This expose will make all previous histories of WWII obsolete or gone with the wind....All the dates synchronize perfectly, so nobody can deny the fact that the red cross and the black cross were partners in a Satanic alliance!

On the eve of Operation Barbarossa, the Hess double deceived the Russians into believing that there was dissension within the Nazi high command, and the double deceived the New Jerusalem into believing that Hitler and Churchill were enemies!!

The real Rudolf Hess
April 26, 1894 August 25, 1942).

The bizarre true story of the Hess double is as astonishing and well-concealed as the Trump Organization doubles.

The Hess flight to Scotland took place on April 10, 1941, just before the planned Nazi invasion of Mother Russia!!

As the top Nazi in the Third Reich, Hess was also a hostage to ensure that the closest cooperation existed between the red cross and the black cross!!


The Hess double (1899–1987)
at the Nuremberg Trials.

The real Rudolf died in a plane crash in 1942, and the Hess double died in Spandau Prison in 1987.

1941 was a pivotal year in world history. Adolf Hanover/Hitler launched Operation Barbarossa in June, and Warlord Winston Churchill ordered Emperor Hirohito to bomb Pearl Harbor in December.

Winston Churchill was the son of
Edward the Caresser and Jennie
Jerome from Brooklyn.

The 2 men at the forefront of world events in 1941 were cousins Winston Churchill and Führer Adolf Hitler.

Churchill used his American mother to draw the New Jerusalem into a hellish alliance of iron and clay (Daniel 2:43).

As a STEWARD (Stuart) Hitler was warmly embraced by the Scots, who expected him to restore the Catholic Stuart dynasty!!


Führer Adolf Hitler was the son of
Houston Steward Chamberlain
and Klara Hitler.

King James II was overthrown in 1688 because of the warming pan plot. The descendants of the "Old Pretender" never gave up hope of restoring the fake Stuart dynasty.

The real Rudolf Hess speaking at
the Nuremberg rally in 1937.

Rudolf Hess was Deputy Führer of the Third Reich, which means that he was the real power behind the throne.

Hitler's only real role was as speechmaker. His bulging eyes and fiery rhetoric convinced the Nazis that they were supermen!!

Hitler was so compromised by the Munich Murder that he had to cooperate with Rudolf Hess!

Hitler and Hess in the Reichstag,
July 19, 1940.

Hitler's favorite pastime was painting, an ability he acquired from his grandmother Victoria. He read few books, and certainly knew nothing about military strategy. Hess was in Munich when Hitler killed his daughter Angela "Geli" Reubal, so that murder was a sword of Damocles that he held over his Führer.

The Nazi Party kept Hitler alive until his retirement to Argentina by using at least 5 doubles or doppelgängers!!

In August 1917, the real Rudolf Hess was severely wounded by receiving a bullet through his left lung, which left a big scar on his back. After his recovery, which took 3 months, he requested that he be allowed to train as a pilot. He saw no action in the air as the war ended on November 11, 1918.

The real Rudolf talking to his wife before one
of his frequent flights from Augsburg.

As a skilled pilot, Hess worked with his British counterpart, F.W. Winterbotham.

Group Captain Winterbotham kept reminding him that only by speed and mobility (blitzkrieg) could the Nazis expect to defeat the Soviet Union.

Hess took off for Scotland around 5:45 p.m., on April 10, 1941.


The real Rudolf preparing for
his flight to Scotland.

Hess took off alone in the 2-seater Me-110. He flew northwest over Germany, and went he arrived at the North Sea he headed for a Nazi airfield in Denmark. That is when the highly-trained doppelgänger replaced him in the pilot's seat....When the plane arrived over Scotland, the real Hess parachuted safety to the ground, and was warmly welcomed by the Duke of Hamilton and other RAF officers!

The double—flying solo—was told to watch for the landing lights at Dungavel House. Additionally, a radio transmitter was installed on the runway which would emit a signal to the plane.

Dungavel House was the residence
of the 14th Duke of Hamilton.

The fake Hess was supposed to land his plane on the estate of Douglas Hamilton.

However, the radio beam and the lights were switched off.

The double was confused and could not find the runway, so he decided to parachute from the plane.


Duke Douglas Hamilton

In a futile search for Dungavel House, the double missed his mark, and wasted precious fuel by flying to the west coast of Scotland and then turning back. On the second run he was no more successful, and that is when he decided to follow the example of the real Hess and parachute from the plane!

The Hess double landed by parachute about 12 miles (19 km) from Dungavel House!!

