The future President Jimmy Carter was born in Plains, Georgia, on October 20, 1924. Amazingly, Plains was originally called the Plains of Dura, after the site where King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon set up his graven image (Daniel 3:1). When Margaret Mitchell wrote Gone with the Wind, she didn't have a title for her tome, so her husband John suggested Gone With the Wind from Daniel 2:35.

A profile of the real Jimmy Carter
in 1976.

The Almighty created each person with a unique profile.

Even the smallest difference in a profile will expose a double!!

Like fingerprints, ears are unique, but the long-haired Britannia Inc., invasion made it difficult to expose fakes!



A profile of the Jimmy Carter
Dixie double.

Jimmy Carter was elected President in 1976—the 200th anniversary of the founding of the New Jerusalem. The burning issue in 1979 was not the energy crisis or Iran, but the passage of the unEqual Rights Amendment to the Constitution.

On March 22, 1972, the top secret amendment was sent to the states, with a deadline of 7 years for ratification. By 1978, it became clear that the amendment would not win approval by the 1979 deadline, so Congress, by a simple majority vote, extended the deadline to June 30, 1982, and the spellbound President Carter signed the deadline extension!

It was like the losing team in the World Cup demanding that the referee give them extra time to score a goooooooaaaaaaall . . . or extra innings for the losing team in the baseball World Series!

The real President Carter

Jimmy Carter was inaugurated as President on January 20, 1977.

The President was a former governor of Georgia and a peanut farmer by profession.

While he was governor, the Georgia Legislature overwhelmingly
rejected the
Equal Wrongs Amendment, which his wife
Rosalynn tried desperately to impose on all 50 states!


President Carter's inauguration,
Jan. 20, 1977.

The President was a born again Christian, and he went straight to Heaven without having to spend any time in the mythical Catholic Purgatory (II Corinthians 5:8)....He is waiting there right now to confront his impersonator!

The President Carter double and Pope John
Paul II at the White House, October 1979.

When a world leader begins to act bizarrely, that person is most likely a double!!

In October 1979, born again Christian "Jimmy Carter" welcomed Antichrist to the White House!

We don't know if the pontiff promised to say masses for the deceased Carter, but he dogmatically believed in the existence of pick-pocket Purgatory!


The Carter double warmly embracing Antichrist at the White House!

During that all important election year, another group of "Christians' called the Moral Majority were campaigning for Ronald Reagan. The leader of that group, Rev. Jerry Falwell was replaced by a double!

Friends, Romans, Countrymen, lend me your ears . . . to inspect them!

During the Presidency of Richard Nixon, a special barbershop was installed in the White House, and Milton Pitts was chosen to cut Nixon's hair. Aside from his superb haircutting skills, he was also chosen because his birthday was July 4th. Once in his chair, the chatty Milton did not discriminate between Republican and Democratic heads.

Milton Pitts (19121994).

The one person who knows if you are a double is the humble hairstylist or barber because he can't fail to notice your ears!

Milton Pitts—a Nelson Rockefeller look-alike—was White House barber to Presidents Nixon, Ford, Reagan, and Bush.

Additionally, he was the best hairstylist in Washington City.

To his amazement, the incoming Carter administration fired him!!

Milton Pitts cutting President Reagan's hair.

Milton had the dubious distinction of being the first barber in Washington City to give Beatles' haircuts....After the inauguration, when Milton returned to work in the White House barbershop, he found that all his equipment had been removed:

The first thing that struck me was how bare the barbershop seemed. I stood in the glare of the fluorescent lamp and looked up. The clock on the wall said 10:00 a.m. My schedule read, "Tuesday, January 1977. In the space below the long side mirror there was a glaring empty space. The TV on its rolling stand was gone. To the side, on the wall, bare ends of twisted copper wire reached out to nothingness. My small radio was sitting on the floor. Beside it were the components of a stereo set I had bought and had installed. It looked as though I had interrupted a robbery. (Pitts, Heads and Tails: Barber to the Presidents, p. 430).

Milton never did get to cut Carter's hair, but he never recommended that he part it on the right side:

One by one all of the top men of the Carter administration found their way to the barbershop, except The Top Man. Weeks went by and I began to wonder if I was ever going to meet President Carter. I had heard that he had his hair cut when he was Atlanta by a woman barter whose styling he liked. I liked it also. I thought she did an excellent job. When I finally got to work on him, I didn't think I would change it very much. But as time went by I wondered if I would ever have an opportunity to try. After President Carter had been in office for a month, I began seriously to wonder. Even the President of the United States could not make the trip from Washington to Atlanta every time he needed a neck trim, and I had heard that his favorite barber had no intention of moving to the capital. (Pitts, Heads and Tails: Barber to the Presidents, p. 438).

