Britannia joining the European Union was all about building the Airbus to compete with Boeing . . . and eventually bankrupting that company too!!

The last British invasion of the New Jerusalem began on February 7, 1964, when the Beatles arrived at Kennedy Airport on Pan Am Yankee Clipper Flight 101. Pan Am Flight 101 was a Boeing 707 manufactured by the Boeing Company with headquarters in Seattle, Washington.

The 4 MI6 Beatles at the Pan Am Worldport in Kennedy Airport.
he 4 original Beatles at the Pan Am
Worldport in Kennedy Airport.

The latest British invasion of the New Jerusalem began on Feb. 7, 1964, when the mop tops arrived at Kennedy Airport on Pan Amthe world's most experienced airline!

Instead of carrying muskets, they were armed with rock and roll songs written by MI666 musicians in London.

On August 29, 1966, those 4 soldiers were buried at sea and recycled!

John Lennon holding his
John Lennon holding his
Pan Am bag.

Instead of carrying muskets. as in the War of 1812, these British Empire soldiers were armed with rock and roll songs written by MI666 musicians in London. The British Secret Service guaranteed that thousands of the fans of the invaders would be on hand to greet their arrival.

In 1812, the invaders arrived by ship, but progress in aviation had made long oceangoing voyages obsolete. The British tried to build a passenger jetliner after WWII . . . but it turned out to be a disaster:

RAF Avro Lancaster bomber.


British aeronautical engineers designed the giant Lancaster bomber and the deadly Spitfire.

The deadly Nazi Stuka dive bomber was a clone of the Spitfire, and it was designed by Group Captain F. W. Winterbotham.

After the war, the engineers could not make the transition to civilian aviation.

The deadly RAF Spitfire.

After the war, Warlord Winston Churchill continued to insist on the production of giant bombers which could drop atomic bombs on Russian cities. He had absolutely no interest in the development of peaceful civilian aviation.

The de Havilland Comet jetliner was a disaster.
The de Havilland Comet jetliner was a disaster.


The de Havilland Comet designed by Sir Geoffrey de Havilland was a disaster.

His engineers could not make the transition from wartime to peaceful civilian aviation.


Sir Geoffrey de Havilland
Sir Geoffrey de Havilland

Every aspect of aviation was invented in France, the United States, or Russia, and then stolen by other countries....The Anglo-French Concorde was an exact duplicate of the Valkyrie XB-70A, and the Russian Tu-144 supersonic transport (SST) which was sabotaged and crashed at the 1973 Paris Air Show.

The callous de Havilland didn't care how many passengers died in his Comet as long as Britannia misruled the skies . . . as well as the waves!

It is ironic that the airport where the invasion began should be renamed Kennedy Airport. President Kennedy was the son of Joseph P. Kennedy, who hated and tried to destroy Pan Am when he was chairman of the Maritime Commission in 1937.

Air travel made sea travel obsolete!!

Octave Chanute and Samuel Langley were the pioneers of U.S. aviation. French-born Octave was the John Charles Frémont of the U.S. skies. Samuel Langley was the co-inventor of the U.S. airplane.

The newly invented airplane was used as a weapon of war during WWI. After the war, the U.S. Post Office introduced airmail service between New York and California.

Mysteriously, pilots who flew from New York to California noticed that without a severe headwind or tailwind, it took about the same time to fly from California to New York. This caused some pilots to doubt the rotation of the earth!!

Before the dawn of the air age, Britannia misruled the waves, and she was not about to give up her monopoly to airplanes . . . especially U.S. made airplanes.

Charles Lindbergh. Juan T. Trippe (right ) and
Charles Lindbergh and
Juan T. Trippe (right).


Juan T. Trippe (1899 - 1981) was the Father of Pan Am and civil aviation.

Working with Charles Lindbergh and Edwin Musick, he opened up South America and the Pacific to air travel.

Trippe called his pilots "captains" and his copilots were called "first officers."



