All of the South American "republics" were founded by the British Empire. During the 19th century, Leviathan was on steroids, and determined to wrest control of the entire New World from Spain and France.

South Americans also had their George Washington.....Men on white horses like Símon Bólivar and José de San Martín were British Secret Service agents! The long term goal of the British Empire was the construction of a canal in Central America that would allow their ships speedy access to the Pacific Ocean in order to misrule the Seven Seas!

The first plot to build a canal actually began with the Scottish Darien Scheme of 16981700. That endeavor was a complete financial failure and led to the shotgun wedding of England and Scotland in 1707.

Another attempt by a British Secret Service agent named "General" Gregor MacGregor began in 1823 and also ended in complete failure. "Cazique" MacGregor created the fictitious country of "Poyais" in Central America and persuaded hundreds of gullible Scots to join him in his fraudulent enterprise:

For the farmer, the merchant, the industrialist, the banker, and even the labourer, Poyais was a genuine land of opportunity, As it was, too, in the opinion of the financiers who were invited to meet the Cazique at Oak Hall, for the investor seeking a secure and rewarding home for his money. It was not just what Poyais itself offered, but what the future held for the whole region. Everyone knew of the long-standing plans to build a canal through the narrow, central part of South America, that would join the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, 'an easy process of human labour and enterprise,' the Times observed, that would 'change as it were the physical boundaries of the world.' (Sinclair, The Land That Never Was, pp. 50-51).

Leviathan finally succeeded in opening the Panama Canal in August 1914 to allow "Kaiser Bill's" battleships access to the West Coast!

Bernardo O' Higgins (17781852).
Dictator of Chile from 1817 to 1823.

Bernardo O'Higgins was co-founder of Chile with José Carrera (17851821).

O'Higgins was of Irish and Basque ancestry and a gung-ho British Imperialist!

Carrera also had Basque ancestry which is the veritable seed of the Dragon.

Thomas Cochrane, R.N. worked closely with O'Higgins in "liberating" Chile and Peru from Spanish rule!


Admiral Thomas Cochrane, R.N.

None of the "liberators" of South America were interested in life, liberty, and the purfuit of happiness . . . but the establishment of British hegemony over the entire New World.

There were 2 escape routes for the legions of Nazis: the northern and southern. The Hohenlychen Sanitarium was the processing center for the northern route, where the Nazis escaped to Norway, and then via seaplanes to South America. The Nazis had U-boats stationed in the Atlantic to refuel the seaplanes during the long trip to South America.

An official Führer photo with his
hair parted on the left!

Because there were many Führers, Nazi propaganda brainwashed the sheeple into believing in reincarnation or recycling!

Legions of Nazis escaped via the northern or southern ratlines.

If the Führers chose the southern route the monastery barbershop would have shaved off their moustaches and given them a corona tonsure!

Disguised as monks, their faces would never ring a bell as the "Franciscan friars" voyaged to South America.



An official Führer photo with
his hair parted on the right!

The major Roman ratlines were operated by a small but influential network of Croatian priests, members of the Franciscan order, led by Krunsolav Dragonović, who organized a highly sophisticated chain with headquarters at the Pontifical College of Jerome. From there the Nazis embarked at the port of Genoa for a leisurely cruise to South America.

Pontifical College of Jerome
in Roma,
processing center for
escaping Nazis.

Nazis escaped to many South American countries like Argentina, Chile, Paraguay, Columbia, Uruguay, Peru, etc., etc.

More than 3 Führers might have escaped, but "Adolf Hitlers" were sighted in Argentina, Chile, and Paraguay.

Paraguay was also a favorite refuge for the Nazis because it was ruled by dictator Alfredo Stroessner.


3 Führers escaped to Argentina,
Chile, and Paraguay.

During WWI, Kissinger's father faithfully served "Kaiser Bill" and the Second Reich. In 1938, his father decided that he could better serve the Third Reich in this country, so the family emigrated to New York City.

Heinz Ki
ssinger (b. 1923). National Security Adviser in 1973.

If Heinz Kissinger had remained in Germany he would have been a high ranking Nazi in the Third Reich.

That means he would have joined the SS ratlines and escaped to South America with the 3 Führers.

Incredibly, on January 20, 1969, that Nazi became National Security Adviser to "Dick the Double," and Secretary of State on Sept. 22, 1973.

Kissinger was the mastermind behind the Sept. 11 coup d'etat that installed the murderous Fourth Reich in Chile.


"Dick the Double" was President
in 1973.

In 1970, Salvador Allende was elected President of Chile with a promise to nationalize the giant copper companies Anaconda and Kennecott. Even though they were registered in the U.S., those corporations were British owned. Anaconda Copper was founded by the father of publisher William Rasputin Hearst.

