Most of the information in this expose was taken from 2 autobiographies of a man claiming to be Jerry Falwell. Only a BLIND man or woman could mistake him for the real Jerry Falwell who graduated from Baptist Bible College (BBC) in 1956.

The 1987 autobiography
of Jerry Fakewell.

Most people like to see new faces, but our Creator made us with only one face during our lifetime. Additionally, an adult's height does not change after he/she becomes an adult.

The "Jerry Falwell" who founded the Moral Majority in 1979 was not the same Jerry Falwell who pastored the Thomas Road Baptist Church in Lynchburg, Virginia.

I call that now deceased anonymous actor "JERRY FAKEWELL."

The 1997 autobiography of
Jerry Fakewell.

The Falwell twins were born in Lynchburg, Virginia, on August 11. 1933. Their father's name was Carey Hezekiah, and their mother's name was Helen Virginia. When twins are born it is impossible to tell which twin is a normal human being and which twin is the seed or offspring of Apollyon. In 1933, twins were rare in the U.S., but now they are a virtual epidemic!

The Falwell twins age 3
(Gerry left, Gene right).

It was impossible to tell at birth which was the normal human baby and which baby was the son of Apollyon!

According to the autobiography of "Jerry Fakewell," it was Jerry himself who was the evil twin.

However, Gene was the real "hell raiser," and one of his "practical jokes" almost killed his high school Latin teacher.



The Falwell twins age 10.

(Gene left, Jerry right).

In the second grade, the twins were separated because the teacher could not handle both Falwells:

I do remember the awful moment my brother Gene and I were separated by our second-grade teacher, Mrs. Hunter. She didn't think I belonged in the second grade; so, with the principal's approval, she skipped me on to third. From that day my brother and I were in different classes. We never knew exactly why she advanced me one whole year. Looking back, I think she knew that one Falwell was enough for any teacher to handle and she preferred Gene to me (Fakewell, An Autobiography, p. 58).

Jerry was indeed the normal twin and Gene was more than any teacher could handle.

Brookville High School circa 1950.

Jerry graduated with high honors and he was the class valedictorian.

In high school, Gene hated learning Latin, so instead of bringing an apple to the teacher, he brought a RAT, and almost killed her with fright.

Gene either dropped out or was expelled as an inveterate "hell-raiser.


Jerry Falwell (19331969) high school graduation photo.

One day Gene brought a live rat to school and placed it in the teacher's desk:

One day I brought a live rat to school in a paper lunch bag and placed it in Miss Cox's drawer beside her stash of cookies. The rat was filling up on chocolate chips when Miss Cox reached into the drawer. Everyone was peeking around their open textbooks, waiting to see what would happen. At that moment the rat jumped right out of the desk drawer and into Miss Cox's lap. She screamed, flew into the air, and fainted dead away. The classroom broke into pandemonium. The rat was running up and down the rows of desks. The boys were laughing, the girls were screaming, and Miss Cox lay on the floor unconscious at our feet. (Fakewell, An Autobiography, p. 109).

The "fake Falwell" who wrote that autobiography was not even in the same classroom, so how could he know all the details of that almost fatal practical joke?

Jerry was a very bright and normal student; so, after graduating from high school in 1950, he attended Lynchburg College to study mechanical engineering. In 1952, he had his "Damascus Road Experience" and decided to enroll in a Bible College in Springfield, Missouri.

Jerry Falwell, front row, third from left, was captain
of the Baptist Bible College basketball team.

2 years after graduating from high school, Jerry enrolled in Baptist Bible College in Springfield, Missouri.

Jerry graduated from Bible College in 1956, and returned to his hometown of Lynchburg.




Jerry Falwell's Bible College
graduation photo.

After graduating from the Bible College, Jerry returned to his hometown of Lynchburg, and founded the Thomas Road Baptist Church with just 35 members.

The Thomas Road Baptist Church was
founded by
Jerry Falwell in 1956.

In 1956, Jerry founded the Thomas Road Baptist Church in Lynchburg.

Soon afterward, he started a local radio program called "The Old Time Gospel Hour."

A TV version of the "Old Time Gospel Hour" soon followed.



The real Jerry Falwell preaching at
Thomas Road Baptist Church.

The "Old Time Gospel Hour" was definitely not the old time gospel that Saint Paul and Saint Martin Luther preached. That "gospel" was based on the commentary or notes in the Scofield Reference Bible.

The Scofield Reference Bible was published by Oxford University Press in 1909, and contained copious notes by a Jesuit priest and "British Empire Jew" named Cyrus I. Scofield. Scofield had the audacity to put his notes or commentary right next to the text of the Holy Bible itself. The unwary, reading the Scofield reference Bible, often believed that the notes were part of the inspired text itself.