About 6,000 years ago, our great Creator gave each person 2 ears to hear, and each person's ears are as unique as their fingerprints. Additionally, ears don't change shape over a person's lifetime.

Jimmy Carter as a college
student in 1942.

An observant hairstylist or barber soon learns that each person's ears are unique.

That is why long hair came into style with the Beatles in 1964.

President Carter's ears looked the same until April 1979.



The Carter double
circa 2017.

The "British Invasion" by the Beatles started the long hair revolution in 1964. The Apostle Paul says that "it's a shame for a man to have long hair," because he knew what Apollyon was going to do in the Last Days!

Carter's "folksy" first name and "born again" faith propelled him to the Presidency!

After resigning from the Navy in 1953, Jimmy Carter returned to Plains and took over his deceased father's peanut farm. In 1966, he made an unsuccessful bid for the governorship of Georgia.

Ruth Carter Stapleton

In 1966, Jimmy lost the race for the governorship of Georgia.

In 1968, his sister Ruth, a Christian "faith healer" and evangelist, told him that he must be born again to enter and win the Christian race.

That is when Jimmy Carter claimed to have his "Damascus Road Experience."

However, if he was really "born again" he would not have been spellbound by his wife Rosalynn!


Governor Jimmy Carter
Gov. from Jan. 1971 to Jan. 1975.

In 1970, he finally won the race to become governor of Georgia. During his tenure as governor, the unEqual Rights Amendment came up for a vote in the Georgia Legislature. It was soundly defeated because no sane Georgian would vote for such a family-wrecking amendment. Here is a quote from the autobiography of Rosalynn Carter:

Another one of my projects caused a confrontation with Jimmy. The Equal Rights Amendment was to come to a vote in the Georgia House of Representatives in January 1974. This was before the ERA became a big national issue, and it didn't stand a chance of passing in Georgia. Just like the Supreme Court decision on integration in 1954, Georgia was not ready to accept the ERA in 1974. More change, instigated by strident, militant women from outside the South, was just too much for our legislators to accept. I had made a few phone calls, but had done very little else for the futile cause. (Carter, First Lady From Plains, p. 100).

Even with the sponsorship of the femme fatale, the futile cause was defeated overwhelmingly in Georgia, and that was one less state where the strident, militant females could claim victory over the Christian family. In the other states that approved the amendment, secrecy was strictly enforced, and no debate whatsoever was allowed.

Gerald Rafshoon (b. 1934).

Gerald "Rasputin" Rafshoon, and Patrick Caddell became close friends of the governor.

Both "spin doctors" worked tirelessly with his wife Roselynn for his election to the Presidency.

"Rasputin" and Caddell knew well that the main opposition to the ERA came from born again Christians, and Jimmy's "born again" faith would be an asset in his race for the White House!

Patrick Caddell (b.1950).

Both "spin doctors" worked tirelessly with his wife Roselynn for his election to the Presidency.

Rafshoon served as the White House Communications Director under President Carter and Pat Caddell was his pollster or public opinion guru at the White House....Guided by Apollyon, the deadly duo knew how to use "Christianity" to destroy Christianity!

President Carter's downfall began when he refused to back the Evil Rules America Amendment!

Not since the Civil War was the New Jerusalem in such dire peril from the pending passage of the Equal Wrongs Amendment:

And he (Antichrist) shall plant the tabernacle of his palace between the seas in the glorious holy mountain; yet he shall come to his end, and no one will help him (Daniel 11:45).

By 1979, the Evil Rules America Amendment had hit a roadblock, and President Carter knew it. President Carter did now want to be a one term President, so he refused to use the full power of the Presidency to back the amendment.

In March 1972, the Evil Rules America Amendment was placed before the state legislators, with a deadline of 7 years for ratification. Here is the text of that diabolical amendment:

Section 1. Equality of rights under the law shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any State on account of SEX.
Section 2. The Congress shall have the power to enforce, by appropriate legislation, the provisions of this article.
Section 3. This amendment shall take effect two years after the date of ratification.

That amendment was a lawyers dream come true because of the ambiguous wording. It would have legalized Adam and Steve marriages, same-sex bathrooms, mandatory conscription of women, and women in combat....Even the despicable Adolf Hitler used young boys rather than women to defend the Fatherland!

