President Lincoln was shot while sitting in the balcony of Ford's Theatre. MI666 had a Shake-spearean flare for the dramatic, so they wanted to include a theater in Kennedy's assassination. Oleg von Mohrenschildt, aka Lee Harvey Oswald, was supposed to be shot in the Texas Theater.

Dimitri von Mohrenschildt

The Man from Minsk's real name was Oleg von Mohrenschildt, and his real father was George de Mohrenschildt.

George de Mohrenschildt emigrated to the U.S. in 1938, and changed the VON to DE. His son, Oleg, born in Minsk, would have retained the original spelling of the name.

Therefore, the man known as "Lee Harvey Oswald" was actually Oleg von Mohrenschildt.



George de Mohrenschildt

The Texas School Book Depository, where Oleg had just starting working, was a CIA front company. Warehouse workers were paid in cash and there were no time clocks. Oleg, as a warehouse worker, was paid a mere $1.25 per hour. He was paid a much better salary back home in Minsk.

The Texas School Book Depository
was a MI666 front company.

When the President was shot at 12:30 p.m., Oleg was finishing his lunch in the cafeteria.

About 12:35 p.m., he left the building; walked 7 blocks to Elm and Murphy, and then boarded a bus bound for his lodging house in Oak Cliff.


1026 N. Beckley St. where Oleg
rented a room.

Oleg had no driver's license and was totally dependent on rides from friends or public transportation. Hitchhiking is not allowed in most U.S. states.

The bus route that Oleg took would be right past Dealey Plaza where the President was shot by Killerman, Jackie, and Hill. Very strange why a Presidential killer would return to the scene of the crime!!

After arriving at his rooming house, Oleg grabbed a jacket and waited for the bus to take him to the Texas Theater. Desperately in need of funds, Oleg planned on meeting Jack "Moneybags" Rubenstein at the theater. Rubenstein's main job that day was to ensure that Oleg did not come out of the theater alive.

The Texas Theater in 1963.


The Texas Theater was part of the RKO Radio (Active) Picture chain owned by Howard Hughes.

Oleg was supposed to meet Jack "Moneybags" Rubenstein at the theater.

Edomite Rubenstein was a low level CIA operative and his job was to lure Oleg to the theater with substantial amounts of cash as bait.


Jack Rubenstein

Rubenstein was frequently seen around Dallas carrying huge amounts of cash. He used the money to pay off the politicians and cops who frequented his Carousel strip club.

As a petty criminal and low level CIA operative, he was not allowed to know the leaders of the conspiracy. This was done for the sake of "plausible deniability" in case he was caught and the plot backfired. Such "useful idiots" are often employed by spying agencies.

An Oleg look-alike shot officer J.D. Tippit!!

While Oleg was on the way to the theater to meet Rubenstein, another deadly drama was unfolding just about 10 blocks from Oleg's rooming house.

Officer J.D. Tippit

Around 1;15 p.m., a Dallas police officer named J.D. Tippit was shot by an Oleg look-alike.

After the murder of Officer Tippit, the Oleg look-alike ran into the Texas Theater without paying.

Within minutes, over 30 shotgun wielding cops surrounded the theater.

Interior of Texas Theater where Oleg
was sitting when was arrested.

Preternaturally, the Dallas police knew that the cop-killer was hiding in the theater. Within minutes of the report of the dead policeman, at least 30 officers and 2 FBI agents descended on the theater. When the cops arrived, ticket taker Julia Postal said that the man who ran into the theater was in the BALCONY. That was the fake or look-alike Oleg.

About 24 people were in the theater at that time and they witnessed the attempt by officer Maurice McDonald to kill Oleg. McDonald, an ex-Navy man, was exposed to huge amount of radiation during Operation Crossroads in the Pacific.

Officer Maurice McDonald

When the police entered the theater, they expected Oleg to bolt for the exit. Then they would have cut him down in a hail of bullets!!

He remained calmly seated when officer McDonald approached him with a gun.

Just as McDonald was about to fire, Oleg grabbed the gun . . . and it misfired!!


The unarmed Oleg was dragged from
the theater shouting "police brutality."

That quick action by Oleg saved his life because McDonald was afraid to try again with so many eyewitnesses present. The unarmed Oleg was handcuffed and dragged out of the theater shouting "I am not resisting arrest" and "police brutality."

Small events like a gun misfiring can change the course of history. President Andrew Jackson's life was saved when 2 pistols misfired. President Ford's life was saved when Lynette "Squeaky" Fromme's gun misfired.

The fake Oleg was arrested in the balcony and taken out the rear exit. He joined the "witness protection program" and was well rewarded for his duplicity.

Lyndon Johnson eagerly awaited news of the death of Oleg!!

Oleg aka Oswald was arrested and dragged from the theater about 1:50 p.m. By that time Lydnon Johnson was sworn in as President aboard the look-alike Air Force One.

Johnson was sworn in with his
hands on a Roman missal.

Lyndon Johnson and the conspirators eagerly awaited news of the death of Oleg in the theater.

A Russian "Communist" defector would have been blamed for Kennedy's death and Johnson would have his pretext to launch a first strike thermonuclear attack on the Soviet Union.

His Boeing 707-137A was especially equipped for such a scenario.


The conspirators eagerly awaited
news of the death of Oleg.

When WWIII ended, he would be "dictator for life" of the United States....As the first military dictator of the United States, Lyndon Johnson looked to Fran├žois "Papa Doc" Duvalier's Tonton Macutes as role models for the FBI (Federal Bureau of Inquisition) and the CIA (Confederate Inquisition Agency).

Under a Johnson dictatorship, the Dallas in Wonderland improbable scenario of Russian defector "Lee Harvey Osward" would never be questioned because his Tonton Macutes or Gestapo would rule the country permanently!!

Rubenstein shot Oleg just 2 days
after his arrest in the theater.

Jack Rubenstein had to kill Oleg, otherwise all the conspirators would be exposed.

By keeping his cool in the theater, and not giving McDonald a pretext to kill him, Oleg prevented World War III and a Confederate dictatorship.

Oleg's only crime was identify theft.



Oleg's headstone in Rose Hill Cemetery,
Forth Worth, Texas.

Oleg is buried in a nondescript grave at Shannon Rose Hill Memorial Burial Park in Forth Worth, Texas. His only crime was impersonating a dead person named Lee Harvey Oswald. He was supposed to be killed in the theater but his cool head enabled him to survive for 2 more days and spoil all the diabolical plots of the conspirators. Once again a Russian proved to be the best friend of the United States.

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