While golfing with President Eisenhower in Bermuda, Prime Minister Macmillan warned President Eisenhower
that if he did not nuke the Soviets . . . they would conquer the world . . . and outlaw golf!!

2 brothers were responsible for the hellish US-UK Mutual Defense Agreement: Allen and John Foster Dulles. That agreement was signed under the ASSumption that Churchill had the hydrogen bomb and was now a member of the "Big 3 Hydrogen Bomb Club."

An agreement is not necessarily a treaty. Whereas treaties require advice and consent by two-thirds of the Senators present, sole executive agreements may be executed by the President acting alone.

The agreement led to the doomsday scenario called the Cuban Missile Crisis. Every conflict that the Pentagon fought since 1958 can be attributed to that hellish agreement. Nuclear testing in Nevada, and the poisoning of the country with radiation emitting nuclear power stations, can also be attributed to the agreement.

Allen Dulles
Allen Dulles (1893–1969).

CIA director from '53 to '61.


Spymaster Allen Dulles headed the CIA, which is the U.S. Branch of the British Secret Service.

John Foster Dulles was Secretary of State under President Eisenhower.

Both men were responsible for deceiving the President into believing that Churchill had the hydrogen bomb.

John Foster Dulles
John Foster Dulles (1888–1959).
Sec. of State from '53 to '59.

President Eisenhower was one of the most beloved Presidents in U.S. history. He ended the Korean War and resisted the tremendous pressure from the Pentagon to launch a first strike thermonuclear attack on the Soviet Union. Even though he was a general, he knew that the U.S. did not do Pearl Harbors like Hitler and Hirohito.

President Eisenhower
President Eisenhower
President from Jan. 52 to Jan. 61.

Almost everybody "liked Ike," particularly his handling of the 1956 Suez Canal Crisis.

By forcing the Papal British lion to disgorge the Suez Canal, he let every nation know that the era of colonialism had ended forever.

The Fifties were the "finest hour" for the United States of Israel.

Dulles dominated the government during the frequent illnesses of the President
John Foster Dulles was the driving force behind the agreement from hell.

The Suez Canal was the gateway to India and the reconquest of the vast country.

If Churchill had only read the book by the Jewish Prophet Daniel, he would have seen immediately that IRON and CLAY do not mix, and saved himself the trouble of mending the broken "special relationship."

This he did not do. He fired prime minister Sir Anthony Eden and replaced him with a protégé named Harold Macmillan. Churchill ordered Macmillan to repair relations with President Eisenhower immediately.

Harold Macmillan was the driving force behind the hellish agreement!!

In 1942, Macmillan met general Eisenhower in North Africa, and he was able to ingratiate himself with the general because he had an American mother from Indiana.

Harold Macmillian (1894–1986).
Harold Macmillan (18941986).
Prime minister from '57 to '63.

In January 1957, Winston Churchill appointed Harold "Supermac" Macmillan prime minister.

He ordered him to immediately repair the ruptured relationship with President Eisenhower.

In March 1957, Macmillan met President Eisenhower in Bermuda.


President Eisenhower shakes hands with Harold Macmillan in Bermuda.
President Eisenhower shakes hands
with Harold Macmillan in Bermuda.

Providentially for Churchill, 1957 was the 350th anniversary of the founding of the Jamestown Colony in Virginia. He ordered Queen Elizabeth II to visit the United States to celebrate the anniversary. This was one of the two countries the queen HATED to visit, the other one is RUSSIA.

In October 1957, exactly one year after the Suez Canal Crisis, the Queen arrived in the United States to celebrate the April 1607 founding of the Jamestown Colony.

Queen Elizabeth II and President Eisenhower, October 1957.
Queen Elizabeth II and President
Eisenhower, October 1957.


In October 1957, Queen Elizabeth II visited the United States for the 350th anniversary of the founding of the Jamestown Colony in Virginia.

In June 1958, Machiavellian Macmillan visited President Eisenhower and told him that Britain was now in possession of the hydrogen bomb.

Macmillan warned the President that the Soviets would outlaw golf if they conquered the world!!

President Eisenhower and Harold Macmillan at the White House, June 1958.
President Eisenhower and Harold Macmillan at the White House, June 1958.

The charm offensive by Queen Elizabeth II and Harold Macmillan worked wonders because the hellish agreement was signed on July 3, 1958.

