This expose will turn Stalin the "Man of Steel" into plastic, and make all previous histories of World War II obsolete . . . or gone with the wind!....The only thing that the double had in common with the real Joseph Stalin was the fact that both men wore MOUSTACHES!!

A profile of the real Joseph Stalin
taken in 1911.

In the summer of 1929, the long tall Joseph Stalin never returned from his vacation in Sochi.

He was replaced by a much shorter double!!

Ivan is Russian for John, and only the British Secret Service, and top officials in the Third Reich knew the deadly double's real name!


Nazi foreign minister Joachim von Ribbentrop
is smiling because he just signed a friendship
Pact with the Ivan The Terrible double.

After losing millions of men in World War I, Germany was not ready to go on the warpath just 20 years later....However, with a British Secret Service agent terrorizing the Soviet Union, the Hitler doppelgängers were convinced that their Third Reich could not possibly lose a war with Russia!

Stalin's birthplace in Georgia.
Stalin's birthplace in Georgia.

Georgia was an outpost of the British East India Company, where Britannia played the deadly "Great Game" without any rules.

Stalin's birthplace was a poor peasant's shack.

That would later help to create the "legend" of the poor proletarian Stalin.


The real Joseph Stalin
(1878–1929), aged 23

No father can really be sure of the paternity of his children, and that was definitely true of the man who became the forerunner of Bolshevik "Joseph Stalin."

Ekaterina Dzhugashvili (1858–1937)
was the mother of Stalin.

Ekaterina Dzhugashvili was his really tall mother, and Besarion Dzhugashvili was his surrogate father.

Several men had been proposed as the real father of Stalin, but only his mother Ekaterina knew the truth.

It most certainly was not the poor cobbler Besarion!


No photo exists of the surrogate
father of Joseph Stalin.

When he was 10-years-old, the poor cobbler's son enrolled at the prestigious Gori Preparatory Ecclesiastical School:

In September 1888, Joseph was enrolled in the first grade of the Gori's Preparatory Ecclesiastic School, which usually only the sons of the gentry and clergy were accepted. A neighbor pointed out years later that "it was at that time highly unusual for a boy with a peasant background and a peasant name like Dzhugashvili to be accepted at the Ecclesiastic School (Brackman, The Secret File of Joseph Stalin, pp. 5-6).

If Greek was part of the curriculum he would have learned that the Greek word for ACTOR is HYPOCRITE ....Incredibly there are similar photos of Stalin and Hitler at the primary school.

Stalin in school in the top row
center, c. 1889.

There are class photos of Stalin and Hitler which show both boys standing in the top row center.

Nothing happens by accident in politics, so both boys knew that they had been chose to play a special role in the future history of the world.

Little did Stalin realize that his role was only to prepare the way for a "Bolshevik" actor!


Hitler at school in the top row
center, in 1899.

In the spring of 1904, Joseph Stalin graduated from the Ecclesiastical School and enrolled in the Tiflis Orthodox "Seminary," when he got free tuition, room and board, as well as an allowance. His benefactor was an Orthodox priest named Koba Egnastashvilli.

Tiflis Theological Seminary was the Okhrana HQ in Georgia. .
Tiflis Theological "Seminary" was
the Okhrana HQ in Georgia.

As an outpost of Britannia Inc., Georgia was crawling with Okhrana agents.

The Tiflis Theological "Seminary" was their HQ.

In 1894, when Stalin was 16, Koba Egnastashvili enrolled him at the "seminary" for training as an Okhrana agent.


Joseph Stalin aged 16
at the "seminary."

Stalin later adopted the nickname Koba after his benefactor. In May 1899, Koba was expelled from the "seminary" for "reasons unknown." After his expulsion from the "seminary," Stalin began his career as a Marxist revolutionary.

Joseph Stalin in exile in Siberia in 1904.

In 1903, to establish his identity as a Marxist revolutionary, Stalin was exiled to Siberia for 3 years.

