Saint Miriam Magdalene, aka Saint Mary Magdalene, was the first person to view the Empty Tomb, and the first person the Messiah spoke to after he rose from the dead! Centuries later, Pope Gregory I morphed the "FIRST LADY IN HEAVEN" into a "fallen woman" or prostitute!

Scotia was the ancient Greek name for Ireland; Hibernia in Latin. The name Ireland dates to about 1000 AD and is of Viking origin. Ireland became a Papal "Republic" in 1922 when 26 counties declared "independence" from the British Empire! Before that time the small island was an inexhaustible source of manpower for the British Empire.

Saint Patrick did not arrive in Hibernia to open launderettes or laundromats; but to wrest that island stronghold from Satan, and prepare his blessed converts for the marriage supper of the Lamb:

Let US be glad and rejoice and give glory to him, for the marriage of the Lamb has come, and his wife has made herself ready. And to her it was granted to be clothed in a fine linen, clean and bright, for the fine linen is the righteousness of Christ. And he said unto me, "Write, blessed are they which are called unto the marriage supper of the Lamb" (Saint Matthew 22:1-12, Saint Luke 14:16-24, Apocalypse 19:7-9).

Popes, priests, monks, and nuns who are "forbidden to marry" (I Timothy 4:1-3) will not be glad and rejoice at the marriage supper of the Lamb in the heavenly Jerusalem.

The Man of Sin was also a baby when Saint Patrick was born. Pope Julius I was appointed by Emperor Jesus Constantine before he went to Hades in 337 AD.

He missed the reign of Emperor Julian the Apostate (350–363) by 10 years. That emperor (a nephew of Emperor Jesus Constantine) is infamous for his failed attempt to rebuild the destroyed Second Temple in Old Jerusalem.

Pope "Innocent" I.
Pope from 401 to 417.

When Patrick was born the capital of the mighty Roman Empire had moved from Roma to Constantinople.

The vacant office of Pontiff Maximus was then assumed by the bishops of Roma.

Saint Patrick began his missionary career in 405 AD during the pontificate of Pope "Innocent" I.

Just 5 years later Roma was sacked by Alaric the Goth.

No authentic portrait or physical description of Saint Patrick exists!

All true Christians prayed for the Emperors because they knew that the Roman Empire was hindering the coming (Lat. adventus ) of the Man of Sin. What they didn't realize was the fact that the Man of Sin was not one man . . . but a dreadful dynasty (Saint Matthew 24:5, II Thessalonians 2:7).

After a 400-year occupation, the Roman legions withdrew from Britannia in 410, and the pagan tribes in the north went on the warpath once again. Any time after that was not auspicious for sending out missionaries from Saint Patrick's congregation in Caledonia.

Saint Patrick landed with 12 disciples in northern Scotia and spent many years preaching the Gospel before the confronting the center of Druidism at Tara Hill. If he was a Roman Catholic he would have gone there first, "converted" the High King, and by fiat the entire nation would have been "Christian."

Saint Patrick was motivated by a sense of urgency because the Christian calendar then in use originated in New Roma or Constantinople, and creation began in 5508 BC. Subtracting 6000 from that meant that the world would be about 6000 years old in 500 AD. Based on the 6 days of creation, many Bible scholars believed that the world would last for 6000 years! Saint Patrick believed that he was evangelizing the ends of the earth prior to the Second Coming of Christ and the end of the world (Exodus 20:11, Psalm 90:4, II Saint Peter 3:8).

Pope Celestine I (376432).
Pope from 422 to 432.

Pope Celestine I created the Papal Saint Patrick.

In 431, he ordained Palladius (408461) as bishop, and sent him to the "Scots believing in Christ."

When he arrived in Hibernia (Scotia) the converts of Saint Patrick refused to accept him as their bishop, and the Druids, suspecting that he was a spy, ordered him to leave immediately!

One thing Saint Patrick did not bring with him was the corrupt Latin Vulgate Version of the "Bible."


The real Saint Patrick was morphed
into a Babylonian bishop!

The next portentous event in world history was the pontificate of Pope Gregory I. By that time Hibernia was a predominately Christian country, and the Christians had absolutely no connection with Papal Roma. So mightily did the Gospel prevail that the Island was known as the" Island of Saints and Scholars."

Pope Gregory I (540604).
Pope from 590 to 604.

