In 1688, England had a Glorious Revolution when Papal King James II was overthrown and replaced by the Dutch King William III.

The Revolution was a great boon to Israel in the Wilderness because James II ordered Jesuit Sir Edmund Andros to collect all the charters of the colonies and return them to London. After the Revolution, Andros was ordered to return to London . . . without

Another great boon for the British Christians was the 1689 Bill of Rights, which was the precursor to the U.S. Bill of Rights.

In 1673, James Stuart married the daughter of Pope Clement X. Unable to produce a male heir, she feigned a pregnancy, and a counterfeit Prince of Wales was introduced into her "birth chamber."

King James II (1633
Misruled from 1685 to 1688.

Before he became king in 1685, James Stuart was known as the Duke of York and Albany. New York and Albany are named after him.

James was the great-grandson of Mary Queen of Scots and David Rizzio, which would make him the great-great-grandson of Pope Paul III.

In 1660, the duke married Anne Hyde.



Anne Hyde (1637

The couple had 8 children, but only 2 girls survived: the Princesses Mary and Anne.

The duke had other children by several mistresses but they were illegitimate and therefore not in the line of succession to the throne.

Princess Mary
Princess Mary

Princess Mary was the oldest surviving daughter of the Duke of York.

Princess Anne was the youngest surviving daughter of the Duke of York.

Like Princess Diana, both princesses acquired a wicked stepmother when their father married Mary of Modena!!


Princess Anne
Princess Anne

Princess Mary married the Prince of Orange in 1677. Like her sister Anne, she had many miscarriages and she was given the poison cup at the young age of 32.

A portrait of William and Mary.
William and Mary, the team that saved Britannia from the warming pan plot.

In 1677, Princess Mary married Prince William of Orange.

On July 28, 1683, Princess Anne married Prince George of Denmark.


Prince George of Denmark (1653–1708).
Prince George of Denmark (1653–1708).

George and Anne were married on July 28, 1683, in the Chapel Royal at St James's Palace, London, by Henry Compton, Bishop of London. The guests included King Charles II, Queen Catherine, and the Duke and Duchess of York. Anne was voted a parliamentary allowance of £20,000 a year, while George received £10,000 a year from his Danish estates, although payments from Denmark were often late or incomplete. King Charles gave them a set of buildings in the Palace of Whitehall known as the Cockpit (near the site of what is now Downing Street in Westminster) as their London residence.

Mary of Modena was the daughter of Pope Clement X

In 1673, James, Duke of York, married Mary of Modena, daughter of Pope Clement X. Mary Beatrice was called the niece of Pope Clement but that was just a euphemism for "daughter." Children of Popes are always called nieces and nephews.

In 1687, she feigned a pregnancy, and 9 months later a substitute or "warming pan" baby was introduced as the newborn Prince of Wales.

Pope Clement X (1590–1676).
Pope Clement X (1590–1676).
Pope from 1670 to 1676.

Pope Clement X was the real father of Mary Beatrice.

In 1673, she was about to be buried alive in a convent in Italy when Clement wrote a special letter commanding her to marry the Duke of York instead.

Mary of Modena (1658–1718), was the daughter of Pope Clement X.
Mary of Modena (1658–1718) was
the daughter of Pope Clement X.

Here is a short excerpt from that letter commanding his "daughter in Christ" to marry the Duke of York:

Dear daughter in Christ, noble Damsel, greeting etc. Since the design of the Duke of York to contract alliance with your Nobility reached our ears, We return thanks to the Father of Mercies who, knowing our solicitude for His Glory, is preparing for us, in the Kingdom of England an ample harvest of joy. Considering, in effect, the influence of your virtues, We easily conceived a firm hope that an end might come to the persecution still smoldering in that kingdom and that the orthodox faith, reinstated by you in a place of honor might recover the splendor and security of former days, an effect which no exterior power could accomplish and which might become due to the victory of your piety, the inheritance of your eminently religious family. You can therefore easily understand, dear daughter in Christ, the anxiety which filled Us when We were informed of your repugnance for marriage. For although we understood that it arose from a desire, most laudable in itself, to embrace religious discipline, reflecting that in the present occasion it opposes itself to the progress of religion, we were nevertheless sincerely grieved. (Pope Clement's letter to Mary of Modena).

Mary Beatrice dutifully obey her father's command and arrived in Britain in 1673. The couple were soon married, but after 12 years of marriage, Mary Beatrice failed to produce a male heir to the throne.

King Charles II (1630–1685). King from 1660 to 1685.
King Charles II (1630–1685).
King from 1660 to 1685.

King Charles II was the older brother of the duke of York.

His mother was Queen Henrietta Maria of France.

The king was Machiavellian and ruthless but he would not sink so low as to condone the warming pan plot.

