Tsar Alexander I burned Moscow rather than let Napollyon celebrate his "victory." Facing overwhelming odds during the1st Crimean War, they sank their Black Sea fleet and retreated. The "Samson Option" is a brilliant strategy when facing overwhelming odds!

If all went according to plan, doomsday was scheduled to begin on Reformation Day, October 31, 1962. A successful invasion of Cuba was supposed to precede a diabolical false flag operation.

The globetards view of the
rotating football!

One of the reasons for the science fiction rotating globe is to make thermonuclear war less horrifying to the population!

Globetards believe that the deadly radiation would quickly disperse into the upper atmosphere and outer space!

Orthodox Christians never believed in Galileo's globe, so the Russians knew that their "Samson Option" would leave no survivors to "celebrate their victory."


The Biblical view of the earth as a self-contained
sealed system!

An Argentine 14-kiloton Pentagon nuclear warhead, was supposed to be fired at the U.S. mainland.

President Kennedy had already announced on nationwide TV that any nuclear missile launched from Cuba against any nation in the Western Hemisphere required a full retaliatory thermonuclear attack upon the Soviet Union.

A thermonuclear attack on Russia would have ended all life on earth as the Soviets were ready to deploy their "Samson Option" or Doomsday Device.

The Pentagon, Washington City.
The "peaceful" Pentagon wanted to
turn the world into a lifeless desert!!

Peace to the Pentagon and SAC meant turning the entire world into a lifeless, barren desert!

A cemetery or graveyard is a very peaceful place!

SAC HQ, Omaha, Nebraska.
SAC HQ, Omaha, Nebraska. The peace
was locked and loaded!!

On June 30, 1961, General Curtis "Bombs Away" LeMay was appointed Air Force Chief of Staff by President Kennedy. His position at SAC was taken by General Thomas Power.

General Curtis "Bombs Away" LeMay


French Canadian General Curtis "Bombs Away" LeMay and General Thomas Power were the original SUICIDE BOMBERS!!

The only man restraining "Iron Eagle" LeMay was secretary of defense Robert McNamara.

Without Presidential authorization, Power put U.S. and BRITISH EMPIRE forces on DEFCON-2—just one level above all out thermonuclear war!

General Thomas Power
General Thomas Power

From a military standpoint, general Curtis LeMay had overwhelming superiority:

There were not only a substantial portion of his (LeMay's) bombers in the air, but SAC and TAC crews were on alert status in ready rooms, their aircraft fueled and loaded with appropriate ordnance, including nuclear weapons. External power supplies were connected to the aircraft. That morning 1,576 U.S. Air Force bombers and 283 missiles stood poised to strike the Soviet Union. (Brugioni, Eyeball to Eyeball, pp. 483-484).

Add to that Churchill's H-bomb (hell bomb) arsenal and it looked like the free world was completely doomed.

General Curtis LeMay was the mad bomber portrayed so graphically by author Peter Bryant in his novel Red Alert.

The doomsday device was the cobalt hydrogen bomb!!

Dr. Leo Szilard is called the "Father of the Atomic Bomb." He conceived the nuclear chain reaction in 1933, patented the idea of a nuclear reactor with Enrico Fermi, and in late 1939 wrote the letter for Albert Einstein's signature that resulted in the Manhattan Project that built the atomic bomb.

Leo Szilard was terrified of the idea that Adolf Hitler would get the atomic bomb first, and that is why he urged President Roosevelt to begin the development of the bomb.

In January 1950, President Truman announced that work on the hydrogen bomb would commence. Dr. Szilard was not invited to work on that fiendish weapon as he knew its destructive potential. Nothing could stop the momentum toward doomsday, but Szilard hoped that a Russian hydrogen bomb could somehow balance the scales of terror.

Dr. Leo Szilard
Dr. Leo Szilard

Dr. Szilard was the Nikola Tesla of atomic physics, but general Groves kept him far, far away from Los Alamos, New Mexico.

In March 1950, Leo Szilard and 3 other top scientists predicted the invention of the hydrogen bomb.

Szilard predicted that radiation from a hydrogen bomb, salted with cobalt, could extinguish all life on earth.

The 1950 University of Chicago Round Table Conference.
The 1950 University of Chicago Round
Table Conference.

