Nothing much is known about Pope Celestine except for the fact that he sent Palladius to Hibernia to stop the missionary work of Saint Patrick.

Pope Celestine I.
Pope from 422 to 432.

Pope Celestine I created the Papal Saint Patrick.

In 431, he ordained Palladius (408461) as bishop, and sent him to the "Scots believing in Christ."

When he arrived in Hibernia (Scotia) the converts of Saint Patrick refused to accept him as their bishop, and the Druids, suspecting that he was a spy, ordered him to leave immediately!



The real Saint Patrick (373465) was morphed into a Babylonian bishop!

Embarrassed by his failure, but buoyed by a sack of gold, he headed north to the birthplace of Saint Patrick. Palladius caused Saint Patrick endless grief, and almost shipwrecked his ministry, when he persuaded a boyhood "friend" of St. Patrick to reveal a youthful indiscretion to the elders of the Congregation. Saint Patrick wrote about that false brother in his Confession.

Palladius never returned to Roma, and he is buried very close to the birthplace of Saint Patrick, in present day Scotland.

Pope Celestine II.
Pope from 1143 to 1144.

Pope Celestine was a "good Pope" became his reign lasted only 5 months!

He is the first Pope mentioned in Malachy's "prophecy" about 112 Popes from his day until the end of time.

If that "prophecy" is true, then the next Pope is #112.


Pope "Innocent" II.
Pope from 1130 to 1143.

His very brief reign was followed by Pope "Innocent" II.

Pope Celestine III (11061198).
Pope from 1191 to 1198.

In 1191, Celestine crowned "Holy Roman" Emperor Henry VI, and then sent him back to Germany.

That emperor never questioned the incongruity of being a "Holy Roman" Emperor and yet not residing in Roma.

His successor was the infamous "Innocent" III.

Pope Innocent III (1160 -1216).
Pope "Innocent" III (1160–1216).
Reigned from 1198 to 1216.

Pope Innocent III sponsored the Children's Crusade, the deadly Albigensian Crusade, and the Fourth Crusade. He was the first Pope to call himself "Vicar of Christ, which in Greek means "Antichrist."

Pope Celestine IV (d. 1241).
Pope for 16 days only!

Pope Celestine IV was another "good Pope" became his reign only lasted for 16 days.

His short reign was bracketed by Inquisition founder Pope Gregory IX, and Pope "Innocent" IV.


Pope "Innocent" IV.
Pope from 1243 to 1254.

As the year 1260 approached, the writings of Joachim of Fiore were all the rage. He divided history into 3 parts, and he predicted that the 3rd epoch would begin in 1260.

Pope "Innocent IV" was looking forward to this New Age of the "Holy Spirit" when all the world would be Muslim!

Pope Celestine V (12151296).
Pope for 5 months in 1294.

Pope Celestine V was another "good Pope" because he resigned after only 5 months.

Why couldn't all the other Popes have followed his example!

It always happens that a "good Pope" is followed by a "bad Pope."


Pope Boniface VIII (1230
Pope from 1294 to 1303.

As a capstone on the gigantic pyramid of error that began with Pope Julius I. Pope Boniface VIII issued a Bull which declared that every human being on the earth was subject to the Papal monarch:

Furthermore, we declare, we proclaim, we define that it is absolutely necessary for salvation that every human creature be subject to the Roman Pontiff. (Unum Sanctum, November 18, 1302).

Islam united was capable of conquering the world, but Islam was a house divided between Sunni and Shia. It is beyond belief how that pontiff was going to conjure up the armies to make his outrageous claim a reality!


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