Coalition warfare is the most dangerous and complicated type of combat, as the New Jerusalem discovered when it was allied with the British Empire during World War II. The Six-Day War was another such conflict that went awry, but their mistakes were used by the Almighty to save the world from a thermonuclear holocaust!

Moscow before the Six-Day War.

The Pentagon and the Edomites were a house divided in 1967.

General "Mad Bomber" Curtis LeLay wanted to turn Moscow, and the entire Soviet Union, into a parking lot.

The Edomites desperately wanted to regain control of Old Jerusalem.


Old Jerusalem before the Six-Day War.

Under the Herodian dynasty, the Edomites did control Jerusalem during the first coming of the Messiah. King Herod was a usurping tyrant, and his infamous career was well documented by Flavius Josephus.

Initially, the Soviet Union supported the Edomite state, but that all changed in 1953 when British Secret Service agent Nikita Khrushchev became head of the Communist Party.

Edomite King Herod (74 BC 4 BC).
King from 37 BC to 4 BC).

The usurping Edomite, Herod Antipater, was given the kingdom of Judea by Marcus Antonius, and his decision was ratified by the Roman Senate.

King Herod's most infamous deed was the Massacre of the Innocents in Bethlehem in order to kill the newborn Messiah.

As well as being a master butcher, he was also a master builder.


Edom supplanted Israel in 37 BC,
and lasted until 70 AD.

The Edomites had no qualms about firing the first shot, but the Pentagon needed a false flag operation to trigger World War III.

Operation Frontlet615 was not supposed to start until June 15

Edomite Prime Minister Levi Eshkoll assured Washington and London that Operation Frontlet615 would not start until June 15.

Prime Minister Levi Eshkol
Prime Minister from '63 to '69

The Washington-London-Tel Aviv Axis agreed to start the war on June 15.

However, President Nasser was making peace overtures, and Prime Minister Levi Eshkol feared that an excuse to start the war might be lost.

His bellicose "Defense" Minister could not be restrained, as an Edomite is "always looking for a fight."


"Defense" Minister Moshe Dayan

Edomite Fritz Haber invented poison gas for use in World War I, and Field Marshall Erich von Manstein was Hitler's most aggressive Nazi.

Operation Focus completely destroyed all of the Russian MiG's on the ground!!

British Secret Service agent Mordachai Hod was head of the Edomite air force. Hod had been working for years on Operation Focus—a plan to completely annihilate the Egyptian air force before any plane got off the ground.

General Mordachai Hod

General Mordachai Hod was a British Secret Service agent and head of the Edomite air force.

His real surname was Fine, but he changed it to Hod when he joined the Edomite air force.

Hod's Operation Focus was designed to completely destroy the Egyptian air force on the ground.


General Hod (on the left) discussing
his battle plans with a Mirage pilot.

The mainstay of the Egyptian air force was the Russian made MiG-21s. The MiG-21s made their first appearance during the Korean War, and were a formidable aircraft in the hands of well-trained pilots.

An airborne Russian MiG-21.

The Russian built MiG-21s were the mainstay of the Egyptian air force.

The French built Dessualt Mirage III's were the mainstay of the Edomite air force.



French built Dessault Mirage III's were used to
demolish the MiG's and attack the Liberty.

Nobody could mistake a MiG for a Mirage, as the 2 jets were completely different on the outside. Both planes could be deadly when flown by skillful, well-trained pilots.

Since August 1966, General Hod had a MiG-21, which he obtained when he bribed an Iraqi pilot to defect with his plane. That jet was used to train his pilots, but he did not have the time or resources to reverse engineer the plane and produce more copies.

Aerial view of destroyed Russian MiG's.

The Six-Day War has been trumpeted as a David v. Goliath battle, with the Arabs playing the role of Goliath.

In actuality, it was the Arabs who were playing the role of David, because they were pummeled by the combined airpower of the Edomites, the Sixth Fleet, and the British Mediterranean Fleet.


Tail of a downed MiG.

