(SAINT JOHN 8:32).

That verse comes from the official English language Catholic Douay-Rheims Version. In 1947, Bible prophecy began to be fulfilled in a marvelous way in the New Jerusalem when Antichrist commenced planting the tabernacles of his palace from sea to shining sea (Daniel 11:45).

Incredibly, the following year the Central Gestapo Agency founded the Crusader state of "Israel" as a homeland for the Edomites and Ashkenazis!

This expose is also beyond belief. In January 1941, FDR sent Admiral Leahy to Vichy France to urge the French to submit to their Nazi overlords. When he returned to the U.S. in May 1942, the future Axis Admiral became Chief of Staff to President Roosevelt and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff!! Leahy and "Wild Bill" Donovan have been described as the "2 legs" of the crippled commander-in-chief!

In 1930, Anglophile Amy Elizabeth Thorpe married a British diplomat named Arthur Pack and the couple were assigned to Chile. Later the "diplomats" were stationed in Spain and Poland. While stationed in Poland, Arthur became ill and went home to England to recuperate. It was then that Amy began an affair with a Polish government official named "Count" Michal Lubienski.

The Enigma machine was invented in Germany after WWI, but Polish mathematicians were able to crack the machine as early as 1932.

Amy Elizabeth Thorpe Pack
"Cynthia" (19101963).

While stationed in Warsaw, Amy obtained the plans for the top secret Polish Enigma cipher machine, which enabled the British to read all the top secret Nazi military communications during WWII.

After that spectacular espionage coup, she went to work for the OSS (Oh! So Sinister), and stole the cipher books from the Vichy French Embassy in Washington City.

To accomplish her mission, Amy had to strip in the line of duty!


Military Model Enigma 1, in
use from 1930.

Anglophile Amy also successfully stole the cipher code books from the Italian and Spanish embassies. Amy was one of the most successful spies of World War II that nobody has ever heard about.

On assignment for FDR, Donovan visited Yugoslavia
in March 1941 to encourage the Serbs not to resist
the Nazis when they invaded Russia.

Dictator FDR knew that the Nazis were about to invade Russia, so he sent "Wild Bill" Donovan on a secret mission to encourage the Serbs not to resist the Führers.

His mission was a failure because the brave Serbs staged a coup and the Nazis had to invade Yugoslavia. Their heroic action delayed the Nazi invasion of Russia until June 22, 1941.

The same date that Napollyon Bonaparte launched his disastrous invasion!


OSS founder William J. Donovan

FDR always regretted that he wasn't able to GOOSESTEP like the other dictators! On July 11, 1941, the wheelchair bound dictator signed the bill establishing the OSS:

With the press now buzzing over the bureaucratic battle, Roosevelt finally signed the executive order on July 11 designating a new "Coordinator of Information." Stimson had managed to water it down, making it an unpaid position. Donovan's duties were described so vaguely it left other cabinet officers scratching their heads over exactly what his job was. He would collect and analyze all information and data, which may bear upon national security, and perform other unspecified supplementary activities for FDR (which Donovan took to mean psychological operations and sabotage). (Waller, Wild Bill Donovan, pp. 71-72).

In other words, the counterpart of the Jesuit general in Roma and Heinrich Himmler in Nazi Germany. FDR always regretted that he wasn't able to GOOSESTEP like the Hitler and Mussolini doubles!

Cryptographer Herbert O. Yardley

An important naval conference was held in Washington City in 1921 between the United States, Britain, France, Italy and Japan.

Called the Five-Power Treaty, it limited the size of each country's navy.

A brilliant cryptographer named Herbert O. Yardley broke the Japanese code and the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor was no surprise!

FDR giving the double cross sign
after the bombing of Pearl Harbor.

Dictator FDR was delighted by the "surprise" attack because it sidelined the patriotic "Mothers Against Intervention."

In 1929, Yardley from fired from his job by Anglophile Henry L. Stimson because he was just too good at decoding the ciphers of all the embassies in the Pharaonic Zone.

Especially galling to Stimson was the fact that Yardley was able to read the Vatican's diplomatic code!

FDR sent "ambassador" Leahy to Vichy France to urge them to submit to the Nazis!!

