All the Windsor Castle files on Rippergate were closed in 1892 and sealed until 1992....Long before that time the pundits predicted that the Union Jack and the Iron Cross Second Reich would dominate and misrule the entire world . . . and the real identity of Jack the Ripper would never be revealed!

King Edward VII was so compromised by Rippergate that he signed an Entente Cordiale with Britannia's hereditary enemies France and Orthodox Russia....At the same time the Downing Street conspirators urged "Kaiser Bill" to invade France and Russia before the "peace-loving" Second Reich was "encircled." Even Lucifer was jealous of the them because jackasses were more cunning than the Wicked One himself!

When a prominent person or world leader exhibits strange and unusual behavior there are only 3 possible reasons:

1. A doppelgänger or double.
2. A compromising scandal in his past life such as a "love child," or a bigamous marriage like King George V.
3. Brainwashing, mind control, or hypnotism (Manchurian candidate).

There was no Prince Eddy double; his syphilis prevented him from fathering a "love child," so that leaves the third option. The Messiah was the only person in history who chose his mother Miriam and step-father Joseph beforehand. Everybody else has to be content with their lot in life.

Prince Eddy (1864
1892) before
he became Jack the Ripper.

Prince Albert Victor "Eddy' had the misfortune to be born into the most dysfunctional family in the world.

His grandmother was Queen Victoria, and his father, Prince Edward "Bertie," was compromised into marrying Viking Princess Alexandra of Denmark.

On his third voyage on HMS Bacchante, he contacted syphilis!

His "tutor" at Trinity College, Cambridge, was a bizarre hypnotist and homosexual named James Kenneth Stephen.


Prince Eddy after he became
Jack the Ripper.

All the trouble started in the summer of 1861 when the Prince of Wales was observing maneuvers in the Curragh in Ireland. The Prince of Wales first met Princess Alexandra of Denmark in September 1861 while watching military maneuvers in Germany.

He was not impressed with the Viking, and he returned home without making any marriage commitment.

No image or bio of prostitute
Nellie Clifden exists.

The young Prince of Wales was naive or GREEN about sex, so the Grenadier Guards "educated" him by smuggling a prostitute into his bed while on maneuvers in the Curragh.

Her name was Nellie Clifden, but little is known about her life. She might have been sent to "Purgatory" after Bertie married Alexandra of Denmark.

It was a clear case of blackmail, which has been used successfully for centuries to compromise prominent people like George Washington and King George V.


The Prince of Wales at the Curragh, seated second from right.
Sept. 1861.

Later in the year those same Grenadier Guards were shipped off to Canada in eager anticipation of an alliance with the rebels to rip the Confederate States from the Union!

That "youthful indiscretion" was soon public knowledge and it reached the ears of Victoria and Albert. The ogress pretended to be devastated by the news but the Prince Consort was genuinely grieved for his "fallen" son....He feared an even greater scandal if Nellie gave birth to his child:

If you were to try and deny it, she can drag you into a Court of Law to force you to own it and there with you (the Prince of Wales) in the witness box, she will be able to give before a greedy Multitude disgusting details of your profligacy for the sake of convincing the Jury; yourself cross-examined by a railing indecent attorney and hooted and yelled at by a Lawless Mob!! Oh, horrible prospect, which this person has in her power, any day to realize! and to break your poor parents' hearts! (HIbbert, Edward VII: The Last Victorian King. p. 46).

The Prince was genuinely sorry for the grief he had caused his parents, and as penance he consented to marry Alexandra of Denmark. Soon after that "incident, " Queen Victoria ordered Dr. Jenner to send the Prince Consort to heaven, but she blamed his death on the Prince of Wales.

Edward Prince of Wales

On March 10, 1863, the Prince of Wales married Princess Alexandra of Denmark.

It was a marriage made in hell because the Prince was compromised with Nellie Clifden at the Curragh in Ireland.

The couple's firstborn son was born on January 8, 1864. He was named Albert Victor Christian Edward.


Princess Alexandra of Denmark

Queen Victoria insisted that the boy be named Albert Victor after his grandparents Albert and Victoria. Victoria was still shedding "crocodile tears" for her "beloved" Albert.

Bertie, Alexandra, and baby
Albert Victor
in 1864.

On January 8, 1964, the couple's firstborn son was born.

The baby was named Albert Victor Christian Edward.