As a result, his own brother ordered his doctors to poison him.

Queen Henrietta-Maria
Queen Henrietta-Maria

The timely demise of his own brother at the young age of 55 enabled the duke of York to ascend the throne as King James II.

Sometime in September 1687, Mary Beatrice announced that she was "with child." In reality, she feigned a pregnancy, and 9 months later a substitute or "warming pan" baby was introduced as the newborn Prince of Wales.

St. James's Palace.
St. James's Palace.

In June 1688, Mary of Modena gave "birth" in St. James's Palace.

In reality, a baby was smuggled into her "birth chamber" in a warming pan.

A warming pan was usually filled with coals and used to warm the bed.

17th century warming pan.
17th century warming pan.

As a result of the warming pan plot, Prime Minister Walpole started a tradition that royal births were always witnessed by the Home Secretary. That precautionary custom was eliminated in 2013.

Richard Talbot
Richard Talbot, E
arl of Tyrconnell


James Francis Edward was the warming pan Prince of Wales.

His father was Richard "Lying Dick" Talbot, Earl of Tyrconnell.

His mother was an anonymous "Mrs. Gray" from Ireland, who was promptly shipped off to a convert in Paris after the birth of her baby!



The fake James Francis Edward

"Mrs Grey" escaped from the convent and tried to return to her baby in Britain. She was soon captured and then silenced forever by the Jesuits!! "Lying Dick" met an ignominious end in his own country when he was poisoned by one of his own men after the Battle of Aughrim.

Frances Talbot
Frances Talbot

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree!!

All the prominent people who worked for the restoration of the Papacy in Britain came from the same dynasties.

Frances Talbot, Countess of Tyrconnell, was the wife of "Lying Dick" Talbot and the sister of Lady Sarah Churchill, Duchess of Marlborough.

Lady Sarah Churchill
Lady Sarah Churchill

Thanks to the timely intervention of William of Orange, the warming pan Prince of Wales plot failed and Britannia was saved from the machinations of the Pope's daughter:

The final trigger to the invasion was the birth of James's son, James Francis Edward. Despite the sworn deposition of a Whig midwife, Mrs Wilkins, that this baby was the true child of Mary of Modena, and therefore half-brother of Anne and Mary, the King's opponents spread the story that the pregnancy had been a hoax. A rumour grew that a child had been smuggled into the delivery room inside a warming pan. A Brief Discovery of the True Mother of the Pretended Prince of Wales (1696), for example, alleged that the baby was an illegitimate son of Dick Talbot, Sarah's brother-in-law. Sarah wrote later that if it was a true child, it was certainly very ill ordered, but if it was not I don't see how it could be better. (Field, Sarah Churchill, Duchess of Marlborough, p. 53).

Initially, Prince William just wanted to convene Parliament and have an impartial investigation into the warming pan Prince of Wales. James, with a guilty conscience, fled, and the prince was invited to remain as king, with his wife Mary as queen.

Prince of Orange landing
Prince of Orange landing
memorial in Torbay.

The Prince of Orange landed unopposed at Torbay, on Guy Fawkes Day, Nov. 5, 1688.

His banner carried the legend: "The liberties of England and the Protestant religion I will maintain."

The word "Protestant" comes from the corrupt Latin Vulgate Version.


King William III (1633 -1701).
King William III (1633
King from 1689 to 1701.

In order to prevent another warming pan plot, the 1701 Act of Settlement was passed which forever barred Roman Catholics from the throne:

That all and every Person and Persons that then were or afterwards should be reconciled to or shall hold Communion with the See or Church of Rome or should professe the Popish Religion or marry a Papist should be excluded and are by that Act made for ever incapable to inherit possess or enjoy the Crown and Government of this Realm and Ireland and the Dominions thereunto belonging or any part of the same or to have use or exercise any regall Power Authority or Jurisdiction within the same And in all and every such Case and Cases the People of these Realms shall be and are thereby absolved of their Allegiance And that the said Crown and Government shall from time to time descend to and be enjoyed by such Person or Persons being Protestants as should have inherited and enjoyed the same in case the said Person or Persons so reconciled holding Communion professing or marrying as aforesaid were naturally dead After the making of which Statute and the Settlement therein contained Your Majesties good Subjects restored to the full and free Possession and Enjoyment of their religion Rights and Liberties by the Providence of God. (1701 Act of Settlement).

Unfortunately, Satan never gives up and admits defeat. That glorious law was soon challenged by supporters of the deposed King James II.

The first challenge to the Act of Settlement came in 1731

The first challenge to the Act of Settlement took place in 1731. There are 3 dynasties or families in Great Britain who are more Papal than the Pope himself. They are: the Churchills, the Seymours, and the Spencers.

