Beginning in 1940, a legion of priests and nuns descended on the public schools in Champagin, Illinois, with rosary and catechism in hand. It was called "released time" and pupils as young as third graders were introduced to Saint Peter in Roma, transubstantiation, and "purgatory!"

Not all parents were happy with that indoctrination on the tax supported public schools in the Land of Lincoln.

Plaintiff Vashti McCollum (19122006).

In 1940, a New World Children's Crusade was launched in Champaign, Illinois.

Legions of priest and nuns descended on the public schools to teach the children the Roman Catholic catechism.

It was called released time, and at the beginning it was only about 1 hour per week, but it held out the possibility of limitless expansion from sea to shining sea!

One mother's son—James McCollum—who refused to participate in the Crusade was exiled to the hallway!

James McCollum (b. 1935).

In January 1946, the Circuit Court of Champaign County ruled in favor of the school district, and upon appeal, the Illinois Supreme Court affirmed the lower court's ruling.

The Illinois Court ruled that the released time program did not violate the Constitution, so in order to obtain justice for her son, Vashti decided to go all the way to the Supreme Court.

Chief Justice Fred M. Vinson
(1890–1953). Chief Justice from
1946 to 1953.

McCollum sought review by the U.S. Supreme Court, which agreed to hear the case, taking oral arguments in December 1947.

Chief justice Fred M. Vinson assigned the case to Alabama associate justice Hugo Black, who was a senior member of the Court, and an expert on Constitutional law.

Justice Black was the first justice appointed by FDR after his 1937 court-packing scheme failed. That liberty-loving justice knew the critical role that the Court played in preserving First Amendment freedoms!


Justice Hugo L. Black (1886–1971).

Associate justice from 1937 to 1971.

In 1952, Justice Hugo Black again issued the majority opinion in Burstyn v. Wilson which included MOVIES in the First Amendment protection!

Normally, the Court was a house divided, but that time they voted almost unanimously that the released time violated the First Amendment to the Constitution....The majority opinion, written by Justice Hugo Black stated:

The facts in this case show the use of tax-supported property for religious instruction and the close cooperation between school authorities and the religious council in promoting religious education. The operation of the state's compulsory education system thus assists and is integrated with the program of religious instruction carried on by separate religious sects. Pupils compelled by law to go to school for secular education are released in part from their legal duty upon the condition that they attend the religious classes. This is beyond all question a utilization of the tax-supported public school system to aid religious groups to spread their faith. And it falls squarely under the ban of the First Amendment (made applicable to the States by the Fourteenth) as we interpreted it in Everson v. Board of Education (1947). The majority in that case and the minority agreed that the First Amendment's language, properly interpreted, had erected a wall of separation between church and state. (Eastland, Religious Liberty in the Supreme Court, p. 83).

8 out 9 justices saw clearly that the First Amendment clearly prohibited a taxpayer financed Children's Crusade:

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of the speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for redress of grievances (First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution).

There was much rejoicing throughout the nation when the Supreme Court decided in an 8 to1 decision that the released time violated the separation of church and state.

Vashti McCollum reading the Supreme
Court decision on March 8, 1948.

The decision of the Supreme Court was officially announced on March 8, 1948, and it was almost unanimous!

Few expected that outcome, as a previous decision in 1947 (Everson v. Board of Education) the Supreme Court legalized reimbursement for parochial school children using public transportation.

Naturally, there was consternation at the "Little Vatican" in New York City. Cardinal Spellman—the American Pope—had made it a vital part of his program to obtain government financing for his parochial schools.


Mother and son reading the "good news" about the Supreme Court decision!

That landmark decision, which few people ever heard about, changed the Supreme Court forever. No longer was it the supreme guardian of the Constitution and Bill of Rights, but a political football to be kicked around by the Latin hierarchy.

The 8 justices who approved the landmark McCollum v. Board of Education were: Black, Vinson, Douglas, Murphy, Rutledge, Burton, Frankfurter, and Jackson. Only one, Justice Stanley Reed dissented.

Justice Frank Murphy

Supreme Court justices are appointed for life, and most to them expect to live to a ripe old age and die on the job!

Even though he was a Catholic, Justice Murphy joined the majority opinion, and for that egregious transgression he was sent to "Purgatory" on July 19, 1949.

Justice Rutledge from Kentucky joined him on September 10, 1949.


