Don Winston Churchill was the most ruthless gangster of the 20th century. In almost every country of the world you will find his bloody fingerprints. His granddaughter-in-law, Hillary Digby Churchill Clinton, almost became President of the United States in 2016. It is not surprising that he should be enthralled with twins became he was the most two-faced man who ever lived!

Capo Winston Churchill
(Nov. 30, 1874 -
Jan. 24, 1965).

Don Winston Churchill was Boss of Bosses from 1914 to 1965, and he whacked anyone who opposed him!

The first recorded meeting with the Windsor Twins happened in 1928 when he was shooting grouse with King George V at Balmoral Castle.

King George V was his cousin, and also the cousin of "Kaiser Bill"—the favorite grandson of Queen Victoria.


King George V (1865 1936).
King from 1910 to 1936.

Here is a quote about the historic first meeting of the trio from a biography of Winston Churchill:

In September 1928, when shooting stag and grouse with the King at Balmoral, Churchill reported to Clementine on the daughter of the Duke and Duchess of York, Princess Elizabeth, who was then two and a half. He said that she is a 'character. She had an air of authority and reflectiveness astonishing in an infant.' Elizabeth was then third in line but, as the Prince of Wales had yet to marry, Churchill could hardly have guessed that she would ever be queen, let alone that he would be her first prime minister (Roberts, Churchill, p. 332).

That was not Elizabeth . . . but LILIBET . . . the supernatural twin that he was referring too....From his youth, Churchill had imbibed the theory of evolution propounded by "Kissin' Cousin" Charles Darwin. He believed that humans were just evolved animals, and he couldn't understand how 2 identical humans could have totally different personalities.

The Duke and Duchess of York
holding Lilibet in 1926.

Churchill was also astonished how 2 little girls who looked exactly alike could have totally different personalities.

Obviously, that future Nobel Prize for Literature winner never bothered to read the Bible!

After meeting the Twins for the first time, two-faced Winston decided to become their GODFATHER!


Princess Lilibet aged 3.

As the founding father of MI6, Churchill was also keenly interested in doubles and look-alikes. The Nazi dictatorship of his cousin Adolf Hanover provided an unprecedented opportunity to study what he called the phenomenon of twins!

Churchill ordered Dr. Joseph Mengele to mass produce twins at Auschwitz!

Churchill served in South Africa doing the Boer War, or more correctly, the GOLD WAR. He was desperate for recognition that would make him a "war hero."

Churchill as a soldier in the Boer War.

Churchill was very familiar with concentration camps because he pioneered them during the Boer War in South Africa.

Women and children were herded into brutal camps, where many died of exposure.

World opinion was outraged by the beastly behavior, but no nation challenged the Babylonian Lion.

Boer women entering a concentration camp.
Boer women entering a
concentration camp.

The concentration camps in Nazi Germany were modeled after Churchill's concentration camps in South Africa. Churchill was enthralled and perplexed by twins, and he ordered a doctor named Joseph Mengele to find answers to the perplexing questions.

entrance to Auschwitz
concentration camp.

Dr. Joseph Mengele, the "Angel of Death," was put in charge of the twins' experimentation in Auschwitz.

Churchill believed that twins could be bred like cattle, and Mengele was ordered to produce an army of twins for the Third Reich!

Mengele sought out "fake Jews" for his experiments because they produced a preponderance of twins.


Dr. Joseph Mengele

Mengele's bizarre experiments were doomed to failure because man is not like a beast . . . and he did not come from a beast. To the great disappointment of Churchill, Mengele failed to produce an army of twins for the Third Reich.

Churchill killed King George VI to put the Twins on the throne!

George, Duke of York, became king in 1936 when King Edward VIII resigned to marry the man he loved. Winston Churchill was delighted to be rid of Edward because George was completely in his pocket.

King George VI (1895–1952).
King from 1936 to 1952.

King George VI was the WWII king. He became king in 1936 when Edward VIII resigned to marry the man he loved!

The king has a serious speech impediment; he dreaded meeting strangers, and he spent his evenings at home with his needlework!

Winston was delighted that the king left him completely in charge of running the war!


King Edward VI and
General Eisenhower.

When Churchill visited the king to share his latest strategy for winning the war, the king preferred to show him his latest needlework creations:

The Duke and Duchess rarely dined out. At evenings, the happy bath hour over, the children bedded and the day's work done, they would sit one on each side of the fireplace like any other young married couple, happy in each other, not requiring any outside diversion. The Duke was astonishingly expert with a needle. He once made a dozen chair covers in petit point for Royal Lodge. I remember he got rather tired of filling in the background, so I obliged and let him go on with the more amusing part of the design. (Crawford, The Little Princesses, p. 45).

In January 1952, Lilibet and Prince Philip set off on a tour of the British Empire. The first leg of that tour was a stop in South Africa. King George VI gave the couple a "bon voyage" at the airport, little realizing that he would never see them again.

King George VI saying "goodbye" to
Princess Lilibet at London Airport.

On January 31, 1952, Princess Lilibet left London Airport for a tour of the British Empire.

Just 6 days later it was reported that King George VI "died suddenly in his sleep."

On February 7, Princess Lilibet disembarked at London Airport as Queen Elizabeth II.

Princess Lilibet, aka Queen Elizabeth II,
arriving at London Airport.

According to her private secretary, Martin Charteris, Lilibet did not shed a single tear when she heard of the sudden demise of King George VI. That was not surprising as he was not her real father.

Everything was prearranged before the tour began. Charteris had the accession paper with him and all Lilibet had to do was sign them and chose a new name for herself. She chose the name ELIZABETH which was the name of her Twin.

The funeral of King George VI,
February, 1952.