Pope Gregory I was the inventor of pick-pocket Purgatory, and after his death he was immediately canonized as "Saint" Gregory.

He was also the inventor of the "fallen woman" or "prostitute" Mary Magdalene myth.

On Catholic stained glass windows an effeminate "fruit of the womb" Jesus is often depicted casting out demons from "fallen woman" or prostitute Mary Magdalene.



"Fruit of the womb"
Jesus and
"prostitute" Mary Magdalene.

In the English language, FRUIT is a slang or vulgar word for an "Adam and Steve" or homosexual! When the last Pope appears on the balcony of Jupiter's Basilica, and begins his pontifical sermon with these words, "Tutti Mundi Tutti Fruiti," it will be the signal for Sodomites worldwide to go on the warpath (Genesis 19:10, Saint Luke 17:28-32, II Saint Peter 2:6-8).

In the Gospel of Saint Luke, the Messiah healed several women and cast out 7 demons or evil spirits from Miriam Magdalene:

And it came to pass afterward, that Joshua went throughout every city and village, preaching and showing the glad tidings of the kingdom of Elohim: and the twelve were with him. And certain women, which had been healed of evil spirits and infirmities, Miriam called Magdalene, out of whom went seven devils, and Joanna the wife of Chuza, King Herod's steward, and Susanna, and many others, who ministered unto him from their possessions (Saint Luke 8:1-3).

From these 3 verses, Gregory assumed that Miriam was a "prostitute." There is no way "polite society" in Israel would associate with a "fallen woman" or prostitute. The penalty for prostitution in ancient Israel was death by stoning, and Pope Gregory I provided more proof that he was the Man of Sin by making such a wicked, blasphemous assumption!

The Papal "Republic" was founded by McQuaid and de Valera in 1922

The Papal "Republic" was founded in 1922 by Archbishop John Charles McQuaid and "President" Demon de Valera. It only included 26 countries, as the 6 counties in the north would never surrender to Papal misrule!

That clerical state was the exact opposite of the "atheistic" USSR which was founded in 1922 by British Secret Service agent Vladimir Lenin. Lenin had 13 letters in his name like "Dixie Double" Woodrow Wilson.

A Papal "Republic" is an oxymoron, like an Islamic "Republic, or a Communist "Republic." In Orwellian Newspeak it was called "The Irish Free State" after independence from the British Empire! Imagine the Nazis calling the Third Reich the "Republic" of Deutschland.

Archbishop John Charles McQuaid
Misruled from 1922 to 1973.

The Papal "Republic" was the first state to be based solely on the Syllabus of Errors of Pope Pius IX.

It was a completely totalitarian regime and the precursor of Fascist Italy and Nazi Germany.

The "Constitution" was written by Archbishop McQuaid, while "President" Demon de Valera represented the stern, authoritarian face of the clerical regime.


"President" Demon de Valera
Misruled from 1922 to 1975.

That clerical state was a virtual insane asylum . . . run by the inmates....Because the Church controlled all marriages, the ban on Kissin' Cousins was lifted, and thousands of physically and mentally retarded children were born!

In 1924, British ambassador to the U.S. Esmé Howard ordered "Accidental President" Calvin Coolidge to establish diplomatic relations with the new Papal "Republic."

Timothy A. Smiddy (18751962).
Amb. to U.S. from 1924 to 1929.

The newborn Papal "Republic" was as fraudulent at "St. Peter" in Roma, but it received international diplomatic recognition when Esmé Howard ordered Calvin Coolidge to receive an ambassador.

Anglophile Timothy A. Smiddy was the first ambassador from the Papal "Republic" to Washington City.

"Quaker" Charles Henry Bewley was the first envoy to Berlin and he worked closely with the Churchills in building up the Third Reich.


Charles Henry Bewley

Diplomatic recognition and ambassadors from other nations arrived slowly in Dublin because they had to be approved by the British Foreign Office, and all nations feared pulling the "lion's tail" at that time!

The 26-county entity was founded as a nightmarish model of the ideal Catholic state to be imposed on the world after the Nazis won WWII.

Like Falangist Spain, the regime was officially "neutral" during the war. They did not send soldiers to fight alongside Caudillo Franco's Blue Division in Russia, but McQuaid and de Valera ordered that masses and the rosary be said daily for a Third Reich victory!

