Jacob means SUPPLANTER or USURPER, but after his conversion around 1780 BC, JEHOVAH changed his name to ISRAEL, which means PRINCE OF EL. The real Jews were SUPPLANTED by the Edomites around the time of Pope Julius I:

I know thy tribulation and thy poverty, but thou art rich: and thou art blasphemed by them that say they are Jews and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan (Apocalypse 2:9, Douay-Rheims Version).

Behold, I will bring of the synagogue of Satan, who say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie. Behold, I will make them to come and adore before thy feet. And they shall know that I have loved thee (Apocalypse 3:9, Douay-Rheims Version).

It seems that Saint John—the favorite disciple of the Messiah—was an "anti-Semite!"

Satan, Baalzebub, or Dagon has a wicked and ironic sense of humor....In 1922, Fakeman ran for judge in Jackson County, Missouri, Jackson County is named after the New Jerusalem King David. Additionally, Fakeman said that President Jackson was his favorite President!

Apollyon also LOVES to change and rearrange names....H-I-T-L-E-R is missing just 1 letter from L-U-T-H-E-R—the most hated name to the Edomites!

The "Accidental" President who ushered in the atomic age, founded NATO: North Atlantic Terrorist Organization, the Edomite state of "Israel," and who fired General MacArthur, was definately misapply named:

And they said unto him (Joseph), no my lord, but to buy food are thy servants come, we are all one man's sons, we are TRUE MEN, thy servants are not SPIES (Genesis 42:10-11, King James Version).

From the time that he was born, baby Fakeman had vision problems. Not just spiritually, but physically. His grandfather, Solomon Young, was a Kentucky Edomite who went West with the pioneers in 1841. His parents were unrepentant rebels who hated the Union and idolized General Robert E. Lee, and terrorist raider William Quantrill.

Harry S. Fakeman (1884–1972)
aged 13.

Harry S. Fakeman was born in Barton County, Missouri.

The "S" came from his Edomite grandfather Solomon Young!

He was plagued by poor eyesight from birth, which meant that he had to wear thick eyeglasses.

That precluded him from all physical sports, so he learned to play the piano, which the other boys considered a "sissy pastime."


Harry S. Fakeman aged 19.

Here is a quote from a 1120-page biography of Truman:

It was Mamma also, a year later, who hustled him off to Kansas City for expensive eyeglasses. Though he had been badly handicapped by poor eyesight all along—“blind as a mole,” in his words—no one seems to have noticed until the night of a July Fourth fireworks when Matt saw him responding more to the sound of the skyrockets than to the spectacle overhead. The Kansas City optometrist diagnosed a rare malformation called “flat eyeballs” (hypermetropia, which means the boy was farsighted) and Matt agreed to a pair of double-strength, wire-rimmed spectacles at a cost of $10. (McCullough, Truman, p. 42).

That was one instance when Fakeman was honest about his eyesight.

British Secret Service agent Ted Marks doubled for Fakeman in the Missouri National Guard!!

One thing you need in the modern military is good eyesight. Fakeman compared himself to the one-eyed Hannibal, but that was before the days of rifles and artillery.

Theadore "Ted" Marks (1882
was the Fakeman's double in WWI. .

Theadore "Ted" Marks was Fakeman's double or look-alike.

After serving in the British army he arrived in Missouri in 1906.

A dead ringer for Fakeman, he had perfect eyesight, so he served in the Missouri National Guard under the name Harry. S. Truman!


Ted Marks aka Harry Truman. The real
Truman couldn't even see the horse without his glasses!

Here is a quote about the first meeting between Fakeman and Ted Marks:

The closest friend, however, was First Lieutenant Ted Marks, who was nothing like the rest of the Missouri men, but an Englishman with what seemed a natural military bearing, a pleasant, open face, and protruding ears. Two years older than Harry, Marks was a Kansas City tailor in civilian life whose beautiful custom-made suits sold for as much as $75. He had been born in Liverpool, ran away from home at age sixteen, and served three years in the Grenadier Guards before coming to America. He and Harry had first met more than ten years earlier, in 1906, when Marks walked into the National Guard offices to join up and found a bespectacled young corporal named Truman officiating behind the desk. As Marks would always remember, Harry had asked him how long he had been in the country. Marks said six months and Harry responded, “You speak pretty good English for the time you’ve been here,” which led Marks to wonder what sort of a country he had come to after all. (McCullough, Truman, p. 100).

