The plot to keep reborn Israel from expanding from sea to shining sea is the Mother of all New World Conspiracies....The 2 main protagonists in the plot were George Washington and Thomas Jefferson....Of course, both men wore FACE MASKS!

The great Prophet Isaiah also predicted that Israel would be planted at the ends of the earth:

You have increased the nation (in size), O JEHOVAH, you have increased the nation, you are glorified, you have removed it far unto the ends of the earth (Isaiah 26:15).

Back then the earth was FLAT because a GLOBE does not have ends . . . or 4 corners!

In 1792, a miracle occurred at the ends of the earth when Captain Gray from Boston discovered a huge river flowing into the Pacific Ocean. The East India Company had sent Captain Cook and Captain Vancouver to find that river . . . but they both failed....For centuries, explorers believed that a water route existed linking the 2 oceans.

Captain Robert Gray

On May 11, 1792, Captain Robert Gray discovered a huge river, which he named the Columbia, after his ship.

Captain Gray sailed about 25 miles up the river and then turned back.

News of that momentous discovery soon reached Philadelphia, and people believed that the Northwest Passage had been found linking the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.

Captain Gray discovered the Columbia River
on May 11, 1792.

The news of Captain Gray's discovery electrified Philadelphia:

In 1792, startling news arrived in Philadelphia—a Captain Robert Gray had discovered the mouth of a great river on the Pacific coast. Gray was already a known hero, having a year earlier become the first American to sail around the world. (Chandler, The Jefferson Conspiracies, p. 115).

Thomas Jefferson was George Washington's secretary of state. George was the "brawn" behind the Revolution . . . and Jefferson was the "brains." In the Declaration of Independence, Jefferson castigated good King George III . . . but his diatribe was really describing Warming Pan Plot King James II.

George Washington (1731–1799). President from 1789 to 1797.

"King" George held court in New York, while Jefferson was stationed in Philadelphia.

George was not amused when he heard the news, and Jefferson was alarmed!

Both men worked for the British East India Company; both men were New World Antichrists, and they were the last men on earth who wanted to see Bible prophecy fulfilled.


Thomas Jefferson (1743–1826).
Sec. of State from '89 to '97.

As secretary of state, Jefferson should have immediately sent an expedition overland to discover if the Missouri River flowed into the Columbia River.

Andre Michaux (17461802).

Instead of mobilizing an expedition to discover the Northwest Passage, Jefferson sent a lone Frenchman named Andre Michaux.

Andre was a spy for the new French ambassador to the U.S. named Charles "Citizen" Genêt.

Genêt reported to the new French dictator named Napollyon Bonaparte, who desperately needed money for his grandiose schemes of world conquest.


s Genêt (1763–1834).

As Jefferson anticipated, Andre Michaux failed miserably, and he abandoned the mission and returned to Philadelphia.

Just 4 months after Washington's inauguration, a "pandemic" hit Philadelphia!!

Amazingly, a "pandemic" broke out in Philadelphia in August, 1793. It was called the "Yellow Fever Epidemic," but no other cities were affected.

Washington's second inaugural
in Philadelphia, March 4, 1793.

George was inaugurated for a second term on March 4, 1793.

Philadelphians were delighted to have the government back in their city.

Incredibly, a "pandemic" broke out in August and 5.000 people died.


The Monticello mansion in Virginia was
the home of Thomas Jefferson.

When the "pandemic" broke out, commander-in-chief George Washington fled to his Mount Vernon plantation, while Thomas Jefferson retreated to his mansion in Virginia. Jefferson was curious about all kinds of scientific inventions, but he had no curiosity at all about the cause of the "pandemic" in the capital.

"Dr." Benjamin Rush
"Dr." Benjamin Rush


2 employees of the East India Company were charged with spreading the disease: "Dr." Benjamin Rush, and Mayor Matthew Clarkson.

Prior to that time the East India Company had vast experience in biological warfare. They used plagues on the Indians in India, and natives Americans.

"Dr." Rush blamed the pandemic on "yellow fever," which is spread by mosquitoes.



Mayor Matthew Clarkson

During the "pandemic," George Washington lived on his Mount Vernon Plantation, and Jefferson lived at his palatial mansion called Monticello.

Thomas Law

Thomas Law worked for the British East India Company under Lord Cornwallis.

