Saint Peter knew that we were surrounded by aliens so he warned US to be sober and vigilant at all times:

Be sober and watch (Gk. gregorios); because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, goeth about seeking whom he may devour (I Saint Peter 5:8, Douay-Rheims Version).

The world's great concentration of human aliens originated in the Basques region of Spain!

Basque County map.

The highest concentration of Rh negative, or alien blood, is found in the Basque region of northern Spain!

Their language, called Euskara, is unlike any other European language!

It was probably the language of the giants who escaped the sword of General Joshua during the Conquest of Canaan!

Evilutionists claim that the Basques are descended from Neanderthal or Cro-Magnon man!

Bilbao is the capital of the Basque Country.

85% of the world's population has normal, or Rh positive blood, while the Basques have a preponderance of negative blood:

Twenty-seven percent of the Basques have O Rh negative blood. Rh negative blood in a pregnant woman can fatally poison a fetus that has a husband with positive blood. Since World War II, intervention techniques to save the fetus have developed, but it is probable that throughout history, the rate of miscarriage and stillborn births among the Basques was extremely high, which may be one of the reasons they remained a small population on a limited amount of land while other populations, especially in Iberia, grew rapidly. (Kurlansky, The Basque History of the World, p. 21).

Instead of committing racial suicide through intermarriage with Rh positives, the Basques were saved from extinction by 2 Edomite "medicine men."

Dr. Karl Landsteiner

Edomite Dr. Karl Landsteiner was an Austrian who emigrated to the New Jerusalem in 1923. Financed by the Rockefeller Institute, he commenced research on introducing negative blood into the positive population!

For his perfidy the "medicine man" was awarded the Noble Prize for "Medicine" in 1930.

Another Edomite named Dr. Alexander "Solomon" Wiener was a colleague in crime of Dr. Landsteiner and he "discovered" the Rh factor in 1937.


Dr. Alexander "Solomon" Wiener

Incredibly, the abbreviation Rh comes from the Rhesus monkey because the 2 "medicine men" believed human and monkey blood was similar!

Their deadly research led to a way of bypassing the natural immune system so that an Rh positive father could marry an Rh negative woman and have children without suffering a miscarriage...That alien inspired "discovery" facilitated the corruption of the human bloodline and led to a big increase in the alien population!

Basques Ignaitus Loyola and Francis Xavier were co-founders of the Militia of Jesus!!

On August 15, 1534, Ignatius Loyola and 6 of his companions founded the Jesuit order on a hilltop outside Paris. The original French name of the Jesuits was la Sociéte des Pères du Sacré-Coeur de Jésus....The name JESUS comes from the corrupt Latin Vulgate Version:

And she shall bring forth a son: and thou shalt call his name JESUS. For he shall save his people from their sins (Saint Matthew 1:21, Douay-Rheims Version).

The original 7 Jesuits were: Ignatius Loyola, Francis Xavier, Alfonso Salmeron, Diego Laínez, Nicolás Bobadilla, Peter Faber, and Simão Rodrigues.

Basque Ignatius Loyola (1491–1556).
Jesuit general from 1541 to 1556.

Basque Ignatius Loyola was co-founder of the Militia of Jesus, and their first general or "Black Pope."

Loyola was so full of aliens that he was arrested by the Dominican monks who ran the Spanish Inquisition!

He was released on the condition that he use his strange powers to fight the Reformers!

Fellow Basque Francis Xavier was one of the original 6 founders of the Militia of Jesus.


Portrait of Basque Francis Xavier

Francis Borgia, the grandson of Pope Alexander VI, and the éminence grise behind the new order—was not present at that time!

Pope Paul III (14681549).
Pope from 1534 to 1549.

In 1540, Pope Paul III officially recognized the Militia of Jesus, with Ignatius Loyola as the first general or "Black Pope."

The newly-formed Jesuits were not required to wear the corona tonsure or the monk's habit. They were also exempt from chanting matins and lauds.