A Pan Am flying boat was
A Pan Am flying boat was
called a clipper.

Trippe was a nautical man whose ancestors emigrated from England in 1633. He called his flying boats clippers, after the fast sailing 19th century U.S. ships. Speed was measured in knots, time in bells, and the windows were circular like portholes. Juan urged people to abandon sea travel for the much more comfortable and faster air travel:

He had a four-page folder printed up that was more tourist brochure than schedule. "Travel the Comfortable Way" read the headline, and the text continued: "How many times have you stood on the deck of a steamer, tossing in a rough sea and enviously watched the gulls wheeling and dipping round the vessel? What swiftness and lightness, what ease, while you suffered the agony of the rolling and pitching of a spiteful sea. How you longed for the smooth, quick flight of the gulls." The folder equated the straits of Florida with the English Channel, which was "famous for its roughness." The steady Florida breeze was always at cross-purposes with the currents, and "those on the surface where wind and water meet, suffer aplenty." (Daley, An American Saga: Juan Trippe and His Pan Am Empire, p. 41).

This put him at loggerheads with the British and their vast seaborne empire. In 1938, the British government's agent in Washington City was named Joseph P. Kennedy. Kennedy was head of the Maritime Commission and he was determined to ground Pan Am:

In Washington Congress had just enacted legislation giving birth to the Maritime Commission. Its chairman was the abrupt, abrasive, brilliant multimillionaire financier Joseph P. Kennedy, and Kennedy had appointed as his aviation consultant Grover Loening, one of the founding members of Trippe's board of directors, now an enemy of Trippe's. Surveys were being made, one of which calculated that there was a market for at least four thousand transatlantic air passengers per year, provided that the means to carry them existed, and suggested that in the future "large flying boats of 100,000 to 250,000 pounds and capable of carrying up to 150 passengers may well supersede highly expensive super-liners of the Queen Mary and Normandie class." (Daley, An American Saga: Juan Trippe and His Pan Am Empire, p. 219).

Such progress would lead to only one thing: the end of Britannia's misrule of the waves.

Ambassador Kennedy (1888-1969).
Joseph P. Kennedy


Joseph. P. Kennedy was head of the Maritime Commission which recommended that control of air transport be lodged in the Maritime Commission.

His "aviation consultant" was German born British spy Grover Loening.

Trippe saw immediately that Kennedy was trying to ground the new aviation industry.

Grover Loening
Grover Loening

In 1937, Kennedy summoned Trippe to meet him at the Kennedy compound in Hyannis Port. Trippe arrived in his little sea plane and landed on the beach outside the compound. Kennedy and Trippe had a long conversation but neither Kennedy's threats or his bribes could make Trippe abandon air travel.

Report from the New Zealand Herald, Jan. 14, 1938.
Report from the New Zealand Herald, Jan. 14, 1938.

After the meeting with Kennedy, Pan Am began to experience catastrophic crashes all over the world.

Captain Edwin Musick was the most experienced airline pilot in the world.

He opened up the Pacific and New Zealand to air transport.

In 1938, an explosion tore his aircraft apart with the loss of 7 lives.

Captain Edwin Musick
Captain Edwin Musick

It was a preview of the sabotage of Pan Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland:

MUSICK, SIX OTHERS KILLED IN CLIPPER BLAZE headlined the San Francisco News. The disaster was front-page news all over the world. It was more than a plane crash; the great Musick was dead. Grief seemed strongest and most personal in New Zealand, for he was not only a hero there but also a kind of beloved figure. A Musick memorial radio station was erected in his honor, and from that year on, New Zealand has awarded the Edwin C. Musick Trophy to "pioneers in advancing safety in aviation." (Daley, An American Saga: Juan Trippe and His Pan Am Empire, p. 199).

Joe Kennedy continued to wage war on Pan Am by having his son elected President of the United States. President Kennedy said:

"Ask not to fly on Pan Am . . . but ask to fly to the moon instead."