Virginia "Limping Lady" Hall was living in Paris when the Nazi invasion began. She joined the 10 million French men, women, and children who were fleeing south before the Nazi juggernaut!

Virginia "Limping Lady" Hall

Virginia Hall was living in Paris when the German blitzkrieg began on June 10, 1940. Unfortunately, the French did not have a Saint Joan of Arc to halt the Nazi invasion!

Virginia joined the millions of French who were fleeing south, and then she escaped back to Britain via Portugal.

French Nazi collaborators were concerned that an Austrian Führer would force them to "eat cake," or substitute beer for wine!

Vichy France government HQ in 1940.

It was in London that Virginia joined the SOE and was sent back to work with the French "Resistance" as an American reporter for the New York Post.

While in Vichy France, "ambassador" Leahy offered her every assistance, along with a brothel "madam" named Germaine Guérin, who passed on secrets from her German "customers."

Because she was an American citizen, Virginia was least suspect by the French, who couldn't decide if the British or the Germans were their worst enemies!

William C. Bullitt (18911967).
U.S. ambassador to France
from 1936 to 1940.

The French faced a terrible dilemma during WW II. Caught in a vise between the Nazis and their perennial enemy Britannia, they were forced to become Nazi or British collaborators!

William C, Bullitt was the U.S. ambassador to France when the Nazis entered Paris unopposed on June 14, 1940.

Secretary of State Cordell Hull urged him to remain in close touch with the retreating French government heading south, but he refused.

Marshal Pétain shaking hands with a Hitler
at Montoire, October 24, 1940.

He reminded Hull that American ambassadors had never deserted Paris since the founding of the Republic!

Roosevelt was enraged when ambassador Bullitt refused to join the Nazi puppet Pétain in Vichy and he returned to the United States. His brave stand against Francophobe FDR meant the end of his diplomatic career, but with his honor and self respect intact!

After the return of ambassador Bullitt, the dictator sent "devout" Catholic Admiral Leahy to Vichy France. Whenever a country sends an ambassador to another country that implies official recognition of that government . . . no matter how dictatorial and oppressive it may be!

Marshal Pétain and "ambassador" Leahy in Vichy France discussing the best way to collaborate
with the Nazi regime!


As an Irish Catholic, William Daniel Leahy was about as pro-Nazi as his coreligionists in Éire.

He could have easily changed places with "President" Demon de Valera.

His sinister secret assignment from FDR was to urge the French to submit to their new Nazi overlords!

Incredibly, that admiral went on to become Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

Axis Admiral William D. Leahy
1959). Chairman of
the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

Leahy returned home from Vichy France in April 1942, accompanied by his deceased wife Louise, who passed away suddenly from an "abdominal infection" (poison!).

Leahy held the highest military position in the FDR regime. Millions of Americans served under him and hundreds of thousands were killed. It was like having an Adolf Hitler doppelgänger as head of the "U.S." military. No wonder the Nazis were so arrogant and confident of victory!

Together with Donovan, Leahy advised FDR to delay the conquest of Germany and Japan for as long as possible! Almost every WWII photo of Roosevelt shows the sinister Axis Admiral Leahy in the background.

Operation Torch occurred during the Battle of Stalingrad, when the Russians had their backs to the Volga River, and the fate of Christian civilization depended on a "Communist" victory!

General Eisenhower was in overall command of Operation Torch.

Operation Torch was just a pinprick to the Third Reich like the top secret March 1942 Saint Nazaire Raid.

The strategy of attacking the periphery or borders of the Reich came from the "unholy trinity" of FDR, Leahy, and Donovan.

The D-Day landings at Normandy, called Operation Overlord, and commanded by General Eisenhower, did not take place until June 6, 1944.


U.S. troops landing in
North Africa in 1942.

Map reading was a mandatory course at the West Point Military Academy, and no competent military strategist would dream of reaching Berlin from America via North Africa.

After the landings in North Africa the next logical step was an invasion of southern France at Marseilles . . . and then on to Berlin via Alsace-Lorraine and Frankfort. That was the quickest and easiest way to Berlin via the soft underbelly of the Nazi Beast.

