Everything about Jackie Kennedy was phony—even her claim that she was descended from "French nobility." Her paternal great-grandfather was a French Roman Catholic cabinetmaker who emigrated to Philadelphia in 1815. Her paternal great-grandfather was an Irish Catholic who fled the "Potato Head" Famine" in 1852. Besides the money, another reason for her marriage to Jack was the fact that she and her sister Lee had an "intimate relationship" with a man named Jack: Jack Bouvier-—their own father! To help end the 1054 Great Schism, both sisters would later have an "intimate relationship" with a Trojan Horse "Greek Orthodox" "fatherly figure" named Aristotle Onassis....Jackie even voted for Richard "Dick the Double" Nixon in the 1960 Presidential election...."Her Royal Highness" hated the title "First Lady" and said that it sounded more like a name for her HORSE!

Most Americans consider the landing of the Mayflower in 1620 as the genesis of the United States. However, that "little flock" was ready to perish in the wilderness until reinforcements arrived from England in 1630. Many books have been written about the Mayflower and the Pilgrims, but very few about the incredible, supernatural happenings when all hell broke loose in New Boston!

All was quiet on the western front until 4 ships arrived from England in June 1630. Governor Winthrop named his "shining city on a hill" Boston, after Old Boston in England. The western boundary of the Massachusetts Bay Colony charter was the South Sea or Pacific Ocean. Little did the colonists realize that the South Sea was 3,000 miles from New Boston. The Messiah's New Jerusalem did not extend from sea to shining sea until 1848 (St. Matthew 7:14, Psalm 72:8).

The only holiday that the New Englanders imported from Old England was Guy Fawkes Day on November 5th—which they renamed Pope Day.

Governor John Winthrop

On April 8, 1630, 4 ships arrived from England with reinforcements for reborn Israel in the wilderness.

Not all of the Britons who arrived on the 4 ships were "born again" according to the Scriptures!

After experiencing a New Boston winter, and the strict observance of the Sabbath, some lost their British lion courage, and those cowardly lions returned to Old England to live under the despotic rule of Catholic King Charles I.



No portrait exists of Margaret, beloved spouse of Governor Winthrop.

When they arrived back in Old England, some of the cowardly lions spread an evil report of the New World Canaan! Before the Israelites entered the old world Promised Land, Moses sent out 12 scouts to reconnoiter the country. After seeing the giants, 10 were filled with fear, and returned to Moses with an evil report of Canaan;

 And there (Canaan) we saw the giants, the sons of Anak, which descended from the giants: and we were in our own sight as grasshoppers, and so we were in their sight (Numbers 13:33).

As a result, all of the Israelites wandered in that wilderness for 40 years (Numbers 14:34). Brave Margaret was truly lion-like, and nothing discouraged her from joining her husband in the New World Canaan a year later.

Margaret Winthrop was the daughter of Sir John Tyndal (15501616), a judge of the Court of Chancery, who was brutally assassinated outside Lincoln's Inn in 1616. That assassination was the prelude to the deadly Thirty Years War (16181648), which killed millions of Reformed Christians, and was financed by the City of London banksters!!

After Israel was reborn, the Militia of Jesus used every weapon in their infernal arsenal to stop the fulfillment of Bible prophecy!

Stylized portrait of midwife Anne Hutchinson (15911643).

Anne was a "closet Catholic" who believed that she could shorten her time in "Purgatory" by serving the "Church Militant."

She was in demand as a midwife, and she secretly baptized newborn infants using the Latin rite!

Anne's close friend Mary Dyer gave birth to a "monstrous entity" and was banished to Rhode Island—a dumping ground for all the malcontents from New Boston!  



Statue of "Quaker" Mary Dyer
(16111660) in New Boston.

From Rhode Island she returned to Old England, where George Fox and Margaret Fell morphed her into a "Quaker" at Swarthmoor Hall. In 1660, she returned to New Boston, determined to be hanged as a "Quaker martyr" for religious freedom!

