One of the most remarkably fulfilled great prophecies of the Bible is found in the Gospel of St. Matthew. After betraying his Messiah for 30 pieces of silver, Judah Iscariot returned the money to the chief priests, and then went and hanged himself. The chief priests then took the money and bought a graveyard, which was called Aceldama, or the Field of Blood.

St. Matthew said that Judah's notorious betrayal, and the purchase of the Field of Blood, was predicted by Jeremiah the Prophet:

Then Judah, his betrayer, seeing that he had been condemned, was remorseful and brought back the thirty pieces of silver to the chief priests and elders, saying, “I have sinned by betraying innocent blood.” And they said, “What is that to us? You see to it." Then he threw down the pieces of silver in the temple and departed, and went and hanged himself. But the chief priests took the silver pieces and said, “It is not lawful to put them into the treasury, because they are the price of blood.” And they consulted together and bought with them the potter’s field, to bury strangers in. Therefore that field has been called the Field of Blood to this day. Then was fulfilled what which was spoken by Jeremiah the prophet, saying, “And they took the thirty pieces of silver, the value of him who was priced, whom the children of Israel priced, and gave them for the potter's field as JEHOVAH directed me (St. Matthew 27:3-10).

Judah was the only man in the Bible who confessed his sin to men . . . and their callous response hastened him to his doom.

When St. Matthew published his Gospel in Hebrew around 37 AD, readers could verify its accuracy by visiting the Field of Blood, and then reading the remarkable prediction in the Book of Jeremiah.

An artistic depiction of Judah
Iscariot hanging from a tree.

In his biography of Immanuel, St. Matthew quoted extensively from the prophets to prove that Joshua is the Messiah.

One of the most remarkable prophecies was found in the Book of Jeremiah. His readers were visiting Aceldama, and were amazed at the fulfillment of Bible prophecy.

Immediately, the Jewish scribes DELETED the references to Judah's betrayal from the original copies that were kept in the great Temple in Jerusalem!


Aceldama, or the Field of Blood,
in Old Jerusalem.

The Jewish chief priests and scribes saw themselves condemned by the major prophet Jeremiah, so they DELETED those verses, and cunningly inserted them into the book of the minor prophet Zechariah:

 And I said unto them, "if ye think good, give me my price; and if not, forbear." So they weighed for my price thirty pieces of silver. And JEHOVAH said unto me, "cast it unto the potter: a goodly price that I was valued by them." And I took the thirty pieces of silver, and cast them to the potter in the house of JEHOVAH (Zechariah 11:12-13).

Because St. Matthew quoted extensively from the Old Covenant, the Jewish scribes edited the entire Old Covenant. That act alone was suicidal for the scribes. The Messiah said to Satan:

Man shall not live by bread alone but by EVERY WORD that proceedeth out of the mouth of Elohim (St. Matthew 4:4).

By changing one letter of the everlasting WORD, the scribes were provoking the wrath of JEHOVAH, which culminated in the total destruction of Jerusalem in 70 AD.

Jesus Constantine and Jerome—the spiritual heirs of the chief priests and scribes—continued to provoke the wrath of the Almighty by mutilating the New Covenant.

Christians who read St. Matthew's Gospel today are confused by the omission and changes, and they presume that St. Matthew made a mistake: thus turning the sharp Sword of the Spirit into a butterknife!

The Jewish nation was to endure only until Shiloh came!!

The name JEW is derived from JUDAH (JAH be Praised), who was one of the 12 sons of Patriarch Israel. Israel predicted that Judah's descendants would continue until the Messiah came:

The sceptre shall not depart from Judah, nor a lawgiver from his loins, UNTIL SHILOH COMES; and the people shall be gathered unto him (Genesis 49:10).

Copying the Hebrew Tanakh, all the other translations of the Old Covenant change the word LOINS (reproductive organs) to FEET:

The sceptre shall not depart from Judah, nor a lawgiver from between his feet, until Shiloh comes; and unto him shall the gathering of the people be (Genesis 49:10, King James Version).

No human being has ever been born with his reproductive organs located between his feet!

Artistic depiction of the siege
of Jerusalem.

The destruction of the Temple put an end to the bloody animal sacrifices.