Their second son named George Frederick Ernest Albert was born on June 3, 1865.

After providing an heir and a spare, Alexandra's work was done, but the "loving" couple had 3 more children.


Prince George aged 4.

The Prince of Wales was not shy about making his anti-Prussian views known to Queen Victoria so she excluded him from any role in the government.

The Prince of Wales miraculously recovered from "typhoid fever" in November 1872

The lighting Prussian conquest of France in 1870 caused a geopolitical earthquake in Europe. Bismarck's newborn Second Reich was a nightmare as far as France was concerned.

Dr. William Gull (1816–1890) saved
Bertie from certain death.

Before 1870, Bertie vehemently condemned the Prussian annexation of the Danish duchies of Schleswig, Holstein, and Lauenburg,

He couldn't understand why his wife didn't support him. In reality, she was a Prussian agent like her sister Dagmar.

After 1870, his condemnation of Prussian aggression grew louder

In Nov. 1872, the ogress ordered Dr. William Jenner to send him to "Purgatory.


A deeply disappointed Victoria on
her way to St. Paul's Cathedral.

To the great dismay of Victoria, Dr. William Gull saved his life! On February 27, 1872, a deeply disappointed Queen Victoria attended a Thanksgiving Service for his recovery! The common people loved the Prince because 13,000 squeezed into St. Paul's Cathedral for the Thanksgiving Service.

Queen Victoria decided that the 2 princes should complete their "education" by going to sea. The Prince of Wales was opposed, but she gave the orders, and controlled the purse!

Canon John Neale Dalton

In 1879, chaperoned by "Rev" John Neale Dalton, Eddy and George went to sea on HMS Bacchante.

Prince Eddy was 15 and Prince George was 14.

While some of the sailors distracted Dalton, Eddy was introduced to a prostitute in Australia.

That was when he contacted syphilis.

An officer instructing Princes Eddy and
George in the nautical art of splicing.

Altogether, the 2 princes spent 3 years at sea under the supervision of "Reverend" Dalton. It was highly unusual to have the 2 princes serving on the same ship because both princes could have perished if the ship sank. Additionally, sailors were always propositioned by prostitutes when they arrived in foreign ports.

Prince Eddy at Trinity College
Cambridge in 1883.

To prepare the prince for Trinity College, the prince was assigned a new "tutor" named James Kenneth Stephen.

Stephen was a veritable Mephistopheles and an expert in mind control, brainwashing, and hypnosis!

As well as writing poetry he coined the name "Jack the Ripper."


James Kenneth Stephen
(1859– Feb. 3, 1892).

After the murders, Prince Jack always returned to the home of his controller or "tutor" in Kensington.

Prince Jack ripped and sliced up women in the Whitechapel area of London

All the grisly murders took place in the Whitechapel area of East London, north of the River Thames. Before the river was cleaned up, winds blew the terrible stench to the South, so the posh section was located in the North....In 2017, the New Jerusalem embassy was banished to the boondocks!

First Ripper victim Mary Ann Nichols
August 31, 1888).

The first Jack the Ripper murder occurred on August 31, 1888, and involved the grisly mutilation of a prostitute named Mary Ann Nichols.

4 more grisly mutilated victims followed in quick succession.

The last murder of that year occurred in November, and involved the ghastly mutilation of a prostitute from Ireland.

The 5 victims in 1888 were: Mary Ann Nichols, Annie Chapman, Elizabeth Stride, Catherine Eddowes, and Mary Jane Kelly.


The mutilated corpse of Mary Jane Kelly
(1863Nov. 9, 1888).

During the murders, Prince Jack was sent to Dr. William Gull for "treatment." The doctor hypnotized him and he confessed everything. The doctor relayed all the facts to Prime Minister Salisbury and Police Commissioner General Charles Warren.

Lord Salisbury (18301903).
Prime Minister from 1895 to 1902.

The sinister Lord Salisbury was prime minister during the murders.

General Charles Warren was appointed police commissioner in 1886.

Dr. William Gull told the police commissioner that Prince Jack made a full confession under hypnosis!

The general was "delighted" with the fact that the second in line to the throne was compromised!


Police Commissioner General
Charles Warren (18401927).

Salisbury was a real gung-ho British imperialist and he served as prime minister during the Boer War. General Warren also fought in that "Gold War."

