From the very beginning, Satan or Lucifer directed all his rage and fury against the "Great News" of the EMPTY TOMB on the Mount of Olives!

The first attack was launched by Emperor Jesus Constantine when he changed the Resurrection site from the Mount of Olives to the "Holy Sepulchre" in the middle of Jerusalem.

The second attack came in 1187 when Golgotha on the Mount of Olives was replaced by a mosque!

Donald J. Trump

The original Donald Trump was a blond-haired blue eyed Adonis, who enjoyed spending his father's money.

After graduating from the University of Pennsylvania in 1968, Donald went to work for his tyrannical father Fred Sr.

Donald's father demanded that he marry and produce heirs to continue the Trump dynasty.



The real real estate "rock star"
Donald J in 1987.

Donald was not the marrying kind, so he definitely was not heir conditioned. Father Fred held the purse strings, so Donald was introduced to an Austrian girl named Ivana Winklmayr. Here is an account of the first meeting between the real estate tycoon and the Austrian at Maxwell's Plum bar:

Then I felt a hand on my arm. Now this? I thought. I did not like to be touched by strangers in bars. I spun around, ready to give the hand's owner the commie death stare, and found a tall, smiling, blue-eyed, handsome blond man. He said. "I am so sorry to bother you. My name is Donald Trump, and I noticed that you and your friends are waiting for a table, I know the manager and I can get you one fast" (Ivana Trump, Raising Trump, p. 41).

That marriage was a strictly business arrangement, and Roy Cohn's legal eagle mind made sure that every contingency was covered e.g. divorce, accidental death, childrens' inheritances, etc., etc. Naturally, Ivana had her lawyer scrutinize the prenuptial agreement very carefully!

Donald and Ivana Winklmayr
were married in 1976.

After Trump Tower opened in 1983, "The Donald" became known as a real estate "rock star."

Donald was not musically inclined, but the downfall of the real estate "rock star" mirrors the downfall of the Beatles in 1966.

By 1988, he was a media celebrity, and a brown-eyed star named "Donald" appeared on the Oprah Winfrey show, and predicted that if he ran for President . . . he would win!


The Trump double on the Oprah
Winfrey Show in 1988.

That double must have been on drugs because General Dwight D. Eisenhower was the only man to be elected President without holding any elective office. Even Hillary Digby Churchill Clinton was "elected" senator from New York.

Father Fred never envisioned his son in the White House. He considered the real estate tycoon's main task completed when he had 3 children to continue the Trump dynasty!

A joyful, happy to be alive again
Donald J double in 1990.

Father Fred Trump had 3 sons, so the Trump Organization employed 3 Trump doubles or doppelgängers.

Those impersonators were "vice presidents" of the organization.

After the crash, Donald's double or doppelgänger seamlessly assumed the role of the deceased Donald J.


A smiling, happy to be in the
White House Donald J double.

Trump's Austrian wife Ivana knew that he was a doppelgänger, so after the crash and resurrection he quickly sued for a divorce in order to marry Marla Maples. Maples was another British Secret Service agent with the code name Jane Bond!

A raised Donald on the boardwalk
surrounded by 5 burly bodyguards.

Should old acquaintance be forgot???

The raised Donald believed so, because he wanted nothing to do with any of his pre-crash "close associates."

Village Voice reporter Wayne Barrett spent hours interviewing "The Donald" for a biography of the real estate tycoon.

Reporter Wayne Barrett

Here is the reporter's own words of what happened when he tried to make contact with the raised Donald J:

In June, Trump's press office at one of his Atlantic City casinos said I could get press credential to attend the birthday party there, but then reneged a day before the event, claiming it was "standing room only." I went to the casino anyway, said with a smile that I was certainly willing to stand, was scornfully rejected, and then watched the same press officers distribute large yellow press tags to dozens of other reporters. Uncertain whether I had been stigmatized by an overzealous aide or Donald himself, I planted myself among the gawkers waiting in the lobby along the path he would take to the party, determined to appeal to him directly, but Trump's burly bodyguards surrounded me and, when he approached, shoved me aside. I ducked into an empty stairwell, sidestepped Trump's security, and slipped into the ballroom where I was promptly arrested for "defiant trespass." When I was chained to the wall in an Atlantic City holding pen for hours that night—also by cops who were moonlighting for Donald—I finally began to get the point: Trump had decided not to cooperate with the book. (Barrett, Trump: The Deals and the Downfall, p. xiii).

