As in the case of the Joseph Stalin double, only the Almighty and the Jacobite British Secret Service knows the true identity of the "Dixie double," but they are not about to share that top secret info with the world...

Ellen Louise Axson. Future spouse
of Woodrow Wilson.

The "Great War," or WWI, started in August 1914. That war was in the planning stages since the birth of the Second Reich in 1871.

The first U.S. casualty was Ellen Louise Wolfson—the First Lady of the United States.

In April 1883, Wilson first met Ellen Louise Axson in Rome, Georgia.

Ellen was the devout daughter of a Presbyterian clergyman.


Ellen Louise Wilson
(May 15, 1860 – August 14, 1914).

As a devout Christian, Ellen was a sheep married to a wolf, and he never shared his Dixie double background with her....The couple had 3 children: Margaret, Jessie, and Eleanor.

Wilson asking Congress for a
declaration of war, April 2, 1917.

On April 6, 1917, Wilson formally declared war on Queen Victoria's favorite grandson!

Coincidently, that was only 11 days before Tsar Nicholas Dagmar announced his abdication.

Prior to that time millions of soldiers had died from Vickers-Maxim-Krupp machine guns, poison gas, artillery shells, and flamethrowers, but Wilson couldn't care less about French and Russian casualties!



Woodrow Wilson (d. Feb. 3, 1924).
President from March 4, 1913, to
March 4, 1921.

He viewed the Tsar's abdication as a golden opportunity to intervene militarily in Orthodox Russia!

Both parents of "Tommy" Wilson were British Secret Service agents. Joseph Ruggles Wilson was the son of immigrants from Northern Ireland and his wife was born in Britain.

"Rev." Joseph Ruggles Wilson

Joseph Ruggles Wilson adopted the spying cover of "Presbyterian clergyman."

The parents of Janet Woodrow emigrated to the U.S. in 1831 and settled in Ohio.

"Tommy" Wilson was born while Joseph was pastor of the Staunton Presbyterian Church in Virginia.

The parents moved to Augusta, Georgia, the following year.

Janet Woodrow Wilson

No plausible reason exists why "Tommy" Wilson suddenly left Davidson College in Wilmington, North Carolina. He could have died of "natural causes," or his parents could have arranged to have him sent to "Presbyterian heaven."

"Tommy" Wilson (18561875)
aged 16.

There is only one authentic photo of "Tommy" Wilson taken when he was 16.

That is very unusual because there are many photos of Wilson taken after he enrolled in Princeton.

Fingerprints and ear prints can unmask a double. Another dead giveaway is ACCENT.

None of his fellow students at Princeton realized that he grew up in Dixie!


A photo of Wilson taken in 1875. He
was about 7 years older than "Tommy."

Here is a quote from a biography of Wilson written in 1924:

The Truth is that, although the South impressed itself deeply upon the Wilsonian heart, the externals of the South rested rather easily upon the Wilsons. Woodrow Wilson, born and reared in the South, never betrayed his Southern training by his speech. In college, one of his classmates declares that he never realized Wilson's Southern birth until years after his classmate left school he read Wilson's tribute to Lee in his history of the United States. (White, Woodrow Wilson: the Man, his Times, and his Task, p. 73).

If a person claims to be born and raised in New York City and yet speaks with a French accent you know that he/she is wearing a mask!

Wilson as a student at Princeton,
bottom row, second from right.

"Professor" Wilson was "nuts" about the number 13 and Woodrow Wilson contains 13 letters.

Real Jewish Holocaust Haman was also "nuts" about 13.

Wilson became President in March 1913, and in December he signed the "Infernal" Reserve Act into law.

That Act created the private bank that President Jackson closed in 1836 . . . and the Inquisition Revenue Service!


Wilson in his "monkey suit" as
president of Princeton.

Here is a quote from a massive 2013 biography of Wolfson by a Princeton University graduate:

For all his towering intellect and abiding faith, Woodrow Wilson was superstitious—especially about the number thirteen, which he considered talismanic. His first and last names comprised thirteen letters. In his thirteenth year of service at Princeton at became the college's thirteenth president. In 1913 he became President of the United States, whose thirteen original colonies received tribute everywhere in the symbols of the nation, from the numbers of stripes on its flag to the number of talons in the eagle's sinister talons on the national shield. Those close to the President knew that he had selected the date of the George Washington's departure so that it would arrive in France on December 13. (Berg, Wilson, pp. 12-13).

Wilson was the driving force behind turning Princeton College into Princeton University, but his favorite subject of ASTROLOGY was not added to the curriculum.

General Marlborough Churchill was head of U.S. military intelligence during WWI

With a name like Marlborough Churchill you might as well have "Kaiser Bill," or Winston Churchill, in the White House!