The author did not mention that Marks was not only his closest friend . . . but his DOUBLE...The only job open to Fakeman in the National Guard was keeping the books!

Ted Marks Selective Service photo had
the name Captain Harry S. Truman.

Under the 1917 Selective Service Law, only physically fit males between the ages of 18 and 30 were eligible for the draft.

Fakeman was 33 at that time.

However, Ted Marks volunteered under the name Harry S. Truman, and he passed the eye test with flying colors.

Marks, aka Truman, was promoted to captain in April 1918 and placed in charge of a field artillery battalion.


Ted Marks, aka Captain Truman, at
Camp Coetquidan, Brittany, July 1918

When Harry was asked later how he passed the stringent eye test he said that he memorized the letters on the chart!

World War I was the quintessential "cover your face war" because of the constant threat of gas attacks by I.G. Farben manufactured gas. Wearing eye-glasses on the battlefield was out of the question. The only job open to Fakeman was a desk job counting the numbers of casualties . . . or the millions of shells fired.

Fakeman's wedding photo with
Ted Marks in the left rear.

Ted Marks was the best man at Fakeman's wedding on June 28, 1919.

Fakeman then opened a menswear store In Kansas City with an Edomite partner named Edward "Eddie" ESAUSON.

ESAUSON also went under the named JACOBSON!

Tailor Ted Marks made suits and did alterations for the customers.


Fakeman and Esauson,

After the wedding, Truman opened a menswear store with an Edomite partner named Eddie Esauson. The store went bankrupt in 1921, so Fakeman ran for Jackson County judge.

Thomas Joseph Pendergast

Tom Pendergast was head of the Irish Mafia in Kansas City, so he arranged for the "election" of Harry Fakeman as presiding judge in Jackson County.

That was Fakeman's first entrée into politics.

Boss of bosses Thomas Pendergast, and the Kosher Nostra arranged for the "election" of Harry S. Fakeman to the U.S. Senate.


Truman sworn-in as presiding Judge in
Jackson County, January 1931.

Harry believed in life after death because thousands of dead people, or "ghosts," returned from Purgatory to vote for him:

This argument was based on an underestimation of the power of Tom's organization. For when the Jackson Country-Kansas City vote was reported, it showed that Harry, Tom's boy, had received the unbelievable vote of 127,529, while Cochran had received only 1525. Tom's machine had come though. The state was stunned. It was unbelievable that even with the Pendergast power, the vote should be so lop-sided. But there was the vote, and of course there was no official questioning of it—at that time. (Powell, Tom's Boy Harry, pp. 71-72).

Harry's opponent in that election was Congressman John J. Cochran. Cochran was way ahead in all the other voting districts, but the "ghosts" sent Harry to the Senate! Additionally, people were afraid to challenge the vote because Tom owned the Ready Mixed Concrete Company!

Harry S. Fakeman knew all about the atomic bomb Manhattan Project!!

When Harry entered the Senate the country was in the depths of the Great Depression. Hitler was Führer in Germany, and the Stalin double misruled Russia.

Senator Harry S. Fakeman with a picture
of Pendergast in the background.

His term as senator began on January 3, 1935, and he kept a picture of his "Godfather" prominently displayed in his Senate office.

When the war started the "Truman" Committee was in charge of investigating cost overruns in government contracts.

Ultra-Anglophile Secretary of War Henry L. Stimson kept Fakeman in the loop about all phases of the Manhattan Project!