That reporter was "lucky" that he didn't end up in the cement that was used to build the casinos. When his biography was published in 1992, the Trump Organization objected strenuously to the word DOWNALL as part of the title!

From 1990 onward, the bizarre Trump death and resurrection saga was indeed beyond belief.

British owned Resorts International introduced casino gambling to New Jersey!!

Resorts International, with HQ at 10 Downing St., and the Bahamas, was a British owned MI666 company. Everything rotten and corrupt that has happened since the founding of the New Jerusalem can be traced right back to Babylon on the Thames!!

MI666 James M. Crosby

In 1958, James M. Crosby acquired the Mary Carter Paint Company.

He needed the paint to whitewash the fact that Resorts Intl. was a front or cover for the British Secret Service.

In 1969, Resorts tried to buy Pan Am—the iconic symbol of the U.S.—in order to bankrupt and ground the airline!!


The Mary Carter Paint Company, founded in
1908, was used to whitewash organized crime!

The grounding of Pan Am—the world's most experienced airline—was top priority for the Babylonian British Empire:

Resorts was also investigated because the SEC thought it was unusual that a casino company was trying to buy a major airline, Pan Am. The investigator describes later haggles the SEC had with Resorts over writing down the value on its books of the Pan Am stock, which the agency said wasn't worth what Resorts claimed, (Mahon, The Company that Bought the Boardwalk, p. 44).

At that time, Congress virtually declared that Pan Am was a NATIONAL MONUMENT, and nobody could buy more than 5 percent of the airline without prior approval of the Civil Aeronautics Board.

In November 1976, thanks to Resorts International, the voters in New Jersey approved casino gambling in Atlantic City. The first casino was opened in 1978.

Resorts Intl. casino in Atlantic City
opened in 1978.

Once the casino opened money flowed in, followed by organized crime!

Money laundering and prostitution flourished with the encouragement of Resorts Intl.

In 1978, an Edomite from Lost Wages named Stephen Weinberg, aka Steve Wynn, joined Resorts as a "consultant."


igh roller Stephen Weinberg
(b. 1942).

Fresh from Los Vegas, Weinberg, aka Wynn, had lots of experience in the gambling industry. His goal was to turn Atlantic City into another Lost Wages.

Steve Weinberg and Frank Sinatra.

Weinberg, aka Wynn, was able to pack the casinos with big name stars like Frank Sinatra.

That meant more money for the casinos . . . and "Wynn."

Merv Griffin was another bit time casino operator who is credited with inventing the quiz shows Wheel of Misfortune and Jeopardy!!


Merv Griffin (1925–2007).

In reality, the shows were developed by MI666, and then donated to agent Griffin, who sold them for a whopping $250 million dollars!

British owned Holiday Inn financed Trump's New Jersey casinos!!

After Trump Tower in New York City, another huge publicity stunt for the Trump Organization was the opening of gambling casinos in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Prior to that time most high profile gambling was confined to Lost Wages, Nevada.

Holiday Inn chairman Michael Rose

In 1980, the family oriented All-American Holiday Inn motel chain was secretly acquired by the British InterContinental Hotels Groups, PLC.

It was a repeat of the acquisition of the Mary Carter Paint Company.

That company is another MI666 front or cover.


InterContinental Hotels Group HQ
in Denham, Buckinghamshire.

When it looked like The Donald would not get a gambling license, Holiday Inn chairman Michael Rose came to his rescue:

Then something serendipitous happened. One morning in June I got a call at my office from a man named Michael Rose. I'd never met the man but I knew he was the chairman of Holiday Inn. I picked up the phone and Rose introduced himself. He was very pleasant, and he said that he'd like to come up from Memphis to see me (Trump, The Art of the Deal, p. 140).

When Rose arrived from Memphis, Trump believed that it was to help him acquire the Barbizon-Plaza hotel in Manhattan. He was totally shocked when Rose offered to help him build a casino in Atlantic City:

Rose had a specific deal in mind. We'd build the hotel, they'd manage it, and we'd split the profits fifty-fifty. In addition, he said, they'd put up $50 million of their own money toward construction and reimburse me immediately for approximately $22 million of my expenses up to that point. We also agreed to they'd take over responsibility for financing and use the Holiday Inn guarantee to get us a very prime rate. As a final inducement to make the deal, Rose said that Holiday Inn would guarantee me against any operating losses for a period of five years from the date the casino opened and pay me a large construction fee. (Trump, The Art of the Deal, p. 213).

