In September 1929, only a month after Dwight the Double, Mamie, and her son John arrived back from France, a financial tsunami swept the country called the Great Depression.

Millions were out of work and those who trusted in their wealth on Wall Street often resorted to jumping out of the windows.

General MacArthur (18801964)
and the Dwight Double.

President Hoover ordered Macarthur to remove the Bonus Marchers who had peaceably assembled to demand payment of their bonuses ahead of time.

MacArthur commanded some of the Bonus Marchers in France.

MacArthur was Army Chief of Staff at that time and Dwight the Double served under him.

The Bonus Marchers attacked by
MacArthur and the Army, July 1932.

MacArthur in full dress uniform brutally attacked the Bonus Marchers' encampment and burned their tents to the ground:

The Bonus Marchers, who descended on Washington some twenty thousand strong in the summer of 1932, were mainly unemployed veterans who wanted an early payment on the “bonus” promised them for their wartime services, a bonus that was not due until 1945. The average bonus was about $1,000. In 1931 Congress, overriding President Hoover’s veto, provided for payment of half the bonus. In the summer of 1932 it was considering a bill to pay the other half. The Bonus Marchers had come to camp in Washington in order to put direct pressure on Congress to pass the legislation. (Ambrose, Eisenhower Volume 1, p. 108).

As a reward for his slavish service to MacArthur, Dwight the Double accompanied him to the Philippines in 1935.

MacArthur's arrival ceremony in Manila
with Dwight the Double in the rear.
September 26. 1935.

Pompous Douglas MacArthur arrived in the Philippines expecting to be treated like a British viceroy in India.

Incredibly, President Quezon conferred on him the flattering title of "Field Marshal." There are no field marshals in the U.S. Army.

The man on the right should be 47 but he looks more like 57.

The very tall John is only 15 and almost as tall as his stepfather.


Dwight the Double, Mamie, and John
in Manila. August 4, 1937.

When MacArthur arrived in the Philippines, President Quezon charged him with the creation of a Philippine Army. He wasp promoted to the rank of "Field Marshal"—a rank unknown in the U.S. military. Before escaping via submarine to the U.S., President Quezon gave the "Field Marshal" his ring as a token of his heroism for dying in battle to save the Philippines from the brutal Japanese!!

On March 12, 1942, "Bugout Doug" and his family escaped from Corregidor in a torpedo boat, vowing to return! He left his men behind as captives of the brutal Japanese.The Japanese fanatical bushido code prohibited them from surrendering so they despised the Americans who surrendered. The captain is always supposed to be the last one to abandon ship!

President Manuel L Quezon and "Field
Marshal" Douglas MacArthur (1880 1964). .

When the Japanese invaded the Philippines, "Field Marshal" MacArthur escaped to Australia with his wife and son!

President Quezon escaped to the U.S. and he urged President Roosevelt to liberate his homeland as soon as possible!

On July 17, the successful testing of an atomic bomb in Port Chicago changed that timetable completely, and led to the assassination of President Quezon in the hospital.



President Manuel L. Quezon
( August 19, 1878
August 1, 1944).

On July 26, 1944, Hawaii had a very, very unexpected visitor. None other than the crippled Commander-In-Chief of the United States. In the European Theater, Paris was about to be liberated by General Patton, and he was confident that he would be in Berlin by November 11, 1944.

FDR, MacArthur, and Admiral Nimitz
in a motorcade,
July 26, 1944. .

The distance from Washington City to Hawaii is about 4,800 miles (8,000 KM).

On July 26, 1944, FDR arrived in Hawaii and told MacArthur the "great news" about the successful testing of an atomic bomb in Port Chicago.

FDR ordered actor MacArthur to delay his return to the Philippines and the conquest of Japan until an atomic bomb was ready to be dropped on a city from a B-29.

MacArthur, a smiling FDR, and Admiral Nimitz
in Hawaii,
July 27, 1944.

For that all important conference in Hawaii, FDR took along Axis Admiral William D. Leahy—the most powerful man in the government next to the Commander-in-Chief.

Axis Admiral William D. Leahy


Axis Admiral William D. Leahy accompanied FDR to Hawaii.

Before becoming Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Leahy was ambassador to Vichy France.

By that time both Axis admirals knew that an Axis victory was unlikely, so they were delighted by the results of the Port Chicago atomic explosion!

After Nimitz heard the "great news" from FDR, he was ordered to slow the conquest of Japan until a bomb was ready to be dropped by air on a Japanese city!


Axis Admiral Chester W. Nimitz

That's the reason why actor MacArthur was a pussycat when fighting Japanese . . . but he was a raging tiger when it came to fighting "Communists!" Ominously, the Japanese warlord physicists and their Nazis counterparts were also working feverishly to develop the atomic bomb!

President Quezon was constantly urging President Roosevelt to speed up the liberation of the Philippines, and that was why he had a timely demise in a hospital on August 1, 1944. President Quezon was replaced by a Japanese collaborator, and MacArthur finally arrived back in the Philippines in October 1944.

From that time onward, MacArhur's top secret agenda was to delay the invasion of Japan for as long as possible to give the Japanese warlords time to develop their atomic bomb!!

He was the counterpart of the Dwight double in the European Theater who delayed the defeat of Nazi Germany for as long as possible!

During the deadly Korean War, that madman almost started World War III when he advocated dropping atomic bombs on China. We can thank our Great JEHOVAH that the "Field Marshal" was fired . . . and faded away . . . before that nightmare came to pass!

President Harry S. Fakeman didn't know what to do with actor MacArthur. If President Jackson—a real soldier—was in the White House he would have challenged the actor to a duel for insubordination!!

Operation Torch should be called Operation Pinprick!!

