In 1936, king/emperor Edward VIII abdicated his throne to marry "American" transgender Wallis Simpson. King Edward VII "Edward the Caresser' was the father of Winston Churchill, and devout Christian King Edward VI was poisoned and sent to meet his Maker at the young age of 16.

King Edward VIII (18941972).
King from Jan. 20 to Dec 11, 1936.

King Edward VIII "David" was 42 and Wallis Simpson was 40.

Even though the king was head of the Church of England, the Archbishop of Canterbury demanded that his future bridegroom/bride submit to a medical examination.

Transgenders are sterile like mules, so Wallis could never present the king with an heir and a spare!

When the Duchess was later asked why he/she didn't have children, his/her reply was "the Duke is not heir conditioned."


Tranny Wallis Simpson

Even though the king was head of the Church of England, the Archbishop of Canterbury demanded that he/she submit to a medical examination.

The world had advanced too far since 1688 for the warming pan option to be a viable solution to the transgender's sterility!

In 1917, the British House of Hanover, or Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, was changed to the House of Windsor. By that time the war was going badly for "Kaiser Bill," and Winston Churchill wanted the U.S. to declare war on Germany.

Many people in the New Jerusalem knew that "Kaiser Bill" was the favorite grandson of Queen Victoria, so Churchill ordered the name changed to the more English sounding Windsor!

The Duke of Windsor warmly greeting
cousin Adolf Hitler.

As Prince of Wales, Edward did not wear a mask, but was very, very outspoken about his support for Nazi Germany.

Churchill was appalled because he knew that the U.S. would never become his ally if he openly embraced dictator Adolf Hitler.

The Duke of Windsor and
Adolf HItler in 1937.

It was Lord Halifax and Churchill who arraigned the abdication and his marriage to "American" Wallis Simpson. Americans were also guilt induced because they felt responsible for the abdication of the king!

Churchill had King Edward replaced with King George VI, who was not outspoken at all because he had a very serious speech impediment. That king spent his evenings doing needlework, while Churchill spent his evenings figuring out how he could fool the New Jerusalem!

Wallis was a sex gender X or transgender baby!!

Teacle Warfield and Alice Montague were the parents of Wallis Simpson. They were not married at that time, so, as a cover, Alice was confined to a health spa in Pennsylvania during her pregnancy:

On June 19, 1895, Alice was seized by the first contractions. Dr. Lewis Miles Allen, a postgraduate student of Dr. Neale, arrived by train from Baltimore to ensure a safe delivery and no scandal. On seeing the baby, Dr. Allen said, "It's all right. Let her cry. It'll do her good." He did not say, and he spent much of his life saying he did not say, "She's fit for a king."
Not only was the birth the only Warfield or Montague advent that was never featured anywhere in print, but the baby, named Bessie Wallis after Warfield, was the first Warfield not to be baptized. The family's Episcopalian advisers reached the decision not to permit baptism; birth out of wedlock was sufficient reason, Baltimorean church authorities confirm, for this grave verdict. (Higham, The Duchess of Windsor: The Secret Life, p. 9).

Dr. Neale was in charge of the health spa, and his assistant, Dr. Lewis Miles Allen, was present at the top secret birth.

Wallis Simpson's birthplace. Blue Ridge Summit, Pennsylvania.
Wallis Simpson's birthplace: Blue
Ridge Summit, Pennsylvania.

No birth certificate was issued, because the doctor was unsure of the sex of the baby.

He/she was first called Bessie Wallis after a notorious Maryland Confederate named Severn Teackle Wallis.

Bessie was soon dropped as Wallis developed into a male.


Wallis Simpson with monocle at Oldfields School circa 1914.
Wallis Simpson with monocle
at Oldfields School circa 1914.

The name WALLIS came from Severn Teackle Wallis—a rabid Maryland Confederate—who was thrown in jail for secession during the Civil War. Teacle and Alice were married 17 months after the baby's birth, but Teacle died suddenly on November 15, 1897. He was only 26-years-old.

Wallis first met the Prince of Wales in 1920
In 1916, Wallis married a U.S. Naval aviator named Earl Winfield Spenser, Jr., who was stationed at Pensacola, Florida. The reaction of Spenser when he discovered that Wallis was a male was to hit the bottle.

At that time, the U.S. Navy was filled with homosexuals, as can be seen by the Newport sex scandal that FDR was appointed to "investigate. Coincidently, Spenser was transferred to San Diego, and his "wife" came along.

The Prince of Wales arriving in
The Prince of Wales arriving in
San Diego on April 7, 1920.

The Prince was on a tour of Australia so he stopped in San Diego, California, on the way.

The mayor of San Diego, L.J. Wilde, addressed him as "Your Royal Highness," even though the Bible prohibits giving flattering titles to men.

The Prince even reprimanded him for calling him "Your Royal Highness."

The Prince of Wales making a speech in San Diego, April 7, 1920.
The Prince of Wales making a speech
in San Diego, April 7, 1920.