Jerry preaching on TV in 1967.


The Scofield Reference Bible was the work of a "British Empire Jew" named Cyrus I. Scofield.

He divided the Bible into 7 dispensations to match the 7 sacraments of the papacy.

His "dispensationalism" turned the sharp Sword of the Spirit into a butterknife, and left Christians defenseless against Apollyon.



Jerry encouraging his TV audience to buy the Scofield Reference Bible.

Scofield's additional inspiration came from Joachim of Fiore's 3 dispensations or ages, and the 1560 Geneva Bible. The Holy Bible knows only 2 dispensations: the Old Covenant and the New. In his notes, Scofield gave a prominent place to "Jews," who were supposed to return to Palestine before the end of time. In the U.S., the Scofield Reference Bible was a virtual handbook of the Zionists or fundamentalists who funded the reborn Edomite state.

Jerry and Marcel Pate were
married in April, 1956.

In 1958, Jerry married Marcel Pate, a local girl from Lynchburg.

They seemed to be another perfect partnership as Jean took care of the home and children and Jerry did the preaching.

Jerry Jr. was born on June 17, 1962, followed by Jean Ann in 1964, and Jonathan in 1966.

The real Falwell family in 1968.

The ERA, or Evil Rules America Amendment, was only a small dark cloud on the horizon during the 1960's. However, that small dark cloud was soon to grow into a monstrous hurricane of destruction that threatened the ruin and wreck of the United States of Israel.

In 1969, long tall Jerry Falwell was killed in a plane crash and replaced by his twin!

Sometime in early 1969, the real Jerry Falwell disappeared from Lynchburg. The most likely cause of his disappearance was a plane crash. Many times plane crashes leave absolutely no remains of the victim or victims.

The long tall Jerry surveying a site for a
proposed Christian Academy, Jan. 1967.


The real Jerry Falwell was TALL, at least 6' 5," and that was why he was captain of the Bible College basketball team.

He didn't shrink in the intervening years.

Around 1969, a "businessman" donated a small Cessna 310 to the church.

"Jerry" claimed that he almost died from a broken rib in California, but that was just a cover for the fatal plane crash.

Jerry standing in front of his
small Cessna 310 aircraft.

We know that the British Secret Service specializes in car and plane crashes. Here is a quote from the autobiography of the man who impersonated the real Jerry Falwell:

Late in the 1960's when I was still traveling 50,000 miles in my Buick to hold preachers' meetings or evangelistic crusades in churches around the country, my son Jerry Jr. would often accompany me. And though he didn't mind missing school and was pretty bright enough to make up the work he missed, that first little Cessna 310 that was given the church by a businessman named Gene Dixon made it even easier for Jerry Jr. to attend the meetings. (Fakewell, Strength for the Journey, p. 277).

I don't think the real Jerry Falwell was flying around the country with his 7-year-old son in the cockpit. Whatever happened, the long tall Jerry Falwell disappeared after 1969. That is why the Apostle Paul warns us over and over that false brethren can be very, very dangerous (II Corinthians 11:26).

Gene Falwell replaced his twin brother Jerry in 1969

By 1969, the economy of Lynchburg was dependent on the TV, radio, and publishing ministry of Jerry Falwell. Many people were dismayed and horrified at his very untimely death at such a young age. However, there was a Jerry substitute readily available in his twin brother Gene.

One thing the British Secret Service cannot do is make a short person taller . . . unless they still use the rack in the Tower of London. People usually equate height with intelligence. President Lincoln was about 6' 5," and the great scientist Nikola Tesla was a giant in stature.

Gene as surrogate father to the Falwell
family in 1971.

After the timely demise of brother Jerry, Falwell twin Gene acted as a surrogate father to the family.

Coincidently, about that time the small Thomas Road Baptist Church morphed into a megachurch, with seating for 4,000, and over 15,000 in attendance every Sabbath.


Gene as surrogate father to the Falwell
family in 1973.

To be sure that all the members were on the same page during the sermons, everybody was encouraged to use the Scofield Reference Bible.

Sen. Harry F. Byrd, Billy Grammer, and a shrunken "Jerry" Falwel, August 1970.

The small town of Lynchburg was heavily dependent on the income from the Falwell ministry, so they decided to carry on using twin brother Gene.

Gene was already a member and "helper" with his brother in the ministry.

A shrunken "Jerry" with Marcel Falwell, January 1971.

Gene was called "Gene the Joker" in high school because of his never ending pranks. He probably saw the humor in the situation and decided to play along.

A shrunken "Jerry" groundbreaking for a new
Christian Academy, December 1972.

Liberty Baptist College was founded in 1971, which later morphed into the gigantic Liberty University.

