By 1956, General Curtis "Mad Bomber" LeMay had enough nukes under his command to turn Russia and China into parking lots. However, saner generals kept reminding him that the U.S.military "does not do Pearl Harbors." To his great disappointment he could not get Mother Russia to shoot first. The Cuban Missile Crisis was a failure, as was the Kennedy assassination, and Operation 666 in June 1967. His last desperate attempt to start a nuclear war— and blame it on the Russians—occurred on March 7, 1968.

The Hawaiian Islands were discovered by Captain Cook accidentally while he was desperately searching for the mouth of the Columbia River. He treated the natives contemptuously and he suffered the same fate as Ferdinand Magellan.

The "surprise" attack on Pearl Harbor
occurred on Dec. 7, 1941.

Thanks to the "Mothers Against Intervention," Churchill and Roosevelt failed to get the New Jerusalem to declare war on Führer Adolf Hitler.

In desperation, Churchill ordered Emperor Hirohito to bomb Pearl Harbor.

For their convenience, Roosevelt ordered the Confederate Navy moved from San Diego to Pearl Harbor.


Roosevelt's Pearl Harbor speech was
made on Dec. 8, 1941.

Frank Knox—a close friend of Teddy Roosevelt—was Secretary of the Confederate Navy at that time. He had no problem whatsoever with moving the ships from the safe harbor in San Diego.

Edward Wood, 1st Earl of Fairfax, was a fanatical Catholic who longed for the day when the ties between Roma and Canterbury would be restored, and a return to the time of "Bloody Mary" Tudor.

A former Viceroy of India, he was the éminence grise behind Churchill, who nicknamed him "Holy Fox" because of his political cunning. A physical giant with no left hand, the towered over Churchill, and he was the first choice for prime minister after the timely demise of Neville Chamberlain in November 1940.

He hated Americans, but he reluctantly accepted the post of ambassador to the United States after the previous ambassador Lord Lothian had a timely demise!

A delighted Churchill addressing a Joint
Session of Congress, Dec. 26, 1941.

Lord Halifax was the British ambassador to the U.S. from 1941 to 1946.

In 1935, Halifax was appointed Secretary of State for War and he supervised the Nazi rearmament program.

The Nazis were the 20th century reincarnation of the Revolutionary War Hessian mercenaries!


British ambassador Lord Halifax

Naturally, the "surprise" attack on Pearl Harbor was no surprise at the British Embassy....When the news became official there were raucous celebrations and champagne toasting of Emperor HIrohito:

It was really America's entry into the war in December 1941 that marked the beginning of Halifax's widespread popularity. As the representative of their closest ally, it was patriotic to fête the Halifax's in Washington. When the news of Pearl Harbor broke, Lady Halifax called for a bottle of champagne to be brought, though explaining to their American butler, Maddams, that there had been a birth in the family. (Roberts, The Holy Fox: The Life of Lord Halifax, p. 385).

There was a birth all right....The birth of the diabolical "Special Relationship" between "Perfidious Albion" and the New Jerusalem....Aristocrats like Halifax called Churchill's mother "Sitting Bull" because of her Iroquois ancestors, and they secretly called Churchill a "Half-Breed" American!

The scowling "Babylonian Bulldog"
with Lord Halifax in London.

After toasting Emperor Hirohito, the watchword at the embassy was "3 cheers for War and Washington!"

By the end of the war, 9,000 spies were working for the embassy, so Halifax kept both Churchill and Hitler informed of everything that was happening in Washington City.

It was the War of 1812 redux, only this time they were using Japanese and Nazis to kill Americans!!


Halifax and a smiling Churchill at
the British Embassy, Dec. 1941.

The British invasion force that burned the temporary capital to the ground in August 1814 consisted of only about 5,000 men:

The British presence in Washington grew massively during the war. In 1939, there were only a couple of hundred Britons living at the Embassy, but by 1945 some 9,000 worked in the various civilian and military commissions attached to it. So many ministries had missions in Washington that Halifax found himself presiding over what amounted to a microcosm of Whitehall. (Roberts, The Holy Fox: The Life of Lord Halifax, p. 387).