After the launching of Sputnik 1 in October 1958, the cunning Macmillan visited the avid golfer President once again, and insisted that the United States must join Britain and nuke the Soviets . . . before they conquered the world and outlawed golf.

Harold Macmillan put Kennedy in the White House!!

Under Winston Churchill, the man most responsible for the Kennedy Administration was Harold Macmillan. "Camelot" was actually directed from 10 Downing Street.

When it comes to spying, Britannia rules, because Downing Street is named after a spy.

President Kennedy and Harold Macmillan, Washington City, April 1962.
President Kennedy and Harold Macmillan, Washington City, April 1962.

Joseph Kennedy–father of JFK–had a burning ambition to get his "Catholic" son in the White House.

Winston Churchill owed "the Ambassador" a big favor because he double crossed him over the Tyler Kent affair.

Winston repaid the debt by the 1960 "election" of JFK.

President Kennedy and prime minister Macmillian at the White House.
President Kennedy and prime minister Macmillan at the White House.

When the hellish 1958 US-UK Mutual Defense Agreement was signed, the Pentagon turned over a number of their deadly Davy Crocketts to the British.

Harold Macmillan presiding
Harold Macmillan presiding
over a U.S. Cabinet Meeting.

Incredibley, Macmillan presided over a U.S. Cabinet Meeting in April 1962.

The main topic of discussion was the upcoming Cuban false flag operation.

It would have been more honest if Macmillan and Kennedy had switched residences!!

Macmillan and Jackie Kennedy
Macmillan and Jackie Kennedy
were very close friends!!

John F. Kennedy married Jackie Bouvier in 1952. Previous to that time he was married to Durie Malcolm–a twice divorced Palm Beach socialite. According to Latin Church canon law, that marriage was invalid because it was not performed by a priest in front of two or three witnesses.

The 43-year-old playboy son of a multi-millionaire father was no match for the Machiavellian Macmillan. Macmillan was old enough to be his father. Furthermore, Kennedy was way in over his head in the thermonuclear age. In any other age it wouldn't have mattered, but with the fate of all mankind hanging in the balance, the White House was the last place in the world for him.

When Kennedy had outlived his usefulness, Macmillan ordered his assassination, and "Supermac" was too sick to attend the funeral of his "close friend." "Supermac" didn't even bother to attend the funeral of another "close friend" President Eisenhower.

Why would a country sign a mutual defense agreement with its deadly enemy???

The stationary earth is not big enough for a monarchy and a republic to coexist. The two systems are inimical. The Prophet Daniel predicted that iron and clay, symbolizing monarchies and republics, would be forced to share the stationary earth at the end of time.

A mutual defense agreement is supposed to be a 2-way street. During the entire 10 years of the Vietnam War, the Iron Kingdom didn't even send a medical unit to help the U.S. wounded!!

Since at least 1700, the Iron Kingdom has been ruled by the Papal Parliament. The British monarchy was stripped of all its finances by the Civil List Act of 1698. From that time onward, all the finances for the kingdom are in the hands of the Papal Parliament. Common people on that imprisoned island have no say in the horrible doings of their government.

Attempted annexation of the Louisiana Territory to the British Empire
Attempted annexation of the Oregon Territory to the British Empire
Attempted annexation of California to the British Empire
Assassination of President Lincoln
Assassination of President McKinley
Assassination of President Roosevelt
Attempted assassination of President Ford to make Nelson Rockefeller king!!
Cuban Missile Crisis–all life on earth almost ended!!
Assassination of President Kennedy

The last HONEST MAN to rule the Iron Kingdom was King George III . . . and he was almost driven mad.

Contact your representative immediately to cancel this hellish agreement!!

An agreement is not like a formal treaty that requires approval by two-thirds of the Senate. Usually agreements are top secret and only need the signature of the President and Secretary of State. Consequently, cancellation would only require those two signatures.

The Papal British are all potential Guy Fawkes. They love to blow things up. The only thing the IRON KINGDOM ever wanted from the United States of Israel are nuclear weapons . . . to blow up Mother Russia!!

For the sake of Presidents Jackson, Lincoln, and Eisenhower, do your patriotic duty and contact your Senator or Congressman immediately.

If you don't, that hellish treaty will drag the United States into a thermonuclear war with Russia. Ask them also to close down all the deadly, irradiating nuclear power stations in the country.

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