Roman chronology began at the founding of the City of the Twins (A.U.C. 753). Like Assyria, Egypt, and Greece, they exaggerated their antiquity for reasons of national prestige! The pagan Roman pontifex maximus was in charge of the calendar. The office of pontifex maximus or timekeeper was later adopted by the successors of Jupeter.

Knowing the correct time is very, very important....Saint Paul wrote these inspired words to the Congregation at Roma:

And that knowing the time, that now it is high time to awake out of sleep: for now is our salvation nearer than when we believed.
The night is far spent, the day is at hand: let us therefore cast off the works of darkness, and let us put on the armour of light
(Romans 13:11-12).

You don't need an expensive Swiss watch to tell the correct time. All you need is a knowledge of the infallible chronology in the Holy Bible!

Before the destruction of Old Jerusalem most Christians believed that the world would end with that apocalyptic event. When that didn't come to pass, the Christians realized that Moses and the real Saint Peter predicted that the world would last for 6000 years:

For a thousand years in thy sight are but as yesterday when it is past, and as a watch in the nigh (Psalm of Moses 90:4).

The real Saint Peter, who never spent a single day in the City of the Twins, reminded the Christians of that timely truth:

But, beloved, do not forget this one thing, that one day with JEHOVAH is as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day
(II Saint Peter 3:8).

From Adam to Abraham was about 2000 years; from Abraham to Christ was about 2000 years, but most Christians and pagans couldn't conceive that time would last for another 2000 years.

Hippolytus wrote his Commentary on Daniel in the very HQ of the dreadful and terrible Fourth Beast who was determined to trample Christianity into the dust:

And so since in six days God made all thing, it is necessary for six thousand years to be fulfilled. For they are not yet fulfilled as John says, 'five have fallen, but one is, such as the sixth millennium, the other has not yet come, in saying the other he describes the seventh millennium in which there shall be rest. (Schmidt, Hippolytus of Rome, Commentary on Daniel, p. 153).

There were thousands of Christian writers who wrote commentaries on the Book of Daniel, but most of them are now locked away in the Secret Archives of the Vatican!

After his expulsion from heaven, Satan wasted no time in setting up his Antichrist system. In early 208 AD, Eburacum in Britannia had a most unexpected visitor: the mighty Roman Emperor Septimius Severus "Severe Seven."

Severus Alexander (208235).
Emperor from 222 to 235.


Hippolytus is the father of Roman Catholic eschatology. He believed that time would last for 6000 years, but before the end "Jews" would return to Israel and rebuild the destroyed Third Temple.

Hippolytus wrote in the 13th year of the reign of which he believed was 5738 years from Creation.

He believed that in another 262 years the Roman Empire would be broken up into 10 kingdoms, and then a "Little Horn" Antichrist would rule the world from Old Jerusalem.


A statue of Hippolytus (170
guarding the Vatican library!

The Vatican library and the Secret Archives contain millions of books written to deflect attention from the present Antichrist to some phantom individual in the far off future. The eschatological term for this is FUTURISM, and its chief proponents were Jesuits Francisco Ribera and Cardinal Robert Bellarmine....Hippolytus predicted the return of the "Jews" to rebuild the destroyed Temple:

He, being lift up over every king and every god, shall built the city of Jerusalem and he shall raise the converted temple, he shall restore both all the land and its borders to the Jews, and having summoned their people from the slavery of the nations, he shall exhibit himself to them as king, and at this the faithless shall worship him as god and shall bend the knee to him, considering him to be the Christ, not apprehending what was spoken by the prophet, how he is a deceiver and not true. (Schmidt, Hippolytus of Rome, Commentary on Daniel, p. 153).

Incredibly, Hippolytus also predicted that Elijah and Enoch would come back from the dead and preach in Old Jerusalem:

For after sixty-two weeks have been fulfilled and after Christ had come and the Gospel has been preached in every place, and the times have been spun out, the end remains one week in which Enoch and Elijah shall come, and in its halfway point the abomination of desolation, the Antichrist, shall appear who shall threaten desolation to the world. After he comes, sacrifices and drink offerings, which now in every way is offered by the nations to God, shall be taken away. (Schmidt, Hippolytus of Rome, Commentary on Daniel, p. 156).