However, he escaped after 1 year, and returned to Tiflis to continue his activities as a "Bolshevik."

Mugs shots of the really tall Stalin were taken by the Okhrana in 1911.


Mug shots of Joseph Stalin taken in 1911
by the Okhrana in St. Petersburg.

St. Petersburg was the center of the Russian Revolution, and that is where the real Stalin first met Vladimir Lenin. Georgia was on the southern periphery of the vast Russian Empire, so provincial Stalin had to broaden his horizons.

The second marriage of Joseph Stalin was a shotgun wedding!!

Taking time out from building his legend as a "Bolshevik Revolutionary," Stalin married Ekaterina Svanidze in 1906. It was a marriage of convenience as she was already pregnant.

Ekaterina was just a doormat for Stalin . . . and she died mysteriously just 1 year later.

Ekaterina Stalin

The official religion of Marxist-Leninism was atheism, but Stalin married Ekaterina Svanidze in an Orthodox Church ceremony in July 1906.

The couple had 1 child named Jacob (19071943).

Jacob was later captured by the Nazis, and the Stalin double refused to have him traded for another prisoner, so he died in a concentration camp!


The tall Stalin at the funeral of his first
wife Ekaterina, Nov. 1907.

The second marriage of Stalin was a shotgun wedding because the future bride's father threatened to shoot him:

Stalin had left Moscow by train for the Volga region port of Tsaritsyn on 3 June 1918, a month before the Left Eser uprising. He was accompanied by Sergey Alliluyev and Alliluyev's youngest daughter Nedezhda, who had just turned 17 and had asked to be Stalin's secretary. One night Sergey Alliluyev heard screams coming from Nedezhda's compartment. He rushed in with a pistol in his hand, Nadezhda, sobbing, told him that she had been raped by Stalin. Stalin pleaded with Alliluyev not to turn the episode into a scandal and offered to marry Nadezhda. Because she was too young, their marriage was registered a year and a half later, on 24 November, 1919. Their son, who was born at that time, was named Vasily, The name Vasily continued to have special significance for Stalin. (Brackman, The Secret File of Joseph Stalin, p. 149).

That was one promise that the real Stalin feared to break because the couple were married in November 1919.

The wedding of the real Stalin and Nadya
was definatley not a love match.

The wedding of Joseph Stalin to Nadya Alliluyeva was a shotgun wedding, meanings the bride's father threatened to shoot him if he didn't marry his daughter!

It was definitely not a love match.

6 months after the birth of Svetlana in 1926, Nadya left him and took the 3 children to Leningrad!


Nadya Stalin (1901–1932)
with baby daughter Svetlana.

Shotgun weddings never turn out well in the end:

But domestic life with Stalin had a different tenor and was extremely volatile. Nadya made a first attempt to leave him in 1926, when Svetlana was only six months old. After a quarrel, she packed up Sveltana, Vasili, and Svetlana's nanny and took the train to Leningrad (as Saint Petersburg was named after Lenin's death), where she made it clear to her parents that she was leaving Stalin and intended to make her own life. (Sullivan, Stalin's Daughter, p. 46).

If the real Stalin was such a "ruthless dictator," why did he have to beg his own wife to return with his children?....Nadya did return, and in 1932 she was "suicided" in the Kremlin by the Stalin double!!

Ivan The Terrible double replaced the real Joseph Stalin in 1929

The "Communist" state founded by the British Secret Service was indeed a terror state . . . even for those at the very top of the red pyramid. Felix Dzerzhinskky was one of the Fathers of "Communist" Russia, and he occupied a prominent position in the omnipresent state security apparatus.

Felix Dzerzhinsky

Felix Dzerzhinsky was head of the secret police and he discovered a file that proved that the real Joseph Stalin was an Ockhrana agent in his youth.

After making a two-hour-long speech to the Bolshevik Central Committee, Felix was handed a glass of water.

