Little did the founders of the Communist Party like Lenin, Stalin, Mao and Ho Chi Minh realize that Communism was financed by robber barons Morgan, Rockefeller, and Harriman.

Edward Henry Harriman


Edward Henry Harriman was the father of Averell Harriman and Mary Williamson Averell was his mother.

Robber baron Averell was named after his mother's family name.

Financial terrorists Morgan, Rockefeller, and Harriman bankrolled the Communist Party!!


Mary Williamson Averell

The Harriman's ancestors emigrated from England in 1795. As British subjects, neither Rockefeller, Morgan, or Harriman fought for the U.S. during the Civil War!!

Here is a brief quote from an expose of robber barons Morgan, Rockefeller, and Harriman:

Yet these feats alone would not have offered so much more menace to the system of "community of interests" with which Morgan and his associates laboriously erected day by day over the economic life of the country. It was the spreading network of the Harriman-Rockefeller railway and industrial investments that caused alarm. Harriman and the Standard Oil "gang" in alliance were now taking over the key railroads, as well as the key underground resources of the nations in oil, iron, and copper, while Morgan won over the banking system of the country. (Josephson, The Robber Barons, pp. 402-403).

After Harriman's death in 1909, his wife was left with a vast fortune of over $100 million. A small portion of the money was used for the obligatory "philanthropy," but the rest was used to buy the government in Washington City.

The sinister Averell Harriman

Harriman had as many wives as Pamela Churchill had husbands.

In 1931, Harriman merged with Brown Brothers of Philadelphia to form Brown Brothers Harriman—the richest private bank in the U.S. with over $5 TRILLION in assets.

Prescott Bush was one of the partners in the new bank.


Kitty Harriman (18931936) was
the first wife of Averell.

Prescott Bush is considered the patriarch of the Bush dynasty. He was a partner in the Brown Brothers Harriman Bank:

Understanding the role of Brown Brothers Harriman is central to understanding the Bush legacy, and the vast if under appreciated, influence of the Bushes' immediate circle. At Yale in 1916, Prescott Bush had become close friends with his classmate Roland "Bunny" Harriman, heir, along with his older brother, W. Averell Harriman, to E. H. Harriman's vast railroad, shipping, mining, and banking empire. Both Harrimans, like Prescott Bush, were initiates into the Yale secret society Skull and Bones. (Baker, Family of Secrets, p. 16).

The Skull and Bones is just the trademark of the deadly Jesuits.

When you own the government it is very easy to get appointed to critical positions. Harriman was a lesser known son of the robber barons so his appointment to the critical position of Lend-Lease "expediter" for Roosevelt did not cause alarm bells to ring.

In April 1941, Harriman met Pamela Digby Churchill in London

In March 1941, President Roosevelt sent Harriman to London to advise Winston on the best way to get the U.S. into the war with Winston's cousin Adolf Hitler. That was when he began an affair with Pamela Churchill:

Pamela had an ancestor named Sir Everard Digby, who was one of the associates of Guy Fawkes in the Gunpowder Plot.

Sir Everard Digby


Sir Everard Digby was one of the conspirators in the Gunpowder Plot.

The Papal Digby family were proud to have him as an ancestor, but the common people on that imprisoned island always associated the name Digby with the Gunpowder Treason and terrorist Guy Fawkes.



Pamela Digby Churchill
in 1941.

Here is a quote from a history of the Gunpowder Plot:

On Monday 27 January, the day of the capture of Father Garnet and Father Oldcorne, the trial of the eight surviving conspirators began in Westminster Hall. Seven of them were brought by barge from the Tower of London to Whitehall, early in the morning: these were: Guy Fawkes, Thomas and Robert Wintour, John Bates, Ambrose Rookwood, Everard Digby and Robert Keyes (Fraser, Faith and Treason, p. 218).

If Pamela hoped to be a successful spy her first priority was to get rid of that name. On October 9, 1939, three weeks after their first meeting, Pamela married Winston Churchill's son Randolph.

The Pamela-Randolph wedding,
October 9, 1939.

Churchill was one of the most famous names in Britain, so allowing Pamela to borrow that name guaranteed her success as a spy.

Additionally, Winston Churchill wanted an heir before his son Randolph went off to fight Winston's cousin Adolf Hitler.

Winston, Pamela, and Randolph
on their wedding day.