Joe Kennedy used his bootlegger's money to put his son in the White House. Jack Kennedy continued to be a complete puppet of his father by withholding funds for the development of a supersonic transport (SST).

Juan Trippe was a visionary like Nikola Tesla, who saw far into the future and he envisioned supersonic transport (SST) as the next logical development of the airplane.

Kennedy made a major moon landing speech at Rice University on Sept. 12, 1962. In reality, he made sure that no money would go to Boeing for the development of more advanced aircraft. President Kennedy's famous slogan was: "ask not to fly on Pan Am . . . but ask to fly to the moon instead."

JFK making his moon landing speech on Sept. 12, 1962.
JFK making his moon landing speech on Sept. 12, 1962.

President Kennedy used the Disney moon landing hoax as a smokescreen to keep Boeing and Pan Am from receiving funds for developing a supersonic transport (SST).

President Johnson used the Vietnam War and runaway inflation as an excuse to cut back industrial production just when the Boeing 747 was going into full production.

Trippe outsmarted him by appealing to his vanity and told him that it would help his reelection to the White House in 1968.

President Lyndon Johnson (1908 - 1973).
President Lyndon Johnson

During WWII, Confederate Lyndon Johnson and Charles Marsh were part of the Roald Dahl British spy ring in Washington City.

In 1965, President Johnson called for industrial belt-tightening as result of inflation caused by the Vietnam War. He said that he would discourage any major industrial expansion. This was just when the billion-dollar Boeing 747 was going into production.

Unscrupulous politician that he was, he realized that the Boeing 747 would be a great boost for the economy, and possibly secure him the White House in 1968. That was the only reason he did not totally sabotage Pan Am's new fleet of Boeing 747's.

The MI666 downing of Pan Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland!!

The downing of Pan Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland, in 1988, was the work of the same people who downed Captain Edwin Musick's plane. The only difference was that "Muslim terrorists" were not blamed for the Musick explosion.

Captain Jim MacQuarrie


On Dec. 21, 1988, Pan Am Flight 103 was blown out of the sky by a bomb . . . or a missile!

The crash of the Boeing 747 was similar to the explosion that killed Captain Edwin Musick in 1938.

All 259 souls on board and 11 residents of Lockerbie were killed.

Clipper Maid of the Seas. Pan Am Flight 103.
Pan Am Flight 103, Clipper Maid
of the Seas

Of course, the first suspects were "Muslim terrorists." On December 5, 1988 (16 days prior to the attack), the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) issued a security bulletin saying that, on that day, a man with an Arabic accent had telephoned the U.S. Embassy in Helsinki, Finland, and told them that a Pan Am flight from Frankfurt to the United States would be blown up within the next two weeks by someone associated with the Abu Nidal Organization; he said a Finnish woman would carry the bomb on board as an unwitting courier.

The Iranians were also suspects because of the downing of Iran Air Flight 665 by missiles over the Persian Gulf on July 3, 1988. The plane was an Airbus carrying 274 passengers on a pilgrimage to Mecca. The downing of the Airbus and the Boeing shared some remarkable similarities.

British owned Cable News Network (Confederate Network News) made sure that the blue and white logo of Pan Am was flashed around the world continuously.

From 1989 onward, people associated Pan Am with terrorist attacks and avoided traveling on the airline.

Pan Am finally went bankrupt in 1991

Britannia's goal to ground Pan Am finally became a reality when Pan Am declared bankruptcy in 1991. Juan Trippe retired in 1968 as he could not halt the skyfall of his beloved airline.

The former Pan Am Building in NY.
The former Pan Am
Building in NY.

The Pan Am Building on Park Ave. epitomized the power and prestige of the world's most experienced airline.

Kennedy Airport was only a 10 minute ride by helicopter.

The building was sold when the airline went bankrupt and is now the HQ of MetLIfe.