Justice Wiley B. Rutledge

Chief Justice Fred M. Vinson also met an untimely end on September 8, 1953. He was replaced by a powerful California politicio named Earl Warren.

Dick the Double, General Eisenhower, and
Earl Warren, Chicago, July 1952.

Earl Warren was governor of California from 1943 to 1953.

He was also a Republican Presidential contender in 1952.

General Eisenhower was very reluctant to have Dick the Double as his running mate, but the "Checkers Speech" changed all that.

As compensation, Warren was promised the position of Chief Justice as soon as Vinson had a timely demise!


Earl Warren (1891–1974).
Chief Justice from '53 to '69.

One of the most famous cases that came before the Supreme Court during the Eisenhower Presidency was Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka, Kansas.

"Reverend" Oliver L. Brown

The backlash from the McCollum v. Board of Education decision happened in May 1954 when the Supreme Court, led by Chief Justice Warren, outlawed discrimination in the public schools nationwide.

The case was called Brown v. Board of Education.

Warren couldn't care less about discrimination because he interred Japanese Americans during WWII.

Coincidently, the first attempt to enforce that decision came the year after the Suez Canal Crisis.

Elizabeth Eckford attempting to enter Little
Rock Central High, Sept. 4, 1957.

All during his Presidency, Eisenhower was under tremendous pressure to start WWII with the "godless" Communists. The Little Rock crisis just added to the heavy burden that he bore.

Due to Dick the Double throwing the 1960 Presidential election—and voter fraud—Union Jack was sent to the White House....That was bad news for him because his own wife fired one of the 3 shots that sent him to "Purgatory " in Dallas, Texas.

The Pink Panther
leaping after she sent her
husband to "Purgatory."

The Warren Commission Report was a massive 888-page whitewash of the Kennedy assassination.

It concluded that 3 shots were fired by lone gunman Lee Harvey Oswald.

3 shots were fired by Roy Killerman, the Pink Panther, and Clint Hill.

Whitewash: the massive Warren
Commission Report.

That report was handed to a smirking Lyndon Johnson on September 24. 1964. It just so happened that Warren's close friend Dick the Double was in Dallas on the very morning of the assassination.

Soon after the assassination, Chief Justice Earl Warren introduced the top secret 25th Amendment, that would make his friend Nelson Rockefeller President by appointment only.

Cardinal Francis Spellman
Cardinal from 1939 to 1967.

As a last throw of the dice, the "American Pope" decided to place state funding for his parochial schools on the New York State ballot in November 1967.

Nelson Rockefeller was governor and Charles Malcom Wilson was lieutenant governor.

Rockefeller owed the cardinal a big favor for granting him a divorce in 1962.

"Devout" Catholic Wilson worked tirelessly to see that the voters approved the tax funding for the schools.


Lieutenant governor Charles
Malcom Wilson (1914–2000).

Once approved by the voters, Cardinal Spellman knew that the Warren Court would never agree to hear any case that dealt with the Constitutionality of the public finding:

On Tuesday, November 7, 1967, voters went to the polls. Spellman watched the results on television, although there was little doubt as to the constitution's fate. The voter turnout was exceptionally large, as was the vote against the new charter. By a margin of nearly three to one, New Yorkers rejected the new constitution. (Cooney, The American Pope, p. 319).

Incredibly, New York's "Orthodox" Jews were among the most fervent supporters of the new constitution.... If it succeeded in New York, California was sure to follow suit.

When it failed, all hell broke loose in the New Jerusalem. The "American Pope" suffered a stroke and he went to "Purgatory" on December 2, 1967. As revenge for that defeat, New York State Governor Nelson Rockefeller tried to steal the U.S. Presidency without an election!

Dick the Double appointed 3 of the abortion/murder on demand justices!!

Normally, Chief Justices don't retire but remain in office until they are physically incapable of supervising the work of the Court. Amazingly, Warren retired in 1971 to make way for a Dick the Double appointee named Warren Burger.

Warren Burger (1907–1995).
Chief Justice from '69 to '86.

Warren Burger was sworn-in as Chief Justice on May 23, 1969.

In the 5 1/2-years that he was President, Dick the Double had the unprecedented opportunity to appoint 4 Supreme Court justices.

The 4 judges he appointed were: Chief Justice Warren Burger; associate judges Harry Blackmun, Lewis Powell, and William Rehnquist.

Warren Burger and Dick the Double,
May 23, 1969.

Only George Washington appointed more lawyers, but that was because there was no Supreme Court before the ratification of the top secret "Constitution."