In civilian clothes, the Jesuits were virtual chameleons, and could appear in any number of disguises!


Pope Paul III "blessing"
Ignatius Loyola.

5 years after the recognition of the Militia of Jesus, Pope Paul III convened the Jesuit dominated Council of Trent. The first order of business was to ban all translation of the Holy Scriptures except for the corrupt Latin Vulgate Version:

Moreover, the same sacred and holy Synod,–considering that no small utility may accrue to the Church of God, if it be made known which out of all the Latin editions, now in circulation, of the sacred books, is to be held as authentic,–ordains and declares, that the said old and vulgate edition, which, by the lengthened usage of so many years, has been approved of in the Church, be, in public lectures, disputations, sermons and expositions, held as authentic; and that no one is to dare, or presume to reject it under any pretext whatever. (Council of Trent, Fourth Session).

Transubstantiation, or the Jesus cookie, was declared to be divine, and anyone ridiculing or doubting that dogma was accursed:

Canon I. If anyone denies that in the sacrament of the most Holy Eucharist are contained truly, really, and substantially the body and blood together with the soul and divinity of our Lord Jesus Christ, and consequently the whole Christ, but says He is in it only as a sign, or figure or force, let him be anathema (accursed). (Council of Trent, Thirteenth Session).

The prohibition of divorce for any reason was another cash cow for the Militia of Jesus:

The perpetual and indissoluble bond of matrimony was expressed by the first parents of the human race, when, under the influence of the divine Spirit, he said: "This is now bone of my bone and flesh of my flesh. Wherefore a man shall leave father and mother and shall cleave to his wife, and they shall be two in one flesh. But that by this bond two only are united and joined together, Christ the Lord taught more plainly when referring to these last words as spoken by God, He said: "Therefore now they are not two, but one flesh," and immediately ratified the firmness of the bond so long ago proclaimed by Adam, with these words: "What therefore God hat joined together, let no man put asunder" (Council of Trent, Twenty-Fourth Session).

That Council made it mandatory for Catholics to believe in "Purgatory," with curses attached to anybody who rejected that mythical place:

Canon 30. If anyone says that after the reception of the grace of justification the guilt is so remitted and the debt of eternal punishment so blotted out to every repentant sinner, that no debt of temporal punishment remains to be discharged either in this world or in purgatory before the gates of heaven can be opened, let him be anathema (accursed). (Council of Trent, Sixth Session).

The "Purgatory" dogma laid the groundwork for the horrible Saint Bartholomew's Day Massacre.

Francis Borgia (1510–1572).
Jesuit general from 1565 to 1572.

On August 24, 1572, the alien doctrine of "Purgatory" was put into practice in France.

Francis Borgia was the 3rd Jesuit general, and his aliens never ceased from reminding the French Catholics that if they killed "heretics" they would shorten their time in "Purgatory."

The result was one of the bloodiest massacres of Christians since pagan Roma.

Blood flowed like a river in the streets of Paris. Catholics on the warpath in Paris to shorten
their time in "Purgatory."

The next gigantic task for the aliens was to get the earth rotating on its axis!

The aliens ordered the earth to start spinning in order to mythologize the Great Flood!!

General Joshua commanded the sun and moon to stop moving in order to give him more time to defeat the giants....The Jesuit general ordered the earth to start moving in order to discredit the fact of the Great Flood!

Mutius Vitelleschi (1563 –1645).
Jesuit general from 1615 to 1645.

Mutius Vitelleschi was Jesuit general from 1615 to 1645.

He was a virtual contemporary of Galileo, and he guided his career in his controversy with the Dominicans, who fiercely opposed the rotating ball earth.

General Vitelleschi was responsible for the bloody Thirty Years' War (16181648) which drowned Europe in blood.


Galileo Galilei, S.J.