Those spies never left, and that is why the Cold War began immediately after the end of the slaughter of World War II.

When Halifax finally met Hitler in person in 1937 he was Secretary of State for War, and he was also responsible for the Nazi military buildup.

Lord Halifax and Hitler at
Berchtesgaden in Nov. 1937.

When Lord Halifax was getting out of his car at Berchtesgaden, he handed his hat and coat to Hitler because he thought that the Führer was the footman or valet!

Hitler was not in the least offended; he would have shined his shoes if he asked him, because he knew that Halifax held the real reins of power in the Reich!

Halifax affectionately referred to the Nazis as "our Hessians," and he was completely convinced that they would easily conquer Mother Russia.


Hitler was very happy to meet his
real boss at Berchtesgaden.

Here is a quote about that hilarious hat and coat incident from a hagiography of Lord Halifax:

The entire initiative was nearly wrecked before it had begun when the immensely tall Halifax, when getting out of the car at Berchtesgaden, mistook the diminutive Hitler for a footman. He was about to hand him his hat and coat when an agitated von Neurath hissed into his ear, 'Der Führer'! Der Führer'! Fortunately his host had not noticed the gaff. (Roberts, The Holy Fox: The Life of Lord Halifax, p. 96).

Halifax and Churchill ordered Roosevelt not to go to war with Japan right away because their far Eastern Japanese ally might yet attack Russia from the rear!

Confederate Lyndon Johnson was "President" when Pearl Harbor was almost nuked!

Lyndon Johnson seized the White House in the very same manner as fellow Confederate Teddy Roosevelt. Johnson failed to start WWIII after the assassination of President Kennedy, so his next big opportunity presented itself with the start of the 666 Day War on June 6, 1967.

Lyndon Baines Johnson (1908–1973).
"President" from Nov. '63 to Jan. '69.

To the great disappointment of Confederate "President" Johnson, Operation 666 ended in dismal failure when the USS Liberty refused to sink.

As the Confederate Guy Fawkes, Johnson loved a "big bang," but our great JEHOVAH sent his mechanic angel to uphold the USS Liberty.


Edomite warplanes attacking
the USS Liberty.

Toward the end of 1967 Johnson escalated the Vietnam War, and that meant that more ships and submarines were stationed at Pearl Harbor.

11 top secret "technicians" boarded K-129 before sailing to Pearl Harbor!!

After the Cuban Missile Crisis, the Russian Navy strengthened their fail-safe control of nuclear weapons. During that crisis, all that was required to launch was the cooperation and coordination of the captain, the first officer, and the zampolit or political officer. Fortunately at that time, the world was spared the horrors of nuclear war.

Some of the crew of K-129 who
perished with the sub.

Communications with the submarine was by a millisecond micro burst signal which could not by deciphered by the Confederates.

As well as the officers on board, a special code was required from Moscow in order to launch nuclear weapons.

The signal to launch from Moscow had to come from Leonid Brezhnev and Admiral Sergey Gorshkov.


Photo of one of the "technicians"
recovered from the wreck.

Just before the sub sailed for Pearl Harbor on February 24, 11 strangers boarded:

Then without explanation, eleven strangers, all in the uniform of Soviet sailors, showed up at the pier where K-129 was berthed. They carried written orders to join the crew. The latecomers, including nine in the uniform of common seamen, and one wearing the insignia of a seaman first class, were led by a chief petty officer. The chief produced orders assigning the squad to duty aboard Kobzar's submarine, as temporary replacements for furloughed key senior enlisted men. Those last- minute assignments were especially unusual, because their numbers raised the crew total to ninety-eight, fifteen above the normal compliment of eighty-three men. (Sewell & Richmond, Red Star Rogue, p. 60).

