Ominously, this year is the 90th and 100th anniversaries of the Beer Hall Putsch. It is not unbelievable to predict that (NATO) North Atlantic
errorist Organization—the successor of the Third Reich—will go on the warpath this year by launching a suicidal preemptive nuclear strike against Russia!

Even though they both countries spoke German, Austrians hated Prussians after their defeat in the 1866 Austro-Prussian War, and no Austrian would serve in a Bavarian Regiment! Additionally, Viennese hated the "music" of Richard Wagner, and the real "Adolf the Artist" would have gone to Paris to study painting . . . and not to Munich!

It is incredible that the French capitulated so quickly to an "Austrian Führer" in June 1940 after sending "Let them eat cake" Austrian Queen Maria Antoinette to the guillotine in October 1793.

World Wars I & II were a continuation of the deadly Thirty Years War (1618–1648), which was triggered by King James I, and financed by the City of London banksters!

A younger, tall Adolf Hitler in a cell
in Landsberg Prison in 1924.

It was during the 1924 Beer Hall Putsch Trial in Munich that the world first heard the name "Adolf Hitler."

At that trial, 2 Hitlers were on trial, but only one Hitler was mentioned by the BBC.

A younger, tall Hitler was on trial who was about 35-years-old.

In 1934, a short Führer returned to the prison to "reminisce!"



A short Führer visiting Landsberg
Prison in 1934 to "reminisce!"

There was an Austrian Adolf Hitler who was suicided, or committed suicide, in the "blue" Danube....Ominiously, Walburga Paget, wife of the British ambassador to Vienna, reported an epidemic of suicides in 1889. The Austrians had very good reason to be suicidal because they lost a war against Prussia in 1866, and the Papal States in 1870....It is beyond belief but the Austrians were more "Catholic" than Italians or Spaniards.

Houston Stewart Chamberlain moved to Munich in 1908 and married Eva Wagner—daughter of Cosima and Richard Wagner (forerunner of the Beatles).

Chamberlain's screeds laid the ideological foundation for the Third Reich, and he fathered at least 3 Hitler doppergängers. His Nazis should have saluted the Führers with: "Heir Hitlers . . . instead of Heir Hitler." His goose-stepping Nazis liked to march to the sound of Richard Wagner "music" . . . instead of Richard Strauss waltzes!

The Austrian Adolf Hitler
1908) age 10.

There is a group photo of the Linz primary school with the Austrian Adolf in the top row center.

Amazingly, there is a school photo of the real Joseph Stalin in the same top row center, circa 1889.

On the right can be seen a classmate who was later identified as the Austrian Adolf.

That is the only authentic surviving photo of the Austrian Adolf.


Linz primary school with the Austrian Adolf
in the top row center.

After the Prussians annexed Austria in March 1938, the short Führer made sure that almost all of the photos of the Austrian Adolf were destroyed!

An Austrian Adolf Hitler
doppergänger age 13.

German, British, and American biographers of the German Hitler identify the boy on the left as Adolf Hitler.

The Austrian Hitler would have been about 13 at that time!

Even August Kubizek—a close "friend" of the Austrian Adolf—identified him as the real Adolf.

Linz secondary school showing a boy who
was later identified as the Austrian Adolf.

Only one MAN in history chose his parents beforehand and that was the Jewish Messiah Joshua. Everybody else has to rejoice or suffer with their parents. Such was the case with the Austrian Adolf.

In 1885, 24-year-old Klara Pölzi married a 48-year-old uncivil civil servant named Alois Hitler. It was definitely not a love match between "Alois the Ugly" and Klara because he already had buried 2 wives!

Alois Hitler (18371903).

By marrying "Alois the Ugly," the attractive 24-year-old adopted the name HITLER.

It is beyond belief but the name H-I-T-L-E-R contains all but 1 letter of the name L-U-T-H-E-R!

The couple's first son, Gustav, was born 4 months later, followed in quick succession by the short-lived Ida and Otto.

Adolf was born on April 20, 1889, and a surviving sister named Paula was born on January 26, 1896.


lara Hitler (1861–1907).

In 1889, a sinister British Secret Service agent named Houston Stewart Chamberlain arrived in Vienna! Chamberlain arranged for the "education" of young Adolf.

Much to the delight of his son Adolf, "Alois the Ugly" was sent to "Purgatory" in 1903. He was only 62-years-old. Merry widow Klara did not do much weeping either. Little did Alois Hitler realize that his name would go down in history as an execration and curse until the end of time!