John Winthrop kept a detailed diary of the incredible happenings in New England, and here is his eyewitness report of that monstrous birth:

It was a woman child, stillborn, about two months before the just time, having life a few hours before; it came hiplings (hips first) until she turned it. It was of ordinary bigness; it had a face, but no head, and the ears stood upon the shoulders and were like an ape's; it had no forehead, but over the eyes four horns, hard and sharp; two of them were above one inch long, the other two shorter; the eyes standing out, and the mouth also; the nose hooked upward; all over the breast and back full of sharp pricks and scales, like a thornback [i.e., a skate or ray], the navel and all the belly, with the distinction of the sex, were where the back should be, and the back and hips before, where the belly should have been; behind, between the shoulders, it had two mouths, and in each of them a piece of red flesh sticking out; it had arms and legs as other children; but, instead of toes, it had on each foot three claws, like a young fowl, with sharp talons.(Winthrop, Winthrop's Journal, Volume I, p. 267).

After morphing into a "Quaker" in Old England, Mary Dyer returned to New Boston to promulgate the monstrous Quaker doctrines. By that time John and Margaret had departed to the heavenly Jerusalem. Mary was determined to be a martyr for "religious freedom," so hotheaded Governor John Endecott obliged by ordering the hangman to stretch her neck!

King Charles I (1600–1649).
Misruled from 1625 to 1649.

King Charles I ignobly advanced the Thirty Years War triggered by his father James I. That deadly conflict devastated Europe and killed millions of Reformed Christians!

The king extended Armageddon to Zion in the wilderness in the person of a New World Judah Iscariot named Sir Harry Vane.

Vane arrived in the colony in 1635 with a shipload of the king's gold. The following year the 23-year-old replaced John Winthrop as governor!


Sir Harry Vane (16131662).
Governor of Mass. from 1636 to 1637.

Miraculously, his attempt to destroy reborn Israel failed miserably when John Winthrop unseated him as governor in May 1637.

William Laud was the "spiritual adviser" to James I and Charles I. A bigoted "Anglo-Catholic," he was a protégé of Cardinal Pole—confessor to Virgin Queen "Blood Mary" Tudor—and the last Roman Catholic archbishop of Canterbury.

William Laud (1573
of Canterbury from 1633 to 1645.

English Inquisitor William Laud was determined that Israel would not be reborn in New England.

As early as 1607 he commissioned a man named George Popham (1550–1608) to found a colony in present day Maine.

That colony, comprised of men and boys, was an abysmal failure, with Popham dying the following year!

When the Massachusetts Bay Colony was founded, Sir Fernando Gorges worked assiduously to revoke its charter and impose a Papal governor from London.


Sir Fernando Gorges

Naturally, there was great rejoicing in New Boston when William Laud lost his head on the scaffold, and Sir Fernando Gorges followed him to "Purgatory" soon afterward!

Term limits for office were abolished and "Pope Day" was banned after the 1776 Revolution!!

Term limits for office were abolished in the top secret 1787 "Constitution." Massachusetts, Virginia, and Connecticut also surrendered their western boundary charters that ended at the South Sea or Pacific Ocean! However, the banning of "Pope Day" in New Boston was not enshrined in the Constitution of the new state of Massachusetts!

John Hancock was the first governor of Massachusetts after the Revolution. He governed the new state from 1780 to 1784, and again from 1787 to 1793.

Benedict Fenwick, S.J.

In 1828, the Militia of Jesus erected a nunnery in Charlestown: a suburb of New Boston.

Bishop Benedict Fenwick was in charge of the construction of that "dark fortress on a hill."

That nunnery was established to help "celibate" Roman Catholic clergy keep their vows of celibacy!

In 1834, patriotic Boston Christians burned the convent to the ground because they suspected that it was a U.S. branch of the awful Maria Monk nunnery in Montreal!

The Charlestown Convent on Mount Benedict
before it was burned to the ground

Bostonian Christians expected to find imprisoned nuns and the bones of dead babies in the basement! They found no incriminating evidence because the nunnery was newborn!