Coincidently, the 11 "technicians" had 11 days to bypass the fail-safe devices on the 3 thermonuclear warheads.

On February 24, the rogue sub with 3 nukes on board headed for Pearl Harbor!!

K-129 was a diesel powered Golf-class submarine, armed with 3- 1 megaton nuclear missiles. Their effective range was about 750-900 miles (1,390–1,670 km).

Avachinskaya Bay, Kamchatka, was the
gateway to the Pacific for Russian subs.

The sub had just returned from a tour in the Pacific, when it was suddenly ordered to sea again.

The normal crew consisted of 86 men and the 11 "technicians" brought the total to 97.



An aerial photo of rogue K-129 before
it sank about 350 miles from Hawaii.

The crew had just returned from a mission and normally the crew were given 6 months leave before departing for sea again. In that case after only 6 weeks furlough, the crew were ordered to sea again:

The sudden order for K-129 to undertake this new mission was apparently as much a surprise to the commanders at headquarters in Vladivostok as much it was to the submarine's officers. Later, no one seemed to know why the K-129 had been dispatched on such short notice (Sewell & Richmond, Red Star Rogue, p. 60).

The only appropriate dates available for that false flag operation were March 7, April 7, or perhaps as late as May 7.

Captain Vladimir Kobzar

Ukrainian Vladimir Kobzar was captain of the sub and Alexander Zhuravin was the first officer.

The political officer or zampolit was named Fedor E. Lobas.

As soon as the sub left the base, it was tracked by the Confederate NAVY SOSUS system.



First Officer Alexander Zhuravin
(d. 1968).

SOSUS was an acronym for Sound Surveillance System, and the Confederates were able to track everything that moved in the Pacific Ocean.

Before sailing Captain Kobzar and zampolit Lobas were handed sealed orders by Admiral Golosov, with instructions that they were not to be opened until the sub was at sea.

After launching the nuke, the sub sank about 350 miles from Pearl Harbor!!

The "technicians" had 11 days to get the missiles ready for firing, so they were quite confident that the launch would go smoothly. The sub was positioned just north and west of the Hawaiian Ridge, and due north of a small atoll called Necker's Ridge.

Location where the sub really sank about
350 miles from Pearl Harbor.

Unbelievably, the sub surfaced before launching the missile.

Once the signal to launch was given, the crew expected a blast of compressed air as the missile hurled out of the launch tube.

Instead they heard a massive explosion!

Necker Island is a small Pacific atoll.

The sub surfaced and the crew started the countdown to launch. At the count of zero they heard a powerful explosion that rocked the boat:

On the count of zero, the forty-two-foot long missile with a one-megaton nuclear warhead should have stirred awake. The men in the control center had braced for the huge jolt of compressed air they expected would hurl the missile out of its tube before its liquid fuel ignited for a short powerful run to the target. The target was easily within range of the Serb-type missile ready in tube number one. At the instant of liftoff, every member of the crew, from one end of the boat to another, heard a sound far louder and terrifying than the road of a missile leaving the launch tube. (Sewell & Richmond, Red Star Rogue, p. 60).

That was the last thing any of the crew heard as a massive explosion sent the sub to the ocean depths, about 3 miles below. That failure to launch was another miracle like the unsinkable USS Liberty.

Since the Cuban Missile Crisis, the Soviets had a system in place where only authorization from Moscow could launch nuclear weapons. That system was not fail-safe because the "technicians" were sure that it could be bypassed.

Leonid Brezhnev (1906–1992).
Ruler of the Soviet Union from '62 to '82.

In the Soviet Union, only 2 men were authorized to launch nuclear weapons: Leonid Brezhnev and Admiral Sergey Gorshkov.

Nether men knew or approved of the launch attempt by the rogue sub.

If Brezhnev had announced that a MIRACE caused the missile to fail, it would have meant the fall of the atheistic Communist regime!