King George's lying in state took place at Westminster Hall from February 9 to February 11.

The king was buried at Windsor Castle on February 15.

Predictably, Lilibet put on a great show of mourning.


Lilibet "mourning" the death
of King George VI.

Lilibet was very anxious to begin governing her Empire, but for propriety's sake a year a "mourning" had to be held to honor the memory of the late King George VI.

Lilibet knighting Winston
Churchill, April 24, 1953.

It was no coincidence that Churchill was the first prime minister during the reign of the Twins.

With the Twins on the throne, he was determined to pursue the Cold War with renewed vigor.

Joseph Stalin was assassinated on March 5, 1953, and Churchill visited President Eisenhower in Dec. 1953.

Eisenhower and Churchill in Bermuda,
December 1953. The 2 raised fingers
signify the Twins.

During World War II, General Patton referred to Eisenhower as "Sir Dwight" because he was completely in Churchill's pocket. Winston was disappointed that Eisenhower did not run as a Democrat because that is the party of the British Empire.

When he visited the new President in December 1953, he expected the same cooperation as he got from President Truman. President Eisenhower was not as cooperative as during the war, and Churchill left Bermuda secreting cursing the President!

In October 1957, exactly one year after the Suez Canal Crisis, Lilibet arrived in the United States to celebrate the April 1607 founding of the Jamestown Colony. She was all smiles on the outside but inside she was BURNING WITH RAGE at the President.

Queen Elizabeth II and President Eisenhower, October 1957.
Lilibet and President Eisenhower,
October 1957.

Lilibet was absolutely furious at President Eisenhower for forcing the British to disgorge the Suez Canal.

Inside the velvet glove was an iron fist determined to avenge that defeat.

In her 1957 Christmas message, the queen said that she visited 3 countries that year: Portugal, France, and the United States!

Lilibet's 1957 Christmas message.

Neither of the Twins attended the funeral of President Eisenhower, and neither of them attended the funeral of President Kennedy.

Winston, "Ari," Jackie, and the Twins planned the JFK assassination!

The assassination of President Kennedy was the last hurrah for Winston Churchill. He fully expected that the coup d'état would succeed and "Oswald the Russian" would be blamed. He knew that the U.S. would not do a "Pearl Harbor," but the assassination of the President would justify a thermonuclear first strike by Curtis "Mad Bomber" LeMay.

"Ari" first met Robert Kennedy at a party hosted by Pamela Churchill in 1953:

Robert Kennedy and Aristotle Onassis met for the first time at a cocktail party given by the English socialite Pamela Churchill at the Plaza Hotel in New York City in the spring of 1953—the year Jacqueline Lee Bouvier married John F. Kennedy (Evans, Nemesis, p. 1).

Obviously, the planning for the Cuban Missile Crisis, and the Kennedy assassination, began way back then.

Aristotle "Ari" Onassis

As a front man for the British Secret Service, Aristotle Onassis owned a huge fleet of freighters and tankers.

Beginning in 1958, Churchill made the first of eight cruises on the Christiana, where planning for the Cuban Missile Crisis and the Kennedy assassination began in earnest.

During the Cuban Missile Crisis "Ari" shipped "Soviet nuclear missiles" to Cuba.

Aristotle and Churchill on the yacht
Christiana in the Mediterranean.

As far as Churchill was concerned, the assassination of President Kennedy was a complete failure because it did not result in a thermonuclear first strike on the Soviet Union!

The wedding of Jackie and "Ari" in 1968.
The wedding of Jackie and "Ari"
in October 1968.

Many people suspected that Jackie played a major role in the assassination of her husband.

One fearless reporter named Dorothy Kilgallen was pleading with Jackie to appear on What My Line?

In 1968, to escape the questions, Jackie decided to marry "Ari" and move to Greece.


"Ari" and Jackie on the Christiana
after their wedding.

Many people were outraged that Jackie would marry a foreigner, but it was a natural choice because "Ari" could be counted on to keep her role in the assassination secret.

Funeral services for the godfather were held in Saint Paul's Cathedral!

Amazingly, funeral services for Winston Churchill were held in the London landmark called St. Paul's Cathedral. St. Paul was carried in chains to Roma on a ship named after the twins Castor and Pollux. After his first appeal to Emperor Nero, he was released, and it was then that he preached the Gospel in Spain, and the new Roman colony of Britannia.

The funeral of Winston Churchill
in St. Paul's Cathedral.

On January 30, 1965, Lilibet attended funeral services for Winston Churchill in Saint Paul's Cathedral.

The Apostle Paul strictly prohibited women usurping authority over men in the political realm (I Timothy 2:12-14).

Saint Paul also stated that JEHOVAH hated the evil twin ESAU (Romans 9:13).

Lilibet at Churchill's funeral in
St. Paul's Cathedral.

It is obvious that neither TWIN ever read the writings of the Apostle Pau

But I suffer not a woman to teach, nor to usurp authority over the man, but to be in silence. For Adam was first formed, then Eve. And Adam was not deceived, but the woman being deceived was in the transgression (I Timothy 2:12-14).

Churchill was an avowed evolutionary atheist, who did not believe in the Genesis account of the Creation and Fall of Man. If that "Nobel Prize for Literature" winner even opened a Bible he could not have failed to read St. Paul's opinion of the evil twin Esau:

As it is written, Jacob have I loved, but Esau have I hated (Malachi 1:3, Romans 9:13).

The Last Day will not be very pleasant for MIGHTY MAN Winston Churchill:

The great day of JEHOVAH is near, it is near, and comes quickly, even the voice of the day of JEHOVAH, the MIGHTY MAN shall cry there bitterly (Zephaniah 1:14).

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