All the newest and weirdest trends originate in California and then blows eastward. However, reincarnation is old . . . going back all the way to the Tower of Babel, Nimrod, Queen Semiramis, and their "reincarnated" son Tammuz (Genesis 10:8, Ezekiel 8:14).

Among the earliest colonizers of California were the red-haired, six-fingered giants, who escaped from the sword of Joshua the Giant Killer (1500 BC).

Ever since John C. Frémont and Kit Carson liberated California from the Mexicans in 1846, Britannia has tried desperately to replace Mexico as the misruler of the Golden State!

Northern California was discovered by Sir Francis Drake, and named New Albion, but the Elizabethan English had no interest in establishing a Christian colony at the ends of the earth.

Canadian actor Leslie Nielsen co-starred with comedian Don Knotts in a hilarious spoof of NASA and the "space program." The movie featured a spaced-out, acrophobic, astro-janitor named "Royal Fleming" blasted off into space to prove to the Russians that NASA was an equal opportunity destroyer!

Don Knotts (19242006) played astro-janitor
Royal Fleming in the Reluctant Astronaut!

On January 25, 1967, Universal Pictures released a hilarious spoofnik of NASA entitled The Reluctant Astronaut.

It starred basset hound comedian Don Knotts and Canadian Leslie Nielsen—a Governor "Gavan Newsom" look-alike!

Just 2 days later, 3 reluctant, skeptical astronots: Gus Grissom, Ed White, and Roger Chaffee were killed in a capsule fire at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

"Gavan Newsom" look-alike Leslie Nielsen (19262010)
starred in the Reluctant Astronaut with Don Knotts.

From that time onward, ridiculing astronots was anathema, and the movie was given a PG-12 rating—meaning it was restricted to viewing by children under 12....If that movie had a wider adult audience it would have grounded the entire Apollyon space program!

Censorship of the cinema was one GIANT LEAP in the dark for NASA.....Incredibly, one scene in the film shows astro-janitor "Royal" Fleming" stuck inside a lunar landing capsule. Another scene shows an admiring neighbor from Missouri walking on the moon at the Houston Space Center!

The reincarnated Gavan Newsom
in 1999.

Thousands of men and women have flocked to Hollywood seeking stardom—but few have found it!

However, politics is a field where actors still play a major role!

Ronald Reagan was a Hollywood movie star who became "Acting President" of the United States under "Iron Lady" Margaret Thatcher!

"First Lady" Nancy Reagan was a flat earther because she never permitted her husband to make major foreign policy decisions until she first consulted her White House astrologer Joan Quigley!


The reincarnated Gavan
Newsom in 2019.

The world stood on the brink of Armageddon during the Reagan Administration when the 3 witches: Margaret Thatcher, Nancy Reagan, and Joan Quigley ran the country!

Anglophile on steroids Nancy Reagan (19212016) would drink all the tea that was dumped into Boston Harbor if it meant being invited to CURTSY to the Queens of England!

Vassar College graduate Joan Quigley (19272014) was the West Coast Joan Bond whose MI666 spying cover was White House astrologer!

Judge William Newsom III was involved in California politics at the highest level. He managed the Gordon P. Getty Family Trust, which was estimated at more than 2 billion dollars. Such a father had high hopes for his son Gavan, so it was a big disappointment for him when the youth was handicapped! The Jewish Messiah, Joshua of Nazareth, was the only person in history who chose his mother Miriam and step-father Joseph in advance....Everybody else has to be content with their lot in life!

Judge William Newsom III

Judge William Newsom III was the father of the real Gavan Newsom.

If you want to be treated like royalty in Old Europe, just put some numerals after your name!

Tessa Thomas Menzies Newsom was the mother of the real Gavan Newsom.


Tessa Thomas Menzies Newsom

The only real royals who ever lived were authors: Moses was a royal author, so was King David, Isaiah, Jeremiah, and Daniel. "Fab Four" Saints Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John were royals, in addition to Saints Paul, Peter, Martin Luther and John Bunyan!