"Dinosaur" Henry L Stimson

The development of the atomic bomb was called the Manhattan Project because it was the New World HQ of the Edomites.....As chairman of the "Truman" Committee, there was no way that he could be kept in the dark about the massive expenditures:

Apparently, however, more information kept coming to Truman in one way or other, and by July he had been told enough to know the essential nature of the “very important secret development.” Incredibly, he even put it in a letter to Lewis Schwellenbach, who had since left the Senate to become a federal district judge in Spokane. Schwellenbach had been concerned over sudden, enormous land condemnations for the DuPont Company along the Columbia River near a desolate railroad town called Hanford. Nearly half a million acres were involved and he had written to Truman to inquire about it. On July 15, 1943, Truman wrote to say he shouldn’t worry. “I know something about that tremendous real estate deal,” he said, “and I have been informed that it is for the construction of a plant to make a terrific explosion for a secret weapon that will be a wonder.” He added, “I hope it works.”(McCullough, Truman, p. 100).

His fellow Kosher Nostra Enrico Fermi and J. Robert Oppenheimer were already hard at work on the BOMB....From the very beginning the watchword for the Manhattan Project was "don't let your left hand know what your right hand is doing" (St. Matthew 6:3). That verse is talking about ALMS . . . not ARMS!

Harry S. Fakeman assassinated President Roosevelt!!

Fakeman knew that the office of Vice President was the back door to the White House. 6 Vice Presidents had already entered the White House by that tried and proven method.

The 1944 Democratic National Convention was held in Chicago, Illinois. President Roosevelt did not attend, but he was unanimously nominated for an unprecedented 4th term.

Vice President Henry A. Wallace
In July 1944, President Roosevelt was nominated for an unprecedented 4th term.

Most people expected that Henry A. Wallace would again be his Vice President.

"Assistant President" Jimmy Byrnes was also determined to reach the White House no matter what the cost.

A fierce floor fight broke out between the supporters of Wallace and Byrnes.


James F. "Jimmy" Byrnes

FDR was afraid of the pushy Irish Catholic because he resigned from the Supreme Court to head the Office of Economic Stabilization. Nobody in their right mind ever resigned from the Supreme Court for a lesser position in the government.

With the Convention deadlocked, other candidates were mentioned, but Harry Fakeman was not near the top of the list.

Fakeman signaling that he does
not want to be Vice President!

Publicly, Fakeman denied that he was a candidate for the position of Vice President.

However, behind the scenes Tom Pendergast and the Irish Mafia joined forces with the Kosher Nostra to secure the nomination for the reluctant senator!

Commander-in-chief FDR could not make up his mind, so it went by default to Fakeman.


Vice President at last! Fakeman with FDR
in the Rose Garden, August 1944.

Fakeman was like a papabile cardinal in a Papal conclave who denies that he wants to wear the Triple Crown.....Humbly, he was forced to accept the nomination, and that put him only a heartbeat from the Presidency. The assassination of President Roosevelt took place on April 12, 1945.

3 women were with the President in his final moments: Elizabeth Shoumatoff, Margaret "Daisy" Suckley, and Lucy Mercer. Margaret or Daisy could have given the President a "Mickey Finn" prepared by Doctor Howard Braun.

The Unfinished Portrait of FDR by Elizabeth Shoumatoff.
The Unfinished Portrait of FDR
by Elizabeth Shoumatoff.

Amazingly, on April 12, a Russian "artist" named Elizabeth Shoumatoff was painting the President's portrait.

Margaret "Daisy" Suckley, or Lucy Mercer, could easily have given the President a "Mickey Finn" prepared by Dr. Bruenn.

After his "stroke" physicians Bruenn and Paulin were on hand to make sure that he did not recover!

Funeral service for President Roosevelt
Funeral service for President Roosevelt
before the burial in Hyde Park.

One of the last letters FDR received was a request from Albert Einstein asking him to meet with Dr. Leo Szilard about the use of the atomic bomb.

From Warm Springs Georgia, to his final resting place only took 72 hours—the fastest funeral for a President in the entire history of the nation!

President Truman took the oath of office on the Douay-Rheims Version. In the background can be seen the sinister admiral Leahy. President Truman took the oath of office
on the Douay-Rheims Version.