It also prevented the scribes from making further changes to the eternal Word of JEHOVAH.

After their final suicidal revolt against the Romans in 135 AD, the real Jews disappeared from history, and were supplanted by the Edomites.


Artistic depiction of the Romans
destroying the Temple.

The royal line of Judah perished forever under the iron legs of Roma—the fourth universal Empire. From that time onward, all authentic members of the tribe of Judah were gone with the wind!

In cenral London there are several landmarks in STONE that prove that Shiloh or the Messiah has indeed come and fulfilled all the predictions of the prophets.

St. Matthew's Church in
Westminster, London.

There is a church named after St. Matthew in the very center of Babylon on the Thames!

Saint Paul planted true Christianity in Britannia around 67 AD, and St. Paul's Cathedral is a monument in STONE to the real Apostle of Britain.

St. Paul (a Hebrew of the Hebrews) warned the
Christians to beware of DOGS, evil workers, and
the CIRCUMCISION (Philippians 3:2).


St. Paul's Cathedral in London.

By establishing the fake state of "Israel," the Babylonian British deny that the Messiah has come, and they make St. Matthew a LIAR. St. Matthew's Gospel is absolutely true, and the verses about the 30 pieces of silver were originally in the Book of Jeremiah.

The new nation of Israel was to be located westward of ancient Israel, and her borders were to extend from sea to shining sea, and from the river (Mississippi) unto the ends of the earth (Psalm 72:8). Incidentally, the Babylonian British did everything in their power to destroy the New Jerusalem from the time the Pilgrim Fathers landed in 1620.

2 Jesuit priests laid the theological groundwork for the modern state of "Israel"

The genesis of what is today called the state of "Israel" was the cunning handwork of 2 French Jesuit priests: John Calvin and Theadore Beza.

John Calvin
Jesuit John Calvin

John Calvin was a French Jesuit priest who is famous for his multi-volume tome Institutes of the Christian Religion.

Theadore Beza was a French Jesuit priest, Bible translator, and the author of the English language "Geneva Bible."

Both men were members of the Militia of Jesus, and from their HQ in Geneva, Switzerland, they developed the scheme of a future state of "Israel" inhabited by "Jews."

Theadore Beza
Jesuit Theadore Beza

Beza's Geneva Bible had a tremendous impact in 16th century Britain because many Christians mistook his crafty marginal notes for the inspired text itself:

Translated into clear English and helpfully arranged in verses as well as chapters, the later editions of the Geneva Bible were largely the work of Calvin's close friend, a Burgundian named Theodore Beza. Where Calvin had highlighted Christians' enduring bond with the ancient Israelites by emphasising the continuity between the Old and the New Testaments, Beza was the first to insist, in explanatory marginal notes, that the words 'Israel' and 'Zion' always and everywhere in the Bible referred to the Jewish people or their physical homeland. (Clark, Allies for Armageddon; The Rise of Christian Zionism, p. 30).

In Romans chapter 11, St. Paul expounded on the future of the real Jews, and told them plainly that the only way to be saved was to believe in their Risen Messiah NOW:

And so all Israel shall be saved. As it is written, there shall come out of Zion the Redeemer, and he shall take away transgressions from Jacob (Romans 11:26, Isaiah 59:20).

The Redeemer did come out of Zion at his first coming, and that prophecy was already fulfilled when Saint Paul wrote the Epistle to the Romans about 67 AD. Saint Paul knew that disaster was soon to overtake the suicidal Jews, and and he urged them to be saved then and now.

Beza, in his marginal notes on Romans chapter 11, applies that verse to some far off future when "Jews" would return to Palestine and then convert to Christianity.

Beza also changed the word SO to THEN. Then (future) all Israel shall be saved. Thus was born the system called FUTURISM or DISPENSATIONALISM which eventually led to the establishment of the state of "Israel" by the Edomies!

Jesuit John Nelson Darby.
(1800– 1882).

John Nelson Darby was a fanatical proponent of a future state of "Israel."

He was mainly responsible for sowing the corrupt seed of the future "Israel" in the New Jerusalem!

Cyrus Scofield was the "author" of the Scofield Reference Bible, which was published by Oxford University Press in 1909.