Musician August Kubizek was a boyhood "friend" of Adolf, and he said that Adolf spent most of his time reading books! Nazis banned and BURNED books!

Vienna was the music capital of the world, and August was allowed to serve in the Reserves because he was a Music Conservatory student!

Musician August Kubizek

On August 3, 1908, August was ordered to report for induction into the Austro-Hungarian Army.

He was given special preference because he was a Music Conservatory student!

On April 20, 1909, Austrian Adolf was ordered to report for induction . . . but he was listed as missing!

In the ultra-Catholic Hapsburg Empire, a draft dodger had 2 options: prison or suicide!


Drowning in the "Blue" Danube was just one of
preferred ways for the Viennese to escape
from the ultra-Catholic regime!

Without a father and mother, the authorities assumed that the orphan escaped the draft by drowning in the "blue" Danube! Suicide was the most logical explanation for his disappearance because Vienna was the suicide capital of Europe at that time.

Crown Prince Rudolf was supposed to have committed suicide in a Romeo and Juliet pact with his lover Mary Vetsera:

Thoughts of death increasingly filled Rudolf's head. Vienna celebrated its supremacy in coffee, pastries, and waltzes, yet it also held the unwelcome distinction of having Europe's highest suicide rate. "At the slightest difficulty these people meet," Walburga Paget recorded in astonishment, "they at once resort to suicide. There must be something in the air in Vienna that makes people do this." Servants she noted "kill themselves because they break a plate, children of seven or eight hang themselves because they cannot do a lesson, soldiers because they do not like the army, girls because they cannot marry their first loves." The situation was so bad she reported, that officials warned her to avoid early-morning rides in the Prater before they cut down the previous evening's suicides hanging from trees (King & Wilson, Twilight of Empire, p. 88).

Walburga Paget was the wife of Augustus Paget, British ambassador to Vienna in 1889, when the Crown Prince was supposed to have committed suicide! Living under a Syllabus of Errors arch-reactionary like Emperor Franz Joseph would drive any sane person to suicide!

With no parents to find his body, and his sister too young to care, Adolf was just listed among the thousands who had suicided in Vienna. The myth of Adolf eking out a living as a "painter" in Vienna until he moved to Munich in 1912 is BUNK! He would have spent that time in jail for failing to report for induction!

Incredibly, there is a myth that "Adolf Hitler" committed suicide with Eva Braun in the Führerbunker in Berlin! That Romeo and Juliet pact was supposed to happen just after the couple married! Couples often commit suicide after the honeymoon . . . never before!

Houston Stewart Chamberlain was the "Father" of the Third Reich!

"Houston we got a problem" Chamberlain arrived in Munich in 1908. The very same year that the Austrian Adolf disappeared. He had a British passport so he could enter and leave the country at will....Austrian sheeple had to register with the local police every time they changed their address!

Houston Stewart Chamberlain
(18551927) in 1878.

Houston Stewart Chamberlain was a gung-ho British imperialists from the time he was born. His father was a real admiral, and his mother was the daughter of a captain in the Royal Navy.

As Houston was growing up, all the talk was about the Crimean War, and the campaign to stop Russia from liberating Tsargrad, or Constantinople, from the Terrible Turks.

That was why he did not pursue a naval career but joined the stealthy British Secret Service instead.



Houston Stewart Chamberlain
in 1886.

Houston Stewart Chamberlain was the King Charles II of the 19th century. He had so many bastards that it is impossible to keep track of them all. He was also fluent in German and French.

Cosima Wagner (1837–1930).

Nazi ideologue Houston Stewart Chamberlain was author of Mien Kamph and a plethora of other racist rants.

He carried on an affair with Cosima Wagner—daughter of composer Franz Liszt—and wife of Richard Wagner.

Richard Wagner died in 1883 leaving her a merry widow!

In 1908, he married Eva Wagner—daughter of Richard and Cosima Wagner.


Chamberlain finally married Eva Wagner
(1867–1942) in December 1908.

Chamberlain was the author of the "Adolf Hitler" diatribe entitled Mien Kampf:

IN THE SPRING of 1912 I came at last to Munich. The city itself was as familiar to me as if I had lived for years within its walls. This is accounted for by my study which at every step had led me to this metropolis of German art. Not only has one not seen Germany if one does not know Munich — no, above all, one does not know German art if one has not seen Munich. (Chamberlain, Mein Kampf, p. 126).

Of course, the city was very familiar to Chamberlain because he had lived there since 1908.

I had left Austria primarily for political reasons; what was more natural than that, now the struggle had begun, I should really begin to take account of this conviction. I did not want to fight for the Habsburg state, but was ready at any time to die for my people and for the Reich which embodied it. (Chamberlain, Mein Kampf, p. 163).

