"Colonel" William J. "Wild Bill" Donovan became a "war hero" in World War I when he was shot in the leg while "retreating" from the Boche during the deadly Meuse-Argonne Offensive.

Army chaplain "Father" Francis Duffy accompanied the Fighting 69th to give them the "last rites" and make sure they didn't disgrace the regiment by running from the enemy! Their roles should have been reversed. The chaplain should have led the Fighting 69th against the Boche, while Donovan the Jesuit priest gave them the "last rites." As a matter of fact, "Father" Duffy expected to give Donovan the "last rites" and bury him in France:

At a battalion first aid station a medic treated his leg and tied a rag to his toe to identify him. Stretcher bearers hauled him by foot to the regimental dressing station about a mile to the rear where his wound was rebandaged. Duffy found him among the row of litters. "Father, you're a disappointed man," Donovan said with what cheer he could muster through the pain. "You expected to have the pleasure of burying me over here," "I certainly did Bill," the chaplain answered, and you are a lucky dog to get off with nothing more than you've got. (Waller, Wild Bill Donovan, p. 27).

What a shame that a "lucky" Boche bullet didn't send that Oh! So Sinister founder to "Purgatory." After the war, "Father" Duffy lobbied hard for a Medal of Honor for Donovan. He was finally awarded the medal in 1922—four years after the Armistice.

That fake "war hero" is the only man to receive all four of the United States’ highest awards, making a sort of military Grand Slam with the Medal of Honor, the Distinguished Service Cross, the Distinguished Service Medal and the National Security Medal. He also received the Silver Star and Purple Heart from "give 'em hell" President Harry S. Fakeman.

Colonel" William J. Donovan
(18831959) in France.

"War hero" William J. Donovan was the founder of the OSS (Oh! So
inister), which later morphed into the CIA—an Anglo-American Gestapo
(CGA) with unlimited financial resources!

Donovan was the "rock star" of spying, and like Quaker George Fox he had a Rasputin-like power over his numerous female agents!

Donovan was "wild" about poison. His OSS poison victims were legion!

"Wild Bill" was the inspiration for James Bond, and Amy Elizabeth Thorpe Pack, code name "Sinthia," was the original Delilah honeypot "Bond girl."


OSS founder
William J. Donovan.

British Secret Service agent William Stephenson, code name "Intrepid," was the real "brains" behind the Oh! So Sinisters. His spying HQ was located at 30 Rockefeller Plaza, New York City. His spying second-in-command was the future James Bond author Ian Fleming.

Along with the Churchill doubles, he loved pushing Roosevelt around in his wheelchair, and he ordered FDR to appoint Donovan as head of the newborn OSS—the counterpart of the British MI666.

If President Jackson was in the White House he would have deported Jesuits Stephenson and Fleming . . . or challenged them to a duel!

Donovan was a diehard Anglophile who would drink the tea that was dumped into New Boston Harbour! If he met the Queens he would have bowed so low that his forehead touched Australia!!

Spymaster William Stephenson

British Secret Service agent William Stephenson was the real "brains" behind the Oh! So Sinisters.

His spying philosophy was: the Americans are our "Romans" doing the heavy lifting while we "Greeks" teach them our spying skills!

Naval Commander Ian Fleming was assistant spymaster at MI666 HQ in Rockefeller Center.

Fleming's assignment was to ensure that Britannia continued to misrule the waves after Russia was conquered by her Nazis.

Commander Ian Fleming

Incredibly, Fleming based his James Bond character on "Wild Bill" Donovan—the "rock star" of spying. Like Donovan, Bond was a virtual Russiaphobe, and while on assignment he always ended up in bed with a "Bond girl." Donovan had so many lovers (including daughter-in-law Mary) that he died of dementia caused by syphilis in 1959.

In 1930, Anglophile Amy married a British diplomat named Arthur Pack and the couple were assigned to Chile. Later the "diplomats" were stationed in Spain and Poland. While stationed in Poland, Arthur became ill and went home to England to recuperate. It was then that Amy began an affair with a Polish government official named "Count" Michal Lubienski.

Amy Elizabeth Thorpe Pack
"Cynthia" (19101963).

While stationed in Warsaw, Amy obtained the plans for the top secret Polish Enigma cipher machine, which enabled the British to read all the top secret Nazi military communications during WWII.

After that spectacular espionage coup, she went to work for the OSS (Oh! So
inister), and stole the cipher code books from the Vichy French Embassy in Washington City.

While serving as a clerk in the U.S. embassy in Turkey, Virginia Hall "shot herself in the left foot" and had to wear a peg leg. The limping spy joined the British SOE in 1941 and was assigned to Vichy France.