The Thirty Years' War was the deadliest conflict in Europe until the First World War. Virtually half of the population of Germany was wiped out. The "unholy" Roman Empire, or First Reich, was greatly weakened, and France emerged from the bloody conflict as the strongest power in Europe.

Pope Gregory XV (1554–1623).
Pope from 1621 to 1623

Just 3 years before he became pontiff, the bloody Thirty Years' War erupted in Europe.

Pope Gregory XV did not support the Jesuits' rotating globe scam, so he was sent to "Purgatory" in 1623.

In 1624, Galileo made a 4th trip to Roma, and was received with great affection by the new Pope Urban VIII, who granted him 6 interviews.


Pope Urban VIII (15681644).
Pope from 1623 to 1644.

Galileo was charged with heresy by the Roman Inquisition and ordered to appear at Roma. That was his 6th trip to the city of the twins. He had 3 court appearances before the Inquisition in which he finally recanted his helliocentric views. Most of the judges were Dominicans, who despised the Jesuits and their Copernican "astronomy."

When Galileo went to "Purgatory" in 1642 he was considered a "martyr" for science. After his death his legend grew and grew until he became the "father" of "science" and "astronomy!"

Thanks to alien duplicity and publicity, he was seen as the deliverer of the world from the outdated, "unscientific" Biblical view of the earth as the center of the universe and the sun orbiting the earth.

In 1773, Pope Clement XIV banned the aliens with a perpetual decree!!

The French king, through his minister for foreign affairs Étienne-François, duc de Choiseul, FORCED the Pope to dissolve the Jesuits order entirely in the dominions of the Bourbon kings.

Étienne-François, duc de Choiseul (1719-1785).Secretary of Foreign Affairs (1766-1770.
Étienne-François, duc de Choiseul
Sec. of Foreign Affairs (1766–1770).

French foreign minister Étienne François de Choiseul was the driving force behind the suppression of the aliens.

At the conclave of 1769 that "elected" Pope Clement XIV, he insisted that the new Pope give a guarantee in writing that he would suppress the Jesuits.

The new Pope was very, very reluctant because he feared the cup of Borgia and wasn't ready for "Purgatory."

Pope Clement XIV (1705-1774).
Pope Clement XIV (1705–1774).
Pope from 1769 to 1774.

He finally relented, and in 1773 issued a Bull suppressing the aliens PERPETUALLY and FOREVER.

On July 21, 1773, this "infallible" Pope banned the Jesuit order by a perpetual decree never to be rescinded. It cost him his life as he was given the cup of Borgia shortly thereafter and died a horrible lingering death:

And to this end a member of the regular clergy, recommendable for his prudence and sound morals, shall be chosen to preside over and govern the said houses; so that the name of the Company shall be, and is, for ever extinguished and suppressed. (Bull of Suppression of Pope Clement XIV).

Even the Papal States refused to give the Jesuits refuge, and they were finally dumped on the island of Corsica—the future birthplace of Napollyon Bonaparte.

The Jesuits were resurrected by Pope Pius VII, and their fanaticism was increased after the miraculous victory of General Jackson at New Orleans!

Global nun Catherine Labouré


The "Sisters of Charity" were the female counterparts of the resurrected Militia of Jesus.

The global nun's first apparition was on July 19, 1830.

Her second apparition was on November 27 when the "Virgin of the Globe" appeared to her.

That "Immaculate Virgin" was standing on a globe and holding a globe surmounted by a cross!

The apparition was holding a globe
and standing on a globe!

The global nun was ordered to make a medal of the vision, which became known worldwide as the "Miraculous Medal." Catholics who wore it could expect to shorten their time in "Purgatory."

That apparition was a parody of the apocalyptic vision of Saint John (Apocalypse 12:1) where he saw a woman with the MOON under her feet.

The Pharaonic Zone became the New Jerusalem HQ for the aliens!!

Ever since their founding in 1540, the Jesuits have adopted every disguise under the sun. Disguise was even more important in the British colonies because most of the people remembered the Gunpowder Plot and the Saint Bartholomew's Day Massacre.

