The Jewish Messiah, Joshua of Nazareth, is the real lion of the Tribe of Judah (Revelation 4:5); while Satan is the counterfeit or imitation lion. His roar is indeed fearsome to the timid and fearful, but a little child can make that roaring lion flee if he/she uses the name Joshua of Nazareth. St. James said that if we resist the Devil he will FLEE from US (St. James 4:7).

The British Empire began over 800 years ago during the reigns of King Henry II and his son, Richard the Babylonian Lionheart. Most historians place the genesis of the British Empire at the founding of the East India Company by Sultana Elizabeth I. They are off by almost 400 years.

Plantagenet is a Latin name and it means a twig of a broom. "I will sweep it with the BROOM of destruction saith JEHOVAH of Hosts" (Isaiah 14: 23). There is a huge equestrian statue of King Richard outside Parliament, but his mother, Queen Eleanor, should be sitting on the horse....That is ironic because the British roaring lion is a MALE and the English word QUEEN means the WIFE of a king.

A statue of the Lyingheart
Parliament in London.

Richard Plantagenet (11571199) was king of England from 1189 until his death in 1199.

A brutal papal Crusader, he was the first to adopt the Babylonian lion symbol as his coat-of-arms.

His father, Henry II, was accused of planning the assassination of Thomas Becket, Archbishop of Canterbury.



Coat of arms of King Richard I.

Richard's mother—Eleanor of Aquitaine—should be seated on the horse because she was the real lion . . . or lioness!

Richard I was crowned king in Westminster Abbey on Sept. 3, 1189

The moment Eleanor of Aquitaine had planned and schemed for all her life finally came to pass on September 3, 1189. Her favorite son Richard was crowned king in Westminster Abbey. If anyone deserved the title "Lionheart" it was his mother Eleanor.

Queen Eleanor (1122–1204).
Queen from 1154 to 1189.

In 1173, Richard's mother Eleanor (the real Lionheart) conspired with her ex-husband Louis to replace Henry with her favorite son Richard.

A veritable Wicked Witch of the West, Henry confiscated her Plantagenet broomstick, and LOCKED HER UP for 16 years.

With the timely death of her second husband, she was released and installed her son Richard on the throne.


The crowning of King Richard
in Westminster Abbey.

The next step in Eleanor's scheme was to make her son a "war hero." Richard was the quintessential "mama's boy," and there were rumors that mother and son were lovers. She was determined to change that by sending her son on a Crusade to recapture Jerusalem from the Muslims. Eleanor had already accompanied her first husband on the Second Crusade and it was at that time that she recruited Saladin as a spy.

King Richard had 2 rivals for the title "King of Old Jerusalem"

The Third Crusade was all about capturing Jerusalem and extinguishing the Greek holy fire in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. The Cowardly Lion had 2 rivals: Philip Augustus of France, and Frederick Barbarossa the German Emperor. The title "Holy Roman Emperor," awarded by Pope Adrian IV to Frederick, was spurious because no German emperor ever reigned over the city of Roma.

Frederick Barbarossa (11221190).
Fake "Roman" Emperor from
1155 to 1190.

The objective of the Third Crusade was to conquer Old Jerusalem and extinguish the Greek holy fire.

In April 1189, Frederick Barbarossa "Redbeard" left Germany with over 100,000 men to conquer Constantinople and then Jerusalem.

Eleanor had spies in the German camp and Barbarossa was assassinated by "drowning" before he reached Constantinople.


King Philip Augustus of France
Reigned from 1180 to 1223.

In April 1190, the Babylonian Lionheart and Philip set out on Crusade together. Dissension set in after the capture of Acre in 1191. King Philip Augustus feared for his life and returned to France. That left the King Richard without a rival in the Mideast. He never captured Jerusalem and that city was not annexed to the British Empire until May 1948.

Saladin the spy was anxiously awaiting a visit from King Richard!

In June 1147, Eleanor joined her husband on Crusade in the Holy Land. She was dressed as an Amazon but her role in the Crusade was much more subtle. It was there that she met the young Saladin and recruited him as a spy. It is much easier to become a "war hero" when you own the enemy.

That strategy was not invented by the Plantagenets....During the Roman Empire, an ambitious general would pay a barbarian chief to attack the frontier. Then the general would march out; defeat him, and return in triumph to be proclaimed Caesar!

Absolutely nothing is known about Saladin the spy until he was 25:

That fact that Saladin, who was afterwards the most renowned leader of his time, was apparently a completely obscure individual up to the age of twenty-five, is the most curious when it is remembered that his uncle Shirkuh, who afterwards brought him into public life, was Nur-ed-din's right hand man, a conspicuously able and ambitious general, and was even spoken of as almost a colleague in sovereignty. (Lane-Pool, Saladin and the Fall of Jerusalem, pp. 74-75).