The real Gavan Newsom attended kindergarten and first grade at Ecole Notre Dame Des Victoires, a French-American bilingual school in San Francisco.

Newsom began his schooling at the Ecole Notre Dame
Des Victoires parochial school in San Fransicso.


Newsom had to drop out of the French Ecole Notre Dame Des Victoires due to a "learning disability."

His "learning disability" must have been very serious indeed to cause his parents to pull him out of a Catholic parochial school!



The "mentally challen
ged" Newsom ended
up in Redwood High School.

Even though it was against Canon Law, the youth ended up in Redwood High School....The Syllabus of Errors of Pope Pius IX condemned American public schools, and Catholic parents were forbidden to send their children to the schools unless there were very extenuating circumstances:

Catholic children must not attend-non-Catholic, neutral, or mixed schools, that is, such are also open to non-Catholics. It is for the bishop of the place alone to decide, according to the instruction of the Apostolic See, in what circumstances and with what precautions attendance at such schools may be tolerated, without danger of perversion to the pupils. (Blanshard, American Freedom and Catholic Power, p. 85).

Dropouts from parochial schools were usually dumped on the public school system, as the parochial schools were only interested in pupils with the potential to become priests, teaching nuns, lawyers, actors, and politicians!

The real Gavan Newsom was born with
deep brown eyes on October 10, 1967.

The real Gavan Newsom entered Redwood High School in 1982.

With a harsh demanding Catholic father, and a severe learning disability, that teenager began life with a grave disadvantage!

The real Adolf Hitler had no problems reading, but both his parents were dead by the time he was 19.

Coincidently, the teenage Adolf was suicided in the "blue" Danube . . . and recycled at least 5 times!


The real Gavin Newsom posing
for a baseball photo.

There is no "blue" Danube flowing through San Francisco, but there is San Francisco Bay, where the real Beatles were recycled in August 1966.

Rich and ruthless Joseph P. Kennedy—father of President Kennedy—had a retarded daughter named Rosemary (1918–2005). Her disappearance in Massachusetts Bay was not an option, so 2 physicians performed a lobotomy which turned her into a virtual zombie. Rosemary spent the rest of her long life hidden away in a convent in Wisconsin!

That actor reading a newspaper is supposed to
be dyslexic Gavan Newsom in high school!

There is no high school graduation photo of the real Gavan Newsom because he was recycled during his high school years!

The photo on the left looks like the actor James Dean (19311955) reincarnated!

California is the one place on earth where there is no shortage of ACTORS! The English word HYPOCRITE is derived from the Greek word for actor!



Anonymous Gavan Newsom's
high school yearbook photo!

The Militia of Jesus was founded by 2 Basques named Ignatius Loyola and Francis Xavier. Basques were among the first Spaniards to colonize Southern California.

Militia of Jesus Santa Clara University!

The Santa Clara University is run by the Militia of Jesus.

A Catholic "university" is an oxymoron because the Syllabus of Errors of Pope Pius IX condemns all learning and progress!!

Pope Gregory XVI banned gas lighting and railroads in the Papal States, calling them "the work of the devil."



Anonymous Gavan Newsom's
university yearbook photo!

In the "Suicide City" misruled by Emperor Franz Joseph, parliament vetoed a 1913 bond issue to subsidize the installation of indoor plumbing in overcrowded, filthy, working-class Viennese tenements!

The official recycled Gavan
Newsom portrait.

The real Gavan Newsom had deep brown eyes like his parents. The recycled Newsom has grey eyes and he is not wearing contacts!

When you are looking for a counterfeit you don't look for similarities . . . but differences!

The smallest difference exposes a double. Eye color, ear prints, height etc., etc., are all dead giveaways!


A profile of the recycled Gavan Newsom
with grey eyes.

It is pity that there is no profile of the real Gavan Newsom, or one of him standing up straight for height comparisons. He must have been recycled very soon after entering Redwood High School.