From his throne in the "shining city on a hill," Cardinal William O'Connell ruled New Boston with an iron fist!

William Henry O'Connell (18591944).
Cardinal from 1911 to 1944.

The cardinal was ruthless, and even Catholics who opposed him were sent to "Purgatory!"

His proud boast was "The "Puritan" is gone, the Catholic remains!"

He sent millions of dollars of "JuPeter's Pence" to the "Sawdust Caesar" in Italy in order to restore the lost Papal States!!

That purple prelate married Joseph and Rose Kennedy—the parents of the future President.


Joseph and Rose Kennedy's wedding,
October 7, 1914.

After the wedding, Rose stayed home and produced a brood of children, while her husband sowed his wild oats, and became a millionaire from bootlegging. Altogether, the couple had 9 children: Joseph Jr., John, Rosemary, Kathleen, Eunice, Patricia, Robert, Jean, and Edward. Incredibly, Joseph Jr, John, and Edward graduated from "Puritan" Harvard University.

Joe Kennedy diagnosed his daughter Rosemary (1918– 2005) as mentally retarded, so "Dr. Joe" took the 23-year-old to a hospital where the "surgeons" performed a top secret LOBOTOMY on her. That operation turned her into a zombie for the rest of her long life. One of the reasons why Jack obeyed his father and ran for the Presidency was the fear that he might wake up from his many operations in the same condition!

Cardinal Richard Cushing (1895 1970). Cardinal from '58 to '70.

Cardinal Richard Cushing succeeded Cardinal O'Connell in 1944.

On September 12, 1953, he married Jack Kennedy and Jackie Bouvier in Newport, Rhode Island.

That wedding was attended by a host of celebrities and was the social highlight of the year.

"Jane Bond" had a sister named Lee Bouvier who loved "Greek Orthodox" shipping mogul Aristotle Onassis!


The wedding of Jack and Jackie in
Newport, Rhode Island, Sept. 12, 1953.

Both the Bouviers and the Kennedys were incestuous (kissin' cousins)....Jackie had a sister named Lee who had an affair with Greek shipping magnate Aristotle Onassis. In October 1963, Jackie had a rendezvous with Onassis on his yacht Christina. Jackie gave "Ari" her private phone number at the White House, and ordered him to call her immediately after she sent her husband to "Purgatory:"

It was Sunday morning, November 25, when the phone rang in the White House’s private quarters. A maid picked it up. “It’s a Mr. Onassis,” she told Jackie. Jackie was surprised. She took the phone. “Ari? Is that really you?” Aristotle Onassis was in Washington? On the night of the assassination, Lee had received a telephone call from Onassis. He was in Germany at the time, where he had launched a 50,000-ton tanker called Olympic Chivalry, when he heard about Kennedy. He was concerned about Lee, he said. He knew how close she was to Jack, and he wanted to make sure she was all right. She said, according to one account, that she was deeply grieving, but that it was nothing compared to what she knew Jackie was going through. Onassis then wanted to his express his sympathy to Jackie. Apparently, she had given him her private number when they were on the Christina together. (Taraborrelli, Jackie, Janet & Lee, pp. 206-207).

The "ecumenical" Greek Orthodox and Latin wedding between Onassis and Jackie took place on October 20, 1968. Incredibly, the Greek Orthodox Church does not believe in the mythical Catholic "Purgatory!" Bobby Kennedy also had an affair with his dead brother's widow!

The Presidential "election" of 1960 was fixed to get JFK into the White House at all costs!!

"Quaker" Richard Nixon was Vice President under President Eisenhower for 8 years. He would have easily won the election, but he agreed to "throw" the election in order to get Kennedy the Boston Catholic into the White House.

The farcical televised "debate" between
"Quaker" Dick and JFK.

4 farcical "debates" took place between "Quaker" Dick the Double and JFK.

"Quaker" Dick was told to "throw" the election to Union Jack.

Out of a total of 69 million votes cast, JFK "won" by a mere 100,000 votes.