If Saladin lived in the 20th century he would have learned the despicable spying trade with Hitler and Ho Chi Minh in London.

Sultan Saladin (11371193).
Reigned from 1174 to 1193.

While on Crusade with her husband Louis, Eleanor recruited 12-year-old Saladin as a SPY.

Eleanor—a born intriguer—was the official founder of the British Secret Service and Saladin was the first James Bond.

Amazingly, 2 years previously, Jerusalem surrendered to the Muslim 007 without a fight.


Saladin entered Jerusalem on
October 2, 1187.

The city of Jerusalem surrendered to Saladin without a fight. After the Muslims captured the city, there was no wholesale slaughter of the Catholics in retribution for the wholesale slaughter of Muslims by the Crusaders in 1099. When the Crusaders took the city in 1099, they killed over 10,000 men, women, and children in cold blood.

After Jerusalem surrendered to Saladin, he permitted the Latins to ransom their captives, and only those who could not afford the ransom money were sold into slavery.

Contemporary map of Cyprus.

The second island to the added to the British Empire was the island of Cyprus.

The island was ruled by Isaac Comnenus, who was a nephew of the Roman Emperor in Constantinople.

King Richard took the island from him by force, it became part of the Latin Kingdom, and it was the first British Empire beachhead in the Mediterranean.


Isaac Comnenus doing obeisance
before King Richard.

To this very day, Cyprus is still a vital part of the British Empire, even though they have to share the island with the Terrible Turks.

At Acre, King Richard slaughtered 3,000 Muslins in cold blood!

After Saladin captured Jerusalem from the "infidels," he was proclaimed as a great general throughout the Arab world. However, they overlooked one very important fact: he forgot to capture the port of Tyre and that was an "open door" for the Crusaders to return:

After his great victory at Hatton on July 4, 1197, Saladin moved swiftly north, capturing Acre, Beirut, and Sidon without much of a fight. All were lightly defended and fell swiftly into the Muslim orbit. At Tyre, however, the Sultan was surprised. He expected the coast garrison south of Beirut to fall as the other Latin cities had. In his flight after the Battle of Hattin, Raymond of Tripoli had tarried briefly in Tyre but had quickly moved on, feeling that its defense was untenable. But when the Muslim legions came to Tyre, they found it well defended and well led. The displeasing knight had been replaced by a fierce, defiant latecomer. His name was Conrad of Montferrat. (Reston, Warriors of God, pp. 66-67).

That omission was a great mistake in the generalship of Saladin. It allowed to Crusaders to send reinforcements from the Latin West.

Acre was reoccupied by the
Crusaders in 1948.

Acre surrendered to the Crusaders after a month of ferocious fighting.

The 3,000 survivors expected to be spared and ransomed so many of them swallowed gold coins.

When all were killed, the Crusaders DISEMBOWLED the dead searching for the gold coins.


The massacre of Muslims
by the King Richard.

Here is an account of that horrible massacre.

Overcoming his grief, Saladin sent a messenger to Richard to discuss conditions for the release of the prisoners. But the Englishman was pressed for time. Determined to take advantage of his success to launch a sweeping offensive, he had no intention of bothering about captives, any more than the sultan had four years earlier, when the Frankish cities were falling into his hands one after another. Two thousand seven hundred soldiers of the Acre garrison were assembled before the city walls, along with nearly three hundred women and children of their families. Roped together so that they formed one enormous mass of flesh, they were delivered to the Frankish fighters, who fell upon them viciously with their sabres, with lances, and even with stones, until all the wails had been stilled. (Maalouf, The Crusades Through Arab Eyes, pp. 210-211).

Amazingly, Saladin did not appear too upset after that massacre, as his friendship and admiration for the King Richard remained undiminished. Apologists and shills for the King Richard say that the Muslims massacred prisoners too. The Muslims never claimed to be Christians, while the Crusaders claimed to be on a "holy mission" to liberate Christ's tomb in Jerusalem.

King Richard assassinated Conrad of Montferrat!

King Richard desperately wanted the position of "King of Jerusalem" but that was denied to him when the Latins elected Conrad of Montferret instead. Only days after his election (April 1192), he was assassinated in a dark alleyway:

In the marketplace Conrad came into a narrow street, and halfway down it he recognized two familiar monks of his household, men who had been in his service for six months and through stout labor had gained his trust. They sat on either side of the street. Upon his greeting them, one rose up, offering a letter to Conrad. As the marquis reached out for it, the man pulled a knife and ran it into the prince's side, as the other leaped onto the rear of Conrad's horse and stabbed the count repeatedly in the other side, until Conrad of Montferrat fell gasping into the dust. (Reston, Warriors of God, p. 252).