Like the Geneva Bible, Scofield added his crafty notes alongside the sacred text.


Jesuit Cyrus I. Scofield

Both men were members of the Militia of Satan, and slowly but surely their corrupt leaven spread among the Christians in the New Jerusalem. Billy Graham—the world's most beloved evangelist—adopted the scam, but he never overtly pushed the Scofield Reference Bible.

Billy Graham (19182018) pointing
to a verse in the Scofield Bible

Billy Graham secretly adopted the crafty scheme found in the Scofield Reference Bible.

Scofield divided the Bible into 7 dispensations, to match the 7 sacraments of the papacy.

His "dispensationalism" turned the sharp Sword of the Spirit into a butterknife, and left Christians defenseless against Apollyon.


Jerry Falwell encouraged his TV audience
to buy the Scofield Reference Bible.

Thanks to the Militia of Satan and their Scofield Reference Bible, Christianity entered the Laodicean or lukewarm stage in 1870:

Because thou sayest," I am rich, and increased with goods, and have need of nothing; and knowest not that thou art wretched, and miserable, and poor, and blind, and naked" (Apocalypse 3:17).

That prophecy of Christianity in the Last Days was like the wretched condition of Samson when he was captured and blinded by the Philistines.

Lord Shaftesbury and Lord Palmerston were the British "Fathers" of the modern state of "Israel"

2 British politicians adopted the warped scheme expounded by Calvin and Beza: Lord Shaftesbury and Lord Palmerston. Lord Shaftesbury's real name was Anthony Ashley-Cooper, and Palmerston's real name was John Henry Temple.

Lord Shaftesbury (1801–1885) circa 1865.
Lord Shaftesbury

Lord Shaftesbury and Lord Palmerston were the British "Fathers" of the modern state of "Israel."

Shaftesbury is famous for his work of reforming the Lunacy Act of 1845, and improving conditions in the many insane asylums located throughout the country!!

Lord Palmerston is infamous as the man who instigated the U.S. Civil War.


Lord Parlmerston
Lord Palmerston
(1784–1865) .

Because of the rampant incest and inbreeding among the British aristocracy, madness didn't run in the Shaftesbury and Palmerston families . . . it GALLOPED....In 1830, Lord Shaftesbury married the illegitimate daughter of Lord Palmerston and Emily Cowper.

Lord Shaftesbury
Lord Shaftesbury
circa 1835.

In 1830, Lord Shaftesbury married Emily "Minny" Cowper–the illegitimate daughter of Lord Palmerston and Emily Cowper.

That marriage united 2 of the most powerful political families in Britain and set the stage for the colonization of Palestine with British Empire "Jews."

Both men dreaded the expansion of Russia and the New Jerusalem!

Lady Shaftesbury
Lady Shaftesbury

In 1839, Lord Palmerston finally married his mistress of many years, Emily Cowper, following the timely death of her husband, Lord Cowper.

Lord Palmerston
Lord Palmerston

In 1839, playboy Palmerston married the recently widowed Emily Cowper.

Palmerston was 55 and Emily was 52.

Palmerston and Emily were lovers and their daughter Emily "Minny" became the wife of Shaftesbury.


Lady Palmerston
Lady Palmerston

Lord Shaftesbury's spying cover was "Evangelical" and he was always spouting Bible verses about the Second Coming of Christ and the end of the world. He believed that he had to get "Jews" back to Palestine before that event could take place. Here is his opinion of the United States in 1842:

The dishonesty of the Americans individually and as a nation is perfectly shocking–not content with private and public repudiation of just debts, the People, in the person of their Secretary of State, have uttered the grossest lies to over-reach Lord Ashburton on the boundary treaty. The moral state of the country is more disgraceful and alarming to the world (for the wretches have power) than that even of France.(Battiscome, Shaftesbury, p. 153).

Shaftersbury was referring to the Webster-Ashburton Treaty which was an attempt by the British Empire to seize California and the Oregon Territory.

With Shaftesbury and Palmerston running the country, Britannia was indeed an insane asylum . . . run by the inmates!!