Anaconda and Kennecott were squeezing the financial lifeblood out of the nation. Another British owned conglomerate named ITT (International Telephone and Telegraph) owned all the communications infrastructure in the country.

President Salvador Allende
(June 26, 1908–Sept. 11, 1973.)

Because he promised to nationalize the giant British owned copper companies, Allende was called a COMMUNIST.

President Nasser was also called a Communist or Marxist for nationalizing the Suez Canal.

The coup d'etat began on September 11, 1973, when Chilean Fourth Reich soldiers stormed the Presidential Palace.

Bombing of the Presidential Palace by Chilean
Air Force Hawker Hunter fighter jets.

President Allende was ruthlessly gunned down inside the palace. The junta soon spread a vicious rumor that he had committed suicide! That Chilean hero died a martyr defending his country from the ruthless, bloody putsch.

Augusto Pinochet (19152006).
Flying Führer from 1973 to 1990.

Pinoshit's ancestors were Basques who came to Chile in the 18th century.

He was a dunce in school and his nickname was "The Ass."

A complete puppet of the Fourth Reich Nazis, he owed his rise to unquestioning obedience to the "born again" Nazi ideology.

His junta loved helicopters which was a weapon that the Third Reich lacked!

Führer Pinoshit and his Prussian Nazis parading
triumphantly after the putsch.

The New World Nazis were more dangerous than their Old World counterparts because of advances in military hardware and methods of surveillance and torture!

Arresting President Allende supporters for
transportation to the National Stadium.

Estadio Nacional (National Stadium) was a Fourth Reich concentration camp in the very heart of Santiago.

Between Sept. 11 and Nov. 7, 12,000 prisoners were confined to the camp.

The stadium also doubled as a torture chamber and morgue for male and female "Communists."

Fourth Reich soldiers guarding prisoners
at the National Stadium.

Prisoners who were considered the greatest threat to the Fourth Reich were loaded onto helicopters and dumped into the nearby Pacific Ocean. 2 North American journalists named Charles Horman and Frank Teruggi were executed in the stadium! The 1982 movie entitled Missing, starring Jack Lemmon and Sissy Spacek. was based on the horrifying search for the body of Charles Horman.

Over 40,000 prisoners spent time in the camp during the junta regime from 1973 to 1990....The infernal Führer and other members of the junta would often take turns hollering and swearing at the prisoners over the stadium's public address system.

A Fourth Reich soldier holding a knife ready to cut
the pants
legs off 2 women wearing pants!!

Women who appeared on the streets wearing pants were arrested and the sartorial Gestapo used knives to cut their pants legs!

Those who resisted were taken to the National Stadium.

All pro-Allende books were publicly burned in huge street bonfires!

Soldiers carrying armfuls of books to be
burned in the public bonfires.

Even the Gestapo in the Third Reich did not have a sartorial squad who arrested women for wearing pants! All books that advocated the people's right to vote for their leaders . . . or own the mineral resources in their own country, were considered "Communist" or "Marxist" propaganda . . . and burned in huge bonfires throughout the country!

SS Walter Rauff (1906

Escaped Nazi war criminal Walter Rauff was in charge of DINA—the Fourth Reich equivalent of the Gestapo.

With HQ at Colonia Dignidad (Dignity Colony) he supervised a vast network of concentration camps located throughout the country.

Operation Condor—named after the Chilean vulture bird—sought out foes of the regime in foreign countries.


A mass grave was unearthed at
the Pisagua concentration camp.

Normally, foes of the regime were loaded onto helicopters, and dumped into the Pacific Ocean, so that no bodies remained to provide proof of torture! The concentration camp at Pisagua was the exception to the rule as a mass grave was unearthed there!

Heinz Kissinger shaking hands with the
Führer in Santiago, June 8, 1976.

In June1976, as Secretary of State, Heinz Kissinger visited the Führer.

The occasion was the General Assembly of the Organization of American States.

During the meeting they planned the assassination of Orlando Letelier . . . who was a thorn in the side of the junta.


Orlando Letelier
(April 13, 1932Sept. 21, 1976).

Orlando Letelier was President Allende's ambassador to the United States and Secretary of Defense during the putsch.....After the coup d'etat he was imprisoned on Dawson Island in the Strait of Megellan, but he was released and sent into exile in Venezuela. From there he joined his fellow exiles in Washington City.

The brazen assassination of former ambassador Orlando Letelier and a companion named Ronnie Moffit was carried out just 14 blocks from the guarded White House.

Michael Vernon Townley (b. 1942).

Michael Vernon Townley was a British Secret Service agent who also worked for DINA and the CIA.

He was an electronics wizard and an expert auto mechanic. Townley was ubiquitous, so there was a Townley DINA double.

Townley recruited 5 anti-Casto Cubans to be the fall guys for the assassination.

