Since the Babylonian Captivity of Britannia in 1066, England and France have been bitter rivals. During the Crusades, King Richard—the Babylonian Lionheart—supported the Muslims, while France attempted to expel the Muslims from Jerusalem. The Hundred Years War followed the Crusades; and then the horrible St. Bartholomew's Day Massacre was orchestrated by Sultana Elizabeth I and Sir Francis Washington. Following that was the bitter 7 Years' War and the French Revolution.

The infamous WWI "Kaiser Bill" was the favorite grandson of Queen Victoria, and Adolf Hitler was also her grandson.

The 2018 World Cup was hosted by Russia, but the decision to host the World Cup was made in 2010 by FIFA in Switzerland.

Gooooooooooaall for Croatia. Goalie & 4 English
defenders v. 2 Croatian forwards.

Since England needs France as an ally against Russia, they downplayed the intense rivalry, and arranged to "throw the game" against Croatia.

By arranging to lose against Croatia, the 3 Lions did not have to face France in the World Cup final!

France was ahead 4-1, so they allowed Croatia
to score a goal and make the final score 4-2.

Football is as much about politics as the appointments to the U.S. Supreme Court. Every professional football team has a psychiatrist who accesses the players ability to follow orders and toe the party line.

The 2018 World Cup was hosted by Russia for the first time in history. The decision to host the World Cup in Russia was made way back in 2010. At that time, England planned on hosting . . . and winning . . . the World Cup....The last time England hosted and won the World Cup was way back in 1966—the 900th anniversary of the Babylonian Captivity.

Hillary desperately wanted to referee an England v. Russia World Cup match!

Hillary Digby Churchill Harriman Clinton desperately wanted to be back in the White House in 2018 . . . to continue the everlasting British "Great Deadly Game" against Russia....The "Great Deadly Game" began when the Terrible Turks conquered Constantinople, or Tsargrad, in 1453.

Her return to the U.S. Presidency would enable her to referee the World Cup War . . . and hand out red cards to all the Russian players!

In 2009, Hillary became secretary of state in the Obama administration. President Putin had to resign from the Presidency for 4 years until he could run again in 2012. Hillary was determined to prevent his reelection at all costs. While he held the position of prime minister under President Medvedev, she visited Moscow, and went on the radio to encourage Russians not to allow him a third term in 2012.

Hillary Clinton castigating
Prime Minister Putin on the
radio in Moscow.

In October 2009, secretary of state Hillary Churchill Clinton delivered an anti-Putin speech at a Moscow radio station, where she castigated him for "human rights abuses" and invading Georgia.

The real Vladimir Putin would never meet with her face to face because he knew that she was trying desperately to keep him from winning a third term as president in 2012.


The doppelgänger and Hillary
Clinton having a tête-à-tête.

Here is a quote from an autobiography of Hillary Clinton:

When I visited Moscow in October 2009, I thought it important to speak out in support of press freedoms and against the official campaign of intimidation. At a reception at Spaso House, the stately home of American Ambassadors to Russia since 1933, I met with journalists, lawyers and other civil society leaders, including one activist who told me he had been badly beaten by unidentified thugs.
Where you say something can be as important as what you say. I could talk with activists in Spaso House all I wanted, but most Russians would never hear my words.
So I asked the embassy if they could find an independent broadcaster who would host me. One possiblity, a radio station called "Ekho Moskvy," or, "Echo of Moscow," sounded more like an awkwardly named propaganda outlet that a bastion of the free press. But our diplomats (spies) on the ground assured me that the station was of one of the most independent, fair-minded, and hard-hitting in Russia. (Clinton, Hard Choices, p. 229).

In other words, that station was completely controlled by MI6 and the CIA....When Hillary wrote those words in 2015, she fully expected to be in the White House in 2018. Imagine if the Russian foreign minister went on the radio in Washington City and urged the people not to vote for a Presidential candidate!

What she didn't state in her autobiography was the billions in hard cash that the oligarchs had deposited in the Clinton Foundation in hopes of sending Hillary back to the White House once again.

Thanks to the oligarchs, London became known as Londongrad!

After the disastrous dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991, vast wealth was siphoned off by the Kosher Nostra and transferred to London:

Russia in the 1990s witnessed a transfer of wealth of epic proportions. What happened there could be seen as the equivalent of Margaret Thatcher deciding to sell all of Britain's nationalized industries, from British Gas to British Telecom, for a fraction of their real cash value to a handful of her favourite tycoons who had donated to the Conservative Party. (Hollingsworth & Lansley, Londongrad: From Russia with Cash, p. 58).