Low on fuel and unable to find Dungavel House, the double parachuted from the plane, and it crashed into a nearby field. He had trouble exiting the plane, and he broke his left ankle when he hit the ground.

Wreckage of the 2-seater Me-110 that brought
Hess and the double to Scotland.

The unreal Rudolf parachuted to earth near the Scottish village of Eaglesham, and his plane crashed into a field.

The pilot said his name was Hauptmann (Captain) Alfred Horn, and that he had an important message for the Duke of Hamilton.

After "interrogation" by MI666 Major Graham DONALD, "Captain Horn" was told that he was now Rudolf Hess!


Major Graham Donald was the
first to tell HORN that his name
was now HESS!!

A small group of RAF officers were present when Donald interrogated Captain Horn:

Donald then produced a sheaf of small aircraft identification cards, selected one showing an Me 110 and asked Hess to sign his name. He obliged, writing, 'Alfred Horn 10.5.1941.' Donald was nevertheless confidant he was looking at Hess, claiming afterwards that he had tried to convince the others around him, but only provoked shouts of incredulous laughter. (Padfield, Night Flight To Dungavel, p. 181).

Captain Horn told Donald that he was from Munich, and Donald commented how good Munich beer tasted. The double said that he did not drink, so Donald said that there were only 2 teetotalers in Germany: Hitler and Hess....Therefore he must be Hess!!

Captain Horn hurt his ankle from the parachute jump, so he was detained in Scotland until May 16.

The Tower of London during the
phony Blitz.

Captain Horn arrived in the snake river capital on May 17.

His incarceration in the Tower of London was a big propaganda coup because "notorious prisoners" were locked up there.

On May 21, he was transferred to a high security location called Camp Z.


"Captain Horn" was next incarcerated in
Camp Z, in Mytchett Place, Surrey.

From beginning to end, Churchill was writing the bizarre script for the Hess double:

On Churchill's initiative the prisoner was soon delivered into the hands of the psychiatrists. As one of them later wrote, their task was threefold: to keep the man safe from escape, safe from himself, and safe from attack. The authority who guided them throughout was Churchill himself (Thomas, The Murder of Rudolf Hess, p. 109).

Author and surgeon W. Hugh Thomas took the position that Hess was a double . . . and that the real Hess was shot down before he reached Scotland. Hess was indeed blown from the sky . . . but it happened in August 1942.

Maindiff Court Psychiatric Hospital.

In June 1942, "Captain Horn" was moved to Maindiff Court Psychiatric Hospital, where he was subjected to intensive brainwashing.

His "treatment" was all about making him believe that he was Rudolf Hess!!


The Hess double with the skeptical Hermann Goering
at the Nuremberg War Crimes Tribunal.

The Nuremberg War Crimes Tribunal commenced in November 1945. It was a good opportunity for the psychiatrists at the hospital to demonstrate their brainwashing skills, so the double was put on trial as "Hess." The Nazis who knew the real Rudolf Hess were incredulous at his bizarre behavior during the trial.

Hallucinating "Hess" at the
War Crimes Tribunal.

That brainwashing "treatment" was so successful that he gave his name as "Rudolf Hess" at the War Crimes Tribunal.

As result, the double was given a life sentence, with no possibility of parole.

He served out his life sentence in Spandau Prison in Berlin, and was "suicided" on August 17, 1987.


Captain Horn as an old man
in Spandau Prison.

The successful trial of the doppelgänger was ample proof of the validity of brainwashing and the creation of the "Manchurian Candidate." That technique was later used many times by MI666—the most infamous case being that of the Minsk double believing he was "Lee Harvey Oswald."

The double was due to be released in 1987, when the Britsh Queen Cleoparta was prime minister. The discovery of his real identity would have ended her "special relationship" with the U.S., so he was "suicided" in August of that same year.

He was buried at a secret location, but was later disinterred and buried in the Hess family PLOT!

The real Rudolf Hess planned Operation Barbarossa with Churchill and the royal family!!

Operation Barbarossa was named after the fake "Roman" Emperor Frederick Barbarossa "Redbeard." While on his way to conquer Constantinople and Jerusalem, he was double-crossed by King Richard the Lyingheart, and he drowned in a few feet of water!!

Operation Barbarossa was supposed to begin on April 30, 1941, but the brave Serbs delayed the invasion until June 22—the anniversary of the same date that Napoleon commenced his failed invasion of Mother Russia.

Instead of invading Mother Russia in April, Hitler had to deploy valuable resources to conquer Yugoslavia, and that delay was a major reason why he lost the war.