Unfortunately, that never happened. The Anglo-Americans drove Rommel's Afrika Corps out of Africa and then invaded Sicily and Italy. That slugfest with the Nazis finally ended with the liberation of Roma in June 1944. To get to Berlin an army would still have to cross the towering Alps!

Heinrich Himmler (b. 1900) was
head of the SS and the Gestapo.

The invasion of North Africa caused the Nazis to annex the entire south of France to the Third Reich.

Vichy France was a semiautonomous zone ruled by collaborators Marshal Pétain and Pierre Laval. The French police enforced conformity to the regime under Nazi supervision.

Heinrich (Henry) Himmler was head of the SS and Gestapo. In November 1942, he assigned Klaus Barbie to Lyon to hunt for the "Limping Lady."

That was when he acquired the notorious nickname "The Butcher of Lyon."

Gestapo chief Klaus Barbie (1913–1991).

After the North Africa landings, the Wehrmacht stormed into the Free Zone, following by the Gestapo:

At seven the following morning the full weight of the Wehrmacht stormed over the demarcation line into the Free Zone. The French offered no resistance. It would now be only a matter of hours before the troops and the tanks arrived in Pergignan, depriving Virginia of her last bid for freedom. Back in the Hotel Terminis in Lyon, Klaus Barbie was stroking his beloved pet cat and seething with rage. Under his command, Lyon had more Gestapo officers relative to its size than any other city, including Paris. (Purnell, A Woman of No Importance, p. 162).

The situation became so dire that Virginia had to limp over the Pyrenees Mountains to Spain. From there she departed to Britain and joined the OSS. Virginia later returned to France in 1944, disguised as an old lady with a limp!

"Wild Bill" Donovan provided the cyanide pills that sent FDR to Episcopalian "Purgatory"

FDR's official religion was " Episcopalian," which means a Catholic who doesn't speak Latin. However, he was as tight-lipped about his true beliefs as President George Washington.

Donovan was "wild" about poison. All his OSS agents were required to carry cyanide pills and swallow them in case of capture. Cyanide was also a deadly way to get rid of enemies! The Catholic Church used to teach that suicides like Judah Iscariot went straight to hell, so priests were forbidden to say masses for those lost souls!

Donovan was a real busybody who stuck his nose everywhere he wasn't wanted! He even ended up on the beach at D-Day. Fearing capture by the Germans, Donovan searched through his clothes for his cyanide pills, but realized he had left them at his hotel in London:

Donovan disgorged everything from his pockets onto the ground beside him: hotel keys, passport, currency of several nationalities, photographs of his granddaughter, travel orders, newspapers clippings. Then he realized that he had left his pills in the medicine cabinet in his room at Claridge's. "If we get out of this jam, " he told David K. Bruce, "you must send a message to the hall porter at Claridge's and tell him not to allow the servants to touch some dangerous medicines in my bathroom." (Waller, Wild Bill Donovan, p. 245).

As the deadly conflict drew to a close, the crippled commander-in-chief grew tired of Leahy and Donovan pushing him around. James F. "Jimmy" Byrnes was absolutely sure that he would be vice president in 1944. FDR knew that "devout" Catholic Byrnes would be just a heartbeat from the Presidency.

James F. "Jimmy" Byrnes

Instead of selecting Jimmy Byrnes as his vice president, FDR chose Harry S. Fakeman instead.

Jimmy was terribly disappointed because he had resigned from the Supreme Court so he could enter the White House by the back door!

At the Yalta Conference held In Crimea from February 4th to the 11th, the "Big Three" (sans France) decided that Berlin would be divided up into 4 zones of occupation between Russia, the U.S., Britain, and France.


Axis Admiral Leahy was standing right
behind FDR at the Yalta Conference!

At the Conference it was also decided that the rest of Germany would be divided up into 4 zones of occupation. The Axis admiral was appalled that the agreement gave control of any part of Nazi Germany to the Russians. Immediately after the Conference he contacted Donovan and ordered him to stop the Russian advance into Germany at all costs!

Vatican ambassador Ernest Von Weizs
äcker (18821951).