Here is a report on the war published by the British Empire Oxford University Press:

The "myth" snowballed rapidly as the day progressed, reaching all corners of the Arab world. "British bombers taking off in endless waves from Cyprus, are aiding and supplying the Israelis, "Damascus Radio declared. "Canberra bombers are striking our forward positions." Radio Amman declared that three American aircraft carriers were operating of Israel's coast. American warships were reportedly sighted of Port Said, in Haifa harbor, and blocking the entrance to the Canal. Other sources spoke of Israelis piloting American planes with CIA supplied maps of Egypt and of American pilots flying incognito for Israel. Captured Israeli pilots purportedly "confessed" to collaborating with the U.S. Israel, which had attacked Egypt with 1,200 jets, could not possibly have acted alone—so that argument ran. (Oren, Six Days of War. p. 217).

Part of the Edomite arsenal was a new and deadly anti-runway weapon that created a huge sinkhole in the runway. The damaged runaway was rendered inoperable for jets taking off and landing.

With the capture of the STONEWALL on June 7, the main Stonewall objective was accomplished!!

Even with the combined firepower of the Edomite state, the Sixth Fleet, and the British Mediterranean Fleet, the Edomites were surprised by the success of their blitzkrieg. With their overwhelming firepower they knew victory was assured, but they had not counted on it coming so quickly.

Stonewall soldiers during the battle
for Old Jerusalem on May 7.

The Battle for Old Jerusalem was fierce; the Stonewallers fought like fiends, with the Jordanians resisting bravely!

Combat was often hand to hand, but the Stonewallers prevailed in the end, and Old Jerusalem was captured on June 7, 1967.

The spiritually blind Edomites never realized that JEHOVAH left Jerusalem for good in 70 AD.


General Moshe Dayan (center)
entering the Lion's Gate on May 7.

The most important objective in Old Jerusalem was the STONEWALL aka "Wailing Wall."

A Stonewall paratrooper
capturing the stonewall.

The battle to capture the stonewall lasted for hours.

That event jumpstarted the Last Days homosexual revolution, which began in the STONEWALL INN, in New York City.

If only they opened a Holy Bible they would discover that JEHOVAH created Adam and Eve . . . not Adam and Steve!

Stonewallers rejoicing at the
capture of the stonewall.

The capture of the STONEWALL did move the hands of the prophetic clock even closer to the days of Sodom and Gomorrah . . . and the end of the world!

There were no more Egyptian MiG's left to sink the Liberty!!

After the capture of Old Jerusalem, Lyndon Johnson desperately wanted his false flag operation in order to trigger his thermonuclear war with the Soviet Union. However, all the Egyptian planes were destroyed, and the runaways were rendered inoperable by the new anti-runway bomb.

Edomite warplanes
attacking the Liberty.

There were many Edomite spies serving in the Egyptian air force and they were supposed to attack and sink the Liberty.

However, the devastating attack on Egypt destroyed all the MiG's, and rendered the runways inoperable.

Lyndon Johnson was furious, and General Hod assured him that he would sink the ship using his Mirages.


under assault by
the Edomites.

Once the dogs of war are unleashed . . . nobody can predict the outcome....It is called the FOG OF WAR... Intoxicated with success, the Edomite pilots were confident of sinking the Liberty before the ship could sound the alarm and notify the Sixth Fleet.

hero Terry Halbardier

At least 12 French Mirage jets attacked the Liberty with heat seeking missiles aiming for the ship's communications antennas.

The Edomites managed to destroy all the antennas except for one!

A heroic, quick thinking sailor from Texas named Terry Halbardier managed to send out an SOS signal.


Vice Admiral William Martin

A quick thinking and acting sailor named Terry Halbardier saved the world by sending out an SOS to the Sixth Fleet. Vice Admiral William Martin heard the message, and it was relayed to Lyndon Johnson in the White House:

“Any station, this is ‘Rockstar’ [the ship's code name], we are under attack by Israeli warplanes,” the caller cried. The signal went out rapidly because a decade earlier President Eisenhower had put the CRITICOM system in place, which meant any Naval Security Group message went out as a CRITIC to both the USS Saratoga and the USS America, and straight to the Joint Chiefs and the president as an information addressee. This was how Robert McNamara knew that the men had survived. A CRITIC message went automatically because an act of war, which includes the launching of planes, requires that a CRITIC message go to Washington. That CRITIC shuts down all other communications en route. The message was a teletype with “CRITIC” typed at the top, which meant it went directly to the White House within ten minutes, the established goal. McNamara's reply came by the AUTOVON system in the form of a telephone call (Mellen, Blood in the Water, pp. 196-197).