Virginia "Limping Lady" Hall

While in Vichy France, Virginia worked with the French "Resistance" (Marquis) and also with Klaus Barbie (19131991), the Gestapo chief known as the "Butcher of Lyon."

A vital part of her training in London involved the use of poison, but Klaus Barbie liked to keep his victims alive so that he could torment them with fiendish medieval tortures!

When the Anglo-American Gestapo was established in 1947, those 2 "Bond girls" contributed significantly to the birth of the international terrorist organization—with limitless financial resources from New Jerusalem taxpayers!

Francis P. Miller, S.J.

Francis P. Miller was head of the British Empire, Afghanistan, and Ireland Section of the OSS, and Quigley's boss at spying HQ.

Militia of Jesus Martin S. Quigley was "near-sighted" so he was exempt from the draft!

Donovan sent him to the Papal "Republic" to act as a spy under the cover of the Motion Picture Producers & Distributors of America (MPPDA).

Because he was spying on a "neutral" country, Quigley was not required to carry the mandatory cyanide capsule in case of capture!


Martin S. Quigley, S.J.

Because he was born on the 400th anniversary of the blessed Reformation, bespectacled Martin was not named after Saint Martin Luther. The Militia of Jesus was founded specifically to prolong the Babylonian Captivity of the Congregation!

Quigley knew Latin but no Greek. If he did he would have known that the English word "actor" means hypocrite in the Alpha and Omega language!

When Martin arrived in the Papal "Republic" he realized that he was trespassing on a private British preserve:

A break in my cover was likely to cause even more problems with the British than with the Irish. The British government has from time immemorial considered Ireland a private preserve in intelligence matters and it wanted no American undercover activity in Ireland. (Quigley, A U.S. Spy in Ireland, p. 65).

The Jesuit spy had a difficult time reaching the Papal "Republic" because the waters surrounding that "neutral" country were crawling with Nazi U-boats!

"President" Demon de Valera


Quigley didn't realize that MI666 changed the name of the 26 counties to Éire (eerie), while the 6 counties were still called Ireland.

That confusion about the actual name of the country caused him further delays, and the spy finally arrived in Dublin in May 1943.

Frank Aiken served under President Demon De Valera as minster of censorship and propaganda!

Aiken was the counterpart of Joseph Goebbels in Nazi Germany!!


Minister of Propaganda Frank
Aiken (1898

In February 1940, President Roosevelt appointed David Gray as ambassador to the Papal "Republic." His official title was Envoy Extraordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary. It was a nepotic appointment as his wife, Maud, was an aunt of Eleanor Roosevelt.

Ambassador David Gray
18701968) confronting De Valera.

WWII had just started when ambassador David Gray arrived in Dublin.

Naturally, he expected that Éire, as a member of the British Commonwealth, would join the fight against the Nazis.

To his horror, Demon de Valera declared "neutrality," and the German embassy in Dublin remained open for business!

Ambassador Gray confronted Demon de Valera about "neutrality," but it was as hopeless as Moses confronting Pharaoh!



OSS spy Erwin Ross Marlin

Ambassador Gray sent weekly dispatches to his cousin FDR, decrying "neutrality," and the use of Éire naval bases for Nazi U-boats, but the wheelchair bound commander-in-chief was powerless to intervene!

The OSS planted a spy in the U.S. embassy in Dublin named Erwin Ross Marlin. Marlin's assignment was to counter the moves of ambassador Gray to end the charade of "neutrality." Marlin reported to the top OSS spy in London named David Este Bruce (18981977).

Quigley formulated a bizarre plan to lend the Éire naval bases to the U.S. in return for an end of Partition after the war:

I formulated a plan: lend the Irish bases not back to the British but to the Americans. In exchange, obtain the promise of the United States Government to use its best efforts to secure an end of Partition when the war with the Axis was over. (Quigley, A U.S. Spy in Ireland, p. 79).

That bizarre plot never materialized, but Quigley reported that the U.S. flag could not be shown in cinemas:

In endeavoring to uphold strict neutrality the Irish government during the war fell into most unreasonable varieties of censorship. For example, in September 1940, for the first time in Irish history, the government censorship authority decided that the American flag should be cut from a motion picture. Except for the green, white and orange of the Irish flag, the American flag is held in highest esteem. Censoring the American flag in Ireland is a strange act. Ireland owes a great deal to the United States, and virtually every family in Ireland has extremely close ties with America. (Quigley, A U.S. Spy in Ireland, pp. 103-104).