As Chief Justice, Burger decided the that Court would hear the abortion/murder case. He assigned the case to another Dick the Double appointed justice name Harry "Andrew" Blackmun, from "Saint Paul," Minnesota.

Harry "Andrew" Blackmun (19081999).
Associate justice from 1970 to 1994.

Normally, vital cases are assigned to justices based on seniority.

Burger knew that Blackmun, regardless of the arguments of pro-lifers, was anxious to approve abortion/murder on demand nationwide.

"Purgatory" Catholic William J. Brennan provided the Court with the theological arguments for abortion/murder by reminding them that the real American people would never advance the agenda of the "Church Militant" by funding their parochial schools!


Justice William J. Brennan (1906–1997).
Associate justice from 1956 to 1990.

Roe v. Wade was a landmark Supreme Court decision by which the Court ruled that the "Constitution" protected a woman's right to murder her unborn baby!

Norma McCorvey (1947–2017)
aka "Jane Doe."


January 22, 1973, is a date that will live in infamy because the deadly Supreme Court decision was announced on that day!

Plaintiff Norma McCorvey was represented by Texas lawyer Sarah Weddington.

The demure, smiling SARAH Weddington was the perfect smokescreen to argue the abortion/murder case became nobody suspected that the Methodist minister's daughter was a virtual femme fatale!



Smiling Sarah Weddington

If the Wicked Witch of the Southwest had arrived at the "Infernal Zone" courthouse on her broomstick she would have scared the hell out of the judges:

Although only the Dallas contingent would come right out and say it, part of what had been impressive about Weddington was her feminine manner and appearance. Wearing her long strawberry-blond hair down over her shoulders, held back by barrettes, and dressed in blue, a color that flattered her porcelain complexion, she had looked lovely. She had also managed to display a demeanor befitting both her youth and the importance of the case. Weddington had answered the justices’ questions not only intelligently, but with a certain serenity that recalled her roots as a minister’s daughter. She was as cordial and calm as if she were entertaining a room full of her father’s colleagues—persons to whom she deferred because of their position but with whom she was completely at ease because she knew and trusted what they represented.(Faux, Roe v. Wade, p. 549).

Weddington is another example of Satan appearing—not as a fiery red Dragon—but masquerading as a Angel of Light. Saint Paul said:

For such are false apostles, deceitful workers, transforming themselves into the apostles of Christ. And no wonder! for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light. Therefore it is no great wonder if his ministers are also transformed into the ministers of righteousness; whose end shall be according to their works (II Corinthians 11:13-15, Douay, Rheims Version).

The 7 deadly judges who voted for abortion/murder were: Chief Justice Burger, Harry Blackmun, William Brennan, Potter Stewart, Thurgood Marshall, William O. Douglas and Lewis Powell.....There were only 2 dissenters: justices Byron White and William Rehnquist.

Lyndon Johnson (1908–1973).
"Accidental" President from
Nov. '63 to Jan. '69.

In order to distract the American people from that murderous Supreme Court decision, there was an amazin' coincidence when the Court announced its decision!

"Accidental" President Lyndon Johnson was sent to "Purgatory" on January 22, 1973—just 2 days after the second inauguration of Dick the Double!

For the next several days the Catholic controlled media ignored that horrendous decision by the Supreme Court, and all their attention was focused on the funeral of the U.S. Guy Fawkes.


Dick the Double "consoling" Lady Bird
Johnson at the Capitol, Jan, 25, 1973.

The timing of that distraction or smokescreen by the media was diabolically clever, as the American people were still distracted by the Vietnam War and domestic turmoil.

A smiling Dick and family pose for a final family photograph in the White House, August 8, 1974.

Dick the Double also had 2 good reasons to be smiling and happy when he left the White House.

In 1971, he divorced the dollar from gold, and then his crowning achievement was the abortion/murder decision by his "Supreme Court."

A triumphant Dick giving the double sign as he departs the White House, August, 9, 1974.

Based on past demographics, the population of the New Jerusalem should be about 800 million people enjoying life, liberty, and the purfuit of happineff.

Once the abortion/murder mills began operating in January 1973, millions of babies were murdered in their mother's womb. They were denied their Constitutional rights as their tiny helpless eyes never beheld the New Jerusalem or the Promised Land.

The Almighty knows all their names, and he will make inquisition for all the innocent blood that was shed by the abortionists/murderers (Psalm 9:12).

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