The war started on June 25, 1950, when some 90,000 North Korean soldiers stormed across the 38th Parallel which separates North Korea from South Korea.

The 38th Paralle
l separates the Sheeple's
public of Korea from the Korean Republic!

The bloody Korean conflict began on June 15, 1950, and ended in an armistice or stalemate on July 27, 1953.

The Sheeple's Republic of China supports the North while the United States supports the South!

The military standoff or stalemate has not changed in 70 years!

The highly militarized 38th Parallel today.

The 38th Parallel separates the Sheeple' Republic of Korea from the Korean Republic....No serous clashes have occurred since the uneasy truce in 1953. History does repeat itself in marvelous ways, and today's truce is like the medieval standoff between the Crusaders and the Muslims during the time of Hajji Francis of Assisi.

Oliver Franks (1905
Amb. from 1948 to 1953.


Oliver Franks was British ambassador to the U.S. during the Korean War.

John Colville Hutchinson was appointed British chargé d'affaires to Beijing in 1950, and he assured Mao Zedong that North Korea would Dunkirk the Americans without any help from his Chinese Communists!

Italian-born John J. Muccio (19001989) was the U.S. ambassador to South Korea.



No image of devious diplomat
John Colville Hutchinson exists!

The Soviet Union evacuated North Korea in 1948, and left a huge quantity of military material behind....Communist China rushed in to fill the vacuum. A small contingent of U.S. troops remained in the South, and they were due to be withdrawn.

"Accidental" President and Cold Warrior Harry S Fakeman was the MI666 spy in the White House when the war started:

And they said unto him (Joseph), no my lord, but to buy food are thy servants come, we are all one man's sons, we are TRUE MEN, thy servants are not SPIES (Genesis 42:10-11,King James Version).

JEHOVAH declares the end from the beginning, and from ancient times the things not yet done (Isaiah 46:10).


According to the Constitution, only Congress is allowed to declare war....In 1950, the Democrats, led by House Speaker Sam Rayburn controlled Congress.

Fakeman would have no problem receiving the green light from the powerful Sam Rayburn.




Confederate Sam Rayburn

In the 1946 mid-term elections, the Republicans won control of both Houses of Congress. They immediately introduced the 22nd Amendment which would limit Presidents to 2 terms in office.

Senator Arthur Vandenberg

The Republicans knew that Fakeman wanted to follow the example of FDR and be "President for Life."

Subsequently, they introduced the 22nd Amendment which would limit his term to 8 years. The Amendment was passed by 36 states in record time, and took effect on March 1, 1951.

Fakeman was FURIOUS . . . and both Senators had untimely deaths!


Senator Kenneth Wherry

Both senators were devout Christians, and they invited a Scottish immigrant named Peter Marshall (19021949) to be Senate chaplain. His prayers were upsetting Satan and some of the senators, so he also had an untimely death!

Fakeman ignored Congress and went to the UN in New York....The first U.S. ambassador to the UN was named Warren Austin, and he was a Cold Warrior like Fakeman

The UN Security Council consisted of 5 members: USA, Russia, U.K, France, and the Republic of China. Fakeman expected a unanimous vote to condemn the invasion. Of course, it was a Catch 22 situation for the Soviets because Mao Zedong claimed to be a Communist fighting U.S. imperialism in Korea!

Jacob Malik (19061980).

Russian amb. to the UN from '48 to '52.

Russia recognized the Republic of China as far back as 1921.

When Fakeman went to the UN, ambassador Malik realized that it was a trap designed to implicate Russia in the invasion.

The ambassador displayed the wisdom of Solomon and absented himself from the vote!


Dr.Tsiang Tingfu (18951965).
Chinese amb. to the UN from '47 to '62.

He left New York before the vote was taken, giving as an excuse that ambassador Tingfu should not be representing China.

From that time onward, Fakeman was bewildered, because his advisors promised him that Russia would veto any resolution condemning the invasion!

Ambassador Malik returned to the UN in August, but by that time Truman was committed to the Korean War—without implicating Russia—and without the consent of Congress.

Fakeman created NATO: North Atlantic Terrorist Organization, and he also created the Edomite state of "Israel." When the Korean War started he was a dangerous Cold Warrior because only the Pentagon possessed a nuclear arsenal!

Anglophile Dean Acheson (18931971).
Secretary of State from '49 to '53.

Ultra-Anglophile Dean Acheson was Fakeman's Secretary of State.

Averell Harriman—Hillary Clinton's father—was his "special advisor."

