This exposé will make all previous biographies of Adolf Hitler obsolete . . . or gone with the wind!

The most destructive war in the entire history of the world was launched by Hitler in September 1939, and this year is the 80th anniversary of the beginning of that cataclysmic conflict.

Adolf Hitler was not the first British "royal" or head of state to be compromised!

Princess Elizabeth Tudor

Princess Elizabeth was compromised when she was seduced by sinister Thomas Seymour and gave birth to TWIN boys!!

Puppetmaster Sir William Cecil ordered the "Virgin Queen" to jump-start the British Empire by uniting bitter enemies England and Scotland under the Jesuit Stuart dynasty!

Queen Victoria was compromised because her real father was Catholic
Sir John Conroy!


Princess Victoria

Even though the British lyin is always depicted as a male, female sovereigns seems less threatening.....That is why Shake-speake accomplished the impossible" by uniting bitter foes England and Scotland!

In 1908, before he left Vienna with his father, Houston Steward Chamberlain, the youthful Hitler was sowing his wild oats (the Holy Bible calls it fornicating). As usual, he preferred to keep it in the family. Adolf had an affair with his married cousin named Angela, who was married to a man named Leo Raubal.

Angela Raubal (18831949) was a
married mistress of Adolf Hitler.

Before she married Leo Raubal in 1903, Angela's maiden name was Angela Hitler.

Angela gave birth to a son Leo, in 1906, and then Angela Maria was born on June 4, 1908.

Adolf Hitler was the real father of Geli, but he left Vienna before he held his newborn daughter.


Geli Raubal (1908
was Hitler daughter!

No photos exist of Adolf and Angela before 1908, but a biography of Hitler claimed that she was very outgoing and beautiful, the exact opposite of her very devout Catholic mother:

Angela was quite unlike Frau Hitler, a jolly person who enjoyed life and loved to laugh. She brought some life into the family. She was very handsome with her regular features and wore her beautiful hair, which was as dark as Adolf's, in pigtails (Kubizek, The Young Hitler I Knew, p. 45).

Around the end of 1908, Hitler disappeared completed from Vienna. In fact, he accompanied his father, Houston Steward Chamberlain, to Munich.

Angela's husband Leo passed away suddenly in 1910, so that left Angela a merry widow. The first time she heard about the rising fame of Adolf was seeing his pictures in the newspapers. Geli had never seen her real father because he left right after she was born.

Adolf Hitler making a speech
in Munich, circa 1925.

Angela and Geli were astonished to learn that the man who was making waves in Munich was actually the Viennese Adolf Hitler.

In March 1927, Angela began working as a "housekeeper" at the Berghof.

Hitler also became enchanted with his newly discovered daughter Geli.


Geli with Hitler's dog Blondi at
the Berghof
circa 1927.

In November 1927, Geli enrolled as a medical student at Munich University, with tuition paid for by father Adolf. However, Geli was not the studious type and she soon dropped out. Apparently, her only ambition in life was to marry father Adolf.

Hitler murdered his pregnant daughter Geli with a bullet through her heart!

In September 1929, Hitler invited his daughter to move into his 9-room apartment in the Prinzregentenplatz. The couple began an impassioned love affair, and by 1931 Geli was pregnant:

Geli was the crucial woman in Hitler's life, more important than Eva Braun. Reminiscing many years later, the little Hoffman wrote: "Geli was opera; Eva was operetta." (Hayman, Hitler & Geli, p. 3).

Very few biographers of Hitler mention the intense love affair between father and daughter because incest is still considered an abomination to many people (Leviticus 18:6-18).

Adolf and daughter Geli
in 1930.

Hitler and Geli were frequently seen together, but she always referred to him as "Uncle Adolf."

She was Adolf's only real love because she was his own flesh and blood!

In a jealous rage, Adolf shot his own daughter with one of the many pistols that he kept in his apartment!


Geli lived with her father Adolf in
that 9-room apartment in Munich.

Geli was an enchantress and she turned the heads of most men who saw her. One of the men who was attracted to her was Hitler own chauffeur named Emil Maurice. Here is a quote from Heinrich Hoffman—Hitler official photographer:

One day my friend, Emil Maurice, one of the oldest Party members, who had been Hitler's chauffeur for many years, came to me pale, agitated and in a great state. Still quivering under the influence of his experience, he told me how he had dropped in to see Geli, a perfectly innocent visit, during which they had laughed and joked and chatted as one always does when one was with Geli. Suddenly, Hitler had come in. 'Never in my life have I seen him in such a state', said Maurice. Livid with rage and indignation Hitler had raged at him; and there had ensued a scene so terrible, that Maurice seriously thought that Hitler meant to shoot him on the spot. (Hoffman, Hitler Was My Friend, pp. 151-152).

Obviously, Hitler viewed Emil as a mere "commoner, " and flitting with his daughter was totally unacceptable behavior!