It was during an air raid over Lodnon that Harriman and Pamela first met to "comfort" each other:

Pamela was in the Dorchester that night, and according to one of her best friends from those days, she ended up in Harriman's bed. "A big bombing raid is a very good way to get into bed with somebody," said Pamela's friend. "It is a known fact, and that is how it started." In his letter to "darling" Marie, Harriman noted, "needless to say my sleep was intermittent. Guns were going all the time and airplanes overhead." The following morning, Pamela and Harriman were up early. Their arms linked, they walked through the Horse Guards Parade, inspecting the extensive damage. (Smith, Reflected Glory, p. 85).

Winston was eternally grateful to Adolf for bombing London and bringing the two "lovers" together.

From that time onward, Harriman was involved in every aspect of U.S. foreign policy.

Harriman is standing on the left between Pamela and his daughter Kathleen.

The 50-year-old Harriman had a 24-year-old daughter named Kathleen.

The lecherous Harriman was old enough to be Pamela's father.

In August 1942, Churchill and Harriman visited the Stalin double, and told him that there would be no "second front" against the Nazis anytime soon.

Churchill, Harriman, the Stalin double, and
Molotov in the Kremlin, August 1942.

Throughout the Second World War, Harriman had no official position in the U.S. government, but when you own the government that doesn't matter.

Harriman with Churchill, Roosevelt, and
Stalin at Yalta, February 1945.

Even though the spy had no official position during WWII, he managed to stick his nose in everywhere.

At Yalta, he took the place of the ailing from poison Harry Hopkins.

Harriman managed to hide his disappointment at the defeat of Hitler with his Cheshire cat grin.


Victory Day Parade in
Moscow, May 10, 1945.

After the war, Harriman ordered President Truman to appoint him ambassador to Moscow. He served in that position until January 1946. When he returned to Washington City, he ordered President Truman to start the Cold War by forming NATO and the Edomite State of "Israel."

The DINOSAUR desperately wanted the position of Secretary of State in the JFK administration

Camelot, or the New Frontier, was all about YOUTH and exuberance and getting the country moving again after the "stagnant" Eisenhower years. President Kennedy even boasted that he was the first President born in the 20th century.

However, the DINOSAUR was 70-years-old at that time. He desperately wanted the position of Secretary of State—the most powerful position in the Kennedy Administration. The spy lost out to Dean Rusk, but that didn't stop him from being appointed Kennedy's ambassador-at-large.

President Kennedy and Harriman,
March 1961.

He who pays the piper calls the tune!!

Harriman forced President Kennedy to appoint him ambassador-at-large.

In that position, he neutralized Laos so that his Chinese "Communists" could infiltrate South Vietnam.


The billionaire British spy with
President Kennedy, July 1963.

Here is a quote about the Laotian situation from an authorized biography of Harriman:

With the concession, neutrality would amount to a partition of the country beneath the sophistry of coalition government. Harriman's critics, even those who argued partition was the solution, would always point to the concession as a fatal mistake that opened the way for North Vietnam to use the jungle trails through Laos for its invasion of the South—the Averell Harriman Highway, some would call it. (Abramson, Spanning the Century, p. 587).

If the Chinese Communists only knew that their greatest champion in Washington City was Averell Harriman.

The DINOUSAR ordered the assassination of President Diem

The Vietnam nightmare for the United States began with the assassination of South Vietnamese President Diem, on November 2, 1963.

Harriman meeting with
President Diem in 1961.

Frederick Nolting—-the new U.S. ambassador to South Vietnam—-arrived in Saigon on May 9, 1961.

He immediately established very cordial relations with President Diem.

In August 1963, thanks to the DINOUSAR, Nolting was replaced as ambassador by Henry Cabot Lodge, Jr.

President Diem and Ambassador Nolting at Nolting's farewell reception.

Ambassador Nolting saw no evidence that Diem or his brother Nhu were persecuting Buddhists. He knew that the "Buddhist monks" setting themselves on fire were just Communist dupes:

I believe the Buddhist crisis was basically a very clever ploy that used a religious mask and a great many naive people. A political plot to overthrow the South Vietnamese government, it was also aimed through publicity at the United States and U.S. support of the Diem government. It came out exactly as the activists intended. Our media and our government were incredibly gullible. (Nolting, From Trust to Tragedy, p.116).

President Diem was single, but his brother's wife, Madame Nhu, had just left the country when the assassination took place.

President Diem (19011963).
President from '55 to '63.

President Diem and his brother Nhu were brutally assassinated in Saigon, on Nov. 2, 1963.

