When will Hollywood make a movie of the sensational life and death of internationally renowned movie star Marilyn Monroe? It would be a blockbuster, and might easily win 7 Academy Awards!!

Marilyn Monroe was born Norma Jeane Mortensen, in Los Angeles, California. 7 years after her birth, her mother went insane, and she was committed to an asylum: "as is the mother, so is the daughter" (Ezekiel 16:44).

Norma Jeane became a ward of the County of Los Angeles, and for the next 15 years she was shuttled back and forth between 12 foster homes. Even though they were not run by the Catholic Church, the foster homes were still gulags, and Norma Jean was molested while still a young girl.

During the 1949 Billy Graham Crusade in Los Angeles, Norma Jeane accepted Christ as her Saviour. As she began to walk the straight and narrow road that leads to heaven, Satan or Apollyon tempted her, and she turned aside to his Vanity Fair. However, she never participated in the orgies that Peter Lawford held (and secretly filmed) at his house on the beach.

Norma Jeane Mortenson
as a teenager.

In 1951, "Cinderella" Norma Jeane adopted the named Marilyn Monroe. Marilyn from Marilyn Miller—a Ziegfeld Follies star, and Monroe because President Monroe was an ancestor.

Marilyn's film career spanned all of the Great Eisenhower Era, when America was truly great.

Marilyn dreamed of playing her greatest role as "First Lady" when she married Robert Kennedy, but she was just a pawn in a diabolical plot to compromise both Kennedy brothers!


Movie star Marilyn Monroe
(June 1, 1926 – August 5, 1962).

Marilyn's murder was a very sophisticated psyop carried out by the British Secret Service. The plot actually began in 1954 when Patricia Kennedy—brother of JFK—married a British actor named Peter Lawford. Paradoxically, Peter's mother, "Lady" Lawford, HATED the Kennedys with a passion. She called their ancestors "barefoot Irish peasants," and she urged her son Peter to become an American citizen in order to vote for Richard Nixon!

All the voluptuous stars in Hollywood were throwing themselves at "matinee idol" Peter, but he showed no interest in marriage until he met Patricia Kennedy.

Patricia Kennedy
(1924 2006).

Patricia Kennedy was the sixth of nine children of Rose and Joseph P. Kennedy Sr.

Peter and Patricia first met at the 1952 Republican National Convention in Chicago. She was there as an "enemy observer."

When she announced her engagement to Peter, her father Joe had him thoroughly vetted. He even asked his friend J. Edgar Hoover to investigate his background.


Actor Peter Lawford
(1923 1984).

Alarm bells should have rung immediately because there was no evidence that Lawford, or his parents, entered the U.S. legally. The London born Lawfords were world travelers on behalf of the British Secret Service, so obtaining state-of-the-art forged documents was no problem.

"Sir" Sidney and "Lady" Lawford
in France, in 1929.

Even though the Lawford family came to California via New York in 1937, there is no evidence that they ever obtained immigrant visas.

The Lawfords were gung-ho British monarchists, who hated all republics, and May Lawford insisted on being called "Lady" Lawford, even in LA.

Peter needed a social security number to work, but producing a forged document would have been "child's play" for the British Secret Service.


The "aristocratic" Lawford family
in Hawaii, in 1934.

Here is a quote from a rare 500+ page biography of Peter Lawford, but it never mentions how his parents obtained legal residence in the United States:

The third week of May, the Lawfords boarded the ocean liner Bremen from a dock in Le Havre and crossed the Atlantic to New York. From there they would take another ship down the Atlantic coast of the United States, through the Panama Canal, and up the Pacific coast to Los Angeles. They remained in New York for a few days before boarding the ocean liner to Los Angeles, and Peter begged his parents to take him to Radio City Music Hall to see the latest Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers musical, Shall We Dance? (Spada, Peter Lawford: The Man Who Kept the Secrets, p. 96).

Peter got his first big break in Hollywood after Pearl Harbor when all the male actors went off to war. While they were overseas fighting the Japanese and Germans, the British Empire was busy conquering California.

The wedding of Peter and
Patricia in 1954.

The wedding of Peter and Patricia took place at Sir Thomas More Church in Manhattan, on April 24, 1954.

The reception was later held at the Plaza Hotel overlooking Central Park.

Kathleen was an heiress, but the purse strings were still tightly controlled by her father, "ambassador" Joseph Kennedy.


The wedding reception
at the Plaza Hotel.