After that assassination, King Richard made a brief foray toward Jerusalem, but he was hated by all but his own knights. Dissension soon set in between the English and French knights, so Jerusalem slipped out of the grasp of King Richard and the British Empire until May 1948.

Conrad of Montferrat

The assassination of Conrad shocked Henry VI, the successor of Barbarossa.

On his way back home, King Richard's ship was wrecked, and he had to go overland through central Europe.

He was seized by Duke Leopold V of Austria, (cousin of Conrad) and thrown into prison.


Ruins of Dürnstein Castle in Austria
where Richard was held captive.

Leopold was the cousin of Conrad of Montferrat and he knew that King Richard planned his assassination. A king's ransom was demanded for his release: 150,000 marks (100,000 pounds of silver).

As usual, the common people in England were taxed to death to raise that astronomical sum. His mother Eleanor finally raised the money, King Richard was released; and made his way back to England. Thankfully, his reign only lasted for another 5 years.

Queen Eleanor sent Saladin the spy to Allah in 1193

The 6 protagonists in the Third Crusade were: Pope clement III, Eleanor of Aquitaine, King Richard, King Philip II, Barbarossa, and Saladin the Spy. AfterKing Richard left the Mideast, he no longer needed Saladin, so Eleanor ordered her newly-formed British Secret Service to sent him to Allah.

The tomb of Saladin in
Damascus, Syria.

After King Richard left the Holy Land, Saladin's job was done, so Eleanor ordered her newborn Secret Service to sent him to Allah.

Like, King Richard, the legend of the James Bond of the Mideast continued to grow.

Saladin is buried in Damascus, Syria, which was the HQ of the Apostle Paul after he had his Damascus Road Experience.


Saladin Monument in
Damascus, Syria.

Saladin was the precursor of Napoleon Bonaparte, Antonio López de Santa Anna, Vladimir Lenin, Joseph Stalin, Adolf Hitler, Mao Zedong, Ho Chi Minh etc., etc. The number of people who spied for the British Secret Service since the 12th century is greater than the population of Buddhist/Muslim China.

King Richard outlived his spy and benefactor by 7 years. His mother Eleanor outlived them all and went to meet her Maker in 1204.

The tomb of the Babylonian lion at
the Abbey of Fontevraud.

The only woman that King Richard ever loved was his own mother Eleanor.

As an Adam and Steve, he had no children, so his younger brother John inherited the throne.

He was only the second king in the Plantagenet dynasty, and, incredibly, that demonic dynasty gets a lot worse.


King John (11661216).
Reigned from 1199 to 1216.

Without controversy, the Babylonian lion laid the groundwork for the British Empire. He annexed Cyprus and left a permanent British presence in the Mideast. It took incredible public relations to turn a Cowardly Lion into a Cœr de Leon.

Samson killed a roaring lion with his bare hands!

The exciting true story of Samson is an end of the world scenario acted out in history. Mighty man Samson was on his way to Timnath when he was attacked by a lion. That was no Cowardly Lion as in the Wizard of Oz:

Then Samson went down with his father and his mother, and came to the vineyards of Timnath. And, behold, a young lion roared against him.  And the Spirit of JEHOVAH came mightily upon him, and he tore the lion apart as he would have torn apart a young goat, though he had nothing in his hand, but he told not his father or his mother what he had done (Judges 14: 5-6).

The Spirit of JEHOVAH is the Third Person of the Blessed Trinity who proceeds from the Father. Shepherd boy David also killed a lion with his bare hands after Samuel anointed him with oil (symbol of the Holy Spirit).

The Holy Spirit also anointed the Messiah with mighty power after his baptism in the Jordan River.

Samson ripping apart the lion
with his bare hands.

A roaring lion—symbol of Satan—leaped upon Samson.

The Spirit of JEHOVAH came upon him mightily and he killed the lion with his bare hands.

The Jewish Messiah wants all true Christians to become roaring lion killers for Christ.

At the end, Sampson regained his strength and brought down the house on the Philistines.
At the end, Samson regained his strength, and
he brought the house down on the
heads of the Philistines.

Satan may be a roaring lion, but his roar is only terrifying to the fearful and timid. Daniel spent a night in the lion den's and emerged unscathed.We are not to fear him but rather confront with the Sword of the Spirit which is the Word of JEHOVAH (Ephesians 6:17).

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