Averell Harriman gave the green light for the assassination.

20 days later, President Kennedy was assassinated In Dallas, Texas.


The mutilated body of
President Diem.

Here is a quote from a not so secret history of the CIA linking Harriman to the President Diem assassination:

Who changed a nonviolent coup into the murder of Diem, Nhu, and a Catholic priest accompanying them? To this day, nothing has been found in government archives tying the killing to either John or Robert Kennedy. So how did the tools and talents developed by Bill Harvey for ZR/RIFLE and OPERATION MONGOOSE get exported to Vietnam? Kennedy immediately ordered William R. Corson to find out what had happened and who was responsible. The answer he came up with: "On instructions from Averell Harriman....The orders that ended in the death of Diem and his brother originated with Harriman and were carried out by Henry Cabot's own military assistant." (Trento, The Secret History of the CIA, p. 334).

Harriman was "delighted" with the results of that coup d'etat, because it caused chaos in the government, and expedited the Communist conquest of the country. There is no evidence YET linking him directly to the assassination of President Kennedy, but nothing important happened in the government without his knowledge.

The DINOUSAR finally married his lover Pamela Digby Churchill Hayward

The DINOSAUR and Pamela carried on a clandestine affair ever since they first met in 1941. Finally, Harriman decided to marry her. Harriman was a Presidential candidate when he was governor of New York, so it must have occurred to him that Pamela would make a very good first female President.

Pamela became an American citizen just before the marriage, but there is still a law banning the foreign born from the Presidency. Brown Brothers Harriman money can accomplish "miracles" and have any law changed.

The fanatically devout Catholics were married
in Thomas More Church in Manhattan.

In Sept. 1971, the Averell-Pamela wedding took place in Manhattan.

It was another marriage made in Hades.

Harriman might have savored Presidential ambitions for his wife.


The DINOUSAR and his "bride" after the wedding.

Pamela had several facelifts but the DINOUSAR was almost blind and deaf when she married him. His condition grew worse, but he just refused to die. Blind and deaf, he still continued to meddle in politics and he made several trips to the Soviet Union.

The DINOUSAR celebrating
his 90th birthday.

The DINOUSAR finally went to meet his Maker on July 26, 1986.

When he died, Pamela received most of the Harriman fortune, while his other children just got some crumbs under the table.

As expected, the litigation over the will made many lawyers very rich.


The "grieving" widow Pamela.

Here is a quote from an authorized biography of Pamela:

When Averell died, Pamela came into her own in every sense. Financially, she had finally made it. For most of her life, and especially after her terrifying experiences with Randolph, she had been driven with a near pathological obsession about money and a deeply inbred fear of never having enough. Now, with a fortune in the $100 million range, she had become one of the world's wealthiest widows. (Ogden, Life of the Party, p. 408).

That $100 million is a very, very conservative figure for the Harriman fortune. That was most likely the amount in the petty cash account.

Pamela used the Harriman fortune to buy the White House for Bill and Hillary Clinton

After the death of the DINOUSAR, Pamela was free to put her vast fortune at the disposal of the Democratic Party. She founded a political action committee called PamPAC to fund Democratic politicians for the House and Senate.

She eagerly embraced the Presidential candidacy of the Rockefeller Clintons.

A grateful Bill hands with his

The Harriman mansion in Georgetown was campaign HQ for the 1992 Clinton Presidential campaign.

The Brown Brothers Harriman TRILLIONS were made available to her PamPAC foundation in order to purchase the White House for Bill and Hillary.

Money is the key to publicity and also the key to anonymity. Pamela was able to keep her role in the election a total secret.

The grateful Clintons visiting Pamela
after the election in Nov. '92.

As a reward for putting the Clintons in the White House, Pamela was nominated as ambassador to France. While there, she did her utmost to influence the French government to support the Pentagon war with Serbia.

Pamela always envied Hillary, and wished that she could be the first British female President of the United States. We can thank our Great JEHOVAH that neither women made it to the White House.

Pamela went to meet her Maker on February 5, 1997. Like Harriman, she took none of her riches to the next world. Saint Paul said:

For we brought nothing into this world, and it is certain we can carry nothing out. And having food and clothing let us be content. But they that desire to be rich fall into temptation and a snare, and into many foolish and hurtful lusts, which drown men in destruction and perdition. For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some have coveted after, they have erred from the Faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows (I Timothy 6:7-10).

That is an apt description of robber barons Morgan, Rockefelller, and Harriman.

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