The real Paul McCartney and the rest of the "Fab Four" were titaniced after their last concert in Candlestick Park, San Francisco, on August 29, 1966.

Most people would not credit Adolf Hitler as being one of the founders of Rock and Roll, but he did play a vital role in bring the confirmed bachelor Jim McCartney and Mary Mohan together.

James McCartney (1902
with the Cheshire cat grin.

In June 1940, Papal Irish Jim McCartney and Mary Mohan were forced to spend the night together during one of Hitler's bombing raids over Liverpool docks.

Mary had a vital position as midwife because Catholics believed that all unbaptised babies went to Limbo.

Beatles' fans can thank Hitler for bringing the couple together!!


Midwife Mary McCartney

Jim was 39-years-old at that time and a confirmed bachelor:

Coincidently, that same night the Third Reich showered Liverpool's busy harbor with bombs, forcing Jim and Mary to spend the night huddled together downstairs. "It was love under duress," Mike McCartney told me in a 1984 interview in Liverpool. "They were together ever after, even until Mum's sad passing." (Giuliano, Blackbird: The Life and Times of Paul McCartney, p. 12).

There is another Beatles connection to Nazi Germany through the Volkswagen Beatle car.

The twins Paul and Michael
as infants.

The twins were born on June 18, 1942, in Walton Hospital, Liverpool.

The twins were born under the Gemini zodiac sign.

Fortune tellers cannot explain how 2 totally different personalities can have the same sign.


Paul and Michael dressed alike.

The father was allowed to visit them in hospital because Mary worked there as a nurse. He was appalled at their condition: all bloody after kicking and punching each other in the womb.

Jim attributed their survival to a Papal "miracle." Remarkably, the authorized biography of the Beatles mentioned nothing about the birth of Michael. He is first introduced as a typical twin fighting with his brother:

Jim had rigged up a set of receivers for each of the boys in bed, as an attempt to get them to bed early, keep them there, and stop them from fighting. They did fight a lot, but not more than most brothers. Michael used to call Paul "fatty" to annoy him. (Davies, The Beatles: The Authorized Biography, p. 26).

Nothing has changed since the days of the fighting twins Jacob and Esau and Romulus and Remus.

Father McCartney and his 7-year-old
twins in the meadow.

Jim had high hopes that the twins would grow up and become male versions of the Hungarian Dolly Sisters, who took America and Europe by storm.

That was not to be as one of the twins was retarded.

Paul was enrolled in Stockton Wood Road Primary school when he was 6, but there is no evidence that Mike ever attended school.



Mother Mary and the twins. Michael, the
mentally challenged twin is on the right.

Coincidently, Mary McCartney died of "cancer" on October 31, 1956, and right in the middle of the Suez Canal Crisis.

The McCartney twins aged 9.

Mother Mary suffered a very timely death from "cancer" on October 31. 1956. She was only 47-years-old.

Twin brother Mike seemed to disappear about that time also because there are no more photos of him available.


Paul McCartney at the Liverpool
Institute in 1956.

Murder and identity theft are still crimes on that imprisoned island, and almost everybody in Liverpool knew that Paul McCartney had a twin brother.

Mike McGear was the substitute for Mike McCartney!

Once a person becomes famous, everybody wants to know about his/her background and family history. The Jewish Messiah Joshua was called illegitimate by his enemies

Before Mr. Lincoln became President, nobody cared about his family history. Once in the White House, his enemies went back to the day he was born to try and find some scandal to discredit him. When John Charles Frémont—the man who saved California for the United States—was running for President, his enemies called him a BASTARD because his parents were not yet married when he was born.

The British Secret Service knew that all 4 Beatles would be under a microscope. A stand in for the missing Mike McCartney was found but he looked nothing like the original.

Mike McGear
aka Mike McCartney.

Around 1962, when the Beatles became famous, it was obvious that reporters would begin investigating their backgrounds.

A substitute for the missing Mike was found but he looked nothing like the real Mike.

A Paul McCartney look-alike did exist but he was reserved for a later assignment.

The fake Paul McCartney and
the fake Mike McCartney.

Nothing is real in Strawberry Fields—the real Paul McCartney could neither read nor write music and he never wrote any songs with John Lennon. Even his own father told him that only the people in London could compose music.

The Beatles and the Pope Benedict XIII connection!

It is beyond belief but the Beatles were advertising a 15th century Spanish Inquisition Papal "saint" named Vincent Ferrer.

The cover of the album with the
chopped-up babies.

Dominican friar and Inquisitor Vincent Ferrer was the patron "saint" of chopped-up babies.

Ferrer was the main supporter of Spanish Pope Benedict XIII.

Supposedly, Ferrer worked a "miracle" by putting a chopped-up baby back together again.

Vincent Ferrer is the patron
"saint" of chopped-up babies.

There was a special place reserved for the handicapped at Beatles' concerts, but there is no evidence that any mother brought a chopped-up baby to be put back together again.

A handicapped Beatles fan
A handicapped Beatles fan
waiting to be healed!!

The real Rock of Ages healed the sick and lame; raised the dead, and restored sight to the blind.

In a mocking parody of the ministry of the Messiah, the handicapped were presented to the Beatles in hopes that they would heal them!!

Fans expected their gods to work miracles!!

The front rows at concerts were reserved
The front rows at concerts were reserved
for the handicapped.

Doubtless, the Jesuits would have canonized the dead Beatles if any real "miracles" had taken place during their concerts.

The twin Queen presented a twin Beatle with a medal

On October 26, 1965, all 4 Beatles were invited to Buckingham Palace to receive a MBE from twin Lilibet.

Twin Lilibet gave a medal to

twin Paul McCartney.

Queen Lilibet awarded the 4 Crusaders a medal for their outstanding work in furthering the interests of the Papal British Empire.

To earn that medal, all Paul McCartney had to do was strum his guitar and sing; and follow orders from "Intelligence Officer" George Martin.

Almost all of the "Lennon and McCartney songs" were written by Beatles' boss "Sir" George Martin.

The 4 Mop Tops were presented with
medals by twin Lilibet.

Less than a year later, all 4 Beatles disappeared into San Francisco Bay, and that ended the lunacy that became known as Beatlemania

The fake Beatle met the Putin double in Moscow!

The original Beatles were banned in Russia so that great nation was never subjected to the lunacy of Beatlemania. Probably the only Russian word the "Fab Four" knew was Sputnik.

,In May 2003, during a critical year when Mother Russia faced its greatest threat from NATO and the the British Empire, the fake Paul was allowed to play in Red Square.

The official President Putin
The official 2010 President Putin
photo from Wikipedia.

The real President Putin was a highly intelligent and patriotic Russian who had the tremendous responsibility of saving Christian civilization.

He had no time to host or hobnob with an MI6 agent impersonating a dead Beatle!

The man who met him in Moscow was a dead ringer for President Putin.


"Paul" must have taken a crash course in Russian,
or "Putin" took a crash course in English.

The Cold War did not end in 1991 with the collapse of the Soviet Union. It just grew more intense, with NATO moving ever closer to the borders of Russia.

The 2 doubles having a tête-à-tête
in Red Square.

That "Putin" always seemed to have a big smile on his face, even though his country faced the greatest threat from NATO since the Nazis were at the gates of Moscow.

The real President Putin spoke German fluently, but the dead ringer had no need of a translator.



The fake Putin having tea in the Kremlin with
the fake Paul and his wife Heather Mills.

So successful was the real President Putin in saving his country, and the entire free world, that he was assassinated in 2014. and the dead ringer replaced him.

Vital links

The Russian Branch of the British Secret Service!!


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