That bizarre scenario was supposed to take place after 262 years. There was no so-called "Christian" calendar until 4 centuries later when the birth of Christ became the starting date:

And from the Passion of our Lord until the thirteenth (13) year of the Emperor Alexander Severus, for 206 years the Passover was served, which had been served by us in commemoration of our Lord Jesus Christ (Schmidt, Hippolytus of Rome, Commentary on Daniel, p. 277).

As a result, 30 years have to be added to the chronology of Hippolytus.

Pope Symmachus (d. 514).
Jupeter's successor from 498 to 514.

(6000-5738=262). (206+262+30=498).

By 500 AD, absolutely none of the things predicted by Hippolytus came to pass. Under the Old Covenant a false prophet was to be stoned to death (Deut.13:5).

"Jews" should have returned to Israel and rebuilt the Temple. An "Antichrist" should have ruled the world from Old Jerusalem etc., etc.

By 500 AD, the Roman Empire had a new capital called Constantinople.

Gold solidus of Emperor Anastasius.
Reigned from 491 to 518.

That capital was in the Greek east and was not the other leg of the Roman Empire....Constantinople was part of the Greek Empire founded by Alexander the Great. As soon as the new capital was founded by Emperor Jesus Constantine, New Roma and Old Roma became bitter rivals!

Few people heard of the future Antichrist until Saint Martin Luther published the heavenly tome entitled: On the Babylonian Captivity on the Congregation.

Francisco Ribera, S.J.

Saint Martin Luther realized that Antichrist was not one man to appear at the end of the world but a succession or deadly dynasty of deceivers!

"Many coming in Christ's name and deceiving many" (St. Matthew 24:5).

He realized that the Man of Sin was born 1260 years previously in Roma.

To deflect attention from the present Antichrist, Satan raised up the Militia of Jesus or Jesuits.


Cardinal Robert Bellarmine, S.J.

Francisco Ribera and Cardinal Robert Bellarmine were the theological champions of a future Antichrist to appear at the end of the world. Reformed Christians believed that FUTURISM originated with those 2 Jesuits, but it had its genesis in Roma 1260 years earlier!

The marginal notes added to the Latin Vulgate Version alluded to a future restoration of the "Jews" and a future Antichrist, but only the Catholic clergy could read Latin. Before the invention of printing by movable type, few people owned copies of that translation!

In the English speaking world, Edward Irving (17921834) and John Nelson Darby (18001882) were the the main proponents of FUTURSM or DISPENSATIONALISM. The Scofield Reference Bible, containing dispensational marginal notes, and first published by Oxford University Press in 1909, became the most widely used translation. That King James Perversion put the New Jerusalem Christians into a deep sleep regarding the identity of Antichrist!

The Greek Orthodox Church never accepted Jesuit futurism because they knew that Christians were now the Spiritual Temple of Christ, and that the real physical descendents of Abraham were gone with the wind forever (Daniel 2:35, I Corinthians 3:16).

The Exodus1947 transported 4,515 Ashkenazis
from Marseilles, France, to Palestine.

As the world approached its 6000th birthday, thousands of Edomites, aka Ashkenazis, began leaving Germany and moving to Palestine.

David Ben-Gurion proclaimed the Ashkenazi state with a hexagram or double pyramid as its flag.


The Ashke
nazi state of Edom was founded
on May 14, 1948

MI666 coordinated Operation Exodus. They paid close attention to the smallest details. Ashkenazis arriving from Germany were tattooed with numbers on their arms so they could claim to be "Holocaust survivors." The word "holocaust" means "burnt offering or sacrifice" and it comes from the corrupt Latin Vulgate Version (Genesis 22:2).

Another sinister reason why Britannia established that stationary aircraft carrier in the Mideast was to prevent the French from reestablishing their Empire in the Mideast and North Africa.

The Hebrew chronology that Hippolytus used added thousands of years to the age of the earth. From Adam to the Deluge he has 2,242 years, and from the Deluge to Abraham he has 1,141 years. That erroneous chronology did not come from the Hebrew Tenach.

The Hebrew Scriptures contain a perfect chronology from the First Adam to the Last Adam and you don't have to be an MIT graduate to figure it out!