The censorship of the American flag should not be a surprise became the U.S. flag was also banned in Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan.

Militia of Jesus Quigley was reassigned to Roma in December 1944

With the great victory of Russia over Nazi Germany imminent, Papal Ireland became a sideshow, so Donovan was reassigned to Italy.

Quigley arriving in Civitavecchia, December 1944.

At the Casablanca Conference in January 1944, the Allies had insisted on "unconditional surrender" of Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan.

Quigley was told to make contact with the very top officials in the Vatican with the goal of ending the war in the Pacific without the "unconditional surrender" of Japan.

Monsignor Ottaviani was one of the rising and most reactionary prelates under Pope Pius XII.

Quigley and Monsignor Ottaviani (18901979)
the Papal Palace in the background.

In 1953, Ottaviani was given a "Red Hat" and he became head of the "Holy Office" of the Inquisition! There was stiff competition between Ottaviani and Cardinal Spellman to succeed Pope Pius XII in 1958.

Unknown to the Japanese Foreign Office, their secret diplomatic code was broken as far back as 1921. A brilliant cryptographer named Herbert O. Yardley broke their code before the Washington Naval Conference.

Ambassador Ken Harada

The Japanese legation in Roma was in constant touch with the Japanese Foreign Office in Tokyo.

Unknown to them, all their messages were read by a very select group in Washington City.

After April 12, 1945, FDR was no longer capable of reading the top secret Japanese decoded messages!


Secretary Augustine Kanayama (1909

Here is a copy of just one report that was intercepted by the "Magic" ciphers:

I. More on peace moves at the Vatican. As previously noted, on 3 June Ken Harada, the Japanese Envoy to the Holy See, advised Tokyo that a Vatican official, Mgr. Vagnozzi, had informed a member of Harada's staff that an unnamed American in Rome wished to make contact with Japan on the question of peace possibilities. According to Vagnozzi, the American has stated that he had no official status and if it was decided to carry on further discussions it would be necessary for someone of official statue to handle it. (Quigley, Peace Without Hiroshima, pp. 135-136).

That top secret communication, like all the others, was sent out via Vatican Radio. If the earth is a football how did the signals reach Tokyo???

Monsignor Egidio Vagnozzi

Militia of Jesus Martin S. Quigley was that "unnamed American."

Donovan wanted the best terms for the Japanese when they finally surrendered

Of critical importance to Donovan was keeping the Russians from seizing the Japanese atomic bomb facility in North Korea.



Emperor Hirohito (19011989). Misruled from
1926 to 1989.

Emperor Hirohito should have been hung like all the other Japanese war criminals, but the Oh! So Stupids were determined to save his life!

Incredibly, Donovan knew nothing about the Manhattan Project!!

Donovan's spies were ubiquitous, yet they never found out about the Manhattan Project. That was because General Groves did not let his left hand know what his right hand was doing (Saint Matthew 6:3)....Not even his own wife knew about the Manhattan Project!

General Leslie R. "Dick" Groves

The $2.2 billion Manhattan Project was one of the best kept secrets of the 20th century.

The secrecy was not about Nazi espionage but to keep the Russians from developing their own nuclear weapons!

It was used on the Japanese to force them to surrender before the Russians entered the war and seized the Japanese atomic bomb facility in North Korea.

Devastation of Hiroshima after
the bomb was dropped!

On September 20, 1945, "Accidental" President Harry S. Fakeman officially terminated the OSS. Fakeman tried to terminate every branch of the military that gained the victory over the Axis.

Under the National Security Act of 1947, the Army, Navy and Air Force were merged. The "Arsenal of Democracy" was dismantled and sold at the equivalent of a fire sale!

Incredibly, the Marine Corps was almost merged with the Army and Navy! What saved them from extinction was the Korean War, which began over the former Japanese nuclear facility in North Korea.

Harry S. Fakeman decorating Donovan with
more medals, January 1, 1946.

In 1946, the fake "war hero" President decorated fake "war hero" Donovan.

The OSS morphed into the CIA and Donovan expected to be the first director.

However, President Eisenhower appointed Allen Welsh Dulles as the first "civilian" director of the newborn Anglo-American Gestapo!



Martin S. Quigley and ambassador
Kanayama in 1990.

After the war, Martin S. Quigley returned to civilian life, and continued serving his beloved British Empire until he went to "Purgatory" in 2011.

Quigley's theme that the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki was unnecessary was taken up by revisionist "historians." The bombs were not dropped to defeat Japan . . . but to make them surrender before Russia entered the war and liberated North Korea!

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