In May 1974, the suicidal Evil Rules America Amendment came up for a vote in the Virginia Legislature.

When the legislators discovered that the amendment would make separate male and female bathrooms illegal in public buildings and institutions, they rejected it.


A shrunken "Jerry" at Liberty Baptist
College graduation
, May 1976.

The legislators consulted with the University of Virginia Law School and they were advised that the amendment would require unisex bathrooms in all federal facilities. That was the main reason why they rejected the deadly amendment . . . and not because they received any opposition from the newly chartered Liberty Baptist College!

The Amoral Majority was founded by "Jerry Fakewell" in 1979

It is beyond belief but in 1979 a man who looked nothing like Gene Falwell made his appearance on the national stage. I call the anonymous actor Jerry Fakewell, and his main goal was to make Ronald Reagan acting President.

Jerry Fakewell announced the formation
of the Amoral Majority in June 1979.

In June 1979, an actor named "Jerry Fakewell" announced the birth of the Amoral Majority.

The express purpose of that organization was to make Ronald Reagan acting President.

All during the remainder of 1979 and 1980, Jerry Fakewell worked tirelessly to accomplish that goal.

Rev. Jerry Fakewell at an "I Love
America" rally in Wisconsin.

Nobody was excluded from membership except those who wanted "Jimmy Carter" for a second term. The newborn organization was truly ecumenical, with Catholic priests, monks, and nuns joining forces with "Jewish" rabbis, and Greek Orthodox priests.

Aside from the election of Ronald Reagan, the second goal of the Amoral Majority was to outlaw abortion. Here is a quote from the autobiography of Jerry Fakewell:

To save the children, Baptist preachers found themselves marching arm in arm with courageous little Catholic nuns who had already taken their lonely stand against abortion and those who ran the abortion mills. In their struggle to save abused children and old people who had been forgotten, rabbis in their dark suits and little caps and Orthodox priests in their ornate vestments walked in solidarity with Quakers and Mennonites who had already led the way. Episcopalian laymen filled their Mercedes with kids from Assembly of God churches to drive into the inner city to work with boys and girls who were trapped by drugs or sexual bondage. (Fakewell: An Autobiography, p. 389).

Of course, as soon as Reagan became acting President he had absolutely no intention of keeping any of his promises to the Amoral Majority because Catholic doctors ran most of the abortion mills!

The Presidential race of 1980 was as critical as the election of 2016. In 1980, the very fate of the nation hung in the balance because a second term for the doppelgänger Carter would have led to ratification of the Evil Rules America Amendment.

The Carter double campaigning
in 1980.

2 titanic forces, with different agendas, were at work in 1979.

The election was only a year away, and the reelection of the Carter double would have meant the ratification of the Evil Rules America Amendment.

The election of Ronald Reagan would have placed "Iron Lady" Margaret Thatcher in the White House.

Ronald Reagan campaigning
in 1980.

Both options were deadly . . . but the Equal Wrongs Amendment would have been the deadlier....Under instructions from Margaret Thatcher, Reagan would have reignited the Cold War . . . and perhaps World War III. That World WAR III didn't happen was thanks to the Russians who could not be provoked into firing the first shot.

Fakewell in Florida campaigning for
Ronald Reagan , March,1980.

After the birth of the Amoral Majority, Fakewell launched a 50-state road show called "I Love America."

In reality, he only had to visit 3 states: North Carolina, Illinois, and Florida because they were the 3 crucial battleground states for ratification of the Evil Rules America Amendment.

Fakewell's real agenda was to make Ronald Reagan acting President.

Fakewell was featured on the cover
of Newsweek, Sept. 15, 1980.

For the remainder of 1979 and all of 1980, the Amoral Majority—led by Jerry Fakewell—crisscrossed the country. His main theme was: end abortion by making Ronald Reagan acting President. Occasionally, he alluded to the dangers of the Equal Wrongs Amendment, but that was not on the top of his agenda.

Jerry Fakewell and Phyllis Schlafly at
a "Stop the ERA" rally in 1980.

Jerry Fakewell did not discover how dangerous the ERA was to Christian morality until 1979, but by then it was almost too late!!

In 1980, he invited Phyllis Schlafly to speak at Liberty Baptist Church.

Normally, Baptists do not ordain women, or allow them to speak at their churches.

Fakewell and Phyllis at a service
in Liberty Baptist Church.

Fakewell knew that women who opposed the ERA would most likely vote for Ronald Reagan, because Rosalynn Carter was totally dedicated to passage of the amendment. It never dawned on Fakewell that without Phyllis Schlafly, and the women who wanted to be women, the amendment would have passed.

Ronald Reagan at Liberty Baptist College,
October 1980.