Patricia was an heiress with a fortune worth $10,000,000, but the marriage was a strictly political affair, and Peter had to sign a prenuptial agreement drawn up by the Kennedy family lawyers.

The Lawford beach house
in Santa Monica.

The Kennedys already owned a mansion in Hyannis Port, Massachusetts, and Palm Beach, Florida.

The addition of Peter Lawford to the family gave them a residence on the West Coast.

After the wedding, both Jack and Robert Kennedy were frequent quests, and that is when Peter introduced them to movie star Marilyn Monroe.


Peter and his sisters-in-law, Eunice, Ethel, and Joan celebrating the election of JFK.

Before JFK became President, Peter was a famous movie star. Now he was even more famous as the brother-in-law of the President.

Lawford was the liaison between the Kennedys and Winston Churchill

Lawford was uniquely situated as a liaison between the Kennedy Administration and the British Secret Service in London.

Peter and the President Elect,
January 11, 1961.

As a relative and close confidant of the new President, Lawford had unique access to top secret information.

He was not hesitant about conveying that information to his controllers in London.

Another source of information was fellow agent Jackie Kennedy.


Jackie chatting with fellow agent Peter before the inaugural gala, Jan. 20, 1961.

President Kennedy celebrated his 45th birthday at Madison Square Garden in New York City. Marilyn Monroe was one of the surprise guests, but she didn't pop out of his giant birthday cake.

Peter Lawford introducing
the late Marilyn Monroe.

At a birthday party for President Kennedy on May 19, 1962, Peter Lawford introduced Marilyn as "the late Marilyn Monroe."

In English, LATE is a euphemism for DEAD!

The image on the right is the only photo of Robert and Marilyn together.

Many others existed but they have all been destroyed.

Robert Kennedy, JFK, and Arthur Schlesinger Jr.,
at the birthday bash for the President.

That birthday party for President Kennedy was televised and it was the last live performance that Marilyn ever made.

The conspiracy to murder Marilyn involved far, far more than just the death of a glamorous movie star. Since the President and the attorney general were romantically involved with her, her demise under very mysterious circumstances had the potential to compromise both of them.

Attorney general Robert Kennedy

As attorney general, Robert Kennedy was J. Edgar Hoover's boss.

He would have loved to see Hoover retire, but Hoover had files on his brother the President.

Hoover believed that the main enemy was the Communists, while Kennedy believed that the enemy was within—in the person of the Mafia!


Carlos Marcello was deported
on April 4, 1961.

Robert Kennedy began a ruthless crackdown on the Mafia, and he had top Mafioso Carlos Marcello deported. The Mob felt betrayed because Frank Sinatra actually sang JFK into the White House!

JFK and his healthy father on
the morning of Dec. 19, 1961.


Things were getting so bad for the Mob that Frank Sinatra appealed to the Kennedy patriarch to call off his son.

Joe Sr. agreed, but just after he spoke with his son, he suffered a massive stroke that almost killed him.

Joe was totally incapacitated for the rest of his life.


Joe Kennedy suffered a massive stroke
on the
afternoon of Dec. 19, 1961.

The President's father would have died, but Robert refused the hospital permission to pull the plug. His father survived until 1969, totally incapacitated, and in a vegetable state. Attorney general Robert Kennedy continued his crusade against the Mafia, and he continued to pressure J. Edgar Hoover to retire.

In August 1962, Marilyn began pressuring Bobby to divorce his wife and marry her. She believed that he would succeed his brother to the Presidency, and one day she would play her greatest role as "First Lady" of the land.

Eunice Murray (1902 – 1994)
gave Marilyn a deadly enema.

On the afternoon of August 4, attorney general Robert Kennedy visited Marilyn's house and asked her to turn over the incriminating material. She refused, and he left her alive.

Later in the evening, "housekeeper" Eunice gave her a "Mickey Finn." When she was unconscious, Eunice gave her a toxic enema.

Once Marilyn was dead, Peter was on hand to arrange her death to look like a "suicide."



Lawford arranged Marilyn's
body to look like a "suicide."

At that time, Marilyn was being treated by her physiatrist, Dr. Ralph Greenson.  "Housekeeper" Eunice Murray was a close friend of the doctor, and he arranged for her job as Marilyn's "housekeeper."

Kosher Nostra Dr. Ralph Greenson

After she "discovered" the dead body, the first person Eunice called was Kosher Nostra Dr. Ralph Greenson.

