June 6, 1944, is the 78th anniversary of D-Day and the cover-up at Omaha Beach which led to the deaths of hundreds of U.S. Rangers from the top secret Maisy Battery!

The average brainwashed Briton has never heard of the 1780 Gordon Riots and how they critically affected the American Revolution! When Operation 666 failed, the next attempt to trigger Armageddon took place on Red March 7, 1968.

During the American Revolution "anti-Catholic" riots broke out in London which foreshadowed the French Revolution. . The rioters attacked Newgate Prison and released the prisoners. Many of them were imprisoned for debt . . . but some of them were convicted rapists and murderers!

The diabolical false flag operation was led by a Jacobite on steroids named Lord George Gordon. As head of the "Protestant: Association, Gordon was protesting the King and Parliament granting toleration to Roman Catholics.

The rioters wore little white cockades and the watchword was "No Popery, or "Blast the Pope." Anyone who didn't respond correcty was liable to be killed on the spot!

Lord George Gorgon (17511793) as
head of the "Protestant" Association!

Jacobite George Gordon was the instigator of the June 1780 "Anti-Catholic" Gordon Riots—the most devastating outbreak of urban violence in British history!

Over 700 rioters were killed and it was the precursor to the French Revolution!

It is beyond belief but Gordon was president of the "Protestant" Association and the rioters were protesting king and Parliament granting more toleration to Roman Catholics!

The dead bodies of the drunken rioters were dumped into the River Thames and the tide carried them out to sea!



A satirical cartoon depicting King George
as a monk "praying" for the restoration
of the Stuarts.

The gracious king believed in toleration, but he was not about to disavow his 1760 coronation oath to uphold the Protestant Succession as established by law.

Those riots were a dress rehearsal for the French Revolution which began just 9 years later:

The passers-by, Catholic and Protestant alike, wore blue cockades and plumes as a sort of passport to avoid the insults and attacks of the mob. 'I am decking myself with blue ribbons,' Walpole wrote from what he called his garrison in Berkeley Square,' like a May Day garland. I am sorry I did not bring the armour of Francis I to town. It will probably be a black night'. (Hibbert, King Mob: The London Riots of 1780, p. 95).

Newgate Prison was stormed and the prisoners released. The French Revolution began with the storming of the Bastille!

The burning of Newgate Prison on the
night of June 6, 1780.

Both the king and Parliament were lambasted for granting toleration to the Roman Catholics.

When the soldiers were finally called out they were reluctant to fire on their fellow Jacobites!

Lord George Gordon was arrested as the ringleader of the mob but a jury failed to convict him.

Gordon ended his spying career in the guise of an "Orthodox Jew." From that time onward, "Jacobite Jew" became the major spying cover for the Jacobite British Secret Service!



Lord George Gordon in his new
disguise as a "Jacobite Jew."

Inspired by Lord George Gordon, "Orthodox Jew" because a favorite spying cover for members of the Jacobite British Secret Service! Dreadlocks Gordon was definitely not the precursor of 007 James Bond.

By 1967, thanks to Queen Victoria's grandson and the Holohoax, there were almost 3 million "Jacobite Jews" in Palestine.

Operation Cyanide aka Operation 666 was the brainchild of Winston Churchill

Winston Churchill vowed to defend his imprisoned island from an invasion by his cousin Adolf Hitler:

We shall defend our island, whatever the cost may be, we shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight in the hills; we shall fight in the water closets, we shall never surrender. (WC Speech to the House of Commons, June 13, 1940).

Throwing feces at the Nazis was not about to make them surrender.....However, the Nazis were terrified of the "Devil Dogs" and Adolf Hitler begged WC to order FDR not to send them to fight his Nazis!

Winston Churchill (18741965).
Britannia from 1914 to 1965.

Winston Churchill was the bastard son of "Edward the Caresser" and Jennie Jerome from Brooklyn.

He became a "war hero" when he escaped from a Boer prisoner of war camp in South Africa.

Churchill was First Lord of the Admiralty when the Olympic aka Titanic was torpedoed on April 15, 1912.