The Bible was a rare book in the White House but they finally found a Douay-Rheims Version.

With his hand on the Bible, Fakeman was sworn-in as President.

Because the back door to the White House was left open, "give US hell, Harry" finally achieved his lifelong ambition.

Success at last....A "happy Harry" is
finally in the White House!

Right after the Fakeman coup d'etat, Averell Harriman left Moscow and flew to Washington City. The flight was a record breaker, lasting 49 hours and 20 minutes.

Fakeman and billionaire Averell Harriman met
at the White House on April 20, 1945.

As soon as Hillary Clinton's father met with Fakeman he started to lambaste the Russians.

According to that 2-faced billionaire, Stalin was worse than Hitler. Fakeman knew nothing about Russia, but he knew that megabucks Harriman could reward him well for his perfidy!

When Fakeman met the Russian foreign minister he castigated "Stalin" for not keeping his agreements.


Vyacheslav Molotov (18901986).
Foreign Minister from 1939 to 1949.

The meeting with Molotov took place on April 23, just as the Battle for Berlin was raging:

According to Truman’s account of this conversation, Molotov then said: “I have never been talked to like that in my life.” “Carry out your agreements,” Truman fired back, “and you won’t get talked to like that.” As Molotov stood up to leave, Truman handed him a memorandum that he wished the Russian to pass on to Stalin. The document reiterated the points the president had just voiced, in equally strong language. Molotov took his leave. (Baime, The Accidental President, p. 165.)

The astute Russian foreign minister realized that a Fascist coup d'etat had taken place in the U.S. and a war might begin with the U.S. over Berlin. That is exactly what Winston Churchill was praying for during his few sober moments!

Harry absented himself from the White House during the nuclear bombing of Japan!!

On July 6, 1945, Fakeman traveled to Europe by ship, and it took him 8 days to finally reach Berlin. That was not due to any fear of flying because he was one of the first politicians in Missouri to campaign via plane.

Churchill, Fakeman, and the Stalin
double at Potsdam.

In July 1945, Fakeman took a ship to Antwerp, Belgium, and then via plane to Berlin.

When he met Churchill he thanked him for his role in the timely demise of President Roosevelt.

He admired the Stalin double because he used a double to become a war hero!


The Stalin double always kept his left arm slightly bent because the real Stalin had a deformed left arm!

Fakeman did not want a face to face meeting with scientists like Dr. Leo Szilard, who did not want to use the atomic bomb on Japan. Leo Szilard explained that it was the fear of the Nazis getting the bomb first that motivated him to urge Einstein to write him the letter in August 1939.

As in the case of Port Chicago, almost everything was destroyed for about a mile in every direction.
Devastation of Hiroshima after the
dropping of the atomic bomb.

The city of Hiroshima was the target of the world's SECOND atomic bomb on August 6, 1945. The cloud rose to over 60,000 feet in about ten minutes.

Returning via ship again, Fakeman finally arrived back in the White House on August 8.

The THIRD atomic explosion at Nagasaki occurred on August 9, 1945.


Devastation of Nagasaki after the dropping of the plutonium bomb.
Devastation of Nagasaki after the dropping of the plutonium bomb.

When he arrived back, Fakeman went on radio and announced that Japan would face a "rain of ruin from the air" if she did not surrender. Finally, the Japanese surrendered on August 15, and formally signed the surrender documents on September 2, 1945. General MacArthur signed for the U.S., and foreign minister Mamoru Shigemitsu signed for Japan.

Harry did "give US hell" when he established the Edomite state in the Mideast!!

In March 1946, the Babylonian Bulldog traveled to Fakeman's home state of Missouri, and at Westminster College he gave his infamous saber-rattling "Iron Curtain" speech. He probably imagined himself as an elderly King Richard the Babylonian Lyingheart . . . armed with nuclear weapons!

Churchill and Fakeman at Westminster College,
Fulton, Missiouri, March 5, 1946.

