In 1963, New Yorker Dorothy Kilgallen was the best known female in America. Since 1950, she was a panelist on a popular weekly TV show called What's My Line?; and she wrote a daily column called for the Journal-American called the "Voice of Broadway." Additionally, she co-hosted a radio show with her husband called Breakfast with Dorothy and Dick.

Dorothy Kilgallen
(July 3, 1913Nov. 8, 1965.

Dorothy Kilgallen was a "Great Communicator," and a veritable Renaissance Woman of the 20th century.

She was a panelist on a popular TV show called What's My Line?, and she wrote a daily column for the Hearst owned Journal-American newspaper.

Additionally, she hosted a morning radio program on WOR with her husband Richard.


Richard Kollmar

Dorothy did not need an Evil Rules America Amendment to reach such a prominent position in the country.

The What's My Line? show featured famous, and not so famous, anonymous guests, and the panel had to guess their identities.

The What's My Line? panel in 1952. From
left: Dorothy Kilgallen, Bennett Cerf,
Arlene Francis and host John Daly.


One of the panelists on What's My Line? was Bennet Cerf, who founded the Random House publishing company.

He published Dorothy's book, Murder One, after the book was highly censored.

The Breakfast with Dorothy and Dick show was the precursor to the later morning TV shows.


Breakfast with Dorothy and Dick originated
from their apartments on Park Ave.,
and Fifth Ave.

Dorothy had incredible energy to keep up with her busy schedule. She did not use ghostwriters for her daily column because she had no problem turning out hundreds of words on her typewriter.

Dorothy covered the sensational 1935 murder trial of Bruno Richard Hauptmann, who was accused of kidnapping and killing the Lindbergh baby.

Dorothy wrote
millions of
words on her typewriter.

In 1954, Dr. Samuel Sheppard was accused of beating his wife to death with a blunt instrument.

In any murder investigation, close family members are always the first suspects.

Dorothy reported on the trial for the Journal-American.



Dorothy at the Sam Sheppard
murder trial in 1954.

The doctor was found guilty but Dorothy had serious doubts about the verdict. Later, the guilty verdict was overturned by the U.S. Supreme Court..

Dorothy only met President Kennedy once when she visited the White House, but she remembered that he took the time to receive letters from her son's classmates:

During this time, Kilgallen also arranged, through friendship with Presidential Press Secretary Pierre Salinger, a visit to the White House with son Kerry. When the eight-year-old redhead and his mother arrived, Salinger conducted the tour himself. While in the Cabinet Room, President Kennedy suddenly appeared. He invited Dorothy and Kerry into the Oval Office. While they sat and chatted, JFK looked at a bundle of letters Kerry had brought to the president by Kerry third-grade classmates. (Shaw, The Reporter Who Knew Too Much, p. 43).

That touching scene in July 1961 was the only time the President and Dorothy met, but it left an indelible mark on the reporter and TV personality.

Italian movie star Sophia Loren (b. 1934)
and Dorothy Kilgallen in 1962.

Amazingly, Sophia Loren—a Jackie look-alike—was offered the role of Maria Gambrelli in the Peter Sellers movie A Shot in the Dark.

Sophia declined the role, and that is why she is still alive today!

Marilyn Monroe's murder in 1962 was a vital part of the Kennedy assassination conspiracy!



French actor Yves Montand, Marilyn Monroe,
and Dorothy Kilgallen in 1960.

Marilyn Monroe admired Dorothy a lot because of her beauty . . . and brains....Marilyn knew that jealous people called her a "dumb blonde" behind her back.

Marilyn Monroe's murder was the precursor to the Kennedy assassination!

Marilyn's murder was a very sophisticated psyop carried out by the British Secret Service. The plot actually began in 1954 when Patricia Kennedy—brother of JFK—married a British actor named Peter Lawford. Incredibly, Peter's mother, "Lady" Lawford, HATED the Kennedys with a passion, and she urged her son Peter to vote for Nixon!