By 1978, 3 states still refused to ratify, so Congress obtained a simple majority vote to extend the deadline to June 30, 1982. The august Supreme Court refused to rule on the constitutionality of that deadline extension.

Rosalynn "Steel Magnolia" Carter

(b. 1927).

Rosalynn "Steel Magnolia" Carter was no "Georgia peach" as she worked tirelessly to have the last 3 states ratify the ERA.

Bella "Battleaxe" Abzug was her confederate in pushing for ratification.

As a Congressman from New York City, the President appointed him to head his National Advisory Committee for "Women."



Bella "Battleaxe" Abzug

Relentless in his drive for ratification, the bellicose Bella never lost an opportunity to harangue the President about the one issue that was uppermost on his mind—the unEqual Rights Amendment.

During that time, Rosalynn used her position as "Mrs. President" to also harangue the state legislators who refused to be pressured or bribed into ratification. Her main opponent was a patriotic lawyer named Phyllis Schlafly, who understood the deadly consequences of the amendment:

Not surprisingly, the first lady's attempts to obtain passage of the ERA aroused anger among its opponents. In February 1977 Phyllis Schlafly led a gathering of about 150 anti-ERA demonstrators outside the White House, charging that Mrs. Carter's phone calls violated Article V of the Constitution, which left the ratification of amendments to Congress and the state legislators. (Kaufman, Rosalynn Carter, p. 56).

Phyllis Schlafly was the "Iron Lady" of the STOP-ERA campaign, and she was opening the eyes of many women to the fatal consequences of the amendment.. As a lawyer, she pointed out that U.S. woman already had more rights than men. Her motto, STOP- ERA, meant Stop Stealing Our Privileges. In desperation, the pro-ERA women staged a major conference in Houston, hosted by the "Steel Magnolia" and the "Battleaxe," and financed by the taxpayers!

Phyllis Schlafly (19242016)
led the opposition to the ERA.

Even though she was a Catholic, Phyllis Schlafly knew that the ERA spelled the doom of the American family.

The ERA would recognize no distinction between the sexes, except that men would not be forced to give birth to babies, and women would not be forced to grow beards!!

The ERA would even ban French and Spanish because those 2 languages are totally gender specific!


The "Steel Magnolia" and the "Battleaxe"
in Houston, Nov. 1977.

In Nov. 1977, the pro-ERA forces hosted a major taxpayer funded conference in Houston, Texas. In March 1978, the "Battleaxe" confronted President Carter with the official report of the conference entitled The Spirit of Houston.... It definitely wasn't national and it only represented the lunatic fringe of the women's movement. Naturally, it omitted any mention of the millions of sane Christian women who opposed it. Their motto was: "ask not what the ERA can do for youask what the ERA can do to you."

The "Battleaxe" laying down the law to
President Carter, March 1978.


In March 1978, the "Battleaxe" browbeat President Carter with the Spirit of Houston, and demanded that he join his wife in the final push for ratification.

Like Samson regaining his strength after Delilah cut his hair, the President finally found the courage to fire her.

That firing took place on February 12, 1979, and led to the downfall of the President!

After she was fired, the bellicose Bella gathered
her coven for a press conference.

Here is a quote from the Carter White House Diary:

I met with the Women's Advisory Committee, a fruitless meeting. Bella Abzug had already issued a 100 percent negative press statement. I decided to ask her to resign from the committee and the chairmanship. The women's group could be helpful but has been a pain in the neck. After I pointed out all the problems with them, they applauded. (Carter, White House Diary, p. 277).

Together with her coven, she vowed a terrible revenge, and their curses fell on the President's head. From that time onward, the real President Carter's days were numbered.

The counterfeit Carter made his debut in April 1979

On January 16, the Shah of Iran was overthrown in a coup d'etat and forced to leave the country. His place as ruler of Iran was taken by a British Secret Service agent named Ayatollah Khomeini. The Shah's doctors were poisoning him very slowly and he asked President Carter for permission to visit the U.S. for treatment.

Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi (1919-1980).
Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi
Shah from 1941 to 1979.


In January 1979, the Shah of Iran was overthrown and replaced by a British Secret Service agent named Ayatollah Khomeini.

Iran was a nominally Muslim country but the intelligent Persians never embraced the fanatical Islamic beliefs of the neighboring Terrible Turks.