After drinking the water he promptly dropped dead in the hall.


The real tall Joseph Stalin at the funeral
of his "friend" Felix Dzerzhinsky.

There was absolutely nothing subtle about the sudden death of Dzerzhinsky:

During his speech, Dzerzhinsky drank from a glass of water that was periodically brought to him. Before he finished his speech, he suddenly turned pale, lost consciousness, collapsed and fell off the rostrum. He was carried to the lobby, where he died before the eyes of delegates who gathered around him. (Brackman, The Secret File of Joseph Stalin, p. 192).

The very tall Stalin joined the many mourners at his funeral. Stalin did not know then that his turn to meet his Maker would come in just 3 more years!

The real Stalin was absent from the Kremlin during the summer and fall of 1929:

Over 1929, with Stalin controlling from afar on a prolonged Black Sea holiday, for the best part of the summer and autumn, the latest grain crisis was used for the further intensification of propaganda for mass collectivization, with the proposed figures increasing weekly. (Conquest, Stalin: Breaker of Nation, p. 157).

That was more than a "prolonged holiday" for the real Joseph Stalin.....Suddenly he arrived back in Moscow greatly reduced in stature. Mother Russia is such a vast country, and never stopped growing since the time of Peter the Great.

Nikita Khrushchev (18941971),
in 1935.

2 British Secret Service agents named Nikita Khrushchev and Lavrentiy Beria masterminded the coup d'etat that replaced the real Stalin with Ivan Anonymousky.

Lavrentiy was head of the dreaded NKVD secret police (Soviet Gestapo), and Heinrich Himmler was his counterpart in Nazi Germany.

Throughout the 1930's a literal reign of terror engulfed Russia, with millions of people killed!


Lavrentiy Beria (18991953),
in 1930.

Ivan Anonymousky gave his approval to fellow agent Nikita Khrushchev's forced collectivization of the farms in Ukraine, which caused famine and the deaths of millions.

The real Stalin with Sergey Kirov
(18861934), in 1926.

Sergey Kirov represented the "human face" of Communism.

He was a rising star in the Bolshevik hierarchy, and he seemed to get along well with the real Stalin, but he was brutally murdered in 1934.

His death was the pretext for the reign of terror known as the Great Terror.


Stalin and Kirov with Leningrad party
officials in 1926.

Sergey Kirov was shot and killed by order of Ivan Anonymousky and Beria. Kirov's death was later used as a pretext for the escalation of political repression, and the executions of the Great Terror.

Ominously, the Great Terror eliminated thousands of the best and most patriotic soldiers in Mother Russia.

The Stalin double with Kirov on the right
in December 1929.

Sergey Kirov represented the "human face" of Communism.

He was a rising star in the Bolshevik hierarchy, and he seemed to get along well with the real Stalin, but he was brutally murdered in 1934.


A greatly shrunken "Stalin" attending
the funeral of Sergey Kirov.

Nobody was safe in Russia when Ivan Anonymousky held the reins of power. Maxim Gorky was a five-time nominee for the Nobel Prize for Literature.

Writer Maxim Gorky

Maxim Gorky was a famous Russian writer who was the precursor to Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, author of the Gulag Archipelago.

Gorky was an outspoken critic of the Stalin regime, and that cost him his life.

Ivan Anonymousky sent him a "present" of a box of chocolates, and that ended his writing career for ever!


The Stalin double carrying the ashes
of Maxim Gorky, June 1936.

Peasants, workers, and writers, all fell like ripe grain before the proverbial Soviet sickle. To the delight of Hitler and the Third Reich, the Great Purge also decimated the Russian Army.

The Nazi-Soviet Pact prepared the way for World War II

In 1939, Vyacheslav Molotov was foreign minister of the Soviet Union, and Joachim von Ribbentrop was foreign minister of Nazi Germany.

Vyacheslav Molotov

The Nazi-Soviet "friendship pact" was signed in Moscow on August 23, 1939.