Professor Szilard predicted that it would take about 500 tons of heavy hydrogen to kill everybody on earth:

The hydrogen bomb, if developed, could be rigged in such a way as to exterminate the entire world's population or most of it, four leading atomic scientists warned yesterday. This could be done simply by incorporating common substances in the hydrogen bomb, they declared. When detonated, the explosion would release tremendous quantities of neutrons, the most penetrating particles in nature. These, in turn, would enter into the nuclei of the incorporated element and make them intensely radioactive. (New York Times, March 20, 1950).

The 4-man Round Table also predicted that the hydrogen bomb would take about 4 years to develop and Leo Szilard was rarely wrong in his predictions.

Radiation from a primary fission bomb compresses a secondary section containing both fission and fusion fuel. The compressed secondary is heated from within by a second fission explosion. Theoretically, there is no limit to the size of a hydrogen bomb. The Russian Tsar Bomba, exploded in 1961, was 50 megatons.

The first hydrogen bomb was
The first hydrogen bomb was
called "Ivy Mike."

The first Pentagon hydrogen bomb test was called "Ivy Mike" and took place in the "Pacific" Ocean on November 1, 1952.

Its yield was 10.4 megatons (450 times more powerful than the Nagasaki bomb).

The first Soviet hydrogen bomb test took place on August 12, 1953.

The first Soviet hydrogen bomb
The first Soviet hydrogen bomb
was nicknamed "Joe 4."

Both nations were now in a position to add cobalt hydrogen bombs to their arsenals. Here is a quote from an article in the New York Times of 1954:

The new chemical compound that has revolutionized the production of the hydrogen bomb now makes it certain that the most dreaded weapon of all—the cobalt bombalso can be successfully built. (New York Times, April 7, 1954).

This new discovery ensured that H-bombs (hell bombs) could be built smaller and smaller.

The Cuban Missile Crisis was predicted by author Peter Bryant!!

Incredible as it may seem, the Cuban Missile Crisis doomsday scenario was predicted in a book named Red Alert. Instead of a rogue commander ordering a SAC attack on Russia, "Soviet nuclear missiles" in Cuba were used as a pretext to launch a thermonuclear first strike.

The cover of Red Alert.
The cover of Red Alert.

Peter George, aka, Peter Bryant, was a WWII RAF Officer and he also worked for British "Intelligence."

As a signer of the Official Secrets Act, that Great Briton was bound to silence.

That meant that the only way he could communicate his own country's doomsday scenario was by writing a novel.


Red Alert author Peter Bryant

Red Alert sold over 200,000 copies in the United States. Here is a brief quote about the Doomsday Device:

"Exactly," the President said. "But the rest would die. Gentlemen, we have incontestable proof the Russians have buried at least twenty, maybe more, of these devices in the Urals. It is my belief, based on a lifetime's study of the Russian character in particular, and also the behaviour of dictators facing defeat in general, that if they see they are beaten they will not hesitate to fire those devices. "Have you any doubt Hitler would indeed have brought the world down in flaming ruins if he had had the power to do so when Berlin was under siege? Fortunately, he did not have the power, he could only destroy himself. But notice that he did destroy himself, rather than endure defeat. In every dictatorship which is tottering, there is an urge towards destruction. Of self, if that only is possible. Of the world, if that is. Gentlemen, I am convinced if the eight forty-third wing carry out their mission, and with such success it is obvious to the Russians they have lost, then they will press the button. And if they do, within ten months from now our Earth will be as dead as the Moon. (Red Alert, Chapter 9).

One of the influential men who read the book was the future defense secretary, Robert McNamara. McNamara had just been promoted to president of the Ford Motor Company, at the fantastic salary of over $400,000 yearly.

Robert McNamara
Robert McNamara

President Kennedy was briefed on the Doomsday Device by outgoing President Eisenhower.

Robert McNamara took a salary cut of over $385,000 to come to the Pentagon as secretary of defense.

He knew that all the money in the world was useless if the Pentagon triggered Armageddon.


Accepting President-elect Kennedy's
Accepting President-elect Kennedy's
offer to be secretary of defense,
Dec. 13, 1960.