The former Pan Am Building in NY is now the hdqrs. of an insurance company.
The former Pan Am Building in NY is now
the HQ of an insurance company

Having birthed the jet age with the Boeing 707, and made worldwide travel cheap and safe with his 747, Juan Trippe abruptly stepped down on May 7, 1968.

Najeeb Halaby
Najeeb Halaby
(1915– 2003).
(CEO 1969–1971).

Most of the menwho succeeded Juan Trippe were MI6 agents in disguise.

Najeeb Halaby was a former government official and close friend of JFK and Lyndon Johnson.

Funding for the SST was stopped in 1971.

General Seawell was a Cold Warrior and he ran the company like an army boot camp.

General Charles Seawell
General Charles Seawell
(CEO 1971–1981).

After his retirement in 1968, Juan Trippe could only look on from the sidelines and observe the rapid descent of the world's most experienced airline. He finally flew away to meet his Maker in 1981.

Atlanta based Confederate Airlines replaced Pan Am in 1991

In 1978, the Airline Deregulation Act was signed into law by President Jimmy Carter. Prior to that time, domestic airlines could not operate overseas, and Pan Am could not operate on domestic routes.

Pan Am was the U.S. flag carrier, but the airline was restricted to international flights. If a person wanted to fly from Paris to Chicago, you had to change at JFK for a domestic carrier. With the passage of this new Act, domestic airlines could now fly international routes, and the idea of a flag carrier was eliminated.

Delta terminal at Hartsfield-Jackson
Delta terminal at Hartsfield-Jackson
Intl. Airport in Atlanta.

Jimmy Carter was installed in the White House for one reason:

Ground Pan Am by signing the Airline Deregulation Act and obtain the lucrative Atlanta to London route for Delta.

President Carter was also replaced by a dead ringer in 1979.


Jimmy Carter (b. 1924).
Jimmy Carter (b. 1924).
President from '77 to '79.

Thanks to Jimmy Carter, the first Delta flight to London's Gatwick Airport took place on May 1, 1978.

Captain Elmer Bennett (center) flew
Captain Elmer Bennett (center) flew
Delta's first flight to London in 1978.

Captain Elmer Bennet flew a Lockheed L-1011 on the inaugural flight to London.

Unlike Confederate Airlines, it was never the philosophy of Juan Trippe to get ahead in business by offering bribes and putting his man in the White House.


Delta ribbon cutting ceremony at Gatwick Airport on May 1, 1978.
Delta ribbon-cutting ceremony at Gatwick Airport on May 1, 1978.

Deregulation was a potent weapon that Delta used against Pan Am. Under deregulation, without a viable domestic carrier, Pan Am was doomed.

After the bankruptcy of Pan Am on January 8, 1991, the airline was put on the auction block. The highest bidder was Delta Airlines.

A Delta Airlines Airbus A310 at JFK.
A Delta Airlines Airbus A310 at JFK.

Delta Airlines took over the bankrupt Pan Am in 1991.

The Pan Am Worldport is now the Delta Airlines terminal.

The Civil War has now taken to the skies!!

The former Pan Am Worldport is
The former Pan Am Worldport is
now the Delta Airlines terminal.

Pan Am would never buy an Airbus as it is a pirated version of the Boeing 767 developed by Boeing and Pan Am.

After the airline declared bankruptcy, Delta Air Lines purchased the remaining profitable assets of Pan Am, including its remaining European routes, the Shuttle operation, 45 jets, and the Pan Am Worldport at John F. Kennedy Airport, for $416 million and injected $100 million as a 45 percent owner of a reorganized but smaller Pan Am serving the Caribbean, Central and South America from a main hub in Miami. The airline's creditors would hold the other 55 percent.

The Boston–New York LaGuardia–Washington National Pan Am Shuttle service was taken over by Delta in September 1991.Two months later, Delta assumed all of Pan Am's remaining transatlantic traffic rights, except Miami to Paris and London.