On September 19, 1931, Geli was found dead with a bullet wound through her heart. In another of his jealous rages, the future Führer had killed his own daughter in order to prevent her from seeing other men!

In any murder case, the first suspects are always the immediate family members. Hitler did indeed have the means . . . and the motive . . . to kill his pregnant daughter. The Nazi Party bosses like Bormann, Himmler, and Goebbels, moved immediately to call the homicide a suicide.

No autopsy was performed, and the Munich police followed the Nazi Party line and ruled the death a suicide.

Central Cemetery in Vienna where
all the famous Austrians are buried.

Geli was buried in the Central Cemetery in Vienna with the remains of all the famous composers.

Suicide would have prohibited her burial in that cemetery, but incest with her father was not considered a sin, and therefore no bar to her burial among the other famous Austrians.

At the last TRUMPet, all the dead in that cemetery will be raised!


Purported present grave
of Geli Raubal.

Hitler was distraught after the murder, but the Nazi Party bosses were delighted that they now had rising star Hitler completely under their control!

After the murder of his daughter, Adolf was ordered to marry Eva Braun!

If Hitler was not a rising star in the Nazi Party he would have been sentenced to life imprisonment for homicide. As it was, he was completely compromised, and his only choices were the jail house or the Brown House....Of course, Hitler had no problem choosing to follow the broad way of his master Apollyon which leads to destruction.

Eva Braun was preparing to be a nun at the Simbach convent on the German-Austrian border. That religious order was called the Institute of the Blessed Virgin Mary, and it was founded by an English nun named Mary Ward (15851645). The convent dated from 1864, and the inmates practiced the spiritual exercises of Jesuit co-founder Ignatius Loyola.

Eva Braun as a nun at
Simbach convent.

The Nazi leaders were delighted with the murder of Geli because they now had a Sword of Damocles to hang over Hitler.

It was the Mayerling Lodge murder all over again!

To prove that he could have a relationship with a woman other than a close relative, he was ordered to marry Eva Braun.

That secret wedding took place in 1932, which was the year that Adolf's star began to rise!


Eva Braun (1912–????) became
Adolf's wife after the murder.

Eva was a very athletic girl but she was also the quintessential "dumb blond." After the marriage, she stuck like glue to her husband, and her presence was a constant reminder that she knew his terrible secret!

Even though he was married to Eva, Hitler still felt the magnetic pull of his English relatives from the renamed House of Windsor. If Hitler was not compromised by the murder of Geli, he would have married Winifred Wagner, or a fiery British Nazi named Unity Mitford, who yearned for an aunchlass between Britannia and the Third Reich.

Mr. and Mrs. Adolf Hitler
at the Berghof.

The Nazi Party employed at least 5 Hitler doppelgängers, so he did have time for "romance" and producing heirs to continue the Hitler dynasty.

A daughter Ursula "Uschi" was born in 1939.

Nothing is known about the other children born to the couple before their retirement to Argentina.


Adolf, Eva, and Ursula Hitler.

One of the most enduring myths is the suicide of Adolf and Eva in the Berlin bunker. It is as endemic as the Mayerling Lodge suicide, or the Munich suicide of Geli. That was supposed to happen right after their wedding. Most men don't commit suicide before the honeymoon . . . that usually comes later!

Adolf and Eva committing suicide in the Berlin bunker is sheer BUNK!!

Hitler had a least 5 doppelgängers and Eva had at least one double. A Hitler doppelgänger was killed during the 1944 July 20th plot. That plot might have succeeded but for the timely intervention of Winston Churchill.

The doppelg
änger Führer encouraging the
Hitler Youth to fight the Russians to the death.

By April 1945, Adolf and Eva were well on their way to Argentina, while 2 doppelgängers were introduced into the bunker.

According to the bunker myth, Eva gave the OK to shoot her own brother-in-law, a Waffen SS general named Hermann Fegelein.

In actuality, Fegelein joined the Führer in Argentina.

Doppelgänger Hitler shaking hands with
Field Marshall Ferdinand Schoerner.

Most of the high ranking Nazis escaped to Argentina. Some of them stayed in Berlin until the last minute because they expected Field Marshall Montgomery to arrive before the Russians. However, Adolf and Eva celebrated his 56th birthday in Argentina.

Adolf and Eva retired to Argentina and continued the Hitler dynasty!

Skeptics claim that the 56-year-old Hitler was too old to beget more children. British comedian Charlie Chaplin (18891977)—a Hitler look-alike—remarried in 1943, and fathered 8 children!

Hitler knew that WWII did not end in May 1945 because the Nazis never signed a formal surrender with General Eisenhower. By day the ex- Führer schemed to start a war between the New Jerusalem and Russia. He almost succeeded with the 1948 Berlin Crisis . . . and the Korean War in 1950.

The Berghof in Bavaria.

Everything was done to make Adolf and Eva feel at home in Argentina.

The Berghof in Argentina was modeled on the Bavarian Berghof, and the setting was made as "romantic" and remote as possible.