For a whole year Dr. William Gull kept Prince Jack under observation, and no murders occurred during that time. Unfortunately, the doctor had an untimely death in January 1890.

Prince Jack
in India,
January 1891.

Queen Victoria was given the title "Empress of India" in 1876. Victoria had great faith in the healing power of fakirs, swamis, or yogis.

In October 1889, Victoria sent Jack on a 7-month tour of India "praying" that he would return healed from his homicidal urges.

While in India he was supervised very closely and several fakirs prayed over him.


Prince Jack
buffaloed in India.

After returning from his trip to India, Prince Jack was engaged to a princess of the defunct French monarchy named Héléne of Orléans.

Princess Héléne of Orléans.

On August 18, 1890, Prince Jack was engaged to Princess Héléne of Orléans.

The marriage was vehemently opposed by Pope Leo XIII, who feared a French alliance with Britain.

Pope Leo was "praying" that an alliance between the Union Jack and the newly created German Reich would restore the lost Papal States.

Instead, Prince Jack became engaged to May of Teck—grandmother of the reigning Queen Elizabeth II.


Prince Jack and May of Teck were engaged on Dec. 3, 1891.

The leopard cannot change his spots and the Frankenstein monster that the Union Jack created could not be controlled....Neither could the genie be returned to the bottle!

Last Ripper victim Frances Coles
(1866– Feb
. 13, 1891).

The country was shocked by the brutal murder of Frances Coles on February 13, 1891.

Queen Victoria was not amused by the latest murder and she demanded that Prince Jack be sent to "Purgatory."

That was duly carried out by Dr. William Jenner on January 14, 1892.

It was the end of the notorious career of Prince Jack the Ripper.


The last moments of Prince Jack,
Jan. 14, 1892.

Exactly 20 days later, on February 3, James Kenneth Stephen was also sent to "Purgatory," and that ended the reign of terror of that Jack the Ripper!

Tomb of Prince Jack in Windsor Castle.

Prince Jack is buried in the Albert Memorial Chapel, close to St. George's Chapel in Windsor Castle.

Only the Resurrection Day will reveal if he was brainwashed while he was murdering the prostitutes.

It was not his fault that he inherited his homicidal genes from Queen Victoria.


The Jack the Ripper Museum
opened in 2015.

After his death, all the records on Prince Jack were sealed for 100 years. Long before then the pundits predicted that Britannia would rule the waves and the Second Reich would dominate the landmass!

Prince George married May of Teck who was already married to "commoner" May Culme-Seymour

After Jack was sent to "Purgatory," his brother George was next in line to the throne after his father Bertie. Victoria hated the ground that Francophile Bertie walked on, so she continued to misrule for as long as humanely possible in order to prevent his accession to the throne!

Prince George in naval
uniform in 1890.

The marriage of Prince George and May of Teck was another marriage made in hell.

George was already married to May Culme-Seymour—daughter of Admiral Culme-Seymour.

By 1890 the couple had 3 children!

"May" changed her name to "Mary" because she did not want to be confused with his other spouse named May Culme-Seymour.


The unhappy couple were
married on July 6, 1893.

When the "Defender of the Faith" became king in 1910, a fearless journalist named Edward Mylius—a contemporary of William T. Stead—exposed his bigamous marriage . . . and his "reward" was a year in jail:

After sentence had been passed on Mylius, the Attorney-General read a statement signed by the King. He declared that he had never been married except to the Queen nor gone through any ceremony of marriage except with her, and that he would have given such evidence in person had not the Law Officers advised him that it was unconstitutional for the sovereign to appear in person in the witness box. (Rose, King George V, p. 84).

A "constitutional" sovereign is an oxymoron . . . like a "Christian" atheist!....The bigamous marriage and the offspring was a sword of Damocles over the head of the king for the rest of his life.

The "loving" couple had 6 children together: Edward, George, Mary, Henry, George, and John.

The affable Francophile Bertie succeeded Queen Victoria in 1901, but he had an untimely demise in 1910. He was succeeded by King George, who was confident that "Kaiser Bill" would quickly conquer France and Russia....George was briefly succeeded by King Edward VIII, who abdicated the throne to marry the transgender he loved.

During the year of the 3 kings, George succeeded Edward VIII, and he reigned during WWII. He was also the father of twins Elizabeth and Lilibet.

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