Except for Switzerland, most of the siphoned wealth found its way to London, and London became the financial capital of the world. The Clinton Foundation in the U.S. also became the beneficiary of huge sums of stolen funds. The defeat of Hillary Clinton was a big shock to the Babylonian British, as the U.S. was supposed to provide the muscle (while they supplied the brains) in the war against Russia.....Winston Churchill even refered to the U.S. as "our Romans."

Kosher Nostra Boris Berezonvsky

The Russian oligarchs, or Kosher Nostra, were the reincarnation of the infamous U.S. robber barons like John D. Rockefeller and J.P. Morgan.

Boris Berezonvsky was just one of the rags to riches billionaires.

Roman Abramovich is another rags to riches billionaire who bought the Chelsea "Chelski" Football Club in July 2003.


Kosher Nostra Roman Abromivich
(b. 1966)

The British are very passionate about the religion of football—which was revealed during the reign of King Charles I. For a Russian to own one of their teams is like an American acquiring ownership of Buckingham Palace, the Houses of Parliament . . . or the Tower of London:

At that time Abramovich's acquisitions sparked not a flicker of national press attention. What catapulted the oligarch from a cipher into an international name overnight was his purchase of Chelsea Football Club in July 2003. Although the deal—worth £140 million—took the football world by surprise, the man brought up an orphan close to the Arctic Circle and captivated by the excitement of English football had been plotting the move for a while.
Abramovich's purchase of Chelsea—-promptly nicknamed 'Chelski' by excited tabloids—-meant that he would never again escape the limelight.
(Hollingsworth & Lansley, Londongrad: From Russia with Cash, p. 125).

Those 2 Terrible Turks knew that they would be arrested, and spend the rest of the lives in jail, if they ever returned to Russia when the real Vladimir Putin was in charge.

Abramovich celebrating a win with the
Chelsea Football Club in 2005.

As the owner of the Chelsea Football Club, Abramovich lectured the British about "anti-Semitism," while he stole billions of rubles of the wealth of Russia.

There is no 10 Commandments in the Koran, so that "Jew" never even heard of the 8th that says "Thou shalt not steal" (Exodus 20:15).


Abramovich bought a private jet with
money stolen from Russia.

Prime real estate in London, cars, planes, yachts, helicopters, etc., etc., the Terrible Turks, aka oligarchs, bought everything in sight with cash stolen from Russia.

In 2010, the real Vladimir Putin was not interested in football

In 2010, the real Vladimir Putin was not interested in football. He was fighting for the survival of Mother Russia herself—both financial and military.

Prime Minister Putin in 2010.

In 2010, football was the last thing on the mind of Prime Minister Putin as he was locked in a deadly struggle with Prime Minister Cameron to recover the Russian billions stolen by the oligarchs.

Incredibly, it was at that time that Abramovich suggested Russia would be a good venue to host the 2018 World Cup.

FIFA officials in Zürich, Switzerland, had the final say in awarding the World Cup.


David Cameron (b. 1966).
Prime minister from 2010 to 2016.

Switzerland was founded by gold and silver stolen from France when King Philip the Fair banned the Knights Templar in 1307. The top secret Bank for International Settlements (BIS), located in Basel, is the clearinghouse for the Central Banks throughout the world, and it publishes no financial reports.

FIFA HQ in Zürich, Switzerland.

Since its founding by the Knights Templar in 1307, secrecy is endemic to Switzerland, and bribery is not considered a crime.

Sepp Blatter was president of FIFA when the World Cup was awarded to Russia and Qatar.

As usual, Russia was accused of bribing the FIFA officials.

Sepp Blatter (b. 1936) was
president of FIFA in 2010.

Here is a quote from just one publication that accused Russia of bribing the FIFA officials:

Of Russia, even now, little detail is known, except that President Putin wanted the 2018 tournament, and that the oligarch Roman Abramovich, Chelsea's owner, was actively involved. (Conn, The Fall of the House of FIFA, p. 88).

Here is a quote from a book written by a duo of Sunday Times reporters:

None of the intelligence pouring into England's central data base could be proven, but if the hired spies were barking up the right tree, Russia had made significant inroads with three major voters. More worryingly, England's bid chiefs feared that the men in Moscow had snagged the invaluable backing of the most powerful voter of them all—Sepp Blatter. The FIFA president had been courted by Roman Abramovich—one of the oligarchs alleged to have been tasked by Putin with using his wealth and statue in world football to bring the 2018 World Cup to Russia. (Blake & Calvert, The Ugly Game, p. 209).

The London Sunday Times is a mouthpiece for MI6, so that book mirrors the official view of that Russophobe organization.