Marilyn Monroe
(June 1, 1926 – August 5, 1962).


President Kennedy's son-in-law was an actor and British Secret Service agent named Peter Lawford.

Peter arranged for the President to meet Marilyn at his beach house which also served as the Western White House.

When the President grew tired of Marilyn, he passed her on to his brother Robert.


Attorney general Robert Kennedy

That being Hollywood, sound and video were taken of both affairs. Marilyn was pressuring Bobby to divorce his wife and marry her. She believed that he would succeed his brother to the Presidency, and one day she would play her greatest role as "First Lady" of the land.

Unable to contact him via phone, Marilyn threatened to call a press conference and go public with the incriminating information. Robert visited her on the afternoon of August 4 and explained the situation to her. He asked her to turn over the information, but she refused. After a heated argument, he left her house.

Eunice Murray (1902 – 1994)
gave Marilyn a deadly enema.

On the afternoon of August 4, attorney general Robert Kennedy visited Marilyn's house and asked her to turn over the incriminating material. She refused, and he left her alive.

Later in the evening, "housekeeper" Eunice gave her a "Mickey Finn." When she was unconscious, she administrated a toxic enema.

Once Marilyn was dead, Peter was on hand to arrange her death to look like a "suicide."



Lawford arranged Marilyn's
body to look like a "suicide."

Marilyn's death made headlines around the world. Few believed that it was a suicide, and to many, Robert Kennedy was the prime suspect. J. Edgar Hoover was delighted with the success of the operation, and he now had a Sword of Damocles to hang over both Kennedys.

Frank Sinatra ordered his son "kidnapped" to distract from the assassination!

Movie star and crooner "Ol' Blue Eyes" Frank Sinatra hated the ground that Dorothy walked on because she fearlessly exposed his ties to the Mob. That mobster hated the freedom of the press, and he always opened his shows by lambasting Dorothy.

Rubenstein shot "Oswald" just 2 days
after his arrest in the theater.

Only 2 days after the arrest of "Lee Harvey Oswald," Jack "Kosher Nostra" Rubenstein shot Oswald just once as he was being transferred to the county jail.

"Oswald the Russian" was supposed to be killed in the Texas Theater, so that was a major blunder by the conspirators.

Not supremely confident of success, they had a backup plan that involved the Mafia and the Kosher Nostra!



Mug shot of Jack Rubenstein

Jackie Kennedy also wanted a 100% guarantee that under no circumstances would she be ever linked to the conspiracy.

Sinatra's parents were Sicilians like the parents of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia. His mother Natalie, nicknamed "Hatpin Dolly" by her neighbors, was a "midwife" and abortionist....Sinatra had close ties to all the top Mafia dons in the United States; especially Sam "The Man" Giancana. Giancana also had close ties to Jack Rubenstein.

"Ol' Blue Eyes" Frank Sinatra

Frank Sinatra did more than any other man to elect JFK, and he literally sang Kennedy into the White House!

Around the spring of 1962 they had a "falling out" because attorney general Robert Kennedy began prosecuting top Mafiosi.

To distract the world from the assassination, and the murder of "Lee Harvey Oswald," Frank ordered that his son Frank Jr. be kidnapped!


Frank Jr. was "kidnapped"
on Dec. 8, 1963.

That "kidnapping" was duly carried out on December 8, and it made national headlines. Here is a quote from the unauthorized biography of Sinatra:

The kidnapping began on Sunday night at nine-thirty P.M., when Barry Worthington Keenan, twenty-three, and Joseph Clyde Amsler, his best friend from high school, also twenty-three, knocked on Frank Jr.'s, door at Harrah's Lodge in Lake Tahoe. Frank Jr. was eating dinner with Joe Foss, a musician in the Tommy Dorsey Orchestra, before their first show in the lounge. Pretending to be from room service, the two amateur kidnappers barged into the room, bound and gagged Foss, and carried Frank off at gunpoint to their car, a 1963 Chevrolet Impala with a broken muffler, which carried them through a mountain blizzard to a rented house in Los Angeles, where they held young Frank for ransom. (Kelley, His Way: the Unauthorized Biography of Frank Sinatra, pp. 366-367).