Law arrived in 1794 and began building the new temporary capital with financing provided by Britannia, Inc.

"Military engineer" Pierre Charles L'Enfant designed the city, but he forgot to add fortifications to protect the new capital from invasion!


Pierre Charles L'Enfant

Both Washington and Jefferson were very involved in the construction of the new temporary capital:

The man and the brand new capital were not new to each other. Next to George Washington, Jefferson was the man most responsible for the federal's city new creation, and instrumental in its move from Philadelphia, which had been the capital for the previous ten years. "If Washington was its father, Jefferson might perhaps be called its uncle," his biographer Dumas Malone would write (Chandler, The Jefferson Conspiracies, p. 115).

After construction of the new temporary capital, Jefferson was inaugurated as President in March 1801.

Jefferson was sworn-in as President
on March 4, 1801.

The election of 1800 was bitterly contested between Jefferson and Aaron Burr, but Burr lost and had to be content with the powerless position of Vice President.

Jefferson chose as his secretary of state the crafty and cunning James Madison.

After the President, the position of secretary of state was the most important and influential.


James Madison (1751–1836).

Sec. of State from 1801 to 1809.

Just as Jefferson became President, Napollyon Bonaparte—the precursor of Adolf Hitler—seized power in France. Napollyon became First Consul in November 1799, and he ruled France with an iron fist until the Battle of Waterloo in June 1815.

Napollyon Bonaparte (1769–1821).
Dictator from 1799 to 1815.

Napollyon had grandiose plans to abolish the "Holy Roman" Empire and move it to America. He also had plans to invade and destroy Orthodox Russia.

Those plans were going to cost an awful lot of money, which he hoped to obtain by selling Louisiana!

His foreign minister, Charles Maurice de Talleyrand, approached President Jefferson with an offer to sell Louisiana for 15 million dollars!


Charles Maurice de Talleyrand

Thomas Jefferson did not have to buy any land from Napollyon because the charter for his own state of Virginia stretched to the Pacific Ocean.

In 1584, Sir Walter Raleigh was granted a charter by Queen Elizabeth I for all the North American continent to the Pacific Ocean. That charter was based on the 1494 discovery of John Cabot.

Map of the 1803 Louisiana Purchase.


The Louisiana Purchase doubled the size of the newborn New Jerusalem.

Sinister Swiss banker Albert Gallatin arranged to pay Napollyon $15 million for the Purchase (about $250 million in today's money).

Even Satan's soldiers will not fight without pay, so Napollyon used that money to finance the Napoleonic Wars.


Albert Gallatin (1761–1849).
Treasury Sec. from 1801 to 1814.

Barings Bank of London also played a major role in the purchase of Louisiana.

Meriwether Lewis was murdered before he could publish his journals of the expedition
to the Pacific Ocean!!

After a wait of over 10 years, Jefferson finally sent an expedition to the Pacific Ocean. However, that expedition was top secret.

Meriwether Lewis

In 1803, President Jefferson chose his private secretary named Captain Meriwether Lewis to lead an expedition to the Pacific Ocean.

His second-in-command was Captain William Clark. The entire "Corps of Discovery" consisted of about 25 men.

Absolute secrecy was paramount, as Jefferson warned them not to let their left hands know what their right hands were doing!


William Clark

Meriwether Lewis kept detailed journals of the expedition, which commenced in May 1803, and arrived back in the New Jerusalem in September 1806.

The expedition was financed by Congress, so the information in the journals was not the private property of President Jefferson. Meriwether Lewis also urged President Jefferson to establish an outpost in the Oregon Territory....To keep him quiet and away from Washington City, Jefferson made him governor of the newly acquired Louisiana Purchase.

Grinder's Stand where Meriwether Lewis
was murdered by Major James Neely.

After waiting 2 years, Meriwether Lewis was anxious to publish his journals of the "Corps of Discovery."

On his way to meet President Jefferson, he was murdered at an inn called Grinder's Stand.

Lewis was accompanied by a man named Major James Neely, who reported the murder to Jefferson as a suicide!