All the dignitaries of the "Bear Flag Republic" were on hand to welcome "His Royal Highness:"

On April 7, 1920, a big event took place. The Prince of Wales was in San Diego with his cousin Louis Mountbatten on his way to Australia aboard the battle cruiser Renown. He arrived early in the morning and received the San Diego mayor, L. J. Wilde, and the governor of California, William E. Stephens, along with the press, on the boat deck. Addressed by Wilde as "Your Royal Highness," he told him to "cut out that stuff," in an odd, half-American,half-Cockney accent he had developed because he hated the plummy diction of the British upper classes.(Higham, The Duchess of Windsor: The Secret Life, p. 36).

Here is what the Holy Bible says about giving flattering TITLES to men . . . or women:

Let me not, I pray you, accept any man's person, neither let me give flattering titles unto man. For I know not to give flattering titles; in so doing my Maker would soon take me away (Job 32:21-22).

Even the mighty Roman Emperors did not use flattering titles but simply called themselves PRINCEPS (First Citizen).

Wallis Simpson with Charlie Chaplin
Wallis Simpson with Charlie Chaplin
at the Hotel del Coronado.

Even on the flat earth it's an awful long way to Australia via San Diego.

The real reason was to meet his future "sweetheart" Wallis Simpson.

The couple met for the first time at the Hotel del Coronado.

Wallis first met the Prince of Wales at the Hotel del Coronado.
Wallis first met the Prince of Wales
at the Hotel del Coronado.

Charlie Chaplin was a well-known British Secret Service agent, who portrayed Hitler in the "Great" Dictator as a comic book clown, with his Hitler look-alike mustache.

The Prince of Wales became king in January 1936

The Prince of Wales became king when his father, King George V, died suddenly in 1936.

King George V (1865–1936).
Misruled from 1910 to 1936.

King George V misruled from 1910 to 1936.

He was king during the sinking of the Olympic, World War I, and the Russian Revolution.

A virtual puppet of his bastard brother Winston, King George V was sent to "Purgatory" in 1936.

1936 was the year of the3 kings!


Funeral cortege of
Funeral cortege of
King George V.

King George was buried in Windsor Castle, on January 28, 1936, and the Prince of Wales was next in line to the throne.

King Edward VIII.
King Edward in the uniform
of a Seaforth Highlander.

After the death of King George V, Edward VIII became king.

He was king for only 11 months when he dropped a bombshell on his subjects.

The king said that he was determined to marry his "sweetheart," a divorced "American" named Wallis Simpson.

King Edward VIII in his coronation robe.
King Edward VIII in his

coronation robe.

Everybody in Britain was horrified at the idea of a "divorcee" becoming queen, especially an American "divorcee." They all remembered the story of King Henry VIII and his divorce . . . which led to the divorce from Roma.

Stanley Baldwin was prime minister at at that time....The prime minister and the government were willing to do anything to accommodate the new king, but they insisted that Wallis Simpson MUST have a medical examination to determine her fitness to produce an heir to the throne.

The Archbishop of Canterbury—Cosmo Gordon Lang—was still mad at King Henry VIII for divorcing Catherine of Aragon and marrying Anne Boleyn.

Cosmo Gordon Lang
Cosmo Gordon Lang

The Archbishop of Canterbury insisted that Stanley Baldwin demand a medical examination to make sure that Wallis Simpson could produce an heir and a spare to the throne.

The king knew that he/she would NEVER pass as a genuine female, so he declined the examination.

Warming pan babies was not a viable option, so that led to his abdication!

Prime Minister Stanley Baldwin
(1867– 1947).

The Archbishop of Canterbury knew that the king was a homosexual, but that didn't bother him as much as a "divorcee" becoming queen. In the United States, a lot of people felt guilty . . . and sorry for the king . . . who was losing his throne for an "American" divorcee.

King Edward VIII abdicated his throne to marry the transgender he loved!!

At precisely 10 p.m. on December 10, 1936, King Edward made his famous abdication speech. The 42-year-old king was the most eligible bachelor in the world, and could have chosen any woman to be his queen.

King Edward making his famous
King Edward making his famous
abdication speech.

The king told the British people via radio that he could not continue to be king without the "woman" he loved.

In reality, the 40-year-old Simpson could not pass the sex check examination to determine if she/he could produce an heir to the throne.

Naturally, "American" Wallis Simpson was blamed for the abdication!


Banner headline for
December 10, 1936.

Immediately after the abdication, the king settled his affairs in England and departed for Austria on the destroyer HMS Fury.

The wedding of the 2 queens
The wedding of the Duke and Duchess
took place on June 3, 1937.

The wedding of the Duke and Duchess took place at the Château de Candé in France, on June 3, 1937.

It was the most sensational transgender wedding of the 20th century.

From then on the couple would be known as the Duke and Duchess of Windsor.

The Duke and Duke posing for wedding photographs at the Château de Candé
The Duke and Duchess posing for wedding
photographs at the Château de Candé.

After the wedding, the couple lived in their chateau near Paris. The Duke was accepted with open arms by the sentimental French as a man who gave up everything for the "woman" he loved. In reality, he was a spy for Churchill who sent his reports to Adolf Hitler.