When the doctor arrived he gained entry by breaking a window. He pronounced Marilyn dead and then called the police.

Sergeant Jack Clemmons was the first police officer to "officially" arrive at the crime scene around 4:45 a.m. He noticed that Eunice was doing laundry in another part of the house.



Sergeant Jack Clemmons
(1922 –1998).

When he arrived, Sergeant Clemmons was supposed to secure the crime scene, and have Marilyn's body transported to the county morgue for an autopsy. Instead, he allowed her body to be picked up by 2 morticians. Sergeant Clemmons' boss was the notoriously corrupt LAPD Chief of Police named Captain William Parker.

Captain William Parker (1905–1966).
Chief of Police from '50 to '66.

Captain William Parker was police corruption on steroids.

Before becoming chief, he helped cover-up the brutal murder and mutilation of Elizabeth Short, also known as the "Black Dahlia."

As chief, Parker was supposed to ensure that Marilyn's remains were removed to the county morgue for an autopsy.

Cardinal McIntyre was the liaison with Cardinal Spellman in New York and spiritual advisor to Captain Parker!


Francis McIntyre (1886–1979).
Cardinal from '53 to '70.

The ambitious Captain Parker even dreamed of replacing J. Edgar Hoover as director of the FBI. On the evening of July 16, 1966, he attended an awards dinner in his honor. After receiving a standing ovation, he suddenly slumped over and died from a "heart attack." Unlike the notorious King Herod, he wasn't immediately eaten by worms!

Marilyn's remains were embalmed before an autopsy was performed!

Around 5:30 a.m., mortician Guy Hockett—owner of the Westwood Village Mortuary—received a phone call to pick up Marilyn's body. He arrived with his son Don about 5:45 a.m., and they loaded Marilyn's body on to a gurney; and took her to the mortuary in a station wagon.

The body snatchers—Guy
and Don Hockett.

Under California law, an autopsy is required when the cause of death is unknown.

Around 5:45 a.m., 2 morticians arrived and took Marilyn's body to Westwood Village Mortuary.

Sergeant Clemmons should have forbidden the removal of the corpse by the 2 morticians.


Marilyn's remains leaving her
home for the last time.

Marilyn's corpse was loaded into their nondescript station wagon and immediately taken to the mortuary:

Not long after Murray’s car pulled out of the gates, Guy and Don Hockett drove out of the courtyard in the mortuary van with the film star’s body. Though Billy Woodfield wasn’t ordinarily a press photographer, his instinct grasped the moment. Recently recalling the incident, Woodfield reflected, “Hyams had pressed me into service as a newsy—not my bag—but when the mortician’s van drove off I said to Joe, ‘C’mon, we’ve gotta follow the money!’” Woodfield grabbed Hyams and they ran to their car and followed Hockett’s van. Not knowing where the van was headed, they followed it to the Westwood Village Mortuary, where Alan Abbott, the mortuary attendant who helped in preparing bodies for embalming, was waiting. (Wolfe, The Last Days of Marilyn Monroe, p. 15).

Photographer William Woodfield followed the station wagon, and he took the infamous photo of Marilyn's corpse in the broom closet.

Marilyn's remains wheeled
into the closet.

When word of her death leaked out, reporters began to converge on 1230 Fifth Helena Dr., in Brentwood.

Photographer William Woodfield following the station wagon to the Westwood Village Mortuary.

It was then that the photos of Marilyn's remains hidden in a broom closet were taken.



The infamous Woodfield photo of
Marilyn's remains in the closet.

Reporters monitored the police radio transmissions and news of the death of the celebrity spread like lighting. Reporters never report good news . . . only bad.

A few had already gathered at Marilyn's home and they followed the station wagon to the Westwood Village Mortuary.

Westwood Village Mortuary
in 1962.


Mortuary attendant Allan Abbott was not licensed to embalm, so he assisted the "anonymous" embalmer.

He was disturbed by the presence of the press, so he called in Pinkerton security guards to keep them at bay.

Pinkerton has been a branch of the British Secret Service since its founding in 1850.


Mortician Allan Abbott

Here is a report of that ominous incident from a biography of Marilyn:

Upon removing the body from the van, Allan Abbott became concerned when he discovered that the press had followed Hockett back to the mortuary. "I hid Miss Monroe's body in a broom closet," he recalled. "One of them offered me ten thousand dollars if they could take a picture of the corpse. I knew it wouldn't be long before they'd be descending on us like locusts, and I urged the Hocketts to call in some security. There was just the three of us there and it was a bit frightening—the lull before the storm. Pinkerton's sent over twenty security guards to keep the press at a distance, and before the day was over we could have used more." (Wolfe, The Last Days of Marilyn Monroe, pp. 15-16).