King George VI.
King from 1936 to 1953.
George VI was the World War II king.

According to Marion Crawford, the royal twins' governess, he liked to spend his evenings doing NEEDLEWORK!!

Churchill was delighted that the king was speechless, and never criticized his running of the war!

The king's younger brother George worked very closely with Hess!


Prince George, Duke of Kent

Prince George, Duke of Kent, was a fellow aviator like the duke of Hamilton and Hess. They despised Churchill's two-faced strategy of pretending to be an enemy of the Third Reich.

The Duke of Windsor warmly greeting
cousin Adolf Hanover.

The Duke of Windsor was the former King Edward VIII, who abdicated the throne to marry Mr. Wallis Simpson.

Churchill always preferred two-faced people, so the duke's outspoken friendship with cousin Adolf was giving him nightmares!

He knew that freedom-loving Americans would never embrace Fascism or Nazism.


The Duke of Windsor and
Adolf Hitler in 1937.

The preparation for Operation Barbarossa was on an awesome scale. Thousands of planes, tanks, and trucks were secretly shipped to the Polish border.

Field Marshal Gerd von Rundstedt


Operation Barbarossa was the largest land invasion in the entire history of the world, with over 3 million men involved.

The Nazis fielded 12 field marshals and hundreds of generals.

Gerd von Rundsted and Edomite Erich von Manstein were just 2 of the most aggressive Nazi field marshals.


Field Marshall Erich von Manstein


Money doesn't grow on trees–even in Nazi Germany. Financing a war is just as vital as fighting one. The Nazis were totally brainwashed fanatics, but they would not fight without pay. That was why the real Hess had to coordinate the vast amount of money that was transferred from the Bank of England to the Reichbank.

Montagu Norman
Montagu Norman

The initial rearming of Germany came from gold confiscated by President Roosevelt in 1934.

Brainwashing convinced the double that he was Hess, and brainwashing convinced the Nazis that they were supermen . . . but they would not fight for free!!

Bank of England Governor Montagu Norman worked closely with Nazi finance minister Hjalmar Schacht.

Hjalmar Schacht
Hjalmar Schacht

The cost of bankrolling Hitler, and then pretending to oppose him, was so staggering that perfidious Albion was practically bankrupt by the end of the war!!

By December 1941, Churchill, Hess, and Hitler knew that Mother Russia could not be defeated!!

The Japanese were part of the Tripartite Pact signed with Germany and Italy in September 1940. That meant that they were supposed to attack Mother Russia in the Far East when Operation Barbarossa began. The Japanese lost their nerve and never upheld their part of the agreement. That meant that the Russian Siberian divisions could be redeployed to defend Moscow.

Unlike Napoleon, the Nazi "supermen" never even captured Moscow. Combined with the delay due to the attack on Yugoslavia, 1941 did not go very well for Churchill, Hess, and Hitler.

Emperor Hirohito (1901
Misruled Japan from 1926 to 1989.

Churchill was furious when Japan did not attack Mother Russia in the rear.

Facing stiff opposition from the "Mothers Against Intervention," Churchill ordered Emperor Hirohito to bomb Pearl Harbor.

On Dec. 11, in a suicidal act, Hitler declared war on the U.S.


On Dec. 11, 1941, Hitler
declared war on the U.S.

That suicidal acts by Hirohito and Hitler created the ALLIES, or Big Four: United States, Soviet Union, United Kingdom, and China. It also meant that the New Jerusalem would become Churchill's ally against the Nazis!

Churchill visited Moscow in August 1942, accompanied by Hillary Clinton's father!!

The dictator's first trip to Moscow to consult with his new "ally" Stalin was kept secret from the British common people, but most members of the government knew of his visit.

Churchill and Averell Harriman reviewing Russian
troops at Moscow Airport, August 1942.

Churchill flew to Moscow on August 17 to confer with his new "ally" Stalin

Incredibly, Hillary Digby Churchill Clinton's father was also present at the conference!

Harriman was ubiquitous, and his daughter Hillary almost became President in 2016.

Churchill, Stalin, and Averell Harriman
conferring in Moscow, August 1942.

More incredibly, the Communist Party was financed by J.P. Morgan, Rockefeller, and Brown Brothers Harriman Bank. The new British "ally" did not go down very well with most of the British people! Unfortunately, they were not allowed to vote Churchill out of office.

A palace coup to remove Churchill was planned when he returned from Moscow!!

