The Justice Sandra Day O'Connor actress went to "Purgatory" on November 1, 2023. When the angel of JEHOVAH told Joseph and Miriam in Egypt that baby killer King Herod was dead, they rejoiced greatly, and returned to Nazareth with the young Messiah (Saint Matthew 2:19-23).

The name Sandra is the shortened form of Alexandra, the female version of Alexander "The Great." Stephen Daye, later shortened to Day, was the first printer in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

You don't have to be an MIT graduate to solve the Sandra Day O'Connor conundrum . . . but it helps!! Satan knows that a growing patriotic Christian population in the New Jerusalem would delay his plans for Antichrist to plant his tabernacle from sea to shining sea (Daniel 11:45). That is why he moved the Supreme Court to legalize nationwide baby murder on demand in 1973.

History does repeat itself in marvelous ways. When the children of Israel were multiplying in Egypt, Pharaoh instituted the precursor of abortion by ordering the midwives to kill all the male babies (Exodus 1:16). When the New Jerusalem population was multiplying, the Pharaonic Zone Supreme Court legalized abortion on demand to radically reduce the population!

In 1927, the attractive, flirtatious El Paso resident Ada Mae Wilkey was pregnant out of wedlock. Back then in the Lone State State there was a great stigma attached to illegitimacy, and the word bastard was still used to refer to a person born out wedlock!

Ada Mae Day (19072001) was
mother of the real Sandra Day.

The real father is still "Anonymous," as only the Day of Judgment will reveal his true identity!

Abortion was illegal in Texas, so the expectant mother had only 2 options: put the baby up for adoption or find a husband post haste.

She decided on the second option and married a 29-year-old ugly rancher named Harry Day from the Grand Canyon state of Arizona.


Ugly Harry Day (1898–1984) and attractive
Ada Mae at the O'Connor
wedding in 1952.

Arizona was still considered the Wild West and his Lazy B ranch was located 200 miles from El Paso. Here is a quote from an authorized biography of the Sandra Day O'Connor double:

Sandra Day was born on March 26, 1930, in the city of El Paso, Texas, the only city close enough—four hours by train—to have a proper hospital. The Arizona house ranch to which she was brought a couple of weeks later, after the two hundred mile trip, was a square, four room adobe structure. Known as Headquarters, it stood eight miles from the main road. Visitors were announced by the cloud of dust that they raised. The house had no running water, indoor plumbing, or electricity. Coal gas lamps lit the rooms: the bathroom was a wooden privy 75 yards downwind from the house. (Thomas, First: Sandra Day O'Connor, p.5).

For the well-educated sensitive bride, with a newborn baby to raise, Ada Mae was out of place in the Arizona Wild West. Only grass and cactus grew in that arid environment, but the seeds of nationwide abortion on demand were planted and grew there among the rattlesnakes and scorpions!

The real
Sandra Day
1956) age 12.

According to her official biographers, Sandra Day was packed off to school in El Paso when she was 6 years old.

Her parents tipped the conductor and told him to watch out for her during the 4-hour train ride!

In reality, Sandra was 9 years old, and very tall for her age!

To her parent's consternation she survived the long trip back and forth to El Paso.


The real
tall Sandra age 14 with
her mother and 2 siblings.

Here is another quote from an authorized biography of the Sandra Day O'Connor double:

Life on the range shaped Sandra's early years, but so did her absence from it. At age 6, she was sent away to school in El Paso, the home of her maternal grandmother, Mamie Wilkey. As a child, Sandra could not shed the fear that her parents wanted her out of the house and might not welcome her back. It was a long and lonely existence by all accounts. (Biskupic, Sandra Day O'Connor, p,17).

Just imagine a 6-year-old walking the street of El Paso and enrolling in first grade all by herself. It is just too comical to contemplate! Only a lawyer could have invented that children's fairy tale!

When she was in school a classmate told her that Harry Day was not her real father:

When Sandra was eleven one of her school friends told her that she knew a secret about Sandra and her mother. What was it demanded Sandra? "Well my mother says that your mother was married to somebody else, not Harry Day." I don't believe you shouted Sandra. But her mind was filled with doubts. She was shocked and frightened she recalled. "Had I been adopted? Was that why MO and DA sent me off to school in El Paso?" (Thomas, First: Sandra Day O'Connor, p.18).