WC had a close working relationship with FDR. He ordered FDR not to send the U.S. Marines to Europe to fight cousin Adolf and his Nazis!


A sign in London pointing to a
water closet or toilet!

The false flag operation that was designed to trigger WWIII was the brainchild of Warlord Winston Churchill, and he named it Operation Cyanide. Fortunately, he did not live long enough to see it implemented.

Operation Cyanide should have been called Operation 666 because it had 666 written on its forehead: the Six-Day War, the Sixth Fleet, and Pope Paul VI. The conspirators even consulted a famous psychic and astrologer named Jean Dixon for the most propitious DATE to commence the diabolical false flag operation. Initially, the date chosen was June 15, but the "Jacobite Jews" were trigger happy and jumped the gun!

On the surface the operation was carried out by the British Empire Jews, who were supposed to sink the Liberty without the help of the submarine.

The USS Liberty was named after
the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia.

The surveillance ship USS Liberty was named after the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia which rang out when the New Jerusalem was founded on July 4, 1776.

That ship was brimming with communications gear but was very lightly armed.

The Liberty was not a spy vessel because it proudly flew the U.S. flag, and was readily identifiable to any observer at sea.


The USS Liberty before
the deadly attack.

Satan and his helpers have a very WICKED sense of humor because the unsinkable Liberty was named after the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia!

Winston Churchill
Warlord Winston Churchill (1874
Misruled Britannia from 1914 to 1965.

Warlord Winston Churchill was bitterly disappointed when he failed several times to trigger a war between the U.S. and Russia.

Before he expired, he instructed his protégé Harold Wilson, in all the deadly details of Operation Cyanide.

Winston reassured him that he could rely completely on his "Jacobite Jews" to trigger Armageddon!


Prime Minister Harold Wilson
Prime minister from '64 to '70.

Since the 1956 Suez Canal Crisis, Lilibeth HATED the New Jerusalem almost as much as the Soviet Union....Elizabeh was not a politico and her only interests were her horses and dogs!

Queen Elizabeth and
Prince Philip in 1967.

Naturally, Harold Wilson consulted Queens Elizabeth and Lilibet and they were in total agreement about the upcoming Operation 666.

Elizabeth was very concerned about the effect that the fallout or radiation would have on her dogs and horses!


Queen Lilibet and Prince
Philip in 1967.

On June 2, Harold Wilson flew to Washington City from Montreal and every detail of the upcoming false flag operation was finalized with Lyndon Johnson:

It was quite fortuitous that Harold Wilson found himself in Washington just at the time of the Middle East crisis. He had had a long-standing engagement to visit Expo '67 in Montreal and to have a talk with the Canadian Prime Minister, Mr Lester Pearson. It has become the traditional custom for British Prime Ministers to visit the United States in the common course of business twice a year and he was, therefore, going to have a perfectly routine meeting to which no one need attach too much attention. (Churchill, The Six Day War, p. 78).

There was nothing routine about that meeting as both men were planning to launch World War III and blame it on the Russians. Wilson would have no qualms whatsoever about launching a preemptive thermonuclear strike on the Soviet Union, or China, but he knew that the New Jerusalem did not do "Pearl Harbors."

Just prior to the war, Wilson visited
Johnson in Washington City.

While visiting the "Infernal" capital, Harold Wilson finalized plans for Operation Cyanide, aka Operation 666.

In 1965, Johnson conferred with Pope Paul VI, who gave him his "apostolic blessing" for the operation.

That pontiff also granted a plenary indulgence (license to kill) to all the Catholics involved in the operation!


Pope Paul VI and Johnson conferring
about the upcoming Operation 666.

Johnson and Wilson were extremely confident that the "Jacobite Jews" would initiate the war and sink the Liberty.

Prime Minister Levi Eshkol
Prime Minister from '63 to '69

"Jacobite Jew" Prime Minister Levi Eshkol was a very close friend of Lyndon Johnson.

Johnson—the U.S. Guy Fawkes—was totally compromised by his role in the assassination of President Kennedy.