Admiral Sergey Gorshkov (19101980). Commander-in-Chief of the Soviet Navy
from '56 to '85.

It would also have meant the rebirth of Orthodox Russia....That would have meant the end of the Cold War and the threat of nuclear annihilation. It would also have caused nightmares at the Vatican, London, New York, and Washington City.

Project Jennifer was the code name for the operation to lift the sub from the sea floor!

The sub sank off the Hawaiian Islands at a depth of 3 miles or 4,000 meters. No vessel had ever been lifted from such a depth. Raising the sub was the most technically challenging project since the Great Pyramid . . . or Noah's Ark....It also cost billions of dollars.

MI666 Howard Hughes

Under cover of Hughes Global Marine Development Inc., a massive ship was constructed named the Hughes Glomar Explorer.

Hughes was a British Secret Service agent, and his ship was supposed to be mining manganese nodules on the ocean floor.

Raising the sub was a greater challenge than raising the Titanic.

Hughes Glomar Explorer was a massive ship designed
to covertly lift the sub from the ocean floor.

The Hughes Glomar Explorer was built at a shipyard in Chester, Pennsylvania, and then sailed around Cape Horn because it was too big for the Panama Canal.

The giant claw weighed 2,000 tons and made
at least 4 trips to the ocean floor.

Everything about Project Jennifer was on a titanic scale—even the cover-up.

Under cover of a giant barge, a 2,000 ton giant claw was constructed, affectionately called "Clementine."

The barge was then submerged under the Explorer, and the claw was lifted from the barge into the belly of the ship called the "moon pool."


The giant barge was sunk under the Explorer
and then the claw was pulled aboard.

The claw had to be constructed in secret because you don't need a giant claw to extract manganese nodules from the ocean floor!

The Explorer "moon pool." where all
the pieces of the sub were lifted.

The sub had broken into a least 4 pieces so all the pieces were lifted into the "moon pool."

Naturally, the sub was highly radioactive.

The CIA only acknowledged 6 bodies recovered, but the whole point of the mission was to recover the bodies of the 11 "technicians."


6 sailors recovered from K-129 were buried at sea.

The mission was completed by August 9, 1974, when all the parts of the sub were salvaged from the ocean floor. Technically, by that time the sub and its codes were obsolete, so the most vital information was the names of the 11 spies or "technicians."

There would have been "hell to pay" if the Russians salvaged the sub first and learned the identities of the 11 mysterious "sailors" who perished with the sub.

Johnson dropped out of the Presidential race after the false flag operation failed!

Confederate Lyndon Johnson saw the handwriting on the wall when the planned attack on Pearl Harbor failed. He knew that his chances of pulling off another such false flag operation were extremely remote.

Lyndon Johnson's "won't run again speech,"
March 31, 1968.

After his second false flag operation failed, Lyndon Johnson announced that he would not run for President again.

Coincidently, on May 22, 1968, the nuclear sub USS Scorpion sank off the Azores in 3,000 m (9,800 ft) of water.

When the Explorer was under construction, the cover story was that its mission was to recover the USS Scorpion.


The USS Scorpion and her crew still lie at the
bottom of the Atlantic Ocean.

Confederate Lyndon Johnson, and all who worked on Project Jennifer are dead, but the demons who controlled them just found new hosts.

That is why the next major false flag was the Twin Towers. We can thank our Great JEHOVAH that the missile exploded on launch and not over Pearl Harbor:

Behold, he that keepeth Israel shall neither slumber nor sleep (Psalm 121:4).

The former Jewish fisherman named Saint John predicted that the sea will give up all the dead on the Last Day:

The sea gave up the dead who were in it, and Death and Hades delivered up the dead who were in them. And they were judged every man according to his works. Then Death and Hades were cast into the lake of fire. This is the second death.  And whosoever was not found written in the Book of Life was cast into the lake of fire (Apocalypse 20:13-15).

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