Cardinal Reginald Pole was "Bloody Mary's" puppetmaster to return Britannia to the Babylonian Captivity, and the Georgetown Jesuits would help Hillary plant Antichrist's tabernacle from sea to shining sea (Daniel 11:45).

Contrary to East India Company employee Charles Darwin, mankind is not improving with age. Saint Paul said that evil men and seducers will get worse and worse as the Christian era draws to a close....The only things that is improving is the technology to expose the evildoers!

"Bloody Mary" Tudor" (15161558).
Her fiery reign lasted from '53 to '58.

"Bloody Mary" Tudor was the first female sovereign to misrule Britannia.

The English word queen means the wife of a king!

The she-wolf tried desperately to undo the blessed Reformation.

Hillary Digby Churchill Clinton was supposed to enter the White House again in January 2017.


Hillary Digby Churchill Clinton
(b. 1947).

History does repeat itself in marvelous ways....When Alcohol Smith failed to enter the White House in January 1929, the plug was pulled on the economy in October 1929. That led to the Great Depression, the rise of Führer Adolf Hitler, WWII, the Cold War etc., etc., etc.

The Trump Organization was supposed to THROW the election in 2016 . . . but failed to do so....That means that the first female President failed to enter the White as planned. That has led to the present chaos and vengeful behavior by the Catholics. The only way to get Catholics to leave Babylon is to present a true history of the Papacy!

Archbishop Thomas Cranmer

Saint Thomas Cranmer was the driving force behind the blessed Reformation in Britain.

He divorced England from the Papacy, and he married King Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn.

As Archbishop of Canterbury, Saint Thomas abolished the shrine of Thomas Becket's bones—a big cash cow for the monks!


Former site of Becket's tomb
in the Trinity Chapel.

Saint Thomas was also the driving force behind the abolition of the monasteries. He closed the monasteries and nunneries, and gave the vast monastic lands to the people. That in itself was enough to earn him the eternal enmity of the Catholic hierarchy.

The ruins of Glastonbury Abbey.

Beginning with the Babylonian Captivity in 1066, the Papacy began acquiring vast real estate.

They wanted to be property owners like Judah Iscariot.

As a precondition for full reunion with Roma, Cardinal Pole and "Bloody Mary" insisted that the "confiscated lands" be returned to their "rightful owners."


The ruins of Tintern Abbey in Wales.

The Catholic hierarchy allows the ruins to stand in order that Britons will feel nostalgia for the "good ol' days" of the Babylonian Captivity!

The Reformer also suspected fowl play in Westminster Abbey . . . so he ended the "miracle" of the "duck's blood" reliquary.

University Church in Oxford, England,
where the trial took place.

In a moment of weakness the Reformer recanted many of his former beliefs.

Even the mighty Elijah the Prophet fled from the wrath of Jezebel (I Kings 19:3).

On March 21, 1556, University Church was packed as the hierarchy were expecting a full recantation!


Catholics were eagerly awaiting
a full recantation.

It was to be the crowning moment for the Counter-Reformation when their main antagonist repented and repudiated the Reformation. The repercussions would be felt far beyond Britain became Pope Paul IV was eagerly awaiting his full recantation.

A pictorial of the Saint dragged
from the pulpit.

Suddenly, like the blinded Samson, the Saint regained his moral strength and he called the Pope, ANTICHRIST!

He promised the Philistines that the hand that signed the recantation would be the first to burn!

All hell literally broke loose as the arms of Antichrist seized the Saint and dragged him from the pulpit.


After recanting his recantation, the monks
dragged him from the pulpit to the pyre.

Expecting a final recantation and a great victory, the English Samson confounded the Philistines, and spiritually brought the house down on their tonsured heads!

The hand that signed the recantation
was the first to burn!

True of his word, the Saint held his right hand in the fire so that it burned first.

Then his entire body was consumed by the flames.

His last minute recantation was a public relations disaster for the Babylonians, and they immediately went into damage control overdrive!


A pictorial of the Saint holding
his hand in the fire.

The burnings continued until the death of "Bloody Mary" Tudor in November 1558. Her former husband, King Philip II, sent the "Invincible" Armada against England in 1588.

"Bloody Mary" was succeeded by Shake-speare, or Queen Elizabeth I. She saved her life by converting to Catholicism during the fiery reign of her half-sister. Saint Thomas Cranmer married her father and mother!

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