Antichrist will plant his tabernacles from sea to shining sea just before the Second Advent!!

ANTICHRIST is a Greek word and it means a counterfeit or substitute CHRIST...It does not mean an atheist or someone who seeks to abolish the Papacy. There have been several Antipopes like Pisan Pope John XXIII and Spanish Pope Benedict XIII.

According to the real Prophet Daniel, Antichrist will plant his tabernacles from sea to shining sea just before the Second Advent of Christ:

And he (Antichrist) shall plant the tabernacles of his palace between the seas in the glorious holy mountain; yet he shall come to his end, and nobody shall help him (Psalm 72:8, Daniel 11:45).

Whose coming (Gk. parousia, Lat. adventus) is according to the working of Satan, with all power and signs and lying wonders
(II Thessalonians 2:9, Douay-Rheims Version).

That means that the Catholics will go on the "holy" warpath once again to shorten their time in "Purgatory:"

And when they shall have finished their testimony, the beast that ascendeth out of the bottomless pit shall make war against them, and shall overcome them, and kill them. And their dead bodies shall lie in the street of the great city, which spiritually is called Sodom and Egypt, where also our Lord was crucified. And they that dwell upon the earth shall rejoice over them, and make merry, and shall send gifts one to another; because these two prophets tormented them that dwelt on the earth (Apocalypse 11:7-10, Douay-Rheims Version).

The "Holy" Office of the Inquisition and "CHRIST-MAS" are described symbolically in that verse!

A statue of
the "Christ Child" waiting to
kissed by the "sovereign pontiff."

King David (983 BC)—the ancestor of the Messiah born in Bethlehem—admonished us to "KISS THE SON" of Elohim:

Kiss the Son, lest he be angry and ye perish from the way, when his wrath is kindled but a little, blessed are all they that put their trust in him (Psalm 2:12).

King David never imagined that one day a man claiming to be the "Vicar of Christ" would kiss a statue at midnight believing he is celebrating the birth of the Son of David.

Pope Francis kissing a statue of "Baby Jesus" during midnight madness!

That "Christ Child" does not possess the "Key of David" (Apocalypse 3:7), so he cannot open heaven's door for Pope Francis when he dies! The Jesuit dominated dogmatic Council of Trent does not even exempt Popes from an indefinite stay in the hot dark subterranean zone called "Purgatory!"

Saint Paul and his fellow Christians were not looking forward to the birth of the "Christ Child" at the Roman Saturnalia . . . but to his glorious appearing at the Second Coming:

 Looking for that blessed hope, and the glorious appearing (Gk. ephiphaneia) of the great Elohim and our Saviour Joshua the Christ (Titus 2:13).

The Alpha and Omega alphabet has several words for appear like apokalupsis, erchemoi, phainomai, etc., etc.

Roman Catholic Church of the
in Manhattan.

The English word appearing comes from the Greek word ephiphaneia.

Along with parousia and maranatha, it was used by Saint Paul to refer to the Second Coming of Christ only!

Antichrist has substituted the birth of the "Christ Child" in Bethlehem for the Second Coming . . . and it is leading to mass madness and worldwide deception! (Psalm 2:1-12).

Epiphany is now 12 days at the winter solstice when the Roman Catholics are on steroids!

Roman Catholic Church of the
Epiphany in San Fransisco.

The Edomite state in the Mideast was founded by the German Führers to lull Christ's Congregation in the New Jerusalem into a sound sleep! Incredibly, the "Star of David" double pyramid is a Hindu reincarnation symbol like the Swastika. The REAL Jewish nation was destroyed by the Romans in 70 AD, never to be revived again. The Alpha and Omega does not recycle:

And he that sat upon the throne said, Behold, I make all things new. And he said unto me, Write: for these words are true and faithful (Apocalypse 21:5, Douay-Rheims Version).

Not one single person born since Adam and Eva ever returned to earth in a different body. The Messiah and Saint Paul came back from the dead in the very same bodies that they occupied during their lifetimes!