"Defense Minister" Moshe Dayan was in real time contact with Johnson and Admiral McCain when he launched the war on June 5.


"Defense Minister" Moshe Dayan

Operation Cyanide involved the entire U.S. military-industrial complex. Unlike monarchies, republics have to consider public opinion, and an unprovoked attack on the Soviet Union was out of the question!

The Liberty was about to be sacrificed to launch a thermonuclear holocaust!!

The word HOLOCAUST and HOLOHOAX come from the Latin holocaustum and it means a burnt offering or sacrifice. The planned sinking of the Liberty was to be a repeat of the sinking of the Maine which launched the Spanish-American War in 1898.

The Liberty left Norfolk, Virginia, on May 2, 1967, bound for Abidjan on the West Coast of Africa:

Among their assignments in Africa was to find out what government was being overthrown and whether the Russians or Cubans were involved in the former French territories and in Portuguese Angola. Liberty had French and Portuguese linguists on board and was soon to add Russian and Arabic speakers. The Middle East was not part of their assignment, which focused primarily on Russian influence in West Africa. Liberty's mission up to the time of the Six-Day War was to troll “like a ferret” to determine which governments were in upheaval and determine whether the Russians were involved. (Mellen, Blood in the Water, p. 114).

The captain was sailing the Liberty into a perfect storm because the loss of his ship was supposed to trigger a thermonuclear attack on the Soviet Union!

Captain William McGonagle

The surveillance vessel had a crew of 358 men and there were several "spooks" aboard from the CIA and NSA.

The captain entered the Mediterranean just before the 1967 Arab-Edomite War. During the war it was anchored just 13 miles off the Egyptian coast.

For a lightly armed ship to enter a war zone without an escort vessel was indeed suicidal!


Executive Officer Philip Armstrong
(July 4, 1929
–June 8, 1967).

Just before the Edomites launched the war, the ship was reassigned to the Mideast, and entered the Mediterranean on June 2. Command was now "chopped," or passed to Sixth Fleet commander William Inman Martin, and Admiral John S. McCain Jr, in London. McCain was the father of the now deceased bellicose Senator John McCain.

As a prelude to the thermonuclear holocaust, the Pentagon had a vast 50-ship armada in the Eastern Mediterranean, including 4 aircraft carriers: Intrepid, America, Saratoga, and Independence. Lurking underwater were several U.S. and British Polaris submarines armed with nuclear missiles. Additionally, SAC HQ in Omaha, Nebraska, placed all of its strategic nuclear bombers on high alert. Together they had enough firepower to create a BIG BANG over the entire length of the Soviet Union!

Vice Admiral William Martin

When the Liberty entered the Mediterranean, control of the ship passed to the Sixth Fleet, commanded by Vice Admiral William Martin.

However, Martin had another boss named Admiral John S. McCain Jr, who was stationed at 10 Downing Street in London.

Extreme Russophobe McCain reported to British Prime Minister Harold Wilson.


Admiral John S. McCain Jr.

The Edomite air force had a lot of help from British bombers stationed in Cyprus and the Sixth Fleet. Most of the Egyptian planes were destroyed on the ground. That war was practically over before the false flag operation was initiated on June 8.

Edomite warplanes failed to knock out all the Liberty's communications antennas!!

Early on the morning of June 8, at least 12 or 13 Edomite reconnaissance planes flew over the Liberty. The attack began in earnest about 2:00 p.m. and lasted until 4:30 p.m.

Jacobite Jews attacking the USS Liberty.

At least 12 French Mirage jets attacked the Liberty with heat seeking missiles aiming for the ship's communications antennas.

The "Jacobite Jews" managed to destroy all the antennas except for one!