That charade only lasted a few days however as the "kidnappers" were soon arrested. For a brief time it did distract the nation from the bizarre events in Dallas. It also helped to foster the impression that the assassination was carried out exclusively by the Mafia since "Oswald the Russian" was dead.

Dorothy managed to obtain an exclusive interview with Jack Ruby during his trial

The trial of Jack Rubenstein commenced on February 19, 1964. Dorothy was determined to get an interview with Rubenstein . . . and she succeeded.

Judge Joseph B. Brown, Sr. presided at the trial. He was horrified when Melvin Belli from San Francisco showed up to "defend" Rubensein, and not a local attorney.

Judge Brown was a fan of Dorothy and he allowed her exclusive access to Rubenstein for an uncensored interview.

Judge Joseph
B. Brown, Sr.


Judge Joseph B. Brown, Sr. presided at the Rubenstein trial.

The judge greatly admired Dorothy, so he granted her permission to conduct a brief uncensored interview with Rubenstein.

Rubenstein told her that Jackie Kennedy, the CIA, the FBI, the Pentagon, etc., etc., etc., were all involved in the attempted coup d'etat.


Dorothy followed by Jack Ruby defense attorneys Joe Tonahill (center)
and Melvin Belli (right)

The assassination of President Kennedy was supposed to mirror the assassination of President Lincoln . . . with one major exception . . . "Oswald" was supposed to be carried out of the theater DEAD! Boston Corbett—the Londoner who killed James W. Boyd in the barn—was declared legally INSANE!

Texas law recognizes 2 kinds of murder: murder with malice, and murder without malice....If a man unexpectedly catches his wife in bed with another man, and he kills both of them, that is murder without malice, and the maximum penalty is only 5 years in jail ....Premeditated, cold-blooded killing is murder with malice, and the penalty is death!

Melvin Bell (1907–1996) was a secret
FBI agent and a Mafia lawyer.

Rubenstein wanted to plead guilty of murder without malice, and the maximum penalty was 5 years in jail. On appeal, that could have been reduced even further.

Belli would have none of that. He claimed that his client suffered from psychomotor epilepsy.

Even though he was not allowed to testify, the jury knew that Rubenstein was as sane as a saint, so that only left murder with malice, and the death penalty!


Rubenstein and Melvin Belli
conferring during the trial..

Belli did not ever allow Rubenstein to testify, and the jury found him sane, and guilty of murder with malice. The penalty was the electric chair. Rubenstein appealed, but before his appeal was heard, he died suddenly of "cancer." Of course, Belli was delighted that Rubenstein took all his secrets to the grave.

Before his timely demise by "cancer," Rubenstein arrogantly boasted on camera that the truth about the Kennedy assassination would never be known.

For Dorothy, the interview with Rubenstein was the greatest scoop of the century . . . but it also led to her death at the young age of 52.

Dorothy said that she was "about to blow the JFK case sky high"

After the Rubenstein interview, Dorothy continued to pursue the truth with relentless determination. J. Edgar Hoover was furious with her and his agents put her under constant surveillance. They even employed a Dorothy look-alike.

In June 1964, Jackie left Washington City and moved to 1040 Fifth Ave., which was located at 96 St. and Fifth Ave. Dorothy lived on 45 East 68 St. between Madison Ave. and Fifth Ave. The 2 most famous women in America lived within walking distance of each other.

Jackie moved to New York
around June 1964.

Additional motivation to silence Dorothy came when Jackie Kennedy bought a luxury apartment at 1040 Fifth Ave.

Jackie knew that Dorothy knew all about the conspiracy, so she never gave her an interview.

If "Jane Bond" had appeared on What My Line?, Dorothy would have dragged the truth out of her!