The disinformation curve was steep in the case of the German Adolfs. Later biographers claim he was arrested by the Munich police and taken to the Austrian consul for induction into the Austro-Hungarian Army. He was found unfit to serve . . . but later volunteered to serve in a Bavarian Regiment.

That Adolf Hitler believed the proud boast that "Kaiser Bill," would have "lunch in Paris, and dinner in St. Petersburg," so he expected the war to be over in months!

An "Austrian" Adolf Hitler serving
in a Bavarian Regiment!

WWI started on August 15, 1914, just as the Panama Canal was completed!

According to Mein Kamph, an Austrian named Adolf Hitler enlisted in a Bavarian Regiment.

The Habsburgs were bitter rivals of the Prussians, and no Austrian would serve under Hindenberg or Lundendorff.

That Adolf looks about 35-40. If he survived, the Austrian Adolf would be 25 (1914-1889=25).

That older "Austrian" Adolf looks out of place
among the younger German soldiers!

The calendar does not LIE. If a person was born in 1950, and he/she claim to be only 50-years-old today, he/she is a LIAR!

The best guess is that Chamberlain was his father and Cosima was his mother! That Adolf Hitler is never seen again in any photos of the Führer, so he was probably killed in World War I.

Chamberlain needed an Austrian "war hero" to serve in the German Army so that he could later unite those 2 bitter rivals. President Harry S. Fakeman became a "war hero" and President by counting casualties in the "Great War."

2 tall Adolf Hitlers made their debut during the Beer Hall Putsch Trial in April 1924

A comical Beer Hall Putsch took place in Munich in November 1923. 2 Adolf Hitlers, Erich Ludendorff, Rudolf Hess, Ernst Röhm, Robert Wagner and a few of the ringleaders were jailed in Langsberg Prison. They were charged with plotting to overthrow the Weimar Republic and bringing back "Kaiser Bill" from retirement!

That Chaplinesque putsch was inspired by "Sawdust Caesar" Benito Mussolini's successful March on Roma in March 1922.

The middle-aged Adolf Hitler reading
a newspaper in Landsberg Prison.

The Beer Hall Putsch Trial in Munich was staged managed by the elderly Houston Stewart Chamberlain.

Because of his connection with the controlled British press, the name "Adolf Hitler" became known worldwide.

If found guilty, the 2 Hitlers were subject to deportation to Austria!

The younger, tall Hitler on the right would be about the same age at the Austrian Adolf (35) . . . if he had survived!


A younger, tall Adolf Hitler in a cell
in Landsberg Prison in 1924.

Council for the defense proved that Adolf Hitler served in a Bavarian Regiment for 4 years and received the Iron Cross for bravery!

It never occurred to anyone at the trial to ask why there were 2 Adolf Hitlers. To gain worldwide publicity for the coup plotter, several photos were taken of the "defendants."

Erich Ludendorff and a tall middle-aged Hitler
at the Beer Hall Putsch Trial in April 1924.

The middle-aged Hitler was masquerading as the "Hitler" who was killed in WWI.

The newborn Nazis were convinced that he was the "Adolf Hitler" who served in the Bavarian Regiment reincarnated!





Propaganda poster issued in 1927 showing Ludendorff and
a tall Hitler!

That show trial ended with all the "defendants" acquitted. It was the first time that people worldwide heard the name "Adolf Hitler." The tightly controlled press never mentioned the fact that 2 Adolf Hitlers were acquitted!

3 short Führers made their public debut around 1933

The short Führers made his debut after the false-flag Reichstag Fire on February 27, 1933. Naturally, it was blamed on the Communists, and it gave the Nazis the excuse to seize power. It was the official beginning of the Third Reich under the iron heel of the 3 Nazi Führers.

A short Hitler shaking hands with
von Hindenburg, March 12, 1933.

The Nazis took advantage of the Great Depression to seize power in Germany!

The Great Depression was engineered by British Secret Service agent Herbert Hoover because Alcohol Smith lost the 1928 election!

In the photo on the left can be seen a short Adolf Hitler humbly shaking hands with pickselhaube Paul von Hindenberg.



The short Führer with his wife Eva Braun, April 20,
1933. If the real Adolf was alive he would be 54.

Hinderberg and Lundedorff fought against the U.S. Marines in Belleau Wood, and the 2 Huns were about the same height!