The Warlord's infamous "Iron Curtain" speech jumpstarted the Cold War!

Instead of a "Iron Curtain" descending over Eastern Europe, the British Empire was the real "Iron Curtain!"

"From Vancouver in the North, to New Zealand in the South, an "Iron Curtain" has descended over the entire world!" (Daniel 2: 41).


The Babylonian Bulldog delivering his
bellicose "Iron Curtain" speech!

Edomite Leonard Jerome from Babylon on the Hudson was the grandfather of Winston Churchill....That was why he was so anxious to establish an Edomite state in the Mideast:

Churchill's first political involvement in Jewish concerns came in 1904, when he was twenty-seven. That year while still a conservative Member of Parliament for Oldham, he had begun to support Liberal Party causes. His constituency Conservative Party at Oldham told him that they would no longer support him. Needing a new parliamentary constituency and a Liberal one, he accepted the invitation to stand for Manchester, North-West, where a third of the electorate was Jewish (Gilbert, Churchill and the Jews, p. 9).

Churchill's next to the last trip to the United States was just before the assassination of King George VI in February 1952.

The watchword for Fakeman's supporters was "give 'em hell, Harry." He certainly kept his promise when he established the Edomite state. Had President Roosevelt survived he would have given the 666 million Holohoax survivors their own homeland . . . in BRAZIL . . . or ARGENTINA!

Edomite Edward "Eddie"

"Eddie" ESAUSON—Fakeman's old haberdashery partner—arrived in the White House in March 1948 and he reminded Harry of the promise he made way back in 1919.

As result of that promise, the New Jerusalem recognized the Edomite state on May 14, 1948.

It is beyond belief but an Edomite state was established by King Herod Antipater about 70 years before the Messiah began his ministry!


Chaim Weizmann (18741952).
First Edomite President.

Events moved very swiftly after the visit of Esauson to the White House. Cardinal Spellman at the "Power House" in Babylon on the Hudson urged the UN to vote for the creation of the state.

Chaim Weizmann presenting a scroll to
Fakeman at the White House.

Weizmann presented a scroll to President Fakeman at the White House on May 25, 1948.

Beleaguered Edomite Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion visited Fakeman at the White House, and begged him for military aid against the Palestinians who were fighting to recover their lands!


Fakeman and Edomite Prime Minister David
Ben-Gurion at the White House, May 8, 1951.

When the Prophet Ezra was leading the real Jews back from Babylon to Jerusalem, King Cyrus offered him a military escort, but he refused:

For I was ashamed to request of the king an escort of soldiers and horsemen to help us against the enemy on the road, because we had spoken to the king, saying, "The hand of Elohim is upon all those for good who seek him, but his power and his wrath are against all those who forsake him" (Ezra 8:22).

Today, the Edomite state has a thermonuclear arsenal, and they are ready to use it against their neighbors!

Fakeman nominated General Mark Clark as ambassador to the Vatican in 1951

Due to the firing of General MacArthur, Fakeman was very unpopular with the American people and he knew that a third term was unlikely. Therefore he was anxious to start WWIII before he left office. He knew that fellow Edomite Pope Pius XII was just as anxious to wipe Russia off the map.

General Mark Clark (18961984).

On October 20, 1951, Fakeman nominated General Mark Clark for the position of Vatican ambassador.

Pope Pius XII approved the nomination because General Clark won the race for Roma in June 1944.

To the chagrin of Fakeman and his Cold Warriors the nomination was rejected as unConstitutional.

In May 1952 Fakeman appointed rabid Cold Warrior George F. Keenan as ambassador to Moscow.


George F. Keenan (19042005).

Amb. to Moscow for only 4 months.

Keenan tried desperately to start WWIII, but thankfully the Russians expelled him after only 4 months. The nightmare of "Accidental President" Fakeman finally ended in January 1953, and he was replaced by the less belligerent President Eisenhower.

Just before the Suez Canal Crisis, Fakeman traveled to Europe and he visited fellow Crusader Pope Pius XII at the Vatican. Lord Halifax awarded him an honorary degree at Oxford University. That's the same Lord Halifax who celebrated the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor!