No image of Major James Neely

Neely was a very mysterious character who kept a very low profile after the murder:

Neely looms large in the final days of Meriwether Lewis, It is from him, directly and indirectly, that Thomas Jefferson will hear the suicide version of Lewis's death. Neely was also the senior, indeed, the only, federal officer in Lewis's vicinity at the time of his death. But the agent's story is full of holes and contradictions. The agent himself, a brief blip on the screen of history, is too much a mystery to be believed without corroboration. And there is none. (Chandler, The Jefferson Conspiracies, p. 287).

The Lewis journals were finally published in 1814, with whole sections deleted, and the remaining entries censored!

In June 1812, President Madison invited the British East India Company to return!

In October 1781, the British East India Company feigned surrender when Lord Cornwallis capitulated to George Washington at Yorktown, Virginia.

William Eustis
Secretary of "War."

William Eustis was Secretary of "War" from March 7, 1809, to January 13, 1813.

He was an abysmal failure, so he was replaced by John Armstrong Jr.

John Armstrong Jr. was Secretary of "War" from January 1813, to September 1814.



ohn Armstrong Jr. (17581843).
Secretary of "War."

Armstrong did not believe that the British would invade the capital, so he never bothered to strengthen the defenses.

On August 19, 1814, Admiral Cochrane landed at Chesapeake Bay and faced very little opposition as he marched his army toward the unprotected capital.

British burning the White House,
August 24, 1814.

The British East India Company soldiers faced no opposition as they looted and burned the city.

However, the attacks on Washington and Baltimore were feints because their real target was New Orleans.




The burned out White House
after the
British invasion.

Admiral Cochrane hoped to capture and sack Baltimore next, but Fort McHenry guarded the harbor, and withstood a terrific bombardment. If he had tried to capture Philadelphia he would have met the same stiff resistance!

After the burning and sacking of the capital, Armstrong was forced to resign in disgrace, and Jefferson replaced him with his Secretary of State named James Monroe. Monroe turned out to be just as USELESS as Armstrong.

General Andrew Jackson

The epic Battle of New Orleans occurred on January 8, 1815.

Almost 3,000 British East India Company soldiers went to meet their Maker.

After the battle, Jackson received a letter from Secretary of "War" James Monroe ordering him to "hasten to New Orleans," as a British armada was bound for the city!

The Battle of New Orleans on January 8, 1815.Jackson commanding at the Battle
of New Orleans, January 8, 1815.

General Jackson did more real fighting in 3 hours than "General" George Washington did in 5 years!

Obviously, when the news reaching the devastated capital, Jefferson, Madison, Monroe, Adams, etc., etc. were despondent....George Washington was no longer with them to share in their grief and disappointment.

When the news reached London, Napollyon was released from the island of Elba. If the extent of the disaster became fully known to the British people, heads would roll as during the French Revolution, and quite possibly the end of the monarchy. The monarchy was saved by none other than Napollyon Bonaparte.

Babylon on the Hudson was supposed to be the capital of the "Holy Roman" Empire States of America!

The proposed ruler of the "Holy Roman" Empire States of America would most likely be a Stuart since the city is named after Warming Pan Plot King James II.

New World map in 1815 with
a Stuart as "Holy Roman" emperor.

Since the birth of the New Jerusalem on July 4, 1776, Apollyon has done everything in his power to stop reborn Israel from fulfilling her Biblical destiny by expanding from sea to shining sea.

It wasn't until 1846 that the great prophecy of King David was finally fulfilled by John Charles Frémont.


Outline map of Babylon the Great.

After Saint John was given a vision of Babylon the Great in the New World, he was shown the New Jerusalem with her HQ in Philadelphia

And to the angel of the congregation in Philadelphia write; "these things saith he that is holy, he that is true, he that hath the key of David, he that openeth, and no man shutteth; and shutteth, and no man openeth" (Apocalypse 3:7).

The Congregation in Philadelphia symbolized the 6th or Reformation era of Christian history.

Christ is the Rock who demolishes the
Daniel saw the Stone striking the image,
and St. John saw the New Jerusalem.

The New Jerusalem is not heaven because heaven does not need walls for protection!

St. John saw 12 gates to the city that were open day and night.

When Christ returns the gates are shut, and there is no possibility of salvation (Is. 60:18, St. Matt. 25:10).


symbolic representation
of the New Jerusalem.

The City of Brotherly Love was supposed to be the permanent capital of revived Israel, but George Washington and Thomas Jefferson tried desperately to stop the expansion of Zion!

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