Papal "Republic" soldiers wearing Nazi
helmets marching in Co. Cork, July 1940.

Those 2 photos were not taken in Nazi Germany but in Cork and Dublin!

The Papal "Republic" founded by the Winston Churchills represented the true political position of the British Empire.

The Nazis were just British mercenaries to destroy the USSR behemoth which they created in 1922.



Papal "Republic" soldiers wearing Nazi
helmets marching in Dublin, April 1940.

With soldiers guarding "Jesus" in the monstrance, Corpus Christi processions were held throughout the country to prepare the Catholics to go on the warpath once the Third Reich won the war! It never occurred to them that the Messiah is the "Prince of Peace" (Isaiah 9:6).

Until 1948, the Papal "Republic" was still a member of the British Commonwealth, so de Valera should have been arrested for treason! He joins the hall of shame of other infamous Nazi collaborators like Philippe Pétain, Vidkun Quisling, António de Oliveira Salazar, and Francisco Franco.

Co. Cork Corpus Christi procession with soldiers
guarding "Jesus" in the monstrance, May 1942.

Corpus Christi processions with "Jesus" carried in the monstrance were held throughout the country!

On May 2, 1945, Demon de Valera visited the German ambassador, Eduard Hempel, to offer his condolences at the suicide of "Adolf Hitler."

Demon de Valera offering his "condolences" at
suicide of "Adolf Hitler," May 2, 1945.

Demon de Valera was 37 years too late! The real Adolf Hitler was suicided, or committed suicide in the "Blue Danube" in 1908. His premature death meant that he didn't have to fire the Vickers-Maxim-Krupp machine guns!

Until WWI, Papal Ireland was an inexhaustible supply of manpower for the British Empire! By 1916, Leviathan was running out of draftees to fight "Kaiser Bill"—Queen Victoria's favorite grandson—so Demon de Valera staged an uprising in Dublin to derail the drafting of Irish cannon fodder!

Pascal Robinson (18701948).
Papal Nuncio from 1930 to 1948.

Pascal Robinson was appointed Nuncio to the Papal "Republic" in 1930.

Diplomatic relations between Britain and the Vatican were prohibited by law, so the Papal "Republic" was a diabolically clever way of circumventing British law.

Robinson was not ambiguous about his support for Nazi Germany as he represented the real position of the Winston Churchills.

In order to get McQuaid a Red Hat, Walshe was appointed ambassador to the Vatican in 1946.

Joseph Walshe (18861956) was ambassador to the Vatican
from 1946 to 1956.

For his "spiritual help" to the Third Reich, Archbishop McQuaid expected a Red Hat from Pope Pius XII. However, Archbishop Spellman of New York wanted the Red Hat for himself:

Joe Walshe's suspicion about Spellman's role in an anti-McQuaid conspiracy was probably well founded. Spellman had course to feel aggrieved at McQuaid over his unwillingness to side with America in 1943, and depriving the Dublin Archbishop of a Red Hat would have been sweet revenge for making him lose face in President Roosevelt's eyes. It remains a matter of conjecture as to whether de Valera ever told McQuaid how close he was to becoming a cardinal in 1945-46. (Cooney, John Charles McQuaid: Ruler of Catholic Ireland, pp. 208-209).

Archbishop Spellman became Cardinal Spellman in 1946 and he was known as the "American Pope." He fully expected to succeed Pope Pius XII and would have taken the name Pius XIII.

In May 1940, top Nazi spy Hermann Gortz was parachuted into Ireland with orders to lead an invasion of the 6 counties once Operation Sea Lion commenced. It was called Operation Kathleen and was coordinated by the top Nazis in the Abwehr.

Nazi spy Hermann Görtz

Görtz was a flyer in World War I so he landed in Ireland dressed in full Luftwaffe regalia with a swastika armband and jackboots!

He promised his contacts a united Ireland once Britain was occupied by his Nazis!

He soon discovered that the IRA was a "house divided" and riddled with British informers!

Görtz was forced to shed his uniform and go into hiding! One of the safe house he stayed at was the home of Iseuit Stuart—the wife of "writer" Francis Stuart.



Funeral mass for Nazi spy
Hermann Görtz in Dublin.