Gossips can be very cruel and malicious....That brief marriage to "somebody else" was a fiction because Ada Mae was pregnant out of wedlock! The Jewish Messiah is the only person in history who chose his mother, foster father, and Hebrew name Joshua in advance!

The tall in the saddle real Sandra Day could
rope a steer or break in a stubborn nag.

The real Sandra was tall and strong, and could rope a steer, or break in a stubborn horse like any of the Mexican ranch hands.

While delivering lunch to the ranch hands, her jeep developed a flat tire, and she fixed it all by herself!

She received no praise from her stepfather because nothing she did pleased ugly Harry.


Sandra Day's Austin High School graduation photo when she was

Incredibly, on the morning of July 16, 1945, Sandra and ugly Harry were looking out the window toward the northeast when they saw the intense light and a mushroom cloud from the second atomic bomb test:

It was several weeks later that we read in some of our weekly mail about the first atomic bomb test in Alamogordo, New Mexico. The Day family at the Lazy B was astonished to learn that they had witnessed that ominous and historic event some 180 miles distant. In the land of cactus and cattle, scientists had unleashed the most stupendous force in the universe. The world we knew was changed forever (Thomas, First: Sandra Day O'Connor, p.23, O'Connor, Lazy B, p.244).

That first test of a plutonium bomb was visible from 180 miles away and proves that the globetards are wrong and that the earth is flat!

Attractive Ada Mae and ugly Harry wanted Sandra out of sight and out of mind. That is why they sent her to Stanford University for her MRS degree, instead of the University of Arizona at Tucson!

Academically, Sandra was not prepared for Stanford because she had little opportunity for intellectual development on that isolated ranch, and at the Austin High School in El Paso.

19-year-old ranch girl Sandra Day enrolled at
Stanford University for an
MRS degree.

Sandra enrolled in Stanford University in 1946. That ranch girl was not a "child prodigy" or academic, and she was 19 years old at that time.

Upon arrival her classmates sized her up because the competition was intense for an MRS degree and a ring by spring!

The other students teased her about her accent and said she sounded like Rose Of Sharon Joad in the Grapes of Wrath movie!


The real Sandra getting ready for a
dip at a Yosemite swimming hole.

Here is another quote from an authorized biography of the Sandra Day O'Connor double:

But when Sandra opened her mouth she "sounded like the Dust Bowl," recalled Cooley, the ranch girl from Arizona spoke slowly, with a flat twang. She seemed shy but very deliberate. She had dark, short, wispy hair—"baby curls" recalled van Rensselaer. "We though her hair looked pretty good but she seemed to think it was a problem." Sandra suffered from a medical problem that inhibited hair growth and later consulted a Palo Alto doctor; only after she started having babies years later did hormonal changes thicker her hair (Thomas, First: Sandra Day O'Connor, p.27).

"Sandra" must have a hired a Hollywood speech coach because she certainly lost her Okie "Dust Bowl" accent!

After World War II, most attractive, intelligent New Jerusalem women attended college for an MRS degree . . . as a husband was considered more valuable than a degree!

Rehnquist is standing top row left and Sandra
is standing bottom row
second from left.

While at Stanford University she had a fatal encounter with a nerdy spy named William Rehnquist.

In 1949, Rehnquist the spy began sitting next to Sandra during law classes, and sharing their meticulous notes.

The couple began dating, and Sandra took him to meet her mother and Harry at the ranch, but the meeting with the nerdy tenderfoot did not go well.

The real tall Sandra standing next to
lanky William Rehnquist in 1950.

Rehnquist did not make an impression of Ada Mae and Harry, so the engagement was called off. Incredibly, in 1986, William Rehnquist was appointed Chief Justice of the Supreme Court by acting President Ronald Reagan.

When Sandra checked the list of students who had passed the California bar exam her name was not on the list. However, it was later discovered that a mistake had been made because she took the exam as Sandra Day O'Connor . . . and not as Sandra Day! (Forgot her name!).

Sandra was a tall, tough Arizona rancher, but she was not a female Samson because her hair did not start to grow as she got older! She never had any babies because she never returned to the New Jerusalem with her husband!

John O'Connor, S.J.

While on the campus, Sandra had another fatal encounter with a Jesuit named John O'Connor.

