The House takes its name from Habsburg Castle, a fortress built in the 1020s in present-day Switzerland, in the canton of Aargau, by Count Radbot of Klettgau, who chose to name his fortress Habsburg. The founding of the House of Habsburg was just 30 years prior to the Babylonian Captivity of Britannia in 1066.

The name Habsburg is derived from the Swiss Habichtsburg (Hawk Castle), but the House coat of arms features a rampant roaring lion (I St. Peter 5:8).

The Habsburgs were unique in their pursuit of territory in that they often chose marriage over war as a way to expand their empire. The motto of the Habsburgs (in Latin) was, “Bella gerant alii, tu felix Austria nube” which translates to, “Let others make war, thou, happy Austria, marry.” In effect, the Habsburgs married other powerful families in order to unite kingdoms and spread the Papal faith (Daniel 2:43).

Rudolf Ha
bsburg (1218–1291).
Founder of the Ha
bsburg dynasty.

The Habsburg dynasty was founded in 1273 and was named after a castle in present day Switzerland.

In 1276, Rudolf moved the family power base from Habsburg Castle to Austria.

The landlocked Habsburg Empire was small and fanatically Catholic, so they expanded through incest (kissin' cousins) and intermarriage with other dynasties.


The Habsburg coat-of-arms.

The Holy Bible absolutely prohibits any close sexual relations between near relatives:

No one is to approach any close relative to have sexual relations. I am JEHOVAH (Leviticus 18:6-18).

Because of incest . . . deformity and madness didn't run in the Habsburg dynasty . . . it GALLOPED!

Emperor Charles V

The "jutting jaw" was the unmistakable physical deformity of the Habsburg dynasty.

Spiritual deformity was even worse because Charles V condemned Saint Martin Luther for writing On the Babylonian Captivity of the Church.

Emperor Charles V was called Holy "Roman" Emperor, but the only time he set foot in Roma was in 1527, when his soldiers burnt the city to the ground!


Charles II of Spain

Philip II—the son of Emperor Charles V—launched his "Invincible" Armada against England in 1588. Marie Antoinette was a scion of the House of Habsburg. The number of families connected to the Habsburgs far exceeded the descendants of Queen Victoria.

Emperor Franz Joseph (18301916)
. Misruled Austria from 1848 to 1916.

Arch-reactionary Emperor Franz Joseph reigned during the creation of Bismarcks's Second Reich.

He looked upon the Prussians as upstarts, and he envied them as rivals!

No matter how beautiful, the Emperor could not be faithful to his wife, and he infected her with venereal disease!


Empress Elizabeth

In 1860, Empress Elizabeth's wrists and knees were disfigured by curious swelling of the joints which none of her doctors could cure. While traveling through Munich, she visited a doctor incognito, who told her the TRUTH that she was suffering from venereal disease:

For Franz Joseph, who adored Elizabeth, to be told by her that her illness was gonorrhea was an appalling revelation. In the 1860's there was no cure—those with good, strong health shook it off, the others gradually wasted away. In her state of nerves, Elizabeth was determined to flee to a southern climate and stay away till she was well again. (Listowel, A Habsburg Tragedy, p. 12).

After the shocking truth was discovered, Elizabeth tried to stay away from her husband as much as possible. The couple had 3 daughters, but Crown Prince Rudolf was their only son, and heir to the throne.

Otto von Bismarck


After the execution of Maximilian von Habsburg in Mexico, the next catastrophe to overtake the House of Habsburg was the Liberation of Roma, and the creation of the Second Reich.

Even though the 2 counties spoke German, Austria and Prussia were bitter rivals.

From that time onward, hegemony in Europe passed to the upstart Prussians!


The Second Reich was proclaimed by Bismarck on Jan. 17, 1871.

Crown Prince Rudolf was appalled by the rapid Prussian victory over France, and he knew that his country had to modernize, or face absorption into the Second Reich.

Crown Prince Rudolf

Crown Prince Rudolf was the exact opposite of his reactionary father. He was intelligent, well read, liberal, and an author.

He despised the Prussians; especially Queen Victoria's favorite grandson, Wilhelm II.

For that reason, his father completely excluded him from a voice in the government.



Princess Stéphanie

In 1881, to offset Prussian hegemony in Europe, Rudolf was forced to marry Princess Stéphanie of the Belgian House of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha.

Rudolf' uncle, Maximilian von Habsburg, also married a Belgian princess named Carlota, and their Mexican misadventure ended in disaster. Besides Pope Joan, Princess Carlota was the only woman who spent the night in the Vatican....Queen Victoria's mother was also a Belgian.

Crown Prince Rudolf did not commit a double suicide with his lover in a lodge!!

The assassination of Crown Prince Rudolf was a disaster for the entire world because it led to World War I. The "official account" of the death of the Crown Prince as a double suicide sounds just too much like Romeo and Juliet....Author Houston Steward Chamberlain was Hitler's real father and he was also very, very familiar with Shake-speare.

Houston Steward Chamberlain

On January 30, 1889, Houston Steward Chamberlain coordinated the assassination of Crown Prince Rudolf.

It mirrored the assassination of President Lincoln because 2 females were involved.

His agent, Mary Vetsera, began an affair with the crown prince just 3 months prior to his assassination.


Mary Vetsera (b. 1871).