World War I was the first industrial war with killing on a massive scale. It was also the first war that encrypted messages were transmitted via cable or wireless. Britannia was the most advanced nation in cryptology, with experience dating back over 400 years.

Herbert O. Yardley

Herbert O. Yardley was the Nikola Tesla of cryptology!

After the war he broke the incredibly complicated Japanese code.

In June 1918, General Marlborough Churchill was appointed head of the Military Intelligence Branch of the War Department.

Yardley's success in breaking German codes alarmed General Churchill, so in July 1918 he arranged for the codebreaking genius to be transferred to France!


General Marlborough Churchill

Yardley was brilliant but naive. It never occurred to him that General Churchill was in communication with his namesake in London. Here is his account of a top secret meeting with a French intelligence officer:

In this regard I recall the case of a French liaison officer who delivered a secret lecture before our Military Intelligence Division. Every precaution was taken to keep the meeting secret from any persons save those who were admitted by virtue of their respective positions of responsibility. Only a small group heard the lecture and they were intelligence officers. The doors of the rooms were locked and bolted; guards were stationed outside so that no one could listen or come near the room. In his talk the liaison officer gave in great detail, for the instruction of our Intelligence section, and account of the French positive espionage in Germany, recounting activities of French spies in enemy territory. (Yardley, The American Black Chamber, p. 80).

Just 48 hours after delivering his lecture, that intelligence officer was recalled to France to explain his indiscretion. General Churchill made sure that the top secret military intelligence reached the Boche via Churchill in London, and many of the French agents in Germany were arrested and shot.

Johann von Bernstorff (1862-1939).
German amb. from 1908 to 1917.

Until war was declared in April 1917, Wilson had a very, very cordial relationship with the German ambassador in Washington City.

He was also in close contact with the British ambassador Cecil Spring Rice.

Under the guise of the Belgian Relief Commission to feed "starving" children, Herbert Hoover kept the Boche well fed on the Western Front.

Herbert Hoover (18741964) fed the
Boche from Belgium during the war.

Incredibly, Herbert Hoover was elected President in 1928, and he engineered the Great Depression the following year because Alcohol Smith lost the election!

Wilson was delighted when the "Bolsheviks" seized power in Russia!

Wilson could not have chosen a more inept secretary of "war" as Newton D. Baker. Baker had absolutely no military background or training. He was so short that visitors could barely see him behind his desk in the "War" Office.

Newton D. Baker (18711937).
Sec. of "War" from 1916 to 1921.

The diminutive Newton D. Baker was Wilson's secretary of "war."

He admitted that he knew absolutely nothing about war!

He was shocked by the success of the Marines at Belleau Wood.

General March was transferred from the Western Front in March 1918 and became Army Chief of Staff in May.



General Peyton C. March

March was "excited" by the Red Revolution in Russia and he was very anxious to send the Doughboys to fight the "Bolsheviks."

British Field Marshall Sir Henry Wilson was awestruck by the Doughboys' prowess in battle, but he wanted them fighting his "Bolsheviks" . . . instead of the fanatical soldiers of the Second Reich.

General Frederick Poole

In July 1918, the U.S. Army's 85th Division was on its way to France when the soldiers were diverted to Russia.

When they arrived in Archangel they discovered that they would be serving under British General Frederick Poole.

Little did that Polar Bear Expedition realize that they would be fighting British "Bolsheviks."


Thousands of U.S. soldiers marching in
Vladivostok, Siberia, Sept. 1918.

Under General William Sidney Graves (18651940) March also sent a division to Vladivostok in Siberia. As usual, their mission was to fight the "Bolsheviks."

The Japanese also had a huge military presence in Siberia. Wilson wanted the war in Europe to last until 1919 so he could have time to send more troops to Russia. He was very disappointed when the war ended on November 11, 1918.

The U.S. intervention in Russia was a great boon to the British Bolsheviks as it helped to consolidate their power.

The U.S. Senate killed Wilson's deadly League of Nations Treaty!!

Wolfson arrived for the Paris Peace Conference on December 13, 1918.

Wilson acknowledging the accolades
of the Parisians, Dec, 14, 1918.

Wilson arrived in Paris on December 13 and was hailed like a conquering Roman Emperor!

Little did the French realize that he was a "Dixie Double," and he did his utmost to ensure a Second Reich victory.

When "Kaiser Bill" abdicated the Second Reich came to an end, but Wilson saw his League of Nations as a vehicle to bring that monster back to life.

Wilson in Paris with Prime Ministers
Clemenenceau and David Lloyd George.

That was the only reason he traveled to Paris. He never visited a single grave of the brave men who saved Christian civilization from the Second Reich.

Robert Lansing (18641928).
Sec. of State from 1915 to 1920.