The real President Putin wanted the Winter Olympics for Russia . . . not the World Cup!

The real President Putin was an avid follower of ice hockey and not football. In 2012, he made a speech in English listing the many advantages of Sochi as a venue for hosting the upcoming 2014 Winter Olympics.

President Putin speaking to the Intl.
Olympic Committee. Feb. 2012.

In Feb. 2012, the real President Putin appealed to the Intl. Olympic Committee to make Sochi the venue for the 2014 Winter Olympics.

He mentioned absolutely nothing about hosting the 2018 World Cup.

A big fan of winter sports, the President wanted Russia to host the 2014 Winter Olympics.

President Putin inspecting the Sochi
Winter Olympics facilities, Jan. 2014.

Here is a quote from the Sunday Times duo:

The information trickling in about Russia's campaign had not given Anson and Greenberg cause for serious concern until the spring of 2010. Until then Russia's bid had drifted along under the lackluster leadership of the country's Exco member, Vitaley Mutko, but a few months into the year of the ballot, operatives inside Russia began to raise the alarm that Vladimir Putin had seized control and the operation was being 'cranked up.' The then Russian prime minister was an ice-hockey nut with no love for football, and he had shown zero interest in his country's World Cup hopes until this point. (Blake & Calvert, The Ugly Game, p. 209).

Using football as a false flag operation to stir up enmity against Russia was indeed foul play.

The official President Putin
The official President Putin
photo from Wikipedia.

Since football is the state religion of England, accusing President Putin of stealing the World Cup was enough reason to have him assassinated.

However, there was another more ominous reason: CRIMEA.

In March 2014, Russian paratroopers secured key facilities in Crimea, and Crimea once again became part of Russia.


The doppelgänger Putin.
The doppelgänger Putin.

The false flag football conspiracy was enough to get President Putin assassinated . . . without even mentioning Crimea. Since he became President of Russia in 2000, President Putin was a marked man, but he survived long enough to see Russia reunited with her strategically vital Crimean Peninsula.

Russia did a splendid job of hosting the World Cup

Even though Russia did not win the World Cup, her hosting of the games was a tremendous success. With the help of the Pentagon, the Babylonian British never even expected Russia to be a viable nation in 2018.

Sparkak Stadium in Moscow where the
World Cup fianl was held.

It was a miracle how Russia rebounded after the disastrous Fall of the Soviet Union and the theft of billions of her wealth by the oligarchs.

It was more of a shock to the Babylonian British who never expected Russia to recover!

However, Russia has always risen from the ashes and rebounded bigger and stronger than ever.


Even the doppelgänger and Sepp Blatter
rejoiced at the succes of the games.

What a pity that the architect of Russia's renaissance—the real Vladimir Putin—was not present to witness the results of another Russian triumph. As the protector of the free world, all true Christians should pray daily that Russia soon becomes great once again!

Football is Babylonian, and it was revealed by Apollyon during the reign of King Charles I

For centuries, Apollyon turned the flat earth into a football and the fiend delighted in kicking it around.

King Charles I (1600
King from 1625 to 1649.

Football is Babylonian, and it was revealed, or invented, during the reign of ultra-Catholic King Charles I.

The time was drawing near for the "saints to possess the kingdom" (Daniel 7:21), and the downfall of Babylon.

Football, rugby, and cricket all made their appearance about that time, and Archbishop Laud excommunicated any males who didn't participate in sports on the Sabbath!



Babylonian Archbishop Laud

Apollyon was indeed trembling for his throne as the year 1666 approached. Based on the Book of Daniel, the Fifth Monarchy Men believed that the demise of monarchy and the Papacy was drawing near. That is when the Babylonian British became very inventive, and 3 major sports emerged to distract the people. The 17th century equivalent of the Titanic orchestra!

Tip-cat was the forerunner of cricket
and baseball.

Tip-cat was the forerunner of cricket and the great American pastime of baseball.

That sport made its appearance about the same time as football.

Before his conversion to Christ, Saint John Bunyan was an avid footballer and tip-cat player.


Saint John Bunyan

Here is a quote from the Complete Works of Saint John Bunyan:

But the same day, as I was in the midst of a game of cat, and having struck it one blow from the hole just as I was about to strike it the second time, a voice did suddenly dart from heaven to my soul which said, "wilt thou leave thy sins and go to heaven, or have thy sins and go to hell."? (Bunyan, Complete Works, p. 31).

Even when distracted by sports, the Holy Spirit spoke to the future Saint and author about his lost condition. Saint John was later inspired by the same Holy Spirit to write his immortal classic entitled The Pilgrim's Progress from This World, to That Which Is to Come.

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