The Swastika was the unmistakable symbol of the Third Reich. The word Swastika is a Sanskrit word and means "good luck, or good karma." It is equivalent to the Latin word "boniface." In other words "good luck" when you are reincarnated or recycled!

A portrait of the official Hitler doppergänger.

The newborn Nazi Party adopted the Swastika as their emblem because it was a Hindu reincarnation symbol!

The 6-pointed-star (SHATKONA) used by the Edomites is also a Hindu reincarnation symbol!

The Nazis were convinced that they were the recycled souls of the millions of German soldiers killed for "Kaiser Bill" in WW1.

On the right can be seen the short Führer visiting the Landsberg Prison cell in 1934 to "reminisce!"


A short Führer visiting Landsberg
Prison in 1934 to "reminisce!"

It was amazing how the Führer on the right shrunk by about 13 inches in a mere 10 years....Everything about the Third Reich was supposed to be GIGANTIC!

The Nazis knew that Hitler would be a tempting target for assassination once they launched World War II. There were at least 3 doppergängers during the war, and from a distance they looked similar. The short Führer was one of the more prominent doppergängers, and he had a mountain retreat called the Berghof, which he shared with this spouse Eva Braun.

Eva Bruan (b. 1912) with her husband
the short Führer, circa 1940.

Eva Braun, wife of the short Führer, was a home movie fanatic and nobody could stop her from making color movies at the Berghof.

Even though they were married, she played the role of mistress of the short Führer!

According to August Kubizek, the Austrian Adolf was an avid book reader! The Berghof had no library, and Eva never filmed her husband reading a book!



Profile of the short Führer taken by
spouse Eva at the Berghof.

Their "double suicide" in the bunker was inspired by the1889 Mayerling Lodge "double suicide" of Crown Prince Rudolf and Mary Vetsera!

The most serious attempt to get rid of the short Führer happened on July 20, 1944. General Erwin Rommel was supposed to replace Hitler, but he was almost killed by 2 RAF Spitfires sent by Winston Churchill.

That doppergänger decided to go along with the assassination charade so Himmler's Gestapo could cast its net far and wide, and get rid of all the officers who opposed ending the war without a Nazi victory!

The bomb damage to the Wolf's Lair
conference room was massive.

On July 20, 1944, Colonel Claus von Stauffenberg entered the conference room with a bomb hidden in his briefcase and activated by a timer.

The Hitler doppelgänger was meeting with about 20 other officers.

That doppelgänger could have been the Landsberg Prison "Hitler" because he rarely appears in photos after 1938.

The short Führer visiting one of the survivors
from the conference room explosion.

The last time we see a Hitler doppergänger he was encouraging the Hitler Youth to fight and die for the doomed Third Reich. The devilish Nazi dogma assured them that they would be reincarnated to fight for a Fourth Reich.

A Hitler doppergänger wishing the Hitler Youth
"good karma" in Berlin, April 20, 1945.

That proboscis doppelgänger ordered his "Hitler Youth" to die fighting fanatically against the Russians so that they would be recycled as future Nazis in a Fourth Reich!

Together with an Eva Braun doppelgänger he acted out a double suicide in the BUNKER!


A Hitler doppelganger wishing the Hitler Youth
"Viel Glück" before his "suicide" in the bunker!

The British Secret Service always guarantee their agents a comfortable retirement. All 3 doppergängers enjoyed a long, highly secluded retirement in Argentina!

Incredibly, an Edomite named Henry J. Morgenthau financed the Third Reich with New Jerusalem gold....The Edomites, or fake Jews, always believed in reincarnation. Edomite Herod Antipas—son of the "Massacre of the Innocents" King Herod—believed that the Messiah was John the Baptist reincarnated:

At that time Herod the tetrarch heard the report about Joshua and said to his servants, “This is John the Baptist; he is risen from the dead, and therefore these powers are at work in him.”  For Herod had laid hold of John and bound him, and put him in prison for the sake of Herodias, his brother Philip’s wife.   Because John had said to him, “It is not lawful for you to have her.”  And although he wanted to put him to death, he feared the multitude, because they counted him as a prophet (Saint Matthew 14:1-5).

The devilish doctrine of reincarnation is as pernicious as the Militia of Jesus doctrine of "Purgatory." Saint Paul said:

And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after that the judgment,  so Christ was offered once to bear the sins of many
(Hebrews 9:27, Douay-Rheims Version).

Ominously, instead of a SWASTIKA, the national flag of the Edomite state contains a 6-pointed star (star of David) which is a Hindu reincarnation symbol called a SHATKONA! (Apocalypse 2:9, 3:9, Douay-Rheims Version).

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