The top secret 1787 Constitution called for a 10-miles-squared area as the capital of the new nation. An area bordering Maryland and Virginia was finally chosen as the new capital....No name was specified in the top secret Constitution, but that Pharaonic Zone was called Washington City.

"Mason" George Washington laying
the cornerstone of the new Capitol.

On September 18, 1793, "mason" George Washington laid the cornerstone for the New Jerusalem capitol.

George was surrounded by his fellow masons. "Mason" was just one of the many disguises that the aliens adopted in the New Jerusalem.

Thomas Jefferson was the first President to take the oath of office in the new capital.


Thomas Jefferson, S.J. (1743–1826).
President from 1801 to 1809

Jefferson was a Jesuit in disguise. He edited the New Covenant portion of the Holy Bible, and he called the miracles of the Bible, DUNG....His devilish handiwork can still be seen today in what is called the "Jefferson Bible."

John Carroll S.J. (1735–1815) was
the founder of Georgetown College.
After the suppression of the aliens in 1773, Archbishop John Carroll was de facto Jesuit general in the colonies!

In 1789, he founded Georgetown College and named it after George Washington.

In 1815, the college was chartered as a university by President James Madison.

From that time onward, the only way to succeed in politics in the Pharaonic Zone was to be a graduate of Georgetown University!

Georgetown University has a stranglehold
on "education" in the Pharaonic Zone!

A Catholic "college" is an oxymoron because the Jesuit sponsored Syllabus of Errors condemns all learning and progress! Pharaoh Raamses I was the father of the tyrannical Raamses II—the Pharaoh of the Exodus. Using the Israelites as slaves he built 2 cities, and called one of them by his name:

 Therefore they did set over them taskmasters to afflict them with their burdens. And they built for Pharaoh storage cities Pithom and Raamses (Exodus 1:11).

Pharaoh adopted the name RAAMSES from an existing Egyptian land called RAMESES (Genesis (47:11). When his father died he succeeded him as RAAMSES II. That confusion of names led to Satan inspired enemies of the Exodus changing the date of that world-changing event.

The people who call themselves "Jews" are completely ignorant as to when the Exodus occurred! Their "Ramses II" lived from 1279 to 1213 BC. JEHOVAH gave Moses the ALPHABET with the 10 Commandments on Mount Sinai, and that ALPHABET has been in existence since 1533 BC. After Israel was established in Canaan the surrounding nations copied the divinely inspired Hebrew alphabet!

Raamses II (1563 –1533 BC)
was the Pharaoh of the Exodus.

Raamses II was a far worse tyrant than his father. He ordered the Israelites to make bricks without straw (Exodus 5:10).

His heart was as hard as his massive stone obelisks, and he refused to let the people go!

Only after the death of his firstborn son did he finally relent, but he pursued after Moses and the Israelites, and was drowned in the Red Sea soon after the first Passover in 1533 BC!


An Egyptian obelisk dominates
the Pharaonic Zone!

The Exodus from Egyptian bondage occurred in 1533 BC . . . and it was a marvelous type of the end of the world....When the Israelites were crossing the Red Sea, JEHOVAH sent his MECHANIC ANGEL to take off the wheels of their chariots and slow them down:

Now it came to pass that in the morning watch that JEHOVAH looked unto the host of the Egyptians through the pillar of fire and of the cloud, and troubled the host of the Egyptians, and took off their chariot wheels, so that they drove them with difficulty: so that the Egyptians said, "Let us flee from the face of Israel; for JEHOVAH fightieth for them against the Egyptians" (Exodus 14:24-25).

Our Great JEHOVAH has slowed Pharaoh down so far by keeping Corrupt Bargain Hillary Clinton from the White House....Until the 3 Days of Darkness commences, JEHOVAH expects all true Christians to be MECHANICS FOR CHRIST!

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