New York Cardinal Timothy Dolan
(b. 1950).

Cardinal Timothy Dolan runs the Jesuit Catholic hierarchy on the East Coast from the "Powerhouse" — Saint Patrick's Cathedral on Comeonwealth Avenue in New York City.

Mexican Cardinal José Velasco runs the Jesuit hierarchy on the West Coast from the diocese of Los Angeles.

Without equivocation, both cardinals swore to embrace the Jesuit Council of Trent dogmas, but secretly, reincarnation is more appealing to them than an indefinite stay in the hot and dark subterranean zone called "Purgatory!"


California Cardinal José Velasco
(b. 1951).

In Saint John's Gospel and Epistle, Antichrist is not a beast with horns and hoofs . . . but a man who LOVES MONEY (I Timothy 6:10)....Judah Iscariot "MR. THIRTEEN" was a type of the Antichrist who was to come before the end of time. "Moneybags" Iscariot was the TREASURER FOR CHRIST and his 11 Apostles. His burning ambition was to be a property owner in Old Jerusalem. That would have ensured him and his children a steady income for life from the millions of pilgrims who visited the holy city 3 times yearly:

While I (Messiah) was with them in the world, I kept them in thy name: those that thou gavest me I have kept, and none of them is lost, but the son of perdition; that the scripture might be fulfilled (Saint John 17:12, Douay-Rheims Version).

Like the Old Covenant Ahithophel who conspired against King David (II Samuel 17:23), Judah committed suicide by hanging when his financial plans went awry. The outspoken Apostle Peter saw the body of his former "friend" hanging from a tree:

Now this man (Judah Iscariot) purchased a field with the reward of iniquity; and falling headlong, he burst asunder in the middle, and all his intestines gushed out.  And it was known unto all the dwellers at Jerusalem; insomuch as that field is called in their proper tongue, Aceldama, that is to say, The field of Blood (Acts 1:18-19).

The MESSIAH died on a living tree . . . not 2 pieces of DEAD WOOD . . . . and Judah Iscariot hanged himself on a living tree!

Incredibly, Antichrist could have planted his tabernacles from sea to shining sea way back in 1967 with the passage of New York State financial aid to parochial schools referendum. At that time only 2 countries in the entire world did not finance Roman Catholic schools: the New Jerusalem and Russia.

Cardinal Francis Spellman
Cardinal from 1939 to 1967.

Cardinal Spellman ran the Jesuit hierarchy on the East Coast, and Cardinal Francis McIntyre was his counterpart on the West Coast.

Spellman was the driving force behind obtaining federal and state financing for his parochial schools.

Once the government finances a religion—no matter how corrupt—a lover of the First Amendment has only 2 options: silence or prison!

Since silence means approval, only the second option remains!


Cardinal Francis McIntyre
(1886 –1979).
Cardinal from 1953 to 1970.

In 1967, the "American Pope" placed state financial aid for his parochial school on the ballot in New York State:

On Tuesday, November 7, 1967, voters went to the polls. Spellman watched the results on television, although there was little doubt as to the constitution's fate. The voter turnout was exceptionally large, as was the vote against the new charter. By a margin of nearly three to one, New Yorkers rejected the new constitution. (Cooney, The American Pope, p. 319).

Incredibly, New York's "Orthodox" Jews were among the most fervent supporters of the new constitution.... If it succeeded in New York, California was sure to follow suit.

When it failed, all hell broke loose in the New Jerusalem. The "American Pope" suffered a stroke and he went to "Purgatory" on December 2, 1967. As revenge for that defeat, New York State Governor Nelson Rockefeller tried to steal the U.S. Presidency without an election!

Armageddon was not canceled by that major setback for the Catholic hierarchy . . . only postponed....So far our Gracious JEHOVAH has postponed it for 55 years . . . so no Christian has the excuse of being sound asleep at midnight (Saint Matthew 25:6).

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