Görtz was arrested in November 1941 and interred in the Custome Barracks in Athlone. From there he was in virtual communication with Berlin via a secret transmitter. In May 1947, Görtz was served with a deportation order by the Minister for Justice:

On 24th May 1947, Goertz (Görtz) was in the Aliens Office of Dublin Castle with Schultz, awaiting his deportation order. Two detectives accompanied them. Suddenly Goetz took his hand from his pocket and put it to his face. In a second he had crushed a vial of potassium cyanide in his mouth, using the same method as Goering, the head of the force to which he belonged—the Luftwaffe—had used to cheat the hangman. He was rushed to the hospital but was dead on arrival. (O'Callaghan, The Jackboot in Ireland, pp. 156-157).

If Görtz had returned to Gemany and "spilled the beans" it might have meant the arrest of Demon de Valera as a fellow "war criminal" and the Papal "Republic" would be gone with the wind!

Magdalene Laundries proliferated on Saint Patrick's Island!!

Beginning in 1922 Magdalene Laundries sprang up like mushrooms throughout the country....The laundries were named after First Lady Saint Miriam Magdalene, aka Mary Magdalene, who was portrayed as a prostitute by Pope Gregory I. "Father Confessors" encouraged young girls to get pregnant as "manpower" for the laundries!

Magdalene Laundry "fallen women" at work doing "penance"
for their sins of giving birth outside of marriage!

The laundries were a cash cow for McQuaid rivaling indulgences!

His philosophy was "you can't run the church on Hail Marys alone!"


Teenage "fallen women" working
in a Magdalene Laundry!

Naturally, their godfathers, natural fathers, brothers, boyfriends, or Dáil politicians who impregnated them were never charged with any crime!

Nuns watching over Magdalene Laundry babies
bred for export like horses!!

The babies were bred for export like horses . . . . but they were not thoroughbreds!

There were only 2 requirements for the adoptive parents: they must be rich and they must be "devout" Catholics.

Magdalene Laundry babies waiting to be
sold to rich American Catholics.

Ominously, those babies were subjected to vaccination experiments by the British pharmaceutical firms of GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) and Burroughs Wellcome. In all a total of 43,000 children were subjected to the tests. It was similar to programs carried out on children in Nazi Germany.

Sex goddess Jane Russell launched the Babies Crusade in the Papal "Republic"

Isaiah the Prophet said that "a little child shall lead them" (Isaiah 11:6) but he mentioned nothing about a Babies Crusade!

It is beyond belief but the subject of sex was totally taboo in the Papal "Republic." Movies, books, or plays of a sexual nature were strictly prohibited!

Sex goddess Jane Russell

While auditioning for the leading role in a Howard Hughes movie entitled: The Outlaw, Jane Russell became pregnant on the casting couch!

Aspiring actresses who became pregnant on the casting couch were required to get an abortion!

After the horrible mutilation of Elizabeth Short, aspiring actresses knew what could happen to them if they failed to get an abortion!



Jane Russell's
publicity poster
The Outlaw.

At the end of November 1940, The Outlaw began filming on location in Arizona. In April 1943, Jane Russell eloped with "football" player Robert Waterfield to "Lost Wages," and the couple were married in a chapel by a "Reverend" Harold Broughton.

The movie publicity poster was seen around the world but the movie was not released until after the war. As a result, Jane was called "The Motionless Picture Actress."

Despite competing with the ubiquitous image of the "Virgin Mary," the making hay poster was well known in the agricultural Papal "Republic." Even convents displayed photos of the sex goddess who opened the spigot for the thousands of adoption dollars that flowed into the convents!

Robert Waterfield (19201983) and
Jane Russell were married in April 1943.

In June 1950, Robert and Joan adopted an American baby girl named Tracy but the couple wanted more children.

In October 1951, Jane and her mother flew to London for a Royal Film Command Performance.

Her arrival on October 27 made banner headlines along with the reelection of the Winston Churchill double!


Jane and her mother arriving in
London, October 27, 1951.

While in London, Jane tried to adopt a British baby, but only British Empire subject could adopt British babies!

Jane Russell curtsying to Queen Elizabeth after
the Royal Film Command Performance.

After the Royal Film Command Performance she met Queen Elizabeth—wife of King George VI.

Just 3 months later, King George VI was strangled in his bed and the Twins seized the throne!

It so happened that a poor Irish Catholic couple living in England were her fans . . . and they had a baby to spare!