To the British royal family, Churchill's rapprochement with Moscow was TREASON....Leading the charge to replace him was Prince George of Kent, and the real Rudolf Hess!

On August 24, Churchill hurried back
to 10 Downing St. to save his job!

Churchill arrived back from Moscow in a hurry, flying in an American Liberator bomber because he did not trust the RAF.

He was sure that he was going to be removed from power and replaced by Sir Samuel Hoare.

Sir Samuel Hoare was British ambassador to Fascist Spain, where Caudillo Franco was spoiling for a fight with Mother Russia!!


Sir Samuel Hoare (1880
plotted to replace Churchill.

Spain had already sent a Blue Division to fight side by side with the Nazis. Franco told Hoare that he would eagerly join the fight if Britain joined the Axis. With Churchill absent, Hoare was in London planning the coup:

Reading between the lines, Beaverbrook is telling Hoare that the time is right, both from the point of view of political opposition to Churchill, of the public mood and with the military position, to take a stand. And so the scene was set. Halifax and Hoare were both in London during August. Halifax had an audience with the King on the 11th, returning to Washington on the 23rd, the same day that Hoare arrived in London via Lisbon. He too had an audience with the King, on the 28th.
Interestingly, in the first half of August rumours were circulating among the British community—and among Spanish journalists in Madrid— that Sir Samuel Hoare was involved in secret peace negotiations with the German and Italian Ambassadors. (Picknett, Prince, Prior, Double Standards: The Rudolf Hess Cover-up, p. 431).

What they meant by "peace" was that the British would take off their mask and declare all out for Hitler and his Third Reach. If the coup had succeeded, Britain, Spain, and the Terrible Turks would have launched an invasion of Mother Russia from Crimea.

On August 25, Prince George of Kent and Rudolf Hess were killed in a plane crash!!

Prince George of Kent was the younger brother of the king, and the real power behind the throne. When King Edward VIII abdicated to marry the man he loved, Prince George was considered the best replacement. However, the line of succession is written in stone and could not be changed.

George and his
wife Marina.

Prince George was married to a Greek princess named Marina
(19061968) and the couple had 3 children.

She also hated the "Communists" with a passion.

Prince George was an air commodore, and he spent most of his time in Scotland with the Duke of Hamilton and Hess.


Last image of Prince George
taken in August 1942.

The flying boat's destination was neutral Sweden, where Prince George and Hess hoped to negotiate a treaty with Nazi Germany.

A Sunderland flying boat was painted white when
flying to neutral countries like Sweden.

The Sunderland flying boat was huge, and had a very experienced crew of Australian and New Zealand pilots.

The duke also had an impressive entourage of politicos with him on the fateful flight.

Altogether, the crew and passengers numbered 15.


Captain Goyen and 3 members
of the doomed crew.

There were many anomalies about the flight, especially the fact that it was flying over land when it crashed. The site was immediately cordoned off by RAF personnel, and no photos of the crash site were released until years later.

Wreckage of the flying boat on a bleak Caithness
hillside known as Eagle's Rock.


The only survivor of the crash, Andy Jack, was forced to sign the Official Secrets Act while still recovering in the hospital.

He corroborated the official version for the rest of his life!

The very low key funeral of the duke of Kent was held in London on August 29—with Churchill in attendance!!


Winston and Clementine at the
funeral of Prince George.

Local people who remember seeing Hess up to the time of the crash were also sworn to secrecy.

Churchill sacrificed Nazi Germany in order to jump-start the Cold War!!

Churchill could betray his "friends" at the drop of his hat. President Roosevelt is just one example. Roosevelt was assassinated on April 12, 1945, because he refused to let Montgomery take Berlin before the Russians.

General George C. Marshall and General
Patton examining a model of Fortress Metz.

Without any help from the Spaatzwaffe, General Patton was confident that he could replace the black spider flag on the Reichstag with the Stars and Stripes by the end of September 1944.

Churchill delayed Patton until the U.S. and the Russians were within sight of Berlin.

To the delight of Churchill, the conflict over Berlin jump-started the Cold War!


Soviet troops raising the flag
Iconic photo of the Russians raising
the flag over the Reichstag.

A second zone of contention was Korea, which almost started WWIII in 1950. A third zone of contention was the Mideast, which almost ignited Armageddon with the sinking of the USS Liberty in 1967.

To the British and their Nazis allies, who were dying by the thousands, Churchill's long term strategy did not make any sense. In retrospect, it did bring the world to the brink of Armageddon several times . . . and almost bankrupted both countries!!

Vital Links


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