The 1842 Anglican-Prussian-Jewish Diocese of Jerusalem

Lord Palmerston was responsible for British foreign policy from the time of the French and Belgian Revolutions of 1830 until December 1851. His abrasive style earned him the nickname "Lord Pumice Stone", and his manner of dealing with foreign governments who crossed him was the original "gunboat diplomacy."

As Palmerston and Shaftesbury were planning to destroy the New Jeusalem, they were also scheming to plant a "Jewish" colony

As an "Evangelical", Shaftesbury embraced the Jesuit system of Biblical interpretation called Futurism or Dispensationalism. That system mandated "Jews" returning to the Holy Land before the end of the world could take place. A vital part of that bizarre scheme was the rebuilding of a "Jewish" temple in Jerusalem in which a future Antichrist would sit and rule the world!!

King Friedrich William IV
King Friedrich William IV

In 1841, Prussian King Friedrich William IV entered into an agreement with Lord Palmerston to establish an outpost in Jerusalem.

The Terrible Turks ruled Jerusalem, while France and Russia claimed protectorship of the holy sites.

Alexander the "Jew" was ordained in '41 and arrived in Jerusalem in 1842.

Michael Solomon Alexander
Michael Solomon Alexander

His mission was to gather "Jews" to Jerusalem, but in reality it was to counter French and Russian influence in Palestine:

This autumn of 1840 Ashley was particularly preoccupied with a question which was to most people a purely political issue but to him a matter of great religious importance. As Professor Chadwick writes, 'Ashley's mind united the practical with the prophetic in a fascinating harmony,' so now, when anxious to promote Jewish colonisation in Palestine, though his own thoughts were running on the fulfilment of prophecy and the hastening of the Second Advent, he was shrewd enough to recognise that Palmerston as Foreign Secretary cared for none of these things and to put before him a case based on solid practical arguments. Two years previously he had sent Palmerston 'a paper drawn up to exhibit the capabilities of the soil of Palestine and the likelihood of a beneficial commerce between that country and our own.' In this paper he had pointed out that the fertility of the soil of Palestine had been attested by many authorities and denied only by Voltaire, 'an author of very little authority except for witticisms either blasphemous or obscene.' In particular, the cultivation of cotton would be a great benefit to the British cotton industry, which might thus become 'free and independent of the Yankees and slave labour.' Distance from England was short and communications comparatively good; only labour was lacking and that could best be supplied by Jewish immigrants. And if the commercial profit would be great the political gain would also be considerable. By sponsoring Jewish settlement in Palestine Britain would be dealing a blow to Russian influence in the Near East. Napoleon himself had seen the importance of the Jewish question and had done his best to win the support of the Jewish people; 'what he attempted for the injury of England and mankind, you may attempt for our benefit and human happiness.' (Battiscombe, Shaftesbury, pp 128-129).

Alexander acquired a small plot of land inside the Old City of Jerusalem and began to build a church. That church also doubled as the British consulate and a spying station.

British Church aka "Christ's Church," Jerusalem.
British Church aka "Christ's Church," Jerusalem.

The British Church aka "Christ's Church" doubled as the British consulate.

Alexander's mission was a dual one: encourage British Empire "Jews" to move to Palestine and throw water on the Holy Fire in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre.

His mission remained a joint effort of the British and their Prussian allies.

Samuel Gobat
Samuel Gobat

During Gobat's tenure as bishop, many earth shaking events happened, notably the U.S. Civil War, the First Crimean War, and the Franco-Prussian War. Gobat went to meet his Maker without seeing an influx of British Empire "Jews," and was buried in Jerusalem.

Benjamin Disraeli
Benjamin Disraeli

Benjamin Disraeli and "Sir Moses" Montefiore were 2 more mighty men who were intimately involved in colonizing Palestine with British Empire "Jews."

Disraeli "Dizzy" served as prime minister twice and Montefiore visited Jerusalem several times.

"Sir Moses" never read the Hebrew book of Job that forbids giving flattering titles to men (Job 32:22).

"Sir" Moses Montefiore
"Sir Moses" Montefiore

In 1875, while serving as prime minister, Disraeli engineered the financial coup that transferred ownership of the Suez Canal from its builder, Ferdinand de Lesseps, to the British Empire. In 1876, Disraeli rammed a bill through Parliament that gave his lover Queen Victoria the flattering title "Empress of India."