Megabucks Harriman, Oliver Franks, and Dean Acheson were Fakeman's puppetmasters!

Harry Fakeman warmly greeting billionaire
Averell Harriman in the Oval Office.

From the start, the Fakeman was in over his head because he was no match for the cunning duplicity of Lord Halifax, Winston Churchill, Oliver Franks, and Dean Acheson.

Marguerite "Maggy" Higgins

Marguerite "Maggy" Higgins was a war correspondent for the New York Herald Tribune who reported the Communist invasion from the very beginning.

That feisty female was born in Hong Kong with an Irish-American father and a French mother!

The pen is mightier than the sword, so Maggy's fearless, truthful reporting got her banned from the battlefield.



New York Herald Tribune
Maggy in combat with her typewriter!

She appealed to General MacArthur at his HQ in Tokyo, who rescinded the ban....Maggie experienced firsthand what it meant to be a soldier under the abysmal conditions prevailing in South Korea.... Additionally, she demanded no special treatment because she was a female.....Compare that heroine with the wimpish women of today— who fear a fake pandemic—and yet want to rule the New Jerusalem!

General Douglas MacArthur (18801964) commanded UN forces in Korea.

The U.S. forces, aka UN forces, were almost Dunkirked by the ferocious Communist onslaught.

General MacArthur, from his HQ in Tokyo, executed a fabulous amphibious landing behind enemy lines.

The surprise landing occurred at Inchon, and then it was time for the Communists to retreat!

General MacArthur coming ashore triumphantly
at Inchon, September 15, 1950.

After the harbor was secured, MacArthur arrived regally. The general was 70-years-old when he marched ashore triumphantly. He never spent a single night in Korea because he liked his warm comfortable bed in the U.S. embassy in Tokyo.

The landing at Inchon reversed the military defeat, and soon the Communists were in full retreat. The sudden change in the battlefield caused alarms bells to ring at 10 Downing Street.

Clement At
tlee rushed to Washington to urge
President Truman to fire General MacArthur!

On Dec. 4, 1950, Prime Minister Clement Attlee arrived to Washington and demanded that Harry Fakeman fire General MacArthur!

Fakeman was under tremendous pressure from the British ambassador, and secretary of state Dean Acheson.

Attlee was alarmed by the fact that Mao Zedong might have to help the North Koreans.

Clement Attlee conferring with Fakeman about
the "grave situation" in South Korea. .

The first casualty of that meeting was General Walton Walker. General Walker was the man who saved South Korea after the first vicious onslaught.

Generals Patton and Walker in Europe
before the general's assassination.

General Walker was a protégé of General Patton and the 2 soldiers developed a very close friendship.

During WWII the fightin' Texan earned the sobriquet "Patton's Bulldog."

Patton saved the U.S. at the Battle of the Bulge, and Walker saved the U.S. Eight Army in Korea.

A great soldier killed by a "traffic accident!"


General Walton Walker
(Dec. 3, 1889 Dec. 23, 1950).

After the Inchon landing, Walker did not see eye to eye with MacArthur because he was allowing the Communists to escape. He felt it was another Falaise Gap debacle when 250,000 Nazis escaped and lived to fight another day!

Patton's so-called limousine
after the "fatal crash."

Ominously, General Hobart Gay, the man who was in the limousine when General Patton was shot, also served with General Walker in Korea.

General Patton died on Dec. 21, 1945, and General Walker died on December 23, 1950.

Both men were great patriotic soldiers, and both men were assassinated!


General Walker's wrecked jeep after
the fatal crash in South Korea.

After the Chinese officially entered the conflict, everything changed. Truman went on the new medium of TV and announced that he was relieving General MacArthur of his command for insubordination.

Fakeman announcing the firing of General
MacArthur, April 11, 1951.

Fakeman said that under the Constitution he was commander-in-chief, and MacArthur was insubordinate.

That was the reason he gave for firing MacArthur!

Fakeman already ignored the Constitution when he consulted the UN instead of Congress!



General Ridgway (1895 1993) succeeded Generals Walker and MacArthur.

Falsem appointed General Matthew Ridgway to succeed the assassinated General Walker, and then he succeeded General MacArthur. Ominously, Harriman and Ridgway flew to Tokyo at the beginning of the war and Ridgway was suggested as a replacement for General Walker!

Ridgway was a lot more subservient to Truman and his British puppetmasters, so he held many lucrative positions, and lived to a ripe old age!

MacArthur's farewell speech,
April 19, 1951.

After his firing by Fakeman, the general returned home to a tumultuous welcome in every city.