Charles Spencer (1675–1722).
Charles Spencer

Charles Spencer, 3rd Earl of Sunderland, was the father of Lady Diana Spencer.

Charles was the son of Robert Spencer, 2nd Earl of Sunderland, and a bigoted Catholic adviser to King James II.

Lady Anne Churchill Spencer was the mother of Lady Diana Spencer.


Anne Churchill Spencer
Anne Churchill Spencer

Even though the Spencers were ardent supporters of King James and the warming pan plot, they regained their influence after the Glorious Revolution.

Sir Winston Churchill claimed descent from Anne Churchill Spencer but he was adopted by Lord Randolph Churchill.

Sarah Churchill and her favorite granddaughter Diana.
Sarah Churchill and her favorite granddaughter Diana.

Lady Sarah Churchill, Duchess of Marlborough, was the richest and most influential person in the 3 kingdoms.

Lady Diana Spencer was orphaned at 12 and adopted by Lady Churchill.

The statuesque Lady Diana was the very image of the assassinated Princess Diana.

Lady Diana Spencer
Lady Diana Spencer

Lady Sarah Churchill arranged for a secret marriage between Diana and the Prince of Wales:

The Duchess's relationships with some of her granddaughters were quite as strained as they were with her two surviving daughters. She remained, however, on the friendliest terms with Charles and Johnny's sister, dear 'little Dye' Spencer, whom her grandmother called Cordelia. 'that is the name I intend to call you for the future, which is the name of King Lear's good child,' she explained, 'and therefore a proper title for you, who have always been good to me ... You are charming in all your thoughts and actions.' Evidently she considered that Diana would make an excellent bride for King George II's son Frederick, Prince of Wales, with a dowry of £100,000. But Sir Robert Walpole vetoed this idea, and Diana herself refused the hand of Lord Chesterfield and, more predictably, that of William Conolly, the Irish Lord justice, the son of a publican or a blacksmith whose single recommendation seems to have been that he had inherited from an uncle an enormous sum of money which was to enable him to leave a fortune of £27,000 a year. (Hibbert, The Marlboroughs, p. 331).

The Prince of Wales was very eager for the match, as that bribe or dowry was a huge sum of money at that time. That marriage was vetoed by the Prime Minister, Sir Robert Walpole, who knew that the marriage would violate the 1701 Act of Settlement.

George Spencer
George Spencer

George John Spencer was the father of Ignatius Spencer.

Madness didn't run in the Spencer family . . . it galloped!!

Ignatius Spencer was a Jesuit priest and the driving force behind repealing the 1701 Act of Settlement.

Jesuit Ignatius Spencer
Jesuit Ignatius Spencer

Ignatius worked fanatically for the "conversion of England" and he was the originator of the Trojan horse ecumenical movement. He spent a lot of time touring Ireland and he constantly repeated this saying to his Papal audiences:

He who would England win,
With Ireland must begin.

His monkish uniform scared the daylights out of little children. Here is a quote from a hagiography of Spencer:

He used to relate an amusing adventure he once had on a train with his habit on. At a certain station a middle-aged gentleman with his little daughter, were getting into the carriage which Father Ignatius had for himself, as everyone shunned his monkish company. The little girl got afraid and would not enter. The gentleman bravely ventured in, to set an example for his child, but all to no avail–the child was still afraid. At last the man said out loud, "Come on child; the gentleman won't bite!" meaning Father Ignatius. (The Life of Father Ignatius of St. Paul, Passionist, p. 300).

"Out of the mouth of babes." You can't fool little children like you can adults.

The Latin hierarchy in Britain considered Ignatius a "loose cannon" because of the outlandish things he did to advance the "conversion of England."

The illegal marriage of Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer!

The Spencers were one of the 3 most Papal families in Great Britain. That is an undeniable fact. Under the 1701 Act of Settlement, that marriage was illegal.

Frances Shand Kydd

Frances Shand Kydd was the mother of Princess Diana and she named her daughter after the first Diana Spencer (17101735).

Catholic Frances was determined to marry her daughter to the Prince of Wales and change the Act of Settlement.




Lady Diana Spencer

Prince Charles was the most eligible bachelor in the British Empire and he had a sweetheart named Camilla Parker-Bowles. However, his mother refused him permission to marry her . . . and ordered him to wait until Lady Diana Spencer reached marriageable age.

Prince Charles
Prince Charles
(b. 1948) circa 1985.

Queen Elizabeth II used the Royal Marriage Act of 1772 to veto the marriage of Prince Charles and Camilla Parker-Bowles.

Good King George III was the originator of that Act in order to prevent his other children from marrying Roman Catholics.

The queen was very anxious to resume ties with the Papacy so she ordered Charles to wait for Diana Spencer.



Camilla Parker-Bowles
(b.1947) circa 1975.

