret Thatcher
at Chequers, Dec 16, 1984.

A thermonuclear exchange between the U.S. and the Soviet Union would have ended all life on earth, so the Cold War was mainly a war of spies.

Mikhail "Mongolian" Gorbachev was the British Secret Service agent in the Kremlin.

Cleopatra and Gorbachev discussing
strategy at 10 Downing St.

Only one time during the premiership of Cleopatra did the Cold War threaten to become hot again. That was in 1983 during Operation Able Archer.

Iconic image of Cleopatra on
maneuvers in a battle tank.

The Cold War almost turned hot again in 1983 when the Soviets feared a thermonuclear attack by Reagan and Thatcher.

It was called Operation Able Archer.

The operation started when Reagan introduced intermediate range Pershing II missiles into Western Europe.



Gone With The Wind
played at local
fallout shelters, and all ages were
admitted . . . and eliminated!!

It was the closest the world came to thermonuclear war since the Cuban Missile Crisis amd could have brought about the END of the earth.

Despite the danger of thermonuclear war, and the extinction of the entire human race, the British Cleopatra was going all out to bring down the Soviet Union.

The last waltz at the White House,
November 1988.

Reagan's co-starring role as acting President ended on January 20, 1989, so Cleopatra visited him at the White House for the last time in November 1988.

The Soviet Union was officially dissolved by Gorbechev when he announced his resignation on December 25, 1991.


Gorbachev announced his resignation on Dec. 25, 1991
Gorbachev announced his resignation
on Dec. 25, 1991.

Unfortunately for Cleopatra, she was no longer prime minister, having been overthrown in a coup d'etat arranged by Michael Haseltine and other very disgruntled MP's.

Cleopatra tried to reintroduce the 1381 diabolical poll tax!

In ancient Egypt, the Pharaoh owned the entire country. It was the ultimate Communist state as the Egyptians donated all their lands to Pharaoh during the 7-Years worldwide famine at the time of Joseph.

Then Joseph bought all the land of Egypt for Pharaoh; for every man of the Egyptians sold his field, because the famine was severe upon them. So the land became Pharaoh’s (Genesis 47:20).

In lands donated to Pharaoh Cleopatra by Marcus Antonius, she was a ruthless collector of taxes to finance the military campaigns of her lover Marcus Antonius.

To finance the Cold War, Cleopatra went back to the 14th century, and reintroduced the diabolical poll tax.

King Richard II (13671400).
Reigned from 1377 to 1399.

Tyrannical King Richard II introduced a poll tax to finance his war with France.

That poll tax led to the Peasants' Revolt and a bloody uprising throughout the country.

As the British Cleopatra was ranting about Soviet tyranny, she went back to the Dark Ages for inspiration and reintroduced the poll tax.


The Peasants' Revolt of 1381.

The Peasants' Revolt, also called Wat Tyler's Rebellion, was a major uprising across large parts of England in 1381. The revolt was caused by the king introducing a poll tax to finance his war with the French.

1990 poll tax rebellion.

Beginning in Scotland, the poll tax rebellion soon spread to the entire country.

Police on horseback charged the protesters, and it some towns they rammed trucks into the crowd.

The only difference from India was the fact that Cleopatra didn't use armored cars with machine guns to mow them down.


Police on horseback charged into the poll
tax protesters in Trafalgar Square..

Eventually, Cleopatra had to back down and the poll tax was abolished. The reintroduction of the poll tax led to her own downfall in November 1990.

Cleopatra sent evil twin Mark to Dallas to plan Texas secession from the Union!

Cleopatra's liaison in Texas was senator John Tower. Tower was the first Republican senator from Texas since Reconstruction. He provided Mark with an entrée to the rest of the Texas Mafia who were intent on making Texas a separate country:

Senator Tower, whose nomination as defense secretary by the president in 1988 was rejected by the US Senate because of his reputation as an alcoholic and a womanizer became Mark's mentor in Texas. He introduced him to his business partner, veteran lawyer Paul Eggers, who has remained a close associate of Mark's (Hollingsworth & Halloran, Thatcher's Fortune, p. 154).

Mark Thatcher needed a Texas wife so that he could get a green card, and remain in the country permanently, while he plotted with the oil robber baron secessionists.

Senator John Tower

Senator John Tower, a close friend of Cleopatra, introduced Mark to the Texas Mafia oil robber barons.

In December 1984, he was introduced to a devout Christian girl named Diane Burgdorf from the Calvary Lutheran Church in Dallas.