The "Quaker" and the Catholic were "best
s" until November 22, 1963.

Widespread voter fraud occurred in Texas and Illinois.... Even though Dick tried hard to lose the debates, the election was still decided by only 100,000 votes. The Republican Party urged Dick the Double to order a recount in Texas and Illinois . . . but he adamantly refused.

President Kennedy making his "full retaliatory response" speech.

During the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis, President Kennedy almost triggered Armageddon and the end of the world.

He threatened the Soviet Union with a" full retaliatory response" nuclear strike if they fired a missile at any country in the Western Hemisphere!

In response to that the Soviets were left with their "Samson Option," which would have destroyed all life on earth!!

Robert McNamara (1916–2009).
Sec. of Defense from '61 to '68.

That deadly crisis was defused by Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara. McNamara's Papal Irish ancestors also emigrated to New Boston. That "Whiz Kid" received an MBA from the Harvard Business School.

Unlike Kennedy, McNamara was brilliant, and he perused Red Alert by Peter Bryant. Unlike Kennedy, he realized that the Soviet "Samson Option" was a viable threat to all life on earth. As civilian Secretary of Defense, he was boss of all the military in the Crusader Fortress, and he was also too young for "Purgatory!"

The Lincoln assassination was the blueprint for the Kennedy assassination!!

History does repeat itself in amazing ways. Anglophile Abe Lincoln was watching a play entitled Our American Cousins when his "loving spouse" Mary Todd Lincoln shot him behind his left ear!

Miraculously, there was a doctor present in the audience named Charles Leale. Dr. Leale kept Lincoln alive for 9 hours, and he died in a boarding-house across from the theatre. Outside the Pharaonic Zone, most New England Christians associated the theatre with a brothel!

The next opportunity to trigger Armageddon with the Soviet Union happened on Nov. 22, 1963.

Jackie wearing her
Pink Panther outfit.

Jackie was anxious to divorce Jack for his philandering, but the Vatican does not grant divorces under any circumstances!

It is beyond belief but the Militia of Jesus used a playboy Catholic President to serve a "celibate" Church of Roma.

An annulment would cause a major scandal, so the Pink Panther's only option was to send him to "Purgatory!"

The Pink Panther leaping after sending her
"beloved husband" to "Purgatory!."

The British Secret Service used several "Lee Harvey Oswalds" for the assassination. One of them worked at the Texas School Book Depository. With all of Dallas anxious to see the President, that brainwashed "Oswald" decided to watch a B-movie at the Texas Theater!

The 24-year-old
"Lee Harvey Oswald."

Unless you have plastic surgery it is very hard to fool the calendar!

The "Oswald" on the left looks about 34 years old.

A "Lee Harvey Oswald" was sitting in the Texas Theater watching a B-movie when Officer McDonald approached him with a gun.

Officer McDonald pulled the trigger, expecting to kill "Oswald."

Miraculously, the gun misfired, and that changed history!


Officer Maurice McDonald

That "Oswald' was supposed to be carried out dead, and then he would be charged with assassinating the President of the United States and resisting arrest. "Dead men tell no tales," so he couldn't deny that he was not a "Russian agent" sent to assassinate the President.

With that "Oswald" still alive, the plot to launch WWIII quickly unraveled. An Edomite named Jack Rubenstein later killed "Oswald" to prevent the world from knowing the Truth. After Lincoln's assassination there was a big cover-up, with a kangaroo court sentencing 3 male "conspirators," and Mary Surratt to be hanged!

In the Old Covenant the conspiracy to kill King David and replace him with his own son Absalom was very strong:

And Absalom sent for Ahithophel the Gilonite, David's counsellor, from his city, even from Giloh, while he offered sacrifices. And the conspiracy was strong; for the people increased continually with Absalom (II Samuel 15:12).

The conspiracy to cover-up the identity of reborn Israel in the wilderness is still very strong, Selah.

The conspiracy to cover-up the assassination of President Lincoln was very strong, and the conspiracy to cover-up the assassination of President Kennedy is still very strong!



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