When newly-appointed deputy coroner Dr. Thomas Noguchi arrived at the Los Angeles County morgue at 6:30 a.m., he heard a telephone message from Dr. Theadore Curphey directing him to do an autopsy on Marilyn Monroe. At first he didn't believe it was the movie star, but then he did a search, and he could not locate any corpse bearing the name Marilyn Monroe.

It wasn't until about 9:00 a.m. that Dr. Noguchi located Marilyn's remains at the Westfield Village Mortuary.

Dr. Thomas Noguchi
(b. 1927).

Deputy coroner Dr. Thomas Noguchi was directed to perform the autopsy.

He had never performed an autopsy on any famous Hollywood celebrity, and he was surprised at the order.

The autopsy was a SHAM, and Dr. Noguchi is still alive today because he went along with the "official" version that Marilyn's death was a probable suicide!



Marilyn's remains leaving the morgue before returning to the Westwood Village Mortuary.

Baseball superstar Joe DiMaggio was Marilyn's second husband. The couple were married in 1954 but divorced a year later.

Joe DiMaggio and son Joe Jr. at
the funeral of Marilyn.

NY Yankees baseball superstar Joe DiMaggio was the second husband of Marilyn.

Soon after her murder, he was contacted, and he arranged for her funeral as a private affair.

Her third husband, oy vey playwright Arthur Miller, never bothered to show up!

Joe was genuinely grieving at the
death of his superstar ex-wife.

The occasion was very somber, with only close relatives admitted to the service. Obviously, none of the Kennedys attended . . . and certainly not Peter and Patricia Lawford.

Marilyn's remains leaving the
chapel after the service.

Marilyn's funeral took place on August 8, 1962, at the Westwood Village Mortuary Chapel.

A Lutheran minister conducted the service with reading from the Scriptures and ended with the Lord's Prayer.

Then her body was taken to a local cemetery: Westwood Village Memorial Park.


Westwood Village Memorial Park is the
final resting place of Marilyn Monroe.

Marilyn's death made headlines around the world. Few believed that it was a suicide, and to many, Robert Kennedy was the prime suspect. J. Edgar Hoover was delighted with the success of the operation, and he now had a Sword of Damocles to hang over both Kennedys.

Marilyn's murder was the precursor to the Kennedy assassination!

There is a direct connection between the murder of Marilyn Monroe and the Kennedy assassination. After her murder, Robert Kennedy stopped his Mobster witch hunt.

Peter Lawford leaving the Capitol
after the
ceremony for JFK.

After the death of Marilyn Monroe a great change came over the Kennedy Administration.

Robert Kennedy gave up his witch hunt for the Nosa Nostra, and he never even hinted that J. Edgar Hoover should retire.

The murder was a veritable Sword of Damocles that the FBI director hung over both Kennedy brothers during the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis!


Peter Lawford
comforting his 7-year-old daughter Sydney at the Kennedy funeral.

A much more compliant Presidency emerged, with far less friction between the White House, the CIA, the FBI, and the Pentagon.

Lawford resumed his comedy show with
Jimmy Durante just days after the funeral.

Only 3 days after the funeral of the President, the Kennedys left for Hyannis Port to mourn, and Lawford flew to Lake Tahoe to resume his comedy show with Jimmy Durante.

In December 1965, Patricia Kennedy finally divorced Peter.

In June 1966, Peter and Jackie spent 2 weeks together in Hawaii on vacation.


Peter and his 2 kids, with Jackie and her 2 kids, on vacation in Hawaii, June 1966.

Jackie was accompanied by John Jr. and Caroline, while Lawford was accompanied by his son Christopher and daughter Sydney. Naturally, the Kennedy family was very upset when they saw the dead President's widow cavorting with her former brother-in-law.

Peter went to meet his Maker on December 24, 1984. He was cremated, and his ashes were interred in a crypt in Westwood Village Memorial Park—just 50 yards from Marilyn's remains.

On May 25, 1988, Lawford's 4th wife, Patricia Seaton, had his ashes disinterred from the crypt and scattered at sea. Justice was finally done when his ashes no longer lay close to the remains of the woman he murdered!

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