World War II started in September.

Joachim von Ribbertrop was delighted with the Pact because he knew that Nazi Germany could not possibly lose the upcoming war with their spy as head of the Soviet Union.


Joachim von Ribbentrop

After losing millions of men in World War I, Germany was not ready to fight another war just 20 years later. However, the Nazi-Soviet Pact changed everything, and Hitler was absolutely convinced that he would not be another Napollyon.

Molotov signing the Nazi-Soviet Pact.

The Stalin double was delighted with the Pact because he was determined that Hitler would conquer Russia.

Ribbentrop was brimming with confidence that the Swastika would soon be flying over the Kremlin!


was delighted with the Pact because he would
do his utmost to guarantee a Nazi victory!

The Nazi delegation returned to Berlin full of optimism that their man in Moscow would not let them down. As a result of such favorable diplomatic developments, Hitler launched the invasion of Poland in September.

Ivan the Terrible's boss visited Moscow in 1942

Winston Churchill visited Moscow in August 1942, and he was thoroughly disappointed because his cousin Adolf Hitler did not even get as far as Napollyon.

Churchill and Averell Harriman reviewing Russian
troops at Moscow Airport, August 1942.

Churchill was enraged because the black spider flag was not flying over the Kremlin.

The double blamed the brave Russian soldiers and the Russian winter.

Churchill told him to prolong the war as much as possible because he was working on an atomic bomb for the Nazis

Churchill, Anonymousky, and Averell Harriman
conferring in Moscow, August 1942.

Incredibly, Hillary Digby Churchill Clinton's father was also present at the conference! Harriman was ubiquitous, and his daughter Hillary almost became President in 2016.

After the war, a greatly disappointed Winston Churchill met with Anonymousky and President Truman at Potsdam. Churchill did not deliver the atomic bombs in time to change the course of the war, and the expanse of financing the Third Reich bankrupted Britannia Inc.

All smiles at Potsdam but the
reality was far different.

Churchill had to hide his disappointment that the war ended in defeat for his Nazis.

He had done everything in his power to ensure success, and yet it all ended in failure!

President Truman, Ivan the Terribe,
Jimmy Byrnes, and Molotov at Potsdam.

Soon after the end of the war, the Babylonian Bulldog was voted out of office, and replaced by Prime Minister Clement Attlee.

Ivan the Terrible double was sent to the "Workers' Paradise" in 1953

The man whose presence in the Kremlin encouraged the Nazis to start WWII went to meet his Maker in 1953. Nobody present knew his real name, so nobody really knew how old he was.

1953 was also a busy year for Winston Churchill. King George VI was assassinated in 1952 and twins Lilibet and Elizabeth replaced him on the throne in 1953.

The Stalin double LIEing-in-state,
March, 1953.

By 1953, "Ivan the Terrible" had outlived his usefulness, so Nikita Khrushchev sent him to "Communist" heaven!

Millions of Russians mourned his passing, believing that he saved their country from Adolf Hitler!!

Those who didn't mourn the double's death could expect a visit from the secret police!

The Stalin double grave in
Red Square.

Immediately after his death a power struggle emerged to succeed him. The leading contenders were Nikita Khrushchev, Lavrentiy Beria, Georgy Malenkov, and Nikolai Bulganin.

Nikita Khrushchev in 1953.

Predictably, the Stalin double was replaced by British Secret Service agent Nikita Khrushchev.

In 1954, that subtle spy "gifted" Crimea to UKraine, thus creating the pretext for the Third Crimean War which started in 2014.

Khrushchev orchestrated the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis which almost led to the extinction of the entire human race!


Khrushchev and Kennedy at the Vienna
Summit in Austria, June 1961.

Khrushchev was also involved in the assassination of President Kennedy in 1963. Khrushchev was far more dangerous than Ivan Anonymousky because he was playing Russian roulette with nuclear weapons!

Vital Links

Constantinople was the real reason for Communism!!


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