When that message reached Lyndon Johnson at the Situation Room, he was FURIOUS.

The USS Amberjack was shadowing and
filming the attack on the Liberty.

The USS Amberjack was shadowing and filming the attack on the Liberty.

Cussin' and swearin' in his thick Texas drawl, Johnson ordered the captain to "sink the Liberty."

Obediently, Captain Hubal fired a massive torpedo at the ship.


Captain Augustine Hubal

All of the top brass in the military industrial complex were tuned to the CRITCOM system, so they distinctly heard the voice of "acting" President Lyndon Johnson cussin' and commanding Captain Hubel to "sink the Liberty."

The torpedo explosion was so powerful that
it lifted the ship right out of the water.

The torpedo just missed the boilers, which would have caused a massive explosion.

By missing the boilers, the ship did not suffer the same fate as the Titanic.

Miraculously, the ship still refused to sink.



The torpedo from the sub made a massive
hole in the side of the ship.

By the ship refusing to sink, Lyndon Johnson was denied his false flag operation, and he recalled the jets that were on their way to turn Moscow into a parking lot. The world just narrowly escaped a thermonuclear holocaust.

After the failure of Operation 666, Harold Wilson "fired" his Mediterranean Fleet!!

The British Mediterranean Fleet played a vital role in Operation 666. That Fleet, founded way back in 1654, turned the Mediterranean into a "British Lake." Since the end of World War II, the Fleet was stationed in Saint Paul's Island. .

Admiral John Graham Hamilton

For over 300 years the Mediterranean Fleet was pivotal in helping Britannia misrule the waves.

Before the opening of the Suez Canal, her primary mission was to keep Russia out of the Mediterranean.

When the Canal opened in 1869, her twin mission was to control that vital link to her empire in India.


British Mediterranean Fleet
at anchor In Malta.

Admiral Hamilton was disgusted that the Liberty did not sink, and he urged Admiral Martin to nuke Moscow without a declaration of war. Hamilton was reminded that the New Jerusalem does not do "Pearl Harbors."

At the end of June, Harold Wilson ordered that the Fleet be disbanded, and Admiral Hamilton was retired. That was the end of British naval supremacy in the Mediterranean, but Gibraltar remained part of the Empire.

The failure of Operation 666 brought about a sea change in the relationship between the British Empire and the New Jerusalem, as iron and clay will not mix (Daniel 2:43).

Saint John in the Apocalypse called Old Jerusalem Sodom and Egypt!!

The Jewish Messiah said that Old Jerusalem would be trodden down by the nations until the end of time, and Saint John in the Apocalypse called Old Jerusalem Sodom and Egypt:

And their dead bodies shall lie in the streets of the great city, which spiritually is called Sodom and Egypt, where also our Lord was crucified (Apocalypse 11:8, King James Version).

That prophecy, made almost 2000 years ago, is being remarkably fulfilled today:

The twin pyramids symbol was
stolen from ancient Egypt.

The twin pyramids symbol was stolen from ancient Egypt.

In June 1969, the Last Days homosexual revolution began in the Stonewall Inn, in New York City.

In 2016, President Obama made the Stonewall Inn a national monument!!


The Stonewall Inn is the birthplace of the
Last Days homosexual revolution.

The Last Days homosexual revolution, which began in 1969, did not take the Jewish Messiah by surprise. He predicted that the world would be like the TWIN cities of Sodom and Gomorrah just before the end of time:

But the same day that Lot went out of Sodom it rained fire and brimstone from heaven, and destroyed them all (Saint Luke 17:29).

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