That Act was also repealed by the Perth Agreement of 2015. Prince Charles finally got permission to marry Camilla in 2005 but by that time she was past child bearing age.

Princess Diana actually believed that she was the reincarnated Lady Diana, because they looked like twins. Saint Paul demolished the myth of Hindu reincarnation when he wrote:

And as it is appointed unto men (and women) once to die, but after death the judgment (Hebrews 9:27).

The Princess consulted several fortunetellers or clairvoyants but they never warned her about her impending assassination (perhaps they were all working for MI6).

The illegal wedding of Charles
The illegal wedding of
Charles and Diana.

The illegal wedding of Charles and Diana took place in Saint Paul's Cathedral, on July 29, 1981.

When the Archbishop of Canterbury asked if anybody had any objections to the marriage, barrister or lawyer Margaret Thatcher should have raised her hand high!!

Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher had
Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher had
a front row seat at the wedding.

In monarchies, marriages are never affairs of the heart but are arranged for dynastic or religious purposes. The Cinderella marriage began to unravel very quickly after Diana produced an heir and a spare to continue the Windsor dynasty.

The British monarchy will soon be gone witht he wind!!

Even though the 1701 Act of Settlement was repealed in 2015, it was not retroactive to 1981—the year of the illegal marriage of Charles and Diana. Accordingly, their 2 children would be ineligible to inherit the throne.

Christ is the Rock who demolishes the
feet and toes of iron and clay!!


On July 4, 1776, in Philadelphia, a REPUBLIC was born destined to crush and destroy all monarchies.

That Republic, or New Jerusalem, was symbolized by a stone cut out of the mountain without hands, which would fall on the feet of the image of iron and clay, and crush the iron and clay monarchies to powder.

Timeline of the 4 world empires
of Daniel Chapter 2.

Here is part of of that timely prophecy interpreted for the king by Daniel the Prophet:

You (Nebuchadnezzar) watched while a stone was cut out without hands, which struck the image on its feet of iron and clay, and broke them in pieces. Then the iron, the clay, the bronze, the silver, and the gold were crushed together, and became like chaff from the summer threshing floors; the wind carried them away so that no trace of them was found. And the stone that struck the image became a great mountain and filled the whole earth (Daniel 2:34-35).

And in the days of these kings the Elohim of heaven will set up a dominion which shall never be destroyed; and the dominion shall not be left to other people; but it shall break in pieces and consume all these kingdoms, and it shall stand forever (Daniel 2:44, Scrivener translation).

There was no Hebrew word for Republic, the closest approximation to that word was DOMINION:

He (Messiah) shall have dominion also from sea to sea, and from the river (Mississippi) unto the ends of the earth (Psalm 72:8).

There was a Hebrew word for PRESIDENT. Daniel the Prophet was appointed a PRESIDENT by King Darius of the Medo-Persian Empire:

It pleased Darius to set over the kingdom an hundred and twenty princes, who should be over the whole kingdom. And over these three PRESIDENTS (Heb. carek); of whom Daniel was first: that the princes might give account unto them, and the king should have no loss (Daniel 6:2, King James Version).

For the first 450 years of the existence of the nation of Israel, it was a REPUBLIC. Around 1000 BC, the people rebelled and turned their backs on JEHOVAH by asking for a KING. JEHOVAH granted their request by giving them a king named Saul. Saul turned out to be a disaster; so he was replaced by a shepherd boy named David:

I gave thee a king (Saul) in mine anger, and took him away in my wrath (Hosea 13:11).

The last king of Israel was the Messiah, Joshua of Nazareth. The Israelite monarchy ended forever when Shiloh or the Messiah came:

The sceptre shall not depart from Judah, nor a lawgiver from between his feet, until Shiloh comes; and unto him shall the gathering of the people be (Genesis 49:10).

Laws are not retroactive, so the sons born to Charles and Diana cannot inherit the throne according to the 1701 Act of Settlement. Prince Charles finally got permission to marry Camilla Parker-Bowles in 2005, but she was too old to have children and legal heirs.

Queen Elizabeth II (b. 1936).
Queen Elizabeth II (b. 1926).

According to the great Prophet Daniel, the British monarchy will soon be GONE WITH THE WIND!!

Besides being a tourist attraction, the only reason for the existence of a British monarch is to once again become a "Defender of the Latin Faith."

When the British monarchy ends, it will also be the handwriting on the wall for the Papal monarchy!!

Prince Philip (b. 1921).
Prince Philip (b. 1921).

Since 1776, the Stone Mountain has been consuming all monarchies. The great nation of Russia is now a REPUBLIC. Likewise, India, China, Germany, France, Italy etc., etc. The last major holdout is Britannia, but she is soon destined to join all the others in the great march of progress toward a monarchy-free world at last.

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