The Berghof in Argentina.

The first baby born to Adolf and Eva in Argentina was named Ivana. Ivan is a very common Russian name, and in English it transliterates as John. Ivana is the feminine form of the name and it means JOAN . . . as in Pope Joan!

Hitler was very familiar with planted babies because he was planted with the Hitler family. Winston Churchill and Hillary Digby Churchill Clinton were just 2 more planted babies!

SS General Hermann Fegelein
(b. 1906).

SS General Hermann Fegelein was Hitler's brother-in-law and he accompanied the ex-Führer to Argentina.

His wife Gretl, Eva's sister, remained behind in Bavaria.

Gretl made sure that baby Ivana was planted with the appropriate foster parents.


Gretl Braun (1915–1987).

Gretl did look a lot like her sister, and they were separated by only 3 years. By using Gretl's passport, Eva could visit her children in East Germany and Austria.

Before she left Austria in 1973, Ivana was the mother of a baby girl named Melania, who was planted with the Knavs in Slovenia.

Ivana Winklmayr (b. 1949).

Ivana Winklmayr was the first daughter of Adolf and Eva born in Argentina.

Gretl arranged for her planting with appropriate foster parents in Austria.

Before she left Austria in 1973, she gave birth to a baby girl named Melania, who was planted with the Knavs family in Slovenia.


Melania Knavs (b. 1970)
circa 1990.

Ivana was the same age as Klara Hanover when she gave birth to baby Adolf Hitler. The area of Slovenia where she was planted is very close to the Austrian border and was once part of the Austro-Hungarian empire.

After she arrived in Canada, Ivana contacted The Donald, and he agreed to marry her only after their lawyers had carefully prepared a prenuptial agreement.

Donald and Ivana when
they first met in 1976.

The marriage of Donald and Ivana took place in 1977.

It was strictly a business arrangement to produce an heir and a spare for the Trump dynasty.


The wedding of Donald and Ivana in June 1977.

The second baby born to Adolf and Eva in Argentina was named Angela in memory of the murdered Geli.

Hitler’s veneration for Geli’s memory assumed all but the form of a religion. With his own hand he locked the door of her room, to which no one but Frau Winter, he ordered, was to have access; and for many years, on his instructions, Frau Winter daily placed in the room a bunch of fresh chrysanthemums, Geli’s favourite flowers. (Hoffmann, Hitler Was My Friend, pp. 155-156).

A lot of that remorse was guilt at her murder in a fit of rage.

Angela aged 4 in East Germany.

Baby Angela was born in Argentina, but she was planted with a couple in East Germany named Horst and Herlind Kasner.

Eva's sister Gretl took care of all the arrangements.

Angela Merkel Hitler became chancellor of the Fourth Reich in 2005

Angela Merkel Hitler opening the Bayreuth Festival in 2013.
Angela Merkel Hitler opening the
Bayreuth Festival in 2013.

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree....Hitler was a fanatical devotee of Richard Wagner, and his daughter is also a devoted fan of the composer.

The Fourth Reich has HACKED the New Jerusalem White House!!

The Office of President of the New Jerusalem is the most powerful position in the world . . . and the most danerous....8 Presidents have been assassinated and replaced with acting Presidents. President Carter was the last President to be assassinated, and Ronald Reagan was almost assassinated in 1981.

No billionaire would want that job . . . unless he is anxious to meet his Maker....The rich never look forward to leaving the luxuries of this present world!

President Trump official photo.

3 doppelgängers continued working for the Trump syndicate after the death of Donald J. Trump.

One was named John Baron and the other was named John Miller. The identify of # 3 is unknown.

As the secret daughter of Ivana Winklmayr, Melania is the granddaughter of Adolf and Eva!


First Lady Melania Trump.

That means that the Fourth Reich has hacked the New Jerusalem....Daniel the Prophet predicted this very perilous situation:

And he (Antichrist) shall plant the tabernacles of his palace between the seas in the glorious holy mountain; yet he shall come to his end, and none shall help him (Daniel 11:45).

Saint John calls this last war or battle by the symbolic named Armageddon:

And he (Antichrist) gathered them together into a place called in the Hebrew language Armageddon (Apocalypse 16:16).

The Exodus from Egypt bondage is also a marvelous type of Armageddon and the end of the world. When the Egyptians were pursuing the children of Israel at the Red Sea, JEHOVAH sent his MECHANIC-ANGELS to pull off the wheels of their chariots—in order to slow them down:

And it came to pass, that in the morning watch that JEHOVAH looked unto the host of the Egyptians through the pillar of fire and of the cloud, and troubled the host of the Egyptians, and took off their chariot wheels, that they drove them heavily: so that the Egyptians said, "let us flee from the face of Israel; for JEHOVAH fighteth for them against the Egyptians" (Exodus:14:24-25).

In these last days . . . we cannot stop . . . but only postpone the Battle of Armageddon . . . so all true Christians should become MECHANICS for CHRIST!!

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