The Shah was suffering from doctor induced cancer, and he asked President Carter for permission to receive treatment in the U.S.

Ayatollah Khomeini (1902-1989).
Ayatollah Khomeini (19021989).
Ruler of Iran from 1979 to 1989.

President Carter absolutely refused to allow the Shah to visit the U.S. because he knew that it would stir up anti-U.S. feelings in that country..

Admiral Stansfield Turner
Stansfield Turner (1923–2018).
CIA director from '77 to '81.

Sinister CIA chief Stansfield Turner chose Jimmy Carter for the position of President knowing that there was a double on standby.

He was the éminence grise behind the Iran Hostage Crisis.

Zbigniew Brzezinski was Carter's National Security Advisor and an extreme Russophobe and Cold Warrior.

He was adamant that Carter allow the Shah into the United States.

Zbigniew Brzezinski

Here is a brief quote from President Carter's diary for April 9, 1979:

A vocal group of the Shah's friends continued to urge us to invite the Shah. They approached Vance and Brzezinski repeatedly and on occasion appealed directly to me. They had an ally in Zbig, but could not convince me or Cy. Each time we explained the potential danger to those Americans still in Iran, emphasizing that the Shah had been living comfortably in Morocco, the Bahamas, and now Mexico. (Carter, Keeping Faith, pp. 452-453).

It was around that time that the real President Carter gave his last speech about energy conservation.

A grim President Carter delivering his
"energy speech," April 18, 1979.

On April 18, a somber President Carter delivered a speech calling the energy crisis the "moral equivalent of war."

That was the last speech that President Carter ever made.

On April 23, the acting President gave a speech to the National Academy of Sciences honoring the 100th anniversary of the birth of Albert Einstein.

The smiling double speaking before
the NAS on April 23, 1979.

On June 18, the double left for Vienna for a summit with Soviet leader Leonid Brezhnev. As usual, he was all smiles because people just didn't notice that he looked different from the late, great President Carter.

The Carter double was all smiles as he
met Leonid Brezhnev in Vienna.

At the Vienna arms control summit, the doppelgänger always had a big smile on his face, even though the subject was the control of nuclear weapons and the prevention of WWIII.

On June 18, he signed the Salt II Treaty with Leonid Brezhnev at the Hofburg Palace in Vienna.

Leonid Brezhnev and the double signing
the Salt II Treaty, June 18, in Vienna.

After arriving back from the summit, the actor visited Japan, and then returned to the United States to spend the 4th of July at Camp David.

Bert Lance (

Bert Lance was a close friend of Jimmy Carter since their college days in 1966.

He was head of the Office of Management and Budget in the Carter administration.

By July, Lance noticed a complete change in the President's behavior.

"Carter's" malaise speech,
July 15, 1979.

Here is a brief quote from a bio of Bert Lance:

Jimmy Carter, who should have been well into the planning for his second campaign for the Presidency, was instead running from it. That was the problem. After I tossed and turned most of the night, I reached Jimmy at Camp David the next morning at six o'clock San Francisco time. Just like Brock the night before, I didn't' waste any time with small talk "Mr. President," I said. "I've been out of the country, and I feel I need to talk to you. What I've been reading and hearing doesn't reflect the Jimmy Carter I know." There was a long pause on the other end of the line. Finally, he said, "In fact, Bert, I came back from my meeting in Tokyo, and it all seems to be falling down around me at the White House. I don't know what to do about it." (Lance, The Truth of the Matter, p. 178).

After he made his malaise speech, the counterfeit fired his entire cabinet!

The acting President welcomed Pope John Paul II to the White House in October 1979

While on a whirlwind tour of Europe, Rosalynn and daughter Amy visited Pope John Paul II. Under discussion was the forthcoming visit of the pontiff to the United States.

Rosalynn and Amy at the Vatican with
Pope John Paul II,
May 1979.

Rosalynn Carter and daughter Amy visited Roma in May 1979 to make arrangements for the Pope's upcoming visit to the U.S.

The counterfeit Carter warmly embraced the pontiff.

As the successor of Emperor Jesus Constantine, the Pope is called alter Christus, or another Christ.


The 2 counterfeits warmly embracing
at the White House.

Amazingly, Jimmy was a big fan of Martin Luther King. Martin Luther King was named after Saint Martin Luther—who led the world out of the Babylonian Captivity to freedom in Christ!

Coretta Scott King and Jimmy unveiling a
portrait of Martin Luther King, Feb. 18, 1974.

