The British Secret Service sent Queen Elizabeth II to "Purgatory" in Balmoral Castle in order to keep the Scots in the Union, and distract the SHEEPLE on that imprisoned island from the war in UKraine . . . and soaring food and fuel prices!!

Queen Elizabeth II could easily have lived to be 101 like her mother. Her Corgis were therapeutic, and her only concern in life was their welfare. She was not smothered with a pillow in her sleep like King George VI . . . but "vaccinated" against Covid-19.

King James II (1633
Misruled from 1685 to 1688.

After 12 years of marriage, Queen Mary Beatrice failed
to produce a male heir to the British throne.

After feigning a pregnancy, a counterfeit or substitute baby was smuggled into her birth chamber in a warming pan!

That imposter was named James Francis Edward.

His real father was Richard "Lying Dick" Talbot, Earl of Tyrconnell in Ireland.


Mother and child: Mary of Modena holding
the warming pan plot Prince of Wales.

His real mother was anonymous "Mrs. Gray" from Ireland, who was promptly shipped off to a convert in Paris after the birth of her baby!

The young "Old Pretender"

In 1701, the warming pan plot "Prince of Wales" became known as "King James III," or the "Old Pretender."

In 1719, the "Old Pretender" married Maria Clementina Sobieska, granddaughter of King Jan III Sobieski of Poland.

The couple had 2 children: Charles Edward and Henry Benedict, before she went insane and retired to a convent!


Maria Clementina Sobieska

"Bonnie" Prince Charlie was determined to dethrone King George II who was considered a usurper by the Catholics. He marched on London in 1745, but lost his nerve and turned back about 125 miles from the capital.

"Bonnie" Prince Charlie

In September 1745, "Bonnie" Prince Charlie and his wild Highlanders began their march south to dethrone King George II.

That invasion was a disaster with the "Young Pretender" fleeing from Scotland disguised as a woman!

When "King James III" went to "Purgatory" in 1766, the Catholics considered "King Charles III" their lawful sovereign!


The "Young Pretender" haranguing his wild
Highlanders before their march on London.

Marching south with the "Young Pretender" was a young physician named Hugh Mercer. Dr. Mercer escaped to the colonies and became physician to Colonel George Washington!

The attempt to dethrone King George II was a disaster and "Bonne" Prince Charlie escaped back to Roma. When his father went to 'Purgatory" in 1766, he was recognized by the Catholics as the legitimate "King Charles III."

A portrait of "King Charles III"
circa 1785.

That Pretender began his misrule at the end of the Seven Years' War (17561763) which was started by Colonel George Washington.

The next momentous event was "the shot heard around the world" at Lexington and Concord in 1775, which triggered the American Revolution!

Most of the "patriots" considered King George III to be a usurper, and "King Charles III" to be their lawful sovereign!

Charles and his brother Henry are buried in St. Peter's Basilica.


The Jacobite monument in
St. Peter's Basilica.

Amazingly, after the death of "King Charles III" in 1788, his younger brother was recognized as "King Henry IX." Both Pretenders had several illegitimate children, but only a legal heir could be a de jure king.

In the deadly "game of thrones," any one of them could have been fobbed off as a future emperor of the "Holy Roman" Empire States of America, Inc.

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