Wilson took his secretary of state Robert Lansing to the Paris Peace Conference but he was treated like a "clerk" or place holder.

His real advisor was a Texas secessionist named "Colonel" Edward House.

House was an unrepentant rebel and he wished that he was born earlier so that he could fight for the Confederacy.

"Colonel" Edward House

During the 6 months he spent in Paris, Wolfson consulted with Winston Churchill and David Lloyd George about the quickest way to resurrect the defunct Reich.

They suggested a League of Nations, with each nation having one vote. However, the British Empire colonies would also have a vote, so the New Jerusalem would be outvoted at least 6 to 1.

After the timely death of his wife Ellen, Wilson married again to a woman named Edith Bolling Galt.

"Madam President" Edith Wilson

After his return from France, Wilson was partially paralyzed by a stroke, so his wife became the first female President!

Edith was the precursor of Hillary Clinton Churchill.

Edith and Tumulty were gung-ho about the League of Nations.

Tumulty believed that he would shorten his time in "Purgatory" if he advanced the agenda of the "Church Militant."

Joseph Patrick Tumulty (18791954)
was Wilson's private secretary.

To bolster public support for his League of Nations, Wilson barnstormed the Western states. In October 1919 he suffered a stroke which left him partially paralyzed.

Wilson had a very competent Vice President named Thomas Marshall Riley, but he was completely ignored, while "Madam President," Tumulty, and House ran the White House.

Thomas Riley Marshall (18541925).
Vice President from 1913 to 1921.

Thomas Riley Marshall was Vice President in the Wilson administration.

He was also adamantly opposed to the League of Nations Treaty.

Under that treaty, Japan was allowed to occupy the Chinese Shantung Peninsula, which was taken from them by the Second Reich in 1895.

Patriotic Senator Henry Cabot Lodge made sure that the League of Nations Treaty died in the Senate.



Henry Cabot Lodge (18641928).
Senator from 1893 to 1924.

Amazingly, during that critical time, General Marlborough Churchill was still intensely involved in espionage against the New Jerusalem:

Both May Ladenburg and Bernard Baruch, humiliated by the charges of spying, embarked on campaigns to salvage their reputations. Their forays were made separately and at the highest levels of authority. Through Baruch's influence—which is to say, access to Edith Wilson, Admiral Grayson, and therefore the president—Ladenburg was able to approach Brigadier General Marlborough Churchill and Secretary of State Newton Baker (Levin, Edith and Woodrow, pp. 408-409).

Pamela Digby Churchill Hayward Harriman Hillary Clinton was born the same year that General Marlborough Churchill went to "Purgatory."

President Thirteen is buried in the National Cathedral in Washington City!!

Wilson loved to be chauffeur driven around Washington City in his Rolls Royce. Incredibly, "Comrade" Vladimir Lenin—his counterpart in Moscow— also had his chauffeur driven Rolls Royce.

Wilson and Edith out for a drive in their Rolls Royce.

Wilson was delighted when Vladimir Lenin seized power in Russia because that gave him an excuse to send U.S. troops over there.

Incredibly, Vladimir Lenin also contains 13 letters!

Vladimir's Lenin's Rolls Royce is on display at
the State Historical Museum in Moscow.

Washington National Cathedral is modeled on Westminster Abbey where the Tudor double and Mary Queen of Scots are buried. It is owned by the Episcopal Church which is the U.S. twin of the Anglican Church....An Episcopalian is a Catholic who can't speak Latin!

Woodrow Wilson in 1923. The real
"Tommy" Wilson would have been 67.

That Crusader went to "Purgatory" on February 3, 1924, and he was entombed in the Bethlehem Chapel at Washington National Cathedral.

That counterfeit viewed himself as an "Alter Cristus" or "Another Christ."

In 1956, his remains were moved to the nave so that the millions who visited the cathedral couldn't miss his tomb, but he never visited a single grave of the thousands of U.S. soldiers who gave their lives to save Christian civilization from the demonic Second Reich!


Woodrow Wilson's tomb in Washington National Cathedral.

There is no doubt that Wilson was a "mighty man," but the Prophet Zephaniah predicted that the "mighty man" will cry bitterly on the Last Day:

The great day of JEHOVAH is near, it is near and comes quickly, even the voice of the day of JEHOVAH, the mighty man shall cry there bitterly (Zephaniah 1:14).

Mighty man Wolfson was the godfather of Princeton University, which has a stranglehold on the "educational system" in use throughout the country. He signed into law the "Federal" Reserve Act which gave US the income tax and the fiat paper money system!

By delaying the U.S. intervention in WWI he almost ensured a Second Reich victory. The rejected League of Nations Treaty provided the blueprint for the New Jerusalem involvement with the UN and NATO (North Atlantic Terrorist Organization).

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