Jimmy Carter was a great admirer of Martin Luther King.

Martin Luther King was named after Saint Martin Luther—the Father of the Reformation.

Saint Martin proved from the Scriptures and history that Antichrist was indeed the Pope and Turk!


President Carter presenting the Medal
of Freedom to Coretta Scott King,
July 12, 1977.

In addition, Jimmy was also a great admirer of the career of Georgia senator Thomas Watson (18561922), who wrote a book entitled The Roman Catholic Hierarchy: The Deadliest Menace to American Liberties and Christian Civilization.

The counterfeit Carter admitted the Shah to the U.S. in October 1979

Coincidently, it was just after the Pope's visit to the United States that the Iran Crisis reached a boiling point. On October 20, 1979, the double admitted the Shah to the U.S. for medical treatment. Here is a quote from the Carter 1982 diary:

I told Brzezinski to permit the Shah to go to New York for medical treatment, and just inform our embassy in Tehran that this would occur. (Carter, Keeping Faith, p. 456).

Exactly what the real Carter predicted happened after the Shah was admitted to the U.S.

Iconic image of the storming of the U.S. embassy by an MI6 "rent a mob."


The admittance of the Shah to the U.S. was the signal for the storming of the embassy.

In November, the U.S. embassy was stormed by an MI6 "rent a mob" and 52 hostages were taken.

The "Iran Hostage Crisis" eventually led to the election of "acting" President Reagan.


U.S. embassy staff blindfolded and
taken hostage, Nov. 1979.

Storming an embassy and taking hostages was actually an act of war, but the counterfeit didn't even consider using financial pressure, or breaking diplomatic relations with Iran:

I began to consider freezing all of Iran's assets—primarily consisting of gold and cash deposits—held in American banks both in our country and abroad. I hesitated only because such action was likely to reflect adversely on us as a reliable trading partner and might frighten other major depositors and investors into a massive transfer of funds to other countries. Cy Vance and I also assessed the advisability of breaking diplomatic relations with Iran, but decided against it; we had to keep open every possibility (Carter, Keeping Faith, p. 462).

During the 1956 Suez Canal Crisis, President Eisenhower used economic leverage alone to force the British lion to disgorge the Canal . . . and it worked like a charm.

Colonel Charles Beckwith

The acting President staged a "rescue attempt" to make it look like he wanted the hostages released. It was all theater.

The top secret "Operation Eagle Fiasco" was launched on April 24, 1980.

It was commanded by colonel Charles "Chargin' Charlie" Beckwith, who survived, while 8 commandos were killed, and 4 injured.


Wreckage of U.S. helicopters used
in the "rescue attempt."

"Carter" demanded top secrecy because he feared the Soviets might find out about the mission. In the meantime, he notified Prime Minister Thatcher that a rescue was underway because a British officer in Oman had noticed unusual U.S. activity in the Persian Gulf:

He had reported to British officials in London that we had planes in Oman (which was true) and that they were loaded with ammunition and supplies for the Afghan freedom fighters. The British and Omanis were getting nervous, and I had to send Warren Christopher to London to brief Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and Foreign Minister Peter Carrington about the true purpose of the planes. Christopher was careful not to ask them for any comment, but simply informed them about our plans for the rescue. (Carter, Keeping Faith, p. 512).

Of course, the counterfeit was "praying" that the mission would be a fiasco . . . and he wasn't disappointed!

The Iran Hostage Crisis led to the election of acting President Reagan!

It is usually the Democrats who start wars, but in 1980 they were happy that "Republican" Ronald Reagan was President. Reagan immediately commenced one of the most massive military buildups in the history of the country.

Inauguration of acting President Reagan,
January 20, 1981.


Only a month after his inauguration, Cleopatra arrived at the White House and gave President Reagan his marching orders.

He was to concentrate exclusively on bringing down the Soviet Union.

Something totally unexpected happened: the Argentines invaded the Falkland Islands.


Cleopatra and President Reagan at
the White House, Feb. 26, 1981.

However, something totally unexpected happened that almost derailed her plans. Argentina invaded the Falklands Island, which were used as a listening post by the British to monitor the progress of the Argentine nuclear weapons program.

The Falkland Islands is a British
listening post.

The British were monitoring the progress of the Argentine nuclear weapons program, so the junta wanted it shut down.

In April 1982, General Leopoldo Galtieri ordered an invasion of the islands because he reasoned that a woman prime minister in Britain would be a pushover.

He believed that there was a difference between the sexes!