He charmed her, and in February 1987 the couple were married in London.


Mark Thatcher and Diane Burgdorf's wedding, Feb. 1987.

Like his mother, it was just another marriage of convenience for Mark, as it enabled him to remain in the country and to hobnob with all the important people in the United States who shared his mother's obsession with Texas secession. His longsuffering wife took him to Bible classes, and he feigned conversion to Christ, but Mark could never forsake his evil ways and behave like a real Christian.

Cleopatra in Dallas, October 1987.

On October 18, 1987, Cleopatra made a lightning trip to Dallas under the guise of "visiting" her new daughter-in-law.

The following day she had a major conference with all the people who shared her passion for Texas secession from the Union.

In August 2004, Mark was arrested in Cape Town, South Africa, for plotting a coup d'etat in Equatorial Guinea.


In March 2004, Mark Thatcher was arrested
in Cape Town, South Africa.

Thanks to the Thatcher millions, Mark did not go to jail, and he just continued his clandestine activity on behalf of his mother until she finally went to meet her Maker.

The British Cleopatra made sure that Bergoglio did not become Pope in 2005

Cleopatra was also known as the "Iron Lady," and she did not earn that nickname for nothing. She might be called "Attila the Hen" in jest, but few crossed her and came out alive.

Prime Minister Blair and his wife Cherie were among the "mourners," at the April 2005 funeral for Pope John Paul II. The 1981 attempted assassination of Pope John Paul II shows all the handiwork of the British Secret Service because Pope John Paul II was too friendly with the murderous junta in Argentina.

Prime Minister Tony Blair and his wife Cherie
at the funeral of Pope John Paul II.

After the "mourning" for the dead Pope was over, Tony Blair stayed behind in Roma for the conclave that would elect his successor.

Cleopatra had told him definitely that she did not want Cardinal Bergoglio to be the next Pope.

As usual, he obeyed all of her instructions.

Jorge Bergoglio entered the conclave as a
cardinal, and expected to emerge as Pope.

Before the conclave, "anonymous" distributed damning evidence of his complicity in the "Dirty War." "Anonymous" is just a synonym for the British Secret Service:

No one admitted to sending the email. The ambassador said he did not do it. So did the lawyer. So did the journalist. So did several high ranking officials of the Society of Jesus, the world's biggest and most powerful religious order. The dossier that dropped anonymously in the inbox of senior cardinals as they gathered at Rome was damning. Or so it was intended to be. Someone did not want Jorge Mario Bergoglio to be Pope. (Vallely, Pope Francis: Untying the Knots, p. 1).

Even though the "Iron Lady" was out of office since 1990, she was still hugely influential in governmental circles. They all remembered the Falklands War, and they were not about to have any Argentine as Pope.

In 2005, the man on the balcony was
supposed to be Cardinal Bergoglio.

A Titanic battle raged at the Vatican between the Jesuits and the other factions.

Finally, in March 2013, Joseph Ratzinger, aka Pope Benedict XVI, was forced to resign.

The outcome was never in doubt as Jorge Bergoglio finally achieved his lifelong ambition and became Pope Francis.


Pope at last, March 13, 2013.

After an intense struggle that lasted from 2005 to 2013, Bergoglio finally forced Pope Benedict XVI to resign. Only a month later, the woman who torpedoed Bergoglio in 2005 was sent to meet her Maker.

The British Cleopatra was sent to meet her Maker in April 2013

The very next month after Bergoglio became Pope on the second try, the British Cleopatra had an unexpected demise. It is true that she was 87, but she had an iron constitution, and an iron will, and the only person who could have prevented her from living lucidly to 100 was her physician.

She always had extraordinary energy, and seldom needed more than 4 hours sleep per night. She was as driven to restore the British Empire as her Egyptian counterpart was driven to restore the grandeur of Pharaonic Egypt.

A memorial service was help for the British
Cleopatra at St. Paul's Cathedral,
April 17, 2013.

Even at 87, the "Iron Lady" was still a formidable force in politics.

Her death on April 9, 2013, was very timely indeed.

Incredibly, the ancient Egyptians abhorred the Roman practice of cremation.

Queen Cleopatra had an elaborate tomb built to house her mortal remains.

The British Cleopatra was CREMATED, and
her ashes are interred at the Royal Hospital, Chelsea.

Queen Cleopatra committed suicide, but she had an elaborate tomb prepared to house her mortal remains with her lover, Marcus Antonius. By delaying the Papacy of Bergoglio until 2013, the "Iron Lady" did the Christian world a great service.

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