So influential was Disraeli in creating the "Jewish" state that the inmates call themselves "Israelis" after Disraeli.

In 1917, the New Jerusalem facilitated the creation of the suicidal state!

It is beyond belief but the New Jerusalem helped the British Empire create a homeland for the suicides. In April 1917, President Woodrow Wolfson declared war on " Kaiser Bill," and thousands of U.S. solders were immediately mobilized and sent to France.

That enabled the British Empire to withdraw soldiers from France and redeploy them to the Mideast.

As long as the Terrible Turks controlled Palestine there was little chance of British hegemony in the Mideast. That is why "Mr. British Empire" Lord Kitchener of Khartoum unleashed the dogs of war in August 1914.

David Llloyd George
David Lloyd George

After the New Jerusalem entered WWI, thousands of British Empire soldiers were redeployed to the Mideast.

This large redeployment enabled General Allenby to wrest Palestine from the Terrible Turks.

On December 11, 1917, General Allenby defeated the Terrible Turks and entered Jerusalem.

A British Mandate was established after the expulsion of the Terrible Turks.


General Allenby entering Jerusalem.
General Allenby entering
Old Jerusalem.

Even though Britannia conquered Old Jerusalem, World War I was only a partial victory for the Empire. France was not defeated and the war almost bankrupted the country.

After the Terrible Turks were evicted, a British Mandate was established in Palestine, which lasted until 1948.

It is almost beyond belief but Fascist Italy was supposed to replace British Mandated Palestine.

Fascist Italy was supposed to replace the British Mandate!

Almost immediately after the British conquered Palestine, British Secret Service agent Benito Mussolini came to power. Italy had already started a war with the Terrible Turks when that country invaded Turkish controlled Libya in 1911.

Unbelievably, an "earthquake" rattled Jerusalem in 1927 and the Church of the Holy Sepulchre was declared structurally unsafe.

Benito Mussolini (1883–1945).
Benito Mussolini (1883–1945).
Il Duce from 1922 to 1945.

In October 1922, Mussolini staged his infamous "March on Rome" and fascism was born.

One of Mussolini's many titles was: "Knight of the Holy Sepulchre."

Financed by the BIS (Bank for International Settlements), Mussolini began a military buildup with the ultimate goal of replacing the British Mandate.

Mussolini wearing his Knight of the Holy Sepulchre cross.
Mussolini wearing his Knight of
the Holy Sepulchre cross.

In 1929, Mussolini created Vatican City State out of a small section of the city of Rome. He also commissioned 2 architects: Antonio Barluzzi and Luigi Marangoni to design a new Church of the Holy Sepulchre:

The project improbably counted on the non-Catholic churches in and around the Church of the Resurrection voluntarily conceding cherished rights enshrined in the Status Quo in exchange for a minority stake in a Roman Catholic cathedral. The new edifice would triumphantly mark Latin preeminence in Jerusalem. Since all other interested parties were most unlikely to give their consent freely, the implication was that they would be faced with no alternative but to agree. This could happen only if the Axis Powers won the war, replacing the British Mandate with Italian colonial rule.
No doubt, Testa's idea for a new Holy Sepulchre started out before the outbreak of war as contingency planning in preparation for an international debate on the future of Jerusalem. Yet a number of factors suggest that the "scholar's plan" for an ideal new edifice changed, with the outbreak of war, into the blueprint for a real building to be built on the capture of the Holy City. (Cohen, Saving the Holy Sepulchre, p.78).

Plans for the new basilica called for it to rival the colossal building erected by Emperor Constantine beginning in 326 AD. That Church was not dedicated until 336 AD so it must have been a massive structure. The Orthodox and Armenians would have small closets off to one side in the proposed new Constantinian basilica.

Antonio Barluzzi
Antonio Barluzzi


Architects Antonio Barluzzi and Luigi Marangoni were commissioned to design the proposed new Church of the Holy Sepulchre.

After the Battle of Stalingrad, unless Hitler acquired his atomic bomb, all hopes faded for Italian hegemony over Jerusalem.



The new basilica would have rivaled Constantine's Church.
The new basilica would have rivaled
Constantine's Church.