O'Connor graduated from Ignatius Loyola High School in San Francisco. He was the precursor of Gavan Newsom.

Basque Ignatius Loyola was the founder of the Alien Militia of Jesus.

That union made in Hades did not last very long!


The wedding of the tall Sandra Day and Jesuit
John O'Connor, December 20, 1952.

Fatally, Sandra Day became Mrs. Sandra Day O'Connor when she married skull and bones Jesuit John O'Connor on December 20, 1952.

John O'Connor was drafted in spring 1953, and in the summer he was posted to Frankfurt, West Germany. While John prosecuted AWOL soldiers and petty thieves, his wife worked at the Quartermaster's Corps, selling off huge amount of surplus material from the American occupation.

At that time it was still very unusual for a spouse to accompany her husband on a top secret overseas military assignment!

Jesuit John, the real Sandra, Ada Mae, and Harry
in Frankfurt, West Germany
, in 1954.

The O'Connors had a big apartment near the former I.G. Farben Chemical Colossus poison gas plant.

Sandra's mother and stepfather came to visit them in 1954.

Incredibly, that "loving couple" took up skiing, and visited some of the most popular Swiss ski resorts!


The real Sandra and Jesuit John in civvies relax
their apartment in Frankfurt circa 1955.

John might have gone skiing in Northern California, Idaho, or Utah, but the real Sandra probably never saw snow in her entire life:

There was time to travel and to ski. At Kitzbühel, "they rented a little cottage with little hearts and flowers carved on the outside, sitting in the snow in the middle of the Alps," Sandra recalled. Sandra learned a very formal, controlled style of skiing, knees held tightly together, erect body gracefully swooping down the mountain in long smooth arcs. (Thomas, First: Sandra Day O'Connor, p.55).

The English language expression SNOW JOB means a BIG FAT FIB!! Coincidently, the mop top Beatles went on an overseas trip in 1966, and they never returned to their imprisoned island where you have to be licensed to own a TV (pay for propaganda and lies!).

Actress Sandra, Jesuit John,
and son Brian, circa 1959.

When the "loving couple" arrived back from their "skiing vacation" in Europe they settled in Phoenix, Arizona.

Amazingly, the snow helped "Sandra's" hair to grow, but that actress was not as tall and rugged as the real cowgirl Sandra Day.

Jesuit John and his actress had 3 sons: Scott (born 1958), Brian (born 1960), and Jay (born 1962).

Both John and the actress practiced law in Phoenix while she waited for her friend William Rehnquist to call her to the Supreme Court.


By 1962 that couple had 3 sons:
Scott, Brian, and Jay.

From a distance that actress might look like the real Sandra . . . but the slightest difference exposes an imposter!

The Sandra Day double was sworn-in on the Holy Bible that prohibits women ruling over men!!

During his Presidential campaign against the Jimmy Carter double, actor Ronald Reagan promised that he would appoint a woman to the Supreme Court as a concession because the ERA (Evil Rules America) Amendment was defeated!

The Supreme Court had a terrible reputation since they legalized about in 1973, so what better away to change public perception of the baby killers than to appoint an attractive female to the court!

Acting President Reagan and the charming
Sandra Day O'Connor

On July 7, 1981, President Reagan nominated Sandra Day O'Connor for the Supreme Court.

The attractive disarming actress on the left looks about 40 years old!

Ronald never made a decision without consulting Nancy, and Nancy never made a decision without consulting her astrologer Joan Quigley.


starstruck trio: Joan, Nancy, and Ronald
ran the White House for 8 years!

Nancy Reagan was a flat earther because astrology is based on the sun moving through the flat earth signs of the zodiac yearly!

The Sandra Day double prepared for her appointment to the Supreme Court by having a hysterectomy:

On June 25, one week after Potter Stewart publicly announced his retirement, Sandra O'Connor was in bed at her home on Denton Lane, recovering from a hysterectomy. The phone rang and it was William French Smith. The attorney general was circumspect. Could she come to Washington to be interviewed for a "federal position?" (Thomas, First: Sandra Day O'Connor, p.124).

Is it possible that Joan also cast her horrorscope because the timing of that hysterectomy was incredible? That operation guaranteed that she would have no babies to interfere with her rise to Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.

With her hand on the Holy Bible, the Sandra Day
actress was sworn-in by Chief Justice
Warren Burger, Sept. 25, 1981.