Ernst von Weizsäcker was the Third Reich ambassador to the Vatican and a close friend of Pope Pius XII.

Donovan immediately flew to Roma and consulted with the pontiff and the ambassador.

Nazis fighting the Allies were ordered to surrender immediately and about face to confront the advancing Russians!

As an incentive for the Anglo-Americans to capture Berlin, the strategic Ludendorff Bridge was left standing!


The intact Lunderdorff Bridge was "captured"
on March 7, 1945.

It was one on the most diabolical double-crosses in the entire history of the world. After Russia lost millions of soldiers defeating the Nazis, they were to be cheated out of the greatest prize of all—Berlin. Additionally, the Nazi atomic bomb factories located in eastern Germany and Austria would have come under Anglo-American control.

UKranian "artist" Elizabeth
Shoumatoff (1888–1980).


The decision to let the Russians take Berlin was fatal for President Roosevelt because it infuriated Axis Admiral Leahy and "Wild Bill" Donovan.

That agreement with Stalin was not set in stone and could easily be reversed if Roosevelt had a timely demise.

Amazingly, on April 12, a UKranian "artist" named Elizabeth Shoumatoff was painting the President's portrait.

The Unfinished Portrait of FDR by Elizabeth Shoumatoff.
The Unfinished Portrait of FDR
by Elizabeth Shoumatoff.

Russian born "artist" Elizabeth Shoumatoff was painting Roosevelt's portrait when he collapsed. Lucy Mercer, a longtime mistress of the President, was also present.

It was a mystery how the President could have sex because he was crippled from the waist down!

Margaret Suckley (1891 - 1991) with Fala and an Irish setter named Sister.
Margaret Suckley (1891–1991) with
Fala and an Irish setter named Sister.

Margaret "Daisy" Suckley was with the President when he was assassinated.

Lucy Mercer (educated in a convent in Austria) was also present!

Any one of the threesome could have slipped the cyanide capsule into the President drink, but of course Elizabeth was the prime suspect because she was "Russian."


Lucy Mercer (1891–1948) at
Warm Springs, April 11, 1945.

Shoumatoff and Mercer immediately disappeared from the assassination scene and were never questioned about the timely death of the President.

Funeral cortège of FDR.
Funeral cortège of FDR.

FDR's coffin arrived in Union Station on the morning of Saturday, April 14, and immediately the funeral cortège took the body to the East Room of the White House.

FDR lay in state from about 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. that evening.

After 10 p.m. the body was loaded on the train to Hyde Park, New York.


FDR lying-in-state in the East Room of the White House.
FDR lying in state in the East Room
of the White House.

Shoumatoff, and Mercer were hustled out of the cottage by the U.S. Secret Service. Robbins and Shoumatoff returned to New York . . . while Mercer went to find her priest to obtain "absolution!"

Violating Georgia state law, no autopsy was performed on the President, as his body was rushed back to Washington City for a quick funeral service, and then burial in Hyde Park, New York.

After poisoning, a human body emits a terrible odor and burial must be done rapidly . . . unless another body is substituted. The official cause of death was a "cerebral hemorrhage."

Funeral service for President Roosevelt
Funeral service for President Roosevelt
before the burial in Hyde Park.

After the White House funeral service, Roosevelt's body was again loaded on a train and taken to his place of birth at Hyde Park, New York.

The President was buried in the Rose Garden of his Springwood estate.

It was the fastest funeral in the entire history of the nation!


The final resting place of Franklin
The final resting place of Franklin
and Eleanor Roosevelt.

There was deep mourning throughout the United States and the Allied nations . . . but jubilation in Nazi Germany.

The 1947 National Security Act chartered the Anglo-American Gestapo!!

On September 20, 1945, "Accidental" President Harry S. Fakeman officially terminated the OSS. Fakeman tried to terminate every branch of the military that gained the victory over the Axis.

Under the National Security Act of 1947, the Army, Navy and Air Force were merged. The "Arsenal of Democracy" was dismantled and sold at the equivalent of a fire sale!

Unfortunately, the Anglo-American Gestapo (CGA) was also founded as part of that major military reorganization.