Harry and Bess were warmly welcomed when
they visited Pope Pius XII on May 20, 1956.

Pope Pius XII told Fakeman that he would love to evict the Greek Orthodox from the Church of the "Holy Sepulchre" in Jerusalem and say mass there.

Fakeman reminded him that only the Soviet Union prevented that from happening!

Diploma is a Greek word meaning DOUBLE . . . so that was a very appropriate diploma for Fakeman!


Lord Halifax awarding Fakeman an honorary degree, June 20, 1956.

It is beyond belief but most Catholics believe that the Messiah has come already because they celebrate his birthday on Christmas Day!

Oxford University has been Jesuit controlled for the past 400 years....They have a special Department of Toxicology which trains "diplomats" in the use of poison.... Additionally, their Department of "History" teaches that Saint Peter was in Roma, and Emperor Jesus Constantine was the son of a Balkan barmaid!

The mass conversion of "Jews" at the end of the world is symbolized in the Catholic mass!!

The mass conversion of "Jews" at the end of the world is symbolized by the priest moving the missal from the left side of the altar to the right!

Fake "Jews" or Edomites have been around for over 2000 years . . . so the Vatican has no problem fulfilling that "prophecy:"

While the priest purifies the chalice, the server carries the Missal from the Gospel side (the left) to the Epistle side. It must be remembered that at the beginning of the Mass the Missal was on the Epistle side. By the transferal of the Missal again to the Epistle side after the Communion, we are reminded of the final conversion of the Jewish race. Hugo of St. Victor says: “The priest returns to the right of the altar to signify that at the end of the world Christ shall return to the Jews, whom now He has rejected until the fullness of the Gentiles be admitted, for then the remainder of Israel, according to the Scriptures, shall be saved.” St. Paul speaks of the conversion of the Jews to Christianity when he says: “Blindness in part has happened to Israel, until the fullness of the Gentiles should come in.” (Rom. 11:25). (Moorman, The Latin Mass Explained, pp. 176-177).

The priest quotes the Latin Vulgate Version to predict an imaginary conversion of "Jews" at the end of the world:

For I would not have you ignorant brethren of this mystery, lest you should be wise in your own conceits, that blindness in part has happened to Israel, until the fulness of the Gentiles should come in. And so all Israel shall be saved, as it is written, there shall come out of Zion, he that shall deliver, and shall turn away ungodliness from Jacob (Romans 11:25, 26, Douay-Rheims Version).

Even the Latin Vulgate Version says SO and not THEN....The Redeemer came out of Zion at his FIRST COMING....Saint Paul urged his fellow Jews to believe in him NOW, before they became suicidal like Judah Iscariot, and died by the sword of the Roman legions!

It is not an exaggeration to state that most of the Popes from the time of Julius I were Edomites. A real Jew named Saint John is the quintessential numbers Saint, and he gave us the number of the Beast:

And here is the mind which hath wisdom. The seven heads are seven mountains, on which the woman sitteth. And there are seven kings: five are fallen, and one is, and the other is not yet come; and when he cometh, he must continue a short space. And the beast that was, and is not, even he is the eighth, and is of the seven, and goeth into perdition (Apocalypse 17: 9-11).

King David was a type of the Messiah and he was the 8th son of Jesse:

Thus Jesse made seven of his sons pass before Samuel. And Samuel said to Jesse, “JEHOVAH has not chosen these.”  And Samuel said to Jesse, “Are all your sons here?” Then he said, “There remains yet the youngest, and he is keeping the sheep.” And Samuel said to Jesse, “Send and bring him. For we will not sit down until he comes here.” (I Samuel 16:10-11).

When Christians read that verse the story of Samuel selecting David would have immediately come to mind, so they would have associated the Antichrist with a double or counterfeit David.

Shepherd boy David was despised by his brothers because of his questionable parentage, likewise, the Messiah was accused of being illegitimate because of the Virgin birth.

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