Jane Russell holding baby
Thomas Kavanagh.

Very conveniently, the Papal "Republic" left the British Commonwealth in 1948, so "Irish citizens" were no longer subject to British adoption laws!

Michael and Hannah Florence Kavanagh had a 15-month-old son who was also a fan of the actress! Everything was quickly arranged by the Irish legation in London, and baby Thomas Kavanagh, aka Thomas Russell Waterfield, accompanied his new "mother" to the Golden State!

The adoption caused a sensation in the British Parliament, but it revealed the fact that adoption by wealthy Catholic Americans was as easy as making hay!

Saint Patrick's Guild in Dublin was the main center for the sale of babies to the U.S.

The publicity from the Russell adoption worked like a "miracle."

Childless couple in the U.S. soon realized that they could bypass the slow cumbersome U.S. adoption system and obtain babies in Ireland with ease.

However, they had to prove that they were financially well-off and "devout" Catholics.

Sean Ross Abbey in Co. Tipperary was another
hub for the "traffic in babies" to the U.S.

Here is the list of the conditions laid down by Archbishop McQuaid for American Catholic couples adopting Irish babies:

1. The prospective adopting parents must have a written recommendation from the director of Catholic Charities of the Diocese in which they live. 2. The prospective adopting parents must supply for inspection their Baptismal certificates and their Marriage certificates. 3. The prospective adopting parents must have a written recommendation from the Parish Priest of their Parish. 4. The prospective adopting parents must submit a statement of their material circumstances, with a guarantee as to their income, so as to ensure a good home and good prospects in life for the adopted child. 5. The prospective adopting parents must submit medical certificates stating their ages, that they are in good health, physical and mental, and that they are not deliberately shirking natural parenthood. 6. The prospective adopting parents must swear an affidavit to the effect that they are Catholics, that they guarantee to rear the adopted child as a Catholic, that they undertake to educate the adopted child, during the whole course of its schooling, in Catholic schools, that, if in the future the child is sent to a University, it will be sent to a Catholic University, that they undertake to keep the adopted child permanently and not to hand it over to any other party or parties. (Milotte, Banished Babies, p. 46).

The only criteria that Jane Russell and her husband met was #4 on that list! After the babies were "adopted," regular financial contributions were expected from the rich new parents!

Cardinal Francis Spellman
Cardinal from 1946 to 1967.

"American Pope" Cardinal Francis Spellman supervised the adoptions on the East Coast while Cardinal Francis McIntyre was in charge on the West Coast.

Incredibly his diocese of "Los Angeles" was the abortion capital of the world.

That was because aspiring actresses who became pregnant on the casting couch were required to get an illegal abortion, or abandon their dreams of becoming a movie star!


Cardinal Francis McIntyre
(1886 –1979).
Cardinal from 1953 to 1970.

The drive to legalize nationwide abortion on demand began in "Los Angeles" after the brutal murder of Elizabeth Short (19241947). Aspiring movie actress Elizabeth "the Black Dahlia" from New Boston got pregnant on the casting couch, but she refused to get an abortion. Her bisected and mutilated corpse was found in a vacant lot in the Leimert Park neighborhood of "Los Angeles."

Not all babies born to "fallen women" were sent to the New Jerusalem. Babies who died in the Magdalene Laundries were secretly buried in mass graves. So far only one has been discovered! This is the former Bon Secours "Good Help" Mother and Baby Home in Tuam (tomb) Co. Galway.

The former Bon Secours Mother and
Baby Home in Tuam (tomb) Co. Galway.

In 1975, 2 boys ages 10 and 12 found a hole or chamber "filled to the brim" with childrens' skeletons underneath a concrete slab.

Censorship is still so pervasive in the Papal "Republic" that it was not until 2012 that further information was revealed about the buried babies.

It was not until 2014 that the cover-up received worldwide media attention!


The site of the mass grave
is a septic tank
containing the bones of 800 babies!

Currently the numbers of babies buried totals 800 but a true count cannot be obtained until the site is dug up .Unfortunately, the clerical regime still refuses permission to dig up the little skeletons!

The total numbers of little bodies buried and babies sent to the New Jerusalem is impossible to estimate . . . but the number is legion! It is all part of Antichrist's diabolical conspiracy to plant his tabernacle from sea to shining sea (Daniel 11:45).

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