Donald rightly believed that the deal was just too good to be true, but Rose smiled, shook his hand, and reassured him that the deal was a sure bet!

October 10, 1989, was downfall day for Donald J

On October 10, 1989, 3 of the top Trump executive in Atlantic City made a trip via a Trump Air Sikorsky S-76 helicopter to New York City for a brief press conference. They landed at the East 61st heliport, and then were taken via limousine to the Plaza Hotel.

The press conference was held to promote a boxing match that night between Héctor "Macho Man" Camacho and Vinny Pazienza. Donald Trump was to accompany them back on the helicopter because his presence there would guarantee a full house.

After the news conference at the Plaza hotel, the trio had lunch, and then returned with Donald to the heliport—only to discover that their Sikorsky helicopter had been replaced by an Italian made Agusta S-109.

Stephen Hyde

The official account of the helicopter crash is pure fiction: The 3 executives were "delayed," and their helicopter took off without them.

Then they shopped around and found an Italian made Agusta helicopter.

Finding a replacement helicopter happened so quickly that the trio were airborne by 1:00 p.m.



Mark Grossinger-Etess

The Trump Organization had a French made Super Puma helicopter, but the executives decided not to use it because it was a gas-guzzler!

Jonathan Benanav

Helicopter pilot Robert Kent and copilot Lawrence Diener also perished in the crash.

According to a biography of the "resurrected" Trump, he decided at the last minute to cancel his trip!

The "resurrected" Donald credits that decision with saving his life!


Donald died on
October 10, 1989.

Here is a quote from the "resurrected" Donald Trump:

For an instant, as they were walking out, I thought of going with them. I fly down to Atlantic City at least once a week, and I knew that if I made the forty-five minute helicopter trip then, we would continue talking business on the way. But there was just too much to do in the office that day. As quickly as the idea had popped into my mind, I decided not to go. Instead I just said good-bye and went back to reading reports and making phone calls (Trump. Surviving at the Top, pp. 17-18).

The "resurrected" Donald mentioned nothing about his fear of flying in an Italian made Agusta helicopter!

The helicopter crash site
in New Jersey.

After the crash, the Trump saga became really bizarre.

Ivana divorced the "back from the dead" Donald, and obtained custody of the children.

In December 1993, the "resurrected" Donald married Marla Maples in Florida.


The "resurrected" Donald, Hillary, Bill, and
Marla Maples, Dec. 1993.

After the crash, the Trump Organization's finances were in freefall, and Wall St. pundits were predicting that the entire company would go into Chapter 11 bankruptcy. What saved the Trump Organization was a huge infusion of cash from the recently united German Deutsche Bank!

The Holy Bible says that there will be a real resurrection of all the dead at the Last Trumpet!!

Another grand central theme of the Holy Bible is the resurrection of all the dead on the Last Day:

And many of them that sleep in the dust of the earth shall awake, some to everlasting life, and some to shame and everlasting contempt (Daniel 12:2).

The bizarre Trump death and resurrection saga is a demonic counterfeit, engineered by Satan, to deceive the whole world before the LAST TRUMPET sounds:

Now this I say, brethren, that flesh and blood cannot inherit the kingdom of Elohim; neither doth corruption inherit incorruption. Behold, I show you a mystery; we shall not all sleep, but we shall all be changed, in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trump: for the trumpet shall sound, and the dead shall be raised incorruptible, and we shall be changed. For this corruptible must put on incorruption, and this mortal must put on immortality. So when this corruptible shall have put on incorruption, and this mortal shall have put on immortality, then shall be brought to pass the saying that is written, Death is swallowed up in victory (I Corinthians 15:51-54, King James Version).

Many people hope to escape the end of time resurrection by being cremated. In an awesome display of his omnipotent power, JEHOVAH will reconstruct and resurrect every person from Adam and Eva to the last born baby.

The only way to be on the right side of the Eternal on that day is to believe in Christ the Messiah now!

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