On April 19, he address a joint session of Congress, and that is when he made his memorable quotes "there is no substitute for victory," and "old soldiers never die, they just fade away."

MacArthur considered running for President in 1952, but General Eisenhower was selected to run as the Republican candidate against Adlai Stevenson.


MacArthur's triumphant ticker tape
parade in NYC, April 20, 1950.

The Korean War did not "fade away" with MacArthur's retirement. As a matter of fact it became more deadly and ferocious . . . like the trench warfare in WWI, with neither side gaining any advantage.

President Eisenhower in South Korea,
Dec. 2, 1952.

President Eisenhower forced the Communists to come to the negotiating table by threatening to use nuclear weapons.

An armistice was finally signed on July 27, 1953.

An armistice is just a truce or a temporary cessation of hostilities. WWI ended with an armistice in 1918, and the war resumed in 1939.


An armistice was signed on July 27, 1953.
formally ending hostilities.

Nothing was achieved by the war except the deaths of millions of people. Both sides returned to the 38th Parallel where the war started in 1950. The only good news was the fact that Truman, Halifax, and Churchill lost a golden opportunity to start WWIII with the Soviet Union.

Communism was conceived and born in Britain!!

Communism was conceived and born in Britain. Evolution and the globe play a critical role in that false ideology. The Communists are looking for a UTOPIA on earth after capitalism is destroyed. UTOPIA is from the Greek word OU TOPOS (no land) so UTOPIA means a "nowhere land."

Bitter Christian persecutor Sir Thomas More coined the word for his 1516 book Utopia. He also wrote a book attributed to King Henry VIII entitled Defense of the Seven Sacraments....Utopa for Sir Thomas More was a land where ALL copies of the Holy Bible were banned!

Karl Marx (1818 1883).

Marx became possessed by the demons Gog and Magog when he moved to London in 1849.

With a globe on his desk, and a monkey on his back, he wrote the Communist Manifesto and Das Kapital in the British Library!

In 1857, Marx began contributing articles to the New York Tribune, which became the New York Herald Tribune in 1924.

Besides being the Father of Communism, he was also the Father of "Fake News!"

Tomb of Karl Marx in Highgate
Cemetery, North London.

There was nothing original about the other member of the deadly duo who founded Communism.

Bolshevik Vladimir Lenin
(1870 1924).

Lenin's career was a diabolical duplicate of Marx. He arrived in London in 1902, and was immediately possessed by the demons Gog and Magog.

Then he headed for the British Library under the alias Jacob Richter.

Lenin kept returning to London and the Library. His last visit was in November 1911.


Lenin stayed at this house in north
London from 1902 to 1903.

By 1911, Winston Churchill's cousin "Kaiser Bill" was ready to invade France. His watchword was: lunch in Paris, dinner in St. Petersburg. Had he succeeded there would have been no need for Vladimir Lenin and the Russian Revolution.

During the russian Revolution, Lenin compared the Bolsheviks to the Jacobins in Paris.

Like other Bolshevik leaders, he had read a lot about the French Revolution and was always looking for French precedents for contemporary Russian developments. He admired Robespierre, the Jacobins and their forceful efforts to consolidate the revolutionary regime even though they were ultimately unsuccessful. It is hard to believe that it never crossed his mind that, if his own party seized power, the international and domestic resistance might result in protracted carnage. Indeed there is documentary evidence that he deliberately downplayed this admiration in public for fear of weakening the party’s popularity. (Service, Lenin: A Biography, p. 375).

King Charles II had many, many children during his exile, and Napollyon Bonaparte was a descendant of just one of them. The French Jacobins were the counterparts of the British Jacobites.

The real Joseph Stalin
(1878–1929), aged 33

Lenin was succeeded by the real Joseph Stalin, who ruled the Soviet Union until 1929.

Amazingly, the Stalin double was sent to Communist utopia just as the Korean War peace talks started.

It was the end of an era, and Churchill never had another chance to provoke a war with Russia using his Chinese Communist client state.


The Joseph Stalin double died
on March 5, 1953.

It was also the beginning of new era in Babylon on the Thames when Queens Elizabeth and Lilibet were crowned as monarchs.

All true Christians should pray fervently that the hammer and sickle will soon be gone with the wind:

How is the hammer of the whole earth cut asunder and broken! how is Babylon become a desolation among the nations (Jeremiah 50:23).

The reason why the sun never sets on the British-Communist Empire is the fact that the SON of Elohim can't trust them in the dark!!

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