The bombed car where Orlando and a companion
were instantly killed outside the Chilean embassy.

According to his own account, that secret agent assembled a veritable homemade bomb to blow up the former ambassador:

The assassination team gathered in Washington in the early morning hours of September 15, when Townley and Virgilio Paz arrived from New Jersey; they were later joined by CNM operative Dionisio Suarez. They spent two days conducting surveillance on Letelier—monitoring the time he left for work, the route he took, his daytime and evening routine. From Radio Shack and Sears, Townley purchased final components for making a remote-control bomb, and constructed it in his Econo-Lodge motel room. In the late evening of September 18 the three drove to Letelier’s Bethesda home. Under cover of darkness, Townley quietly affixed the device to the chassis under the driver’s seat of Letelier’s Chevrolet Chevelle as it sat in the driveway. (Kornbluh, The Pinochet File: A Declassified Dossier on Atrocity and Accountability, p. 352).

According to Townley he taped the bomb to the underside of the driver's seat using ELECTRICAL TAPE. All that "expert mechanic" had to do was use a powerful magnet to attach the bomb!

The British Secret Service specializes in car, plane, and helicopter crashes! They have an arsenal of much more sophisticated devices for blowing up cars!

President "Dick the Double" was not alarmed when the terrorist act happened so close to the White House because Heinz Kissinger had briefed him beforehand on all the details of the plot.

Antichrist and the Führer standing on the Presidential Palace balcony, April 1987.

Antichrist visted Chile in April 1987 to tell the Führer that "John Paul II loves you!"

He stood on the same balcony of the Presidential Palace where the legally elected President once greeted his enthusiastic supporters!

If John Paul II met Satan face to face he would also say: "John Paul II loves you!"



Pope John Paul II held a huge rally in
the National Stadium.

The pontiff held a huge rally in the same stadium where freedom-loving Chileans were tortured and killed! Pope John Paul II jumped the queue because he was released from "Purgatory' in 2014 . . . ahead of Popes like Leo XIII and Pius XII...

The Führer and the "Iron Lady" discussing more
arms for the Chilean Fourth Reich.

In 1998, the Führer visited London, ostensibly to receive "medical treatment," but in reality to buy more arms to keep his Fourth Reich in power.

While there the Spanish government issued a warrant for his arrest for genocide and terrorism.

To escape extradition to Spain he feigned illness and was confined to a wheelchair. He was released on "medical grounds" and returned to Chile in March 2000.


The Führer in a wheelchair
feigning illness.

That warrant was issued by the Spanish/Argentine Jesuits for the help that Chile gave to the "Iron Lady" during the 1983 Malvinas/Falklands War. The "Iron Lady" had her revenge by delaying the pontificate of Jorge Bergoglio until March 13, 2013.

Feigning illnes is an old knavish trick....In October 1974, ex- President "Dick the Double" fell ill with "phlebitis" to avoid returning to Washington City to face charges over Watergate....King David's son Absalom feigned illness so he could rape his sister Tamar (II Samuel 13:5).

3 Fourth Reichers mourning their Führer by
giving the Nazi salute over his coffin.

Before he expired on Dec. 10, 2006, the Führer was given the Last Rites to prepare him for "Purgatory."

The funeral took place on Dec. 12, and the army donned civilian dress and lined the funeral route as "mourners."

Fourth Reich Nazis accompanying the
gun carriage to the cemetery.

It is beyond belief but the Chilean Führer believed that he could shorten his time in "Purgatory" by establishing a totalitarian regime based on the Syllabus of Errors of Pope Pius IX.

The Chilean 9/11 was the precursor to the New Jerusalem 9/11

History does repeat itself in remarkable ways. After the Fourth Reich was disbanded when Pinochet went to "Purgatory," the plotters decided to move northward. The New World Revolution began in the north with George Washington and moved south to Latin America. Men on white horses like Simon Bólivar and José de San Martín were British Secret Service agents.

The Twin Towers demolition.
The Twin Towers demolition.

The Twin Towers were demolished by explosives and a small nuclear weapon hidden in the basement.

It was a false flag operation engineered by Leviathan and the tyrannical Port Authority of New York.

In 2004, Crusader George W. Bush ordered the invasion of Iraq as a preliminary to the invasion of Orthodox Russia.


The Pentagon in flames on 9/11.

A coup d'detat like Chile was not possible because of the Second Amendment to the Constitution:

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed. (Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution).

However, that false flag operation began a NATO and Pentagon drive to the East, which was exactly the goal of Nazi Germany in World War II. It would have been impossible to launch an invasion of Russia from Argentina, Chile, and Paraguay.

The Fourth Reich or NATO invasion of Russia from Europe has stalled right now so we can thank our Great JEHOVAH that he has slowed Pharaoh down before Armageddon begins!

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