Since the founding of the Papal dynasty by Pope Julius I, the vast majority of Popes have been MONKS. Until 1972, monks were required to wear the CORONA TONSURE. It was the mark or badge of servitude to the Babylonian system!

Until the time of the blessed Reformation, all Latin Church clergymen were required to wear the corona tonsure. The only monks who were exempt from wearing the tonsure were the Jesuits.

Pope Paul VI (1897–1978).
Pope from June 1963 to 1978.

As part of his Trojan Horse ecumenical movement strategy, Pope Paul VI temporarily abolished the corona tonsure!

That Antichrist "blessed" the Kennedy assassination conspirators, and he also "blessed" Operation 666.

That is why Operation 666 failed miserably!


Corona tonsured monks were
the arms of Antichrist.

The corona tonsure was started by Benedict of Nursia in 529, and it became mandatory for all Latin Church clergymen at the 4th Council of Toledo in 633.

Pope Gregory IX (11451241).
Pope from 1227 to 1241.

Pope Gregory IX created the dreaded Inquisition, and he also canonized Inquisitor Dominic de Guzmán—founder of the Dominicans.

He was very involved with fulfilling the "prophecy" of Joachim of Fiore, who predicted a "Third Age" of the "Holy Spirit" in 1260.

Pope Gregory IX also condemned the Holy Fire in the Church of the "Holy Sepulchre" as a pious fraud, and he ordered the Franciscan monks to extinguish it.


Dominic de Guzmán (11701221)
wearing the corona tonsure.

The Babylonian system cannot function without the corona tonsure....Before the Babylonian Captivity of Britannia in 1066, corona tonsures were very rare on the island.

Artistic depiction of the "profane "
slashing Becket's "holy" head.

The assassination of Thomas Becket, Archbishop of Canterbury, occurred on December 21, 1170.

His death came by wounds to his "holy" corona tonsured head.

That assassination led to the Babylonian Captivity of Hibernia!

It was also the blueprint for the Kennedy assassination.


Artistic depiction of the sword
slashing Becket's "holy" head.

Becket's death by the "profane" knights slashing his "holy" head made him a "martyr" for the corona tonsure!

As the Dark Ages advanced, the Papacy grew in power, and the 13th century has been called the noonday of papal power. Pope Boniface VIII stated that he was the rightful ruler of the entire earth!

Pope Innocent III (1160 -1216).
Pope "Innocent" III (1160–1216).
Reigned from 1198 to 1216.

Pope "Innocent" III sponsored the Children's Crusade, the deadly Albigensian Crusade, and the Fourth Crusade.

He was the first Pope to call himself "Vicar of Christ, which in Greek means "Antichrist."

There is a bust of Pope "Innocent" III in the New Jerusalem Capitol Building, and Nancy Pelosi is very anxious to see Antichrist plant his tabernacle from sea to shining sea (Daniel 11:45).


Bust of Pope "Innocent" III in the
U.S. Capitol Building.

Pugnacious Pope "Innocent" III welcomed the new order of mendicant monks, called Franciscans after their founder.

Hajji Francis of Assisi wearing
the corona tonsure.

Hajji Francis was determined to full the "prophecy" of Joachim of Fiore who predicted that the entire world would be Muslim by 1260.

That pseudo prophet divided history into 3 parts, and he predicted that the 3rd epoch would begin in 1260.

The coming era would be the "Age of the Holy Spirit."


Francis and his 11 monks kneeling
before Pope "Innocent" III.

You cannot have an Order of "celibate" monks without having an equivalent order of NUNS to take care of the needs of the monks. That was why Hajji Francis established the female branch of the Franciscans in 1212.

Pope Clement VI (
Reigned from 1342 to 1352.

When the new age did not begin in 1260, the Popes pushed back the date to 1290.

Their last date to fulfill that "prophecy" was 1335.

In 1342, a deadly pandemic raged in Europe called the Black Death, which killed 50 million people!


Most of Europe was doing the
Dance of Death in 1348 and '49.

There were no Popes in Roma during the 70-year Avignon era, so it is a miracle that the Muslims did not march in and turn St. Peter's Basilica into a MOSQUE!!

Martinn Luther believed that a monk's cowl . . . and a corona tonsure . . . would make him holy!

Terrified after a lightning storm, Martin Luther believed that a monk's cowl and a corona tonsure would save him from hell. In 1505, he said "goodbye" to the world, and entered the Augustinian monastery in Erfurt.

Martin Luther wearing the
corona tonsure.

Martin Luther believed with all his heart that a monk's cowl and a corona tonsure would save him from hell.

Luther was ordained a priest in 1507, and in 1512 he became professor of theology at Wittenberg University.

Throughout all that time his only knowledge of the Holy Bible came from the corrupt Latin Vulgate Version.

Luther posting his 95 Theses,
October 31, 1517.

After posting his 95 Theses, Pope Leo X roared at Luther, and gave him 60 days to recant or face a fiery death! Luther had a powerful protector named Frederick the Wise of Saxony, and so he escaped from the jaws of that roaring lion.

Martin Luther defending his writings before
fake "Holy Roman" Emperor Charles V.

In 1521, the courageous Reformer, still wearing the badge of Babylon, defended his writings before fake "Holy Roman" Emperor Charles V.

He was condemned to be burned alive, but his patron, Frederick the Wise, hid him in the Wartburg Castle.

Wartburg Castle where the Saint
translated the Bible into German.

After his condemnation at the Diet of Worms, Luther found refuge in the Wartburg Castle, disguised as Junker Jörg."

Luther disguised as
Junker Jörg

It was during his "Patmos exile" that Luther began translating the Scriptures into German.

That was when he found out that the corona tonsure was strictly forbidden by JEHOVAH.

As he grew in grace and spiritual understanding, he allowed his hair to grow, and he threw off his monk's cowl.


The Saint sans his Babylonian
corona tonsure.

That revelation was as revolutionary as King Henry VIII discovering that his marriage was consanguineous:

Thou shalt not make a round cutting of the hair of your head, nor disfigure your beard (Leviticus, 19:27).

The Levitical priests were specifically forbidden to shave the top of their heads:

They shall not make baldness upon their heads, neither shall they shave of the corners of their beards, nor make any cuttings in their flesh (Leviticus 21:5).

In May 1522, Saint Martin returned to Wittenberg with a full head of hair, and burning with zeal to free his countrymen from the Babylonian Captivity.

In June 1525, he set an example for all Latin Church clergymen by marring his sweetheart, Saint Katherine von Bora.

Saint Martin gave such a blow to the Babylonian system, and their corona tonsure, that the corona tonsure had to be suspended temporarily by Pope Paul VI in 1972.

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