The Boeing Company is the final target of Britannia!!

Wilhelm Boeing—the founder of the Boeing Company—was born in Detroit, Michigan, to a wealthy German mining engineer named Wilhelm Böing from Hagen-Hohenlimburg. In 1900, he changed his name to William Boeing.

The Boeing Company was founded in Seattle, Washington State, in 1916.

William Boeing
William Boeing

William Boeing was the founder of the Boeing Company—the pioneer of civil aviation.

William A. Allen became chairman in 1945 and he led the world into the jet age.

The Boeing Company is the last remaining U.S. manufacturer of non-military aircraft.

William A. Allen
William A. Allen

Until September 4, 2001, the headquarters of this giant company was located in Seattle, Washington.

Boeing Seattle hdqrs until
Boeing Seattle HQ until
September 4, 2001.

On Thursday May 10, 2001, to the consternation of all at the Boeing Company, an announcement was made to move the company HQ to Chicago.

Boeing will now have its HQ closer to British HQ in New York and Washington City.

The move was also done in preparation for 9/11.


Chicago Boeing hdqrs. since Sept. 4, 2001.
Boeing Chicago HQ
since Sept. 4, 2001.

Britannia's World War II ally Japan now makes 70% of the components for the latest Boeing jets....It is called OUTSOURCING!!

On September 11, 2001, MI6 crashed 2 Boeing 747's into the Twin Towers in New York City. Another Boeing was crashed in Pennsylvania . . . and another Boeing was crashed into the Pentagon.

A Boeing 767-200 twin engine jet.
A Boeing 767-200 twin engine jet.

On Sept 11, 2001, American Airlines Flight 11 crashed into the North Tower of the World Trade Center.

About 15 minutes later, United Airlines Flight 175 crashed into the South Tower of the World Trade Center.

If Britannia had her way, she would crash EVERY Boeing jet in existence.

A Boeing 767-200 crashed into the South Tower.
A Boeing 767-200 was crashed
into the South Tower.

A Boeing jet, United Airlines Flight 93 was supposed to have crashed in Pennsylvania. Another Boeing jet, American Airlines Flight 77 crashed into the Pentagon.

The hijacking of the planes and the subsequent crashes were all blamed on "Muslim extremists."

The Airbus was built to replace Boeing!!

The scam called the European Union was created for one reason only: to build passenger jets that will replace Boeing's jetliners. The European Union began as an economic union between France and Germany in 1957. The founding treaty was called the Treaty of Rome.

European Union flag.
The 12 star European Union flag represents 29 states. Perhaps the other 17 don't merit a star!

The Treaty of Rome founded the European Economic Community in 1957.

It is now called the European Union and has 27 member states.

Its real purpose is to manufacture aircraft that will put the Boeing Company out of business!!

Herman Van Rompay (b. 1947) is the President of the European Union.
Herman Van Rompay (b. 1947) is the President of the European Union.

The airplane manufacturing industry is at the top of the industrial pyramid and the biggest revenue producer for any country.

The British founded European Union works in concert with the World Trade Organization (WTO) in Geneva, Switzerland. Airbus receives billions in subsidies from the 27 nations, but their spies in Chicago monitor Boeing very carefully to make sure that they receive no financial help from the Federal government.

The Airbus A380.
The Airbus A380.

The Airbus A380 is advertised as greener, cleaner, quieter, smarter than Boeing jets.

The A380 receives billions in subsidies from the member states.

The WTO makes sure that Boeing does not receive any money from the U.S. government to develop civil aviation.

Pascal Lamay (b. 1947) is the director-general of WTO.
Pascal Lamay (b. 1947) is the director-general of WTO.

From the first flight of the Wright Brothers in 1903, Gog and Magog has looked upon the U.S. aeronautical industry as a threat to their seaborne empire, and they have done everything in their power to delay the progress of the human race.

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