From Genesis to the Apocalypse, the Holy Bible describes female rulers as Jezebels and Delilahs.

The ancient Romans hated female rulers because Queen Cleopatra almost made Julius Caesar a king.

Lawyers are supposed to be familiar with the Holy Bible because the Pentateuch is the foundation of U.S. jurisprudence.

Group photo of the 1981 Supreme Court. The short
actress is standing next to William Rehnquist.

According to the official biographers, the real Sandy Day was supposed to marry William Rehnquist when she graduated from Stanford University in 1950.

After Rehnquist graduated from Stanford he moved to the Pharaonic Zone and got a job as a law clerk at the Supreme Court. Coincidently, he moved to Phoenix, Arizona, in 1952.

The real tall Sandra Day standing next
CIA spy William Rehnquist.

William Rehnquist was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, on October 1, 1924.

That means he was 26 years old in 1950, and a fully grown future Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.

Sandra Day was born in 1927, and the future skiing enthusiast was a fully grown 23-year old in 1950.

Women do not shrink after they stop growing—even in the Grand Canyon State!



The attractive Sandra Day O'Connor
actress standing next to associate justice William
Rehnquist in 1982.

Women wear high heels to increase their stature in Vanity Fair . . . and not because they shrink as they glow older!

Both Rehnquist and his wife Natalie Cornell were CIA agents! The couple married in San Diego in 1953, and then moved to Phoenix, where he practiced law with Jesuit John O'Connor and the actress. Richard "Dick the Double" Nixon appointed that arch-intriguer to the Supreme Court in 1972.

Being an associate justice is like an NCO in the army. Nobody ever remembers you. The real power lies with the chief justice, and the Sandra Day O'Connor actress aspired to that position!

Associate Justice Antonin Scalia
(19362016) wearing a
Sir Thomas More hat!

The Sandra Day O'Connor actress coveted the position of chief justice.

"Sandra" was the favorite because her "close friend" William Rehnquist was appointed chief Justice by President Reagan in 1986.

However, a bitter rival appeared on the scene in 1986 in the person of associate justice Antonin Scalia.


The Sandra Day
actress and Antonin Scalia were
bitter rivals for the position of chief justice.

Both Scalia and the Sandra Day O'Connor actress were determined that Antichrist would plant his tabernacle from sea to shining sea . . . but they differed radically on the most expeditious methods to be employed!

Incredibly, in the fall of 1988 the Sandra Day double was diagnosed with breast cancer! Here is another brief quote from an authorized biography of the Sandra Day double:

But just as the first two-week session of oral arguments was winding down in mid-October, O'Connor received startling news. A spot had showed on a routine mammogram. Something did not look right on the test, the physician told her. She felt fine, she said, but her doctor insisted she have more tests to determine whether she had breast cancer. (Biskupic, Sandra Day O'Connor, p.186).

That test turned out positive for breast cancer. Was that cancer man made . . . or an "Act of God?"

The Sandra Day double wearing a wig at the
January 1989 Presidential inauguration.

The Sandra Day double had a radical mastectomy and chemotherapy which caused her hair to fall out.

Like the real Sandra, her hair did not grow back, and she wore a wig for the rest of her life!

Both Scalia and the Sandra Day double voted to stop the 2000 Florida recount, and as a result G.W. Bush was declared President!

The Sandra Day double and
President George H.W. Bush.

Rehnquist passed away from "cancer" in September 2005, and President Bush nominated John Roberts for the position of chief justice. The Sandra Day O'Connor double resigned from the Supreme Court in 2006 and was succeeded by Samuel Alito. Jesuit John O'Connor was diagnosed with dementia in 2000 . . . and he went to "Purgatory" in 2009. The Sandra Day O'Connor actress joined him on November 1, 2023.

The Jewish Messiah said:

Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation, and every city or house divided against itself will not stand.  If Satan casts out Satan, he is divided against himself. How then will his kingdom stand? (Saint Matthew 12:25-26).

When the wicked are at each other's throats, New Jerusalem Christians can rejoice greatly because they have freedom to preach the Gospel. Thus far our great JEHOVAH has delayed Antichrist from planting his tabernacle from sea to shining sea—Selah (Exodus 14:25, Daniel 11:45).

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