Mary Vetsera was a femme fatale and the Austrian Mary Lincoln and Jackie Kennedy. After the murder she assumed a new identity, and nobody knows when she finally went to meet her Maker!

The Mayerling Lodge where the Archduke's
body was discovered.

According to the "official account," the Crown Prince took his own life in a double suicide with his lover, Mary Vetsera.

In reality, Mary shot him with her pistol, and then a dead ringer took her place.

Like John Wilkes Booth, Mary was given a new identity, and the doppelgänger was buried in her place!


Franz Joseph, Elizabeth,
and Stéphanie "grieving" over the Crown Prince.

In the diabolical assassination of the only bright star in the dark Habsburg sky, the only double was the dead girl who replaced Mary Vetsera.

Houston Steward Chamberlain was pleased that the assassination went so smoothly because he was in the process of finding a surrogate father for baby Adolf—who was born just 3 months later!

Franz Ferdinand

After the assassination of Archduke Rudolf, the next in line to the throne was Franz Ferdinand—the Emperor's nephew.

In 1900, Franz Ferdinand married a Czech duchess named Sophie.

This further alienated him from his nephew, because she wasn't a princess, and a member of the exclusive "royal club."


Duchess Sophie

Sophie and Franz Ferdinand were married on July 1, 1900, at Reichstadt (now Zákupy) in Bohemia. The Emperor did not attend the wedding, nor did any of the archdukes, including Franz Ferdinand's brothers. The only members of the Imperial family who were present were Franz Ferdinand's stepmother, Archduchess Maria Theresa, and her two daughters.

A pictorial of the assassination of the Archduke and his wife.
A pictorial of the assassination of
the Archduke and his wife.

Gavrilo Princip was a British Secret Service agent provocateur whose cover was "Bosnian Serb nationalist."

On June 28, 1914, at Sarajevo, the Archduke and his wife were killed by the assassin.

That assassination led to the worldwide conflict which became known as World War I.

Gavrilo Princip
Gavrilo Princip

At that time the couple had 3 children: Maximilian, Ernst, and Sophie.

When the war started, Adolf Hitler was already living in Munich with his father, Houston Steward Chamberlain.

Fake "Austrian" Adolf Hitler tried to annex Austria in 1934

It was not by accident that Houston Steward Chamberlain moved to Munich in 1908. Vienna was famous throughout the world for its music and opera. It was the home of Mozart, and Beethoven moved to Vienna when he was 21-years-old. Johann Strauss II (18251899) was known as the "Waltz King."

During the 19th century, nobody of culture even thought about visiting the Prussian capitol of Berlin. London, Paris, Vienna, and Roma were the top tourist destinations.

goose-stepping was a substitute
for Strauss

During the 19th century, Vienna was the world capital of music.

Hitler was disappointed that Richard Wager did not compose waltzes.

In order to entice Austria to join the Reich, he had his Nazis goose-stepping to Wagner's "music."

Winnie and Wolf at the opening
of the Bayreuth Festival in 1937.

Naturally, the Austrians were not amused or impressed, and no Wagnerian-style spectacles could induce them to join the fake Austrian's Third Reich.

Engelbert Dolffuss (1892–1934).
Austrian chancellor from 1932 to 1934.

As soon as Hitler seized power in Germany, the Nazis tried to annex Austria.

Chancellor Dollfuss was assassinated in 1934 and replaced by Kurt Schuschnigg.

On March 13, 1938, the chancellor proposed a plebiscite to allow the people to decide the fate of Austria.


Kurt Schuschnigg (1897–1977). Chancellor from 1934 to 1938.

As a grandson of Queen Victoria, Hitler had absolutely no use for elections and "government of the people, by the people, and for the people."

After the conquest was complete, Hitler
entered Vienna on March 15, 1938.

Hitler feared the result of the plebiscite, so he jumped the gun, and invaded Austria on March 12.

When he entered Vienna on March 15, the Nazis made sure that only sycophants lined the parade route.

Incredibly, Hitler promised the Austrians that he was going to hold a plebiscite, after he had already presented them with a fait accompli.


Hitler speaking from the balcony
of the Habsburg Palace

On April 10, Hitler did keep his promise to hold a plebiscite . . . but it was carried out by the Gestapo. Naturally, approval of the Anschluss was a whopping 99% because a no vote meant exile . . . or a trip to a concentration camp!

Hitler imprisoned the sons of Franz Ferdinand in Dachau concentration camp!!

Anyone opposing the Anschluss had only 2 options: exile or a concentration camp. The 2 surviving sons of Franz Ferdinand were outspoken opponents . . . so they ended up in Dachau.

Maximilian von Hohenberg
(1902–1962) in Dachau garb.

Immediately after Hitler entered Vienna, he arrested the 3 children of Franz Ferdinand.

Both brothers were sent to Dachau concentration camp, and their sister Sophia was placed under house arrest.

Propaganda photos of both brothers were shown on June 28, 1938, the 24th anniversary of the assassination of their parents.


Ernst von Hohenberg
(1904–1954) in Dachau garb.

While in Vienna, Hitler also began a frantic search to remove all evidence that he was a PLANTED BABY, and had absolutely no Austrian blood in his ice cold veins. That is why biographies of Hitler always began at his birth . . . and not 3 months earlier.

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