Admiral Roscoe H. Hillenkoetter
CGA director from 1947 to 1950.

Admiral Roscoe H. HELLenkoetter was the first director of the newborn CGA.

He served as director from May 8, 1947, to October 7, 1950.

A protege of Axis Admiral Leahy, that Judah Iscariot in uniform spent time with "ambassador" Leahy in Vichy France.

General Bedell Smith was the second director of the CGA, serving from October 7, 1947, to February 9, 1953.


General Bedell Smith
CGA director from 1950 to 1953.

Americans still remembered the Gestapo "reign of terror" in Europe so it was decided to adopt a disguise by appointing a "civilian" to head the Anglo-American Gestapo. About the time the Eight Crusade gave birth to the smokescreen Edomite state of "Israel."

Allen Welsh Dulles (18931969).
CGA director from 1953 to 1961.

To disguise the Central Gestapo Agency as a civilian organization, President Eisenhower appointed a civilian to head the agency.

However, that "civilian" was a member of the Militia of Jesus and reported to the Jesuit general in Roma.

Dulles laid the groundwork for the Cuban Missile Crisis which almost ended all life on earth!

Dulles was fired by President Kennedy after the Cuban Missile Crisis and replaced with another Jesuit named John Alexander McCone.


John A. McCone (19021991).
CGA director from 1961 to 1965.

Anglo-American Gestapo director McCone engineered the assassination of President Kennedy and the subsequent Vietnam War. Millions of American were sent to fight in Vietnam and over 50,000 were needlessly killed.

"Wild Bill's" smallest cyanide victim was his granddaughter Sheilah

FDR was the most famous victim of Donovan's cyanide capsules but the smallest was his 4-year-old granddaughter Sheilah. FDR was a big powerful man from his waist up but Sheilah was just a precocious little four-year-old!

"Wild Bill" and Ruth Rumsey were married on July 15, 1914. The couple had 2 children: David and Patricia. David was born in 1915 and Patricia was born in 1917. Patricia was killed in a car accident in 1940.

Ruth Rumsey Donovan

Even though he gave his son a Biblical name, "Wild Bill" had no intention of keeping the 7th Commandment and remaining faithful to his wife!

Adultery was no big deal for "Wild Bill" because he frequently visited the confessional to be forgiven by his Catholic priest!

His son David married Mary Guerin in 1939 and the couple had 6 children: Patricia, Deirdre, William, Sheilah, and twins David and Mary.

David and Mary Donovan were the parents
of the poisoned Sheilah.

"Wild Bill" was estranged from his wife Ruth from the very beginning. He loved his grandchildren but he was anxious to send Ruth to "Purgatory:"

New Year's 1951 began as one of those special days. Grandchildren played outside as the sun set in late afternoon while parents and grandparents scurried about inside the house dressing and primping for the Blue Ridge Hunt Club Ball that night. Mary and David were being honored at the event. Four-year-old Sheilah raced into the kitchen at one point thirsty for a drink of water. But in the confusion the little girl reached for a cup of silver polish that had been set out for Ruth and drank it. Sheilah collapsed unconscious almost immediately. The silver polish contained potassium cyanide. David and Mary rushed her to the Winchester hospital twelve miles away but she was pronounced dead on arrival. (Waller, Wild Bill Donovan, p. 359).

That cyanide pill was meant for his wife Ruth. "Wild Bill" should have spent the rest of his life in jail for murder, but thanks to his friends in very high places, no charges were brought against him!

Distraught over the death of her daughter Sheilah, Mary Donovan also ended her life tragically by committing suicide in July 1955.

The number of people poisoned by the Anglo-American Gestapo is legion. Listing them all would overload the server. There is a verse in Holy Scripture that is an antidote to CGA poison:

They shall take up serpents; and if they drink any deadly thing, it shall not hurt them (Saint Mark 16:18, Douay-Rheims Version).

The Prophet Micah, who predicted that the Messiah would be born in Bethlehem, also foresaw the rise of the Anglo-American Gestapo in the New Jerusalem:

Do not trust in a brother, put no confidence in a friend, guard your lips from her that lies in your bosom (Prophet Micah 7:5).

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