A heroic, quick thinking sailor from Texas named Terry Halbardier managed to send out an SOS signal.


hero Terry Halbardier

Here is a quote from a very recent book about the Liberty:

The sailor in charge of the electronics equipment was Terence Halbardier. Halbardier had repaired a transmitter, and he discovered that one antenna was cold because it had never been hooked up, so heat-seeking missiles didn't find it. They had one transmitter and one antenna. Halbardier connected a coaxial cable from the transmitter to the antenna. He was hit three times by shrapnel from things exploding near him. Under heavy Israeli rocket fire, Halbardier walked across the deck dragging a cable to connect the surviving antenna with a transmitter in the after deckhouse. Halbardier ran some “spare co-ax from the base of the antenna tuner directly to a transmitter in the after deckhouse.” He managed to get off a high-frequency SOS during a lull when the jets were trying to reload. (Mellen, Blood in the Water, p. 195).

The conspirators were furious when that message reached the Sixth Fleet because the message read "Israeli warplanes:"

“Any station, this is ‘Rockstar’ [the ship's code name], we are under attack by Israeli warplanes,” the caller cried. The signal went out rapidly because a decade earlier President Eisenhower had put the CRITICOM system in place, which meant any Naval Security Group message went out as a CRITIC to both the USS Saratoga and the USS America, and straight to the Joint Chiefs and the president as an information addressee. This was how Robert McNamara knew that the men had survived. A CRITIC message went automatically because an act of war, which includes the launching of planes, requires that a CRITIC message go to Washington. That CRITIC shuts down all other communications en route. The message was a teletype with “CRITIC” typed at the top, which meant it went directly to the White House within ten minutes, the established goal. McNamara's reply came by the AUTOVON system in the form of a telephone call (Mellen, Blood in the Water, pp. 196-197).

The crew of the Liberty definitely knew what type of warplanes were attacking them because they had the twin pyramids symbol prominently displayed.

When that distress message went out, the "Jacobite Jews" started dropping NAPALM on the deck.

Commander David Lewis
survived a NAPALM attack.

The warplanes also dropped NAPALM on the deck of the ship and several sailors were badly burned.

One who barely escaped was communications specialist Commander David Lewis.

4 torpedoes were launched at the ship . . . but they all missed!!


4 Edomite torpedo boats launched torpedoes
at the ship . . . but that all missed!!

By 1967, the Edomite navy was pathetic, with most of their torpedo boats supplied by the British or West Germans. The 4 torpedoes fired by the Edomites missed, and the ship continued to send out distress signals!

Lyndon Johnson ordered the USS Amberjack to "sink the Liberty"

Lyndon Johnson was in virtual contact with 10 Downing Street and the Sixth Fleet. When he heard that the torpedoes had missed the ship he was FURIOUS. It was at that time that he ordered the captain of the USS Amberjack to sink the ship.

During the attempted sinking of Liberty, Lyndon Johnson was in the Situation Room in the White House.

Lyndon Johnson with Robert McNamara
in the White House Situation Room.

"Defense Secretary" Robert McNamara was located under Johnson's desk!

Incredibly, as CEO of the Ford Motor Company, that "Whiz Kid" gave up an annual salary of $3 million with stock options for a measly $25,000 per annum as Secretary of "Defense"

In reality, McNamara's mission was to ground the XB-70 Valkyrie SST program before the Boeing Company adopted the aircraft for civilian use!



Robert McNamara
"Defense" Secretary from '61 to '68.

When Johnson heard that the torpedo boats had failed to sink the ship, he ordered USS Amberjack Captain Augustine Hubal to send it to the bottom immediately!

The USS Amberjack was shadowing and
filming the attack on the Liberty.

The USS Amberjack was shadowing and filming the attack on the Liberty.

Cussin' and swearin' in his thick Texas drawl, Johnson ordered the captain to "sink the Liberty."

Obediently, Captain Hubal fired a massive torpedo at the ship.


Captain Augustine Hubal

All of the top brass in the military industrial complex were tuned to the CRITCOM system, so they distinctly heard the voice of "acting" President Lyndon Johnson cussin' and commanding Captain Hubel to "sink the Liberty."

The torpedo explosion was so powerful that
it lifted the ship right out of the water.

The torpedo just missed the boilers which would have caused a massive explosion.

By missing the boilers, the ship did not suffer the same fate as the Titanic.

Miraculously, the ship still refused to sink.



On the morning of June 9, help finally
arrived for the Liberty.