At the invitation of Jerry Fakewell, Presidential candidate Ronald Reagan visited Bible Baptist College in October 1980.

In 1980, former Edomite Prime Minister Begin presented Fakewell with the Jabotinsky Award for distinguished service to the Edomite state.

The 2 fakes: Menachem Begin and
Rev. Jerry Fakewell in 1980.

If it wasn't for the Iran Hostage Crisis and the Amoral Majority, the doppelgänger Carter would have been reelected, and the Equal Wrongs Amendment would have been ratified.

In 1980, the Amoral Majority elected Ronald Reagan as acting President!

Greed won over corruption in the all-important race of the dopplegänger versus Ronald Reagan. For the military-industrial complex there was no money to be made in sex-change operations or combining male and female bathrooms.

However, they stood to make billions in the unprecedented peacetime Reagan Administration military buildup.

Inauguration of acting President Reagan,
January 20, 1981.


Only a month after his inauguration, the British Cleopatra arrived at the White House and gave President Reagan his marching orders.

He was to concentrate exclusively on bringing down the Soviet Union.

Something totally unexpected happened: the Argentines invaded the Falkland Islands.


Cleopatra and President Reagan at
the White House, Feb. 26, 1981.

The Reagan administration made the defense contractors fabulously wealthy with the largest peacetime military buildup in U.S. history. Coincidently, a lot of the military contractors were located in the Falwell's home state of Virginia. Once in the White House, Reagan didn't even give a sop to the Amoral Majority, because he appointed a pro-abortion justice to the Supreme Court.

"Reverend" Billy Graham did nothing to stop the suicidal Evil Rules America Amendment!

"Reverend" Billy Grahamthe world's most beloved evangelistdid not lift a finger to stop the suicidal Evil Rules America Amendmant!

"Reverend" Graham was not one of the founding members of the Amoral Majority, but he did agree with their main goal of making Ronald Reagan acting President.

Billy Graham's home in Montreat,
North Carolina.

North Carolina, along with Illinois and Florida, was one of the battleground states for ratification of the Evil Rules
merica Amendment.

It was also the home state of the "Rev." Billy Graham.

No matter how many appeals for help were made to Graham, he ignored them all, and continued to conduct his worldwide evangelistic crusades!


Billy Graham (19182018) pointing
to a verse in the Holy Bible.

Billy Graham never pushed the Scofield Reference Bible like many other Baptist preachers, but he secretly believed that the notes were divinely inspired.

A small but dedicated group of Christian women—led by Phyllis Schlafly—stopped the ERA dead in its tracks . . . but it was no thanks to Rev. Billy Graham!

Enraged ERA supporters converged on the North Carolina state capital after the defeat of the ERA.

Famous Hollywood movie stars were recruited to try and convince the legislators to approve the ERA.

Opposing them was Phyllis Schlafly and her stalwart group of women who wanted to be women.

If just 4 legislators had changed their votes, the deadly amendment would have passed.


Jerry Fakewell and Billy Graham
were very close fiends.

Rosalynn Carter—wife of the doppelgänger—made frequent calls and threats to the undecided legislators, but the deadly amendment went down to defeat by a very narrow margin. The braless and brainless ERA supporters even resorted to boycotting the states that refused ratification.

Hillary Churchill Clinton did not campaign for the ERA in Illinois!

Amazingly, Hillary Clinton—the U.S. Cleopatra—did not campaign for the Evil Rules America Amendment in her adopted state of Illinois.

The real Hillary Rodham
at age 11.


Hillary Clinton was the driving force behind the Evil Rules America Amendment.

According to Hillary, she was born in Park Ridge, a suburb of Chicago, in 1947.

Her home state of Illinois was one of the battleground states, yet she never showed up once to be a cheerleader for ratification.

The doppelgänger Hillary speaking
at Wellesley College, June 1969.

Since it was her lifelong ambition to see the ratification of the ERA, it is amazing that Hillary never showed up once in her home state to campaign against the Women Who Wanted to be Women.

Phyllis rallying the troops at the
Illinois Capitol, June 1978.

One of the most contentious political battles ever waged was the Illinois battle to ratify the ERA.

It was a no holds barred, down to earth political dogfight.

Even a monkey, who didn't want them messing with his GENES, showed up to help the women fight the ERA.

It is beyond belief but Hillary never showed up once to battle against the women who wanted to be women!


Even a monkey showed
up to battle the ERA.

We can thank our Great JEHOVAH that the Evil Rules America Amendment did not pass, and the fulfillment of this prophecy of Daniel was delayed once again:

And he (Antichrist) shall plant the tabernacle of his palace between the seas in the glorious holy mountain; yet he shall come to his end, and no one will help him (Daniel 11:45).

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