If the Axis of Evil had won World War II, there would have been no need for a Holocaust Hoax or British Empire "Jews" in Palestine.

The Russian victory at Stalingrad changed everything and mandated that British Empire "Jews" would replace Mussolini's Fascists. Even the powerful Cardinal Testa–Barluzzi's boss in Jerusalem–was investigated by British "Intelligence" and replaced because of his pro-Fascist and pro-Nazi agenda!!

The British Empire "Jewish" state was finally established in 1948

Following its occupation by British troops in 1917, Palestine was governed by the Occupied Enemy Territory Administration. In July 1920, the military administration was replaced by a civilian administration headed by a high commissioner. A British Empire "Jew" named Herbert Samuel was the first high commissioner.

It was thanks to the work of Winston Churchill and Adolf Hitler that the British were finally able to create the British Empire state of "Israel. "

"Bulldog" Winston in a
"Bulldog" Winston in a
defiant pose.

After Stalingrad, it required some quick thinking by Churchill and Hitler to save the situation in the Mideast.

Churchill's plan called for Holohoax survivors to begin a mass exodus to the Mideast.

By 1948, Adolf was in retirement in Argentina and could only offer advise on the creation of the suicide state!

Adolf Hitler (1889–1962).
Adolf Hitler

Israel Zolli, the chief Rabbi of Roma, coordinated the exodus of hundreds of thousands of British Empire "Jews" from Germany, Poland, and Hungary. Obviously, ALL of them where Holohoax survivors.

Israel Zolli (1881- 1956) was chief Rabbi of Rome.
Israel Zolli (1881–1956) was
chief Rabbi of Rome.

Rabbi Israel Zolli coordinated the exodus of hundreds of thousands of British Empire "Jews" from Germany, Poland, and Hungary to Palestine.

Industrialist Charles H. Silver was known as "Spelly's Jew" and he worked closely with Cardinal Spellman in gaining United Nations recognition for the state.

Charles H. Silver
Charles H. Silver

By 1948, the British had enough "Jews" in Palestine to finally fulfill the scheme of Shaftesbury and Palmerston begun a century earlier. Those "Jews" never bothered to read the Eight Commandment of Moses which says "thou shalt not steal" (Exodus 20: 15).

Canaanite David Ben-Gurion
British David Ben-Gurion
proclaiming the rebirth of "Israel."

In June 1948, thanks to the Holohoax, the British had enough "Jews" to finally create the state of Israel.

War broke out immediately with the people who occupied the territory for centuries.

U.S. support tipped the military balance in favor of the British "Jews."

British Empire "Jews" praying at the
British Empire "Jews" praying at the
remains of the temple of Jupiter.

With financing provided by the United States, the country was turned into a British spying base, or stationary aircraft carrier, parked in the Mideast. The Palestinians who lived there for centuries were expelled by force.

A top priority for the British Empire "Jews" is to extinguish the Holy Fire in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre and have Jerusalem totally under Latin Church control. Here is what the Jewish Messiah predicted about Jerusalem until the end of time:

And they (Jews) shall fall by the edge of the sword, and shall be led away captive into all nations: and Jerusalem shall be trodden down by the NATIONS (Greek: ethnos), until the times of the NATIONS (Greek: ethnos) shall be fulfilled (Luke 21:24).

There are 2 prominent monuments in London honoring the 2 mighty men who "Fathered" the modern state of "Israel."

The Shaftesbury Monument in Piccadilly Circus, London.
The Shaftesbury Monument in Piccadilly Circus, London.

There is a monument honoring Lord Shaftesbury in Piccadilly Circus, London.

There is a statue of Lord Palmerston in Parliament Square, London.

The statue of Lord Palmerston in Parliament Sq., London.
The statue of Lord Palmerston
in Parliament Sq., London.

The Holy Bible says that the mighty men who have done evil will be crying bitterly on the Last Day:

The great day of JEHOVAH is near, it is near, and hastens quickly, even the voice of the day of JEHOVAH: the mighty man shall cry there bitterly (Zephaniah 1:14).

There is indeed nothing more evil or Satanic in the universe than Futurism or Dispensationalism which directly CONTRADICTS the plain statements of Holy Scripture.

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