The new secretary of defense took a whopping cut in salary to work at the Pentagon and oversee the Joint Chiefs:

To fulfill the wish to be a leader above narrow, monetary interests, McNamara bent over backward regarding his money. He also wanted to be free of any appearance of conflict of interest. At Senate confirmation hearings on January 17, he announced he had designated the Continental Bank of Illinois to hold his liquid assets in blind trust. His yearly income at Ford had been $410,000, which he now gave up for the secretary's government pay of $25,000 per year. He owned 24,500 shares of Ford stock, estimated at $47 per share. He chose voluntarily not to exercise options on an additional 30,000 shares the company owed him on termination, since to sell them would engender a conflict of interest, given that Ford had some defense contracts. The act of forfeiting future wealth was important to him. It was also noted by the Washington press, which glowingly noted his sacrifice as a sign of high-mindedness and excellence among Kennedy's men. (Shapley, Promise and Power, pp. 90-91).

Appointing McNamara as LeMay's boss was the best decision President Kennedy ever made.

A "Soviet" cruise missile was fitted with
An Argentine cruise missile was fitted with
a 14-kiloton nuclear warhead.

There were several nuclear tipped missiles delivered to Cuba from Argentina.

The media told the world that they were "Soviet" missiles.

Marines guarding Guantánamo
Marines guarding Guantánamo
during the Cuban Missile Crisis.

The Joint Chiefs had an operational plan to strike the Cuban SAM site at least 2 hours after a U-2 shoot-down. McNamara countermanded that order and told LeMay to stand down:

The White House, realizing that there was a standing order for the immediate destruction of a firing SAM site, frantically contacted General LeMay and asked if the strike aircraft had been launched. LeMay replied that they were being briefed and prepared for launch. LeMay was admonished not to launch the aircraft until he received direct orders from the President, Angered, LeMay hung up."He chickened out again. How the hell do you get men to risk their lives when the Sam's are not attacked?" When an aide said he would wait at the phone for the president's order, LeMay disgustedly said, "It will never come!" (Brugioni, Eyeball to Eyeball, pp. 463-464).

In fact it was prime minister Macmillan who "chickened out" when Oleg Penkovsky was arrested on October 26. Without the British bomber command to lead the charge, SAC could not launch an attack on its own.

With no false flag operation to justify Armageddon, LeMay could just boil with rage as his doomsday scenario failed to materialize.

Robert McNamara knew that the men under him at the Pentagon were responsible for the murder of President Kennedy, but he stayed on after the assassination in order to restrain them from initiating another Cuban Missile false flag operation.

Stanley Kubrick made a comedy movie about Armageddon!!

Stanley Kubrick was a movie director who deeply regretted that the apocalypse or doomsday did not begin in October 1962. Kubrick was aware that the Russian doomsday device existed, so he set about to discredit it by using humor or satire.

Kubrick bought the rights to Red Alert for a pittance and then proceeded to turn the book into a comedy. It is a wonder that he never thought about making a comedy movie about the Holohoax.

Stanley Kubrick
Edomite Stanley Kubrick

Edomite Stanley Kubrick bought the rights to Red Alert for $3,500, and turned the novel into a comedy entitled Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb.

Kubrick mutilated and massacred the novel.

One of the fictional characters he created for the movie was a former Nazi mad scientist named "Dr. Strangelove," who was supposed to be Dr. Richter.

"Dr. Strangelove" was played
"Dr. Strangelove" was played
by actor Peter Sellers.

After the release of the movie in 1964, a new word entered the English language, STRANGELOVIAN: of or pertaining to nuclear apocalypse, especially through incompetence or shortsightedness.

Edward Teller a.k.a.
Edomite Edward Teller a.k.a.
"Dr. Strangelove."

Kubrick based "Dr. Strangelove" on 2 of his close friends: doomsday scientist Edward Teller and doomsday advocate Herman Kahn.

Teller was obsessed with developing the "Super" and Kahn was obsessed with its use.

In 1960, Kahn he wrote a book advocating nuclear war entitled On Thermonuclear War.

Edward Teller a.k.a.
Edomite Herman Kahn

Another candidate for the character of "Dr. Strangelove" was an Edomite named Lewis Strauss–the chairman of the Atomic Energy Commission. To the great disappointment of those 3 men, a worldwide nuclear holocaust was narrowly avoided.

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