Dwight the Double arrived in London in 1942 and almost immediately he was assigned a shapely chauffeur to drive him around. Her name was Kay Summersby and she was from Cork in the "Papal Republic."

Dwight the Double was in overall command of Operation Torch.

Operation Torch was just a pinprick to the Third Reich like the top secret March 1942 Saint Nazaire Raid.

A total of over 100,000 troops were involved, with half coming directly from the U.S. via Norfolk, Virginia.

The French were fed disinformation that over half a million soldiers were landing and that it was useless for them to resist the Anglo-Americans.


U.S. troops landing in
North Africa in 1942.

Operation Torch commander Dwight the Double was accompanied by his shapely chauffeur to North Africa where she shared all the hazards of the battlefield with her lover!

Kay Summersby (19081975) was
Dwight the Double's pretty chauffeur.

Kay was born in the officially neutral "Papal Republic," but President Demon de Valera ordered that the rosary be said daily for a Nazi victory!

Their "pillow talk" could have reached the ears of the Führers in Berlin.

The British were unconcerned because they were listening to all the German traffic via their Ultra intercepts!

The young and pretty spy kept the general feeling younger because he looked older than his age!

Kay Summersby with the Double
in North Africa in 1942.

North Africa was officially part of the French Empire. Many of the French soldiers who retreated from the blitzkrieg in 1940 were stationed in North Africa.

After the blitzkrieg, Charles de Gaulle escaped to London, but Admiral Darlan sailed with the French fleet to North Africa. At that time the French Fleet was the 4th largest in the world and a rival of the Royal Navy.

Charles de Gaulle

On July 3, 1940, the British attacked the French fleet in Algeria and killed 1,297 French sailors.

Their excuse was that they didn't' want the fleet to fall into the hands of the Nazis!

Admiral Darlan was furious and he wanted the Anglo-Americans to invade France and then on to Berlin via Metz and Franfort.

That was the soft underbelly of the Nazis beast. With General Patton leading the charge, WWII could have ended in January 1943.


Admiral François Darlan
(Aug. 7, 1881Dec. 24, 1942).

The Dwight Double had to obey his overlords in London so he arranged for the assassination of Admiral Darlan on December 24, 1942. The Führers in Berlin immediately ordered that all of France should be occupied.

The Dwight Double ordering Admiral Darlan to fight the Nazis in Tunesia,
November 13, 1942.

In that photo can be seen the Dwight Double pointing his finger at Admiral Darlan.

Admiral Darlan knew that Britannia was France's hereditary enemy and that the Nazis were just her latest mercenaries!

Admiral Darlan refused to cooperate with the Anglo-Americans and that led to his brutal assassination on December 24, 1942.

General Blaskowitz was ordered by the Führers to occupy all of France and turn it into an impregnable fortress.


General Johannes Blaskowitz

A great opportunity had been lost to save millions of lives and end the slaughter of World War II.

Heinrich Himmler (b. 1900) was
head of the SS and the Gestapo.

The invasion of North Africa caused the Nazis to annex the entire south of France to the Third Reich.

Vichy France was a semiautonomous zone ruled by collaborators Marshal Pétain and Pierre Laval. The French police enforced conformity to the regime under Nazi supervision.

Heinrich (Henry) Himmler was head of the SS and Gestapo.

Klaus Barbie "The Butcher of Lyon" was head of the Gestapo in the newly occupied Vichy zone!


Gestapo chief Klaus Barbie

The last time that Americans fought side by side with the British was during the Seven Years War (17561763) and that war was started by George Washington. It ended with the French losing Canada and it set the stage for the American Revolution.

Vatican ambassador
Ernest Von Weizs
äcker (18821951).

Ernst von Weizsäcker was the Third Reich ambassador to the Vatican and a very close friend of Pope Pius XII.

Atomic scientist Carl Friedrich von Weizsäcker was the son of Ernst and he headed the Nazi atomic bomb program.

He was very grateful that "General Eisenhower" was giving him time to develop the Bomb and snatch victory from defeat at the 11th hour.


Carl Friedrich von Weizsäcker

Naturally, the Eisenhower double was furious when the Nazis surrendered before they could use their wunderwaffe on the Russians.

A smiling "General Ike" held the pens
for the invalid surrender signing!!

At Rheims on May 7, General Jodl signed a Nazi surrender document.

General Spaatz signed for the U.S., General Jodl for Germany, and Air Marshal Tedder for the British.

"General Ike" was present, but he just held the pens!



Field Marshal Keitel signing the Nazi
surrender document in Berlin, May 9, 1945.

One Russian general added his signature, but he was not authorized to sign by Marshal Zhukov. As far as the Nazis were concerned, that surrender was invalid because it was not sighed by "General Eisenhower." That meant that the Nazis could continue the war against Russia using the Anglo-Americans as their new allies!

By May 1945, the Nazi nuclear technology was already far advanced. In March, they tested a small plutonium bomb just a stone's throw from the famous Wartburg Castle—a site sacred and holy to all true Christians.

Colonel Paul Tibbets (1915
2007) dropped the first atomic bomb!

Colonel Paul Tibbets was Dwight the Double's personal pilot until late 1944.

He was familiar with the Nazi race for the Bomb, and also with the Manhattan Project.

He was chosen to drop the uranium bomb on Hiroshima.

General Spaatz decorating Paul Tibbets
after the bombing of Hiroshima!

On January 20, 1953, the Eisenhower double was inaugurated as President. He immediately triggered the Cold War by appointing Jesuits John Foster Dulles as secretary of state, and his brother Allen as head of the CGA—Central Gestapo Agency.

During his 8 years in the White House, his only disagreement with his British overlords came during the 1956 Suez Canal Crisis.

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