General Leopoldo Galtieri

On April 2, 1982, Argentine forces mounted amphibious landings on the Falkland Islands. The invasion force met very little resistance because there were few British soldiers on the islands.

In 1982, Jorge Bergoglio was Jesuit
provincial In Argentina.

In January 1983, the British Cleopatra visited the Falkland Islands and awarded medals to the soldiers who liberated the islands.

It was at that time that she received images of Jesuit provincial Jorge Bergoglio blessing the invading Argentine troops.

The "Iron Lady" in the Falkland Islands,
Jan. 1983.

Little did the "Iron Lady" realize that those images would change the course of world history.

The British Cleopatra made sure that Bergoglio did not become Pope in 2005

The "Iron Lady" did not earn that nickname for nothing. She might be called "Attila the Hen" in jest, but nobody crossed her and came out ahead.

In February 2001, Bergoglio became Cardinal
Bergoglio, and the Pope's successor.

In February 2001, the ailing Pope John Paul II made Bergoglio a cardinal.

He also named Bergoglio as his successor.

In March 2005, Cardinal Bergoglio was absolutely sure he would be the first Jesuit Pope.

He would have taken the name Pius XIII.


Jorge Bergoglio entered the conclave as a
cardinal, and expected to emerge as Pope.

Before the conclave, "anonymous" distributed images of Bergoglio blessing the Argentine troops prior to the invasion of the Falkland Islands. "Anonymous" is just a synonym for the British Secret Service:

No one admitted to sending the email. The ambassador said he did not do it. So did the lawyer. So did the journalist. So did several high ranking officials of the Society of Jesus, the world's biggest and most powerful religious order. The dossier that dropped anonymously in the inbox of senior cardinals as they gathered at Rome was damning. Or so it was intended to be. Someone did not want Jorge Mario Bergoglio to be Pope. (Vallely, Pope Francis: Untying the Knots, p. 1).

Even though the "Iron Lady" was out of office since 1990, she was still hugely influential in governmental circles. They all remembered the Falklands War, and they were not about to have any Argentine as Pope.

In 2005, the man on the balcony was
supposed to be Cardinal Bergoglio.

A Titanic battle raged at the Vatican between the Jesuits and the other factions.

Finally, in March 2013, Joseph Ratzinger, aka Pope Benedict XVI, was forced to resign.

The outcome was never in doubt as Jorge Bergoglio finally achieved his lifelong ambition and became Pope Francis.

Pope at last, March 13, 2013.

After an intense struggle that lasted from 2005 to 2013, Bergoglio finally forced Pope Benedict XVI to resign. Only a month later, the woman who torpedoed Bergoglio in 2005 was sent to meet her Maker.

The British had only 2 options with Pope Francis: actor or assassination!

As in the case of President Carter, there were only 2 options available once the Argentine Pope was ensconced in the Vatican: assassination or replacement with a double.

Pope Pius XII taking a brisk walk in the gardens of Castel Gondolfo, Oct. 1958.
Pope Pius XII taking a brisk walk in the
gardens of Castel Gondolfo, Oct. 1958.

In October 1958, "La Popessa" gave imperious Pope Pius XII the poisoned chalice because there was no possibility that he would ever embrace Islam.

In 1958, Angelo Roncalli became Pope John XXIII, and he prayed for a new outpouring of the "Holy Spirit."

The Muslims believe that Mohammed was the paraclete or "Holy Spirit."



Hajji John XXIII.
Pope from 1958 to 1963.

The man who is best qualified to play the role of Pope Francis is a British actor called Jonathan Price. Jonathan Price played Juan Perón in the movie Evita, and he bears a striking resemblance to Pope Francis.

Jonathan Price as Juan Perón.

British actor Jonathan Price played Juan Perón in the movie Evita, even though he didn't look at all like the real Juan Perón.

Madonna played the role of Eva Perón, who also died from doctor induced cancer.

It is only fitting that the last Pope should be British because the first Pope was born in York, England.



Jonathan Prince is currently playing
the role of Pope Francis.

The last British Pope was named Nicholas Breakspear (Shake-speare), who took the named Hadrian IV. He published the Papal Bull Laudabiliter, which urged King Henry II to annex Hibernia to the Papal Roman Empire.

That annexation was put on hold until the assassination of Thomas Becket, archbishop of Canterbury. As penance for the murder of the archbishop, Pope Alexander III ordered the king to fulfill the Papal Bull and invade Ireland.

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