25 crew members who were working below deck were killed instantly. Incredibly, help did not arrive from the Sixth Fleet until the following day:

After waiting overnight and well into the next morning, some of the men had gathered on the top deck milling about because we were still not sure the ship would not sink. At sunrise, I noticed a ship on the horizon at our stern, which I later found out was a Russian ship that had been following us throughout the night. Then I saw two other ships coming up behind the Russian ship, both of which were moving quickly; it soon became apparent that they were two U.S. Navy destroyers, the USS Davis and the USS Massey, coming to our rescue. Right after that, the Damage Control Officer John Scott approached me, saying, “The old man wants the ship cleaned up.” He didn’t have to explain it any further, as I knew exactly what he meant: The ship’s deck looked like the floor of a slaughterhouse, with pieces of flesh, bone, hair, various organs and everything else covered the deck, held in place by dried blood. The bodies that could be identified had already been collected and stored but the rest of the remains needed to be cleaned up. (Nelson, Remember the Liberty, p. 100).

Only the wounded were evacuated from the ship, the rest of the crew were told to take the ship to Malta.

The survivors were ordered to sail the ship to Malta . . . instead of nearby Crete!!

The surviving crew members were stunned when they were told that they would have to sail to Malta, HQ of the British Mediterranean Fleet, and about 1,200 miles away:

All the crew assumed that we would be allowed passage to the closest dry dock that could repair the nearly “totaled” ship, which would have been Crete, a little over a day’s passage. When Lt. George Golden, our engineering officer, announced our destination, we were all a little stunned: “Boys, we’re not headed for Crete, so get ready for just a little bit of a ride.” We had already been on a “little bit of a ride” over the last day or two. What was ahead now? We were not told where we were heading, I suppose to control our fear about whether we would even get to our destination. By the time we heard “through the grapevine” that it was Malta, where we had never been before, and we were still two days away. Only afterwards did I realize there was a method to the madness, given that it took nearly a week to make the trip, compared to the day and a half trip it would have taken to go to Crete. We were forced to take a treacherous journey across the deepest, choppiest waters in the Mediterranean, apparently because “someone” was hoping we would sink along the way. (Nelson, Remember the Liberty, p. 110).

It took 5 days for the ship to finally reach Malta. It was the moment the thermonuclear holocaust conspirators dreaded because a huge 40ft hole was visible when the ship was placed in dry dock

The Liberty finally arrived in
Malta on June 14.

The ship finally arrived at Saint Paul's Island on June 14.

Malta was also the home port of the British Mediterranean Fleet which was suddenly disbanded at the end of June.

The size of the torpedo hole was massive and as big as a torpedo boat!



The hole in the ship was massive and the
torpedo could only have come from the sub.

That was another reason why the top brass wanted the Liberty at the bottom of the sea!

While in Malta, the massive hole in the side of the ship was fixed, and the rest of the physical damage was repaired. The sailors were considered CRIMINALS because they had survived . . . so Admiral Kidd read them the Riot Act!

Admiral Isaac Kidd Jr. (
read the Riot Act to the survivors.

Admiral Kidd was extremely disappointed that there were any survivors from the Liberty.

Each sailor was threatened with life imprisonment . . . or worse . . . if he ever mentioned the attack!

Most were cowed into silence by threats or bribes!


The miracle ship arrived back in
Norfolk on July 27, 1967.

Liberty returned to the New Jerusalem on July 27. She was decommissioned and stricken from the Naval Vessel Register on June 28.

Instead of going to a "museum of the miraculous," the ship was sold for scrap in 1973.

For the crew who survived it was the beginning of a long, long nightmare. They were monitored closely for the rest of their lives because they were living proof that JEHOVAH was still watching over the New Jerusalem:

Surely there is no sorcery against Jacob, neither is there any divination against Israel: according to this time it shall be said of Jacob and of Israel, What hath Elohim wrought! (Numbers 23:23).

Behold, he that keepeth Israel shall neither slumber nor sleep (Psalm 121:14).

No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper (Isaiah 54:17).

Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit: Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, even unto the end of the world. Selah (Saint Matthew 28:19-20).

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