1040 Fifth Ave was the new posh
address of Jackie Kennedy.

Dorothy knew that the information she had on the Kennedy assassination was explosive . . . and might even get her killed....However, she was determined to forge ahead, and she had a book about the assassination entitled Murder One ready for the press.

Dorothy's last appearance
on What's My Line?

Dorothy last appeared on What's My Line? on Nov. 7, 1965.

Then she returned home to her apartment on 45 E. 68 St.

According to the official report, her body was first discovered by her hairdresser, Marc Sinclaire, at 12:30 p.m. the following day.

An autopsy was performed and her death was determined to have been caused by a fatal combination of alcohol and barbiturates.


Marc Sinclaire
Dorothy's dead body.

Just 2 days later, Dorothy's close friend and confidant, Florence Pritchett Smith, died of the same causes: alcohol and barbiturates

Florence Pritchett Smith
(1920 Nov 11. 1965).


Dorothy knew that she was a marked woman, so she gave copies of her notes to another reporter named Florence Pritchett Smith.

Smith was married to the former U.S. ambassador to Cuba.

Smith was found dead, also sitting up in bed, and the verdict was the very same in both cases.



Jack Kennedy and Florence
Pritchett in 1944.

As expected, all the notes on the Kennedy assassination were missing....Dorothy was the most famous of all the people associated with the Kennedy assassination who died mysteriously. Even though she was a Catholic, that did not prevent her timely demise.

In 1962, Jackie planned the assassination with top Vatican officials!

Jackie visited Italy in the summer of 1962 to coordinate the assassination with the Mafia and top Vatican officials. Gianni Agnelli was one of the richest men in the world and owner of FIAT. FIAT was the Italian equivalent of the German I.G. Farben. FIAT supplied hundreds of thousands of trucks for the NAZI invasion of Russia in 1941.

Gianni actually served on the Russian front for a brief period before his transfer to North Africa.

FIAT tycoon Gianni Agnelli

The Jesuit general in Roma had to give the green light for the assassination so Jackie visited Italy in August 1962.

Her host was FIAT owner Gianni Agnelli—the richest man in Italy—and one of the richest in the world.

FIAT (Fix It Again Tony) was Fascist to the core, and the main manufacturer of weapons for Benito Mussolini and his Blackshirts.


Jackie and Gianni along the
Amalfi Coast in August 1962.

For Jackie, the summer of '62 in Italy was not all pleasure. She had to go over the intricate and complex plans for the upcoming assassination of her husband.

Jackie enjoying a boat trip with
host Gianni, August 1962.


Behind the facade of fun and sun there was very serious business to attend to.

At the top of their agenda was the upcoming assassination of her husband.

Pamela Digby Churchill tried desperately to marry Gianni, and the FIAT fortune, but he would not marry a divorcée.

Pamela Digby Churchill and Gianni Agnelli were
lovers from 1948 to 1953, but he refused to
marry her because she was divorced.

When Pamela Digby Churchill moved to New York in 1959, she lived at 1020 Fifth Ave. Jackie knew the Harrimans very well because she lived temporarily at the Harriman mansion in Georgetown after she vacated the White House.

General Jean Baptise Janssens
(18891964). General from '46 to '64.

Jesuit general Jean Baptiste Janssens was head of the Militia of Satan at that time.

Without his approval, the assassination would not have received the green light.

Cardinal Montini became Godfather in June 1963, and he gave the Papal "blessing" to all the conspirators.


Cardinal Montini (18971978).
Cardinal from 1958 to June 1963.
Godfather from '63 to '78.

The Vatican and organized crime, or the Mafia in Italy, had to coordinate the assassination with their fellow mobsters in the United States. It is beyond belief but Godfather Montini was canonized by Pope Francis in 2014....When will he canonize fellow countrymen Il Duce Benito Mussolini. . . Gianni Agnelli . . . and Frank Sinatra?

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