Years from Creation.
Approx. BC and AD Dates.
Adam and Eva created.
4046 BC
Great Flood of Noah.
2390 BC
Tower of Babel confusion of languages.
2289 BC
Abraham enters Canaan. 430 years countdown to Exodus begins!
1963 BC
Birth of Abraham's son Isaac. A type of the Messiah.
1938 BC
Isaac is 5-years-old. 400 years countdown to Exodus begins!
1933 BC
Birth of twins Jacob and Esau (Genesis 25:26).
1878 BC
Prime Minister Joseph settles the 12 tribes in Egypt.
1748 BC
The Exodus from Egyptian bondage was exactly 430 years after Father Abraham entered Canaan (Exodus 12:40).
1533 BC
Beginning of King David's reign.
983 BC
Beginning of King Solomon's reign.
943 BC
Completion of the first Temple by King Solomon.
932 BC
4th year of King Jehoiakim, 1st year of King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon. 70 year Babylonian Captivity begins (Jeremiah 25:1).
525 BC
1st year of King Cyrus of Persia, 483 year countdown to Messiah the Prince commences (Ezra 1:1-8).
457 BC
Messiah born in Bethlehem in 3 BC.
1 AD ???
15th year of Tiberius Caesar. Countdown to Messiah the Prince ends. Joshua ben David is 30 yearsold. He begins his 3½ year ministry.
26 AD.
Death and Resurrection of Joshua ben David.
30 AD
Destruction of the second Jewish Temple.
70 AD
Present age and year of the world (4041 + 2024).
The Gregorian calendar is off by 3 years, so 3 years must be added to get the correct age of the earth!

According to Bible chronology the world was about 6000 years old around 1960. The corrupt Edomite chronology has about 216 years to go before we reach the year 6000. It was designed to put Messiah's disciples into a deep sleep and miss the greatest event since the Exodus from Egyptian bondage!

Table of the Corrupt Edomite Chronology!!

There is an unbelievable resemblance between the so-called "Christian" calendar and the corrupt Edomite calendar. Both calendars have 70 AD as the date for the destruction of Old Jerusalem.

The Edomites and Ashkenazis believe that General Titus made the sacrifices and offerings to cease when the second Temple was destroyed in 70 AD. In Truth, Messiah Joshua ben David made the sacrifices and offerings to cease in 30 AD when he died on the Mount of Olives in Old Jerusalem—Selah.

This table follows the standard Seder Olam Rabbah chronology. It begins at their date for the creation of Adam and Eva. It is current for the year 2024. See the Edomite timeline table for all their dates from Creation. The Edomites have about 430 years from the Flood to the Tower of Babel, when it reality it was only about 100 years!

Countdown from Creation.
Years from Creation.
Adam and Eva created. (5784-1658=4128).
5784 BCE
Great Flood of Noah. (4126-338)..
4126 BCE
Tower of Babel confusion of languages. (3788-54).
3788 BCE
Birth of Abraham's son Isaac. (3734-400).
3734 BCE
Exodus from Egypt. (3334-480).
3334 BCE
Completion of the first Temple by King Solomon.
2854 BCE
Destruction of the first Temple by King Nebuchadnezzar. (2854-410).
2444 BCE
Completion of the second Temple. (2374-70).
2374 BCE
Destruction of the second Temple. (2374-420).
1954 BCE
Destruction of the second Temple according to the "Christian" calendar.
70 AD
Current year of the world according to the "Christian" and Edomite calendars (3830+2024-70=5784).
2024 AD

The Edomites began counting their years from 3830 BCE, which is the equivalent of 70 AD in the so-called "Christian" calendar. However, Shiloh ministered for years, or 4 Passovers, so they deleted the 3 most momentous years in the entire history of the world!

The patriarch Israel predicted that his nation would endure only until Shiloh or the Messiah came:

The sceptre shall not depart from JUDAH, nor a lawgiver from his loins, UNTIL SHILOH COMES; and the people shall be gathered unto him (Genesis 49:10).

After Shiloh arrived there was no more need for Jews, so the disciples of Joshua of Nazareth were called Christians (Acts 11:26, 26:28, I Saint Peter 4:6).

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