The Duke "inspecting" French
The Duke "inspecting" French
lines in 1939.

The French accepted the Duke as a man who gave up his throne for a "woman."

In reality, he spied for Churchill, and he passed on the French order of battle, and the location of fortifications to the Nazis.

Hitler getting a BIG handshake from Mr. Wallis Simpson and the Duke of Windsor. Hitler getting a big handshake from
the Duke and Duchess in 1937.

The Duke and Duchess remained in France until June 19, 1940, and then they traveled overland to Spain to stay one step ahead of the German invasion:

0n June 19, Wallis's birthday, the duke and duchess, driven by Ladbroke, began the long and difficult journey to Spain. Accompanying them in a fleet of cars were the equerry Captain George Wood and his wife, Gray Phillips, Major Hugh Dodds, and Martin Dean, vice consul at Menton. As they passed through Cannes, where they briefly visited Katherine and Herman Rogers, Italian bombers were attacking the seafront; they had an uncomfortable night in Arles, and were not pleased to be removed from the hotel in Perpignan by the sudden arrival of the chief of French intelligence, who had no time for them, probably because of their Nazi connections, and unceremoniously commandeered their suite. Unable to find any other accommodation, they proceeded irritably through the night and almost got stopped twice. The British Embassy in Paris had failed to obtain authorization from London or Madrid to secure the necessary safe-conduct passes, and the party was barely allowed to scrape through. At midnight on the twentieth, the group arrived at Barcelona. (Higham, The Duchess of Windsor: The Secret Life, p. 278).

Churchill had a much, much more important assignment for them than to spend the war sunbathing in the Costa del Sol.

The Windsors and the murder of Sir Harry Oakes!!

On July 4, 1940, Churchill offered the Duke the position of governor of the Bahamas. The Bahamas were considered a backwater, like a Russian being sent to Siberia. There was a very good reason for this new assignment, as one of the richest men in the British Empire lived in the Bahamas.

The Windsors on their arrival
The Windsors on their arrival
in Nassau in 1940.

The Windsors arrived in the Bahamas in August 1940.

It so happened that one of the richest men in the British Empire lived in the Bahamas.

His name was Sir Harry Oakes and his vast fortune was in GOLD!!

Government House is the official residence
Government House is the official residence
of the governor of the Bahamas. The rakish, piratical
figure is Christopher Columbus.

Sir Harry Oakes was an American-born British Canadian gold mine owner, entrepreneur, investor, and philanthropist. He earned his fortune in Canada, and in the 1930s moved to the Bahamas for tax purposes.

Sir Harry Oakes

On July 8, 1943, Oakes was found murdered in his mansion, Westbourne, in Nassau.

He had been battered to death, his corpse partially burned and strewn with feathers.

The Duke of Windsor immediately ordered a news blackout.

Sir Harry Oakes and the Duke of Windsor shortly before Sir Harry's murder.
Sir Harry Oakes and the Duke of Windsor
shortly before Sir Harry's murder.

On the following morning, when the corpse was discovered, the Duke tried to squelch the story by using his war powers:

At nearly nine o'clock the Duke of Windsor decided to use his war powers to impose press censorship on the story of Sir Harry's death. He instructed Major Gray Phillips, his aide, to inform the newspapers and the local radio station that a blackout was in effect. His dramatic action was spoiled only by the fact that it came too late. Etienne Dupuch had wired his story, though meager in its details, to the news services, and at that instant the word was buzzing around the globe. (De Marigny, A Conspiracy of Crowns, p. 19).

The murder was so sensational that it pushed news of World War II from the front pages of the world's press.

Alfred de Marigny
Alfred de Marigny

The only suspect who was brought to trial was Alfred de Marigny—son-in-law of Sir Harry Oakes.

De Marigny was accused of the murder because he wanted to get his hands on the Oakes fortune!!

The defense ripped the prosecution's case to shreds, and de Marigny was set free on condition that he leave the Bahamas for good.


Nancy Oakes (1925 - 2005)
Nancy Oakes (19252005)
the spouse of de Marigny.

The Duke was determined to frame de Marigny for the crime, but his lawyers ripped the prosecution's case to shreds. The Duke had just borrowed 2 million dollars from Sir Harry before he died. All of the people involved in the case died suddenly from "car accidents." Sir Harry's gold probably ended up in the Bank of Montreal, to be added to the hoard from Operation Fish. The murder plot reads like the Biblical story of Jezebel who killed Naboth in order to steal his vineyard.

The Windsors and Woolworth heir Jimmy Donahue!

The Windsors arrived in New York City late in 1947 and set up court in the Waldorf Towers. With unlimited funding, their mission was to start the homosexual, or Adam and STEVE revolution in the New Jerusalem.

One of his subjects was named James Paul "Jimmy" Donahue, and he was an heir to the vast Woolworth fortune.

Jimmy Donahue ( 1915 - 1966) about
Jimmy Donahue (19151966) about
to be drafted into the U.S. Army.

Jimmy Donahue was an heir to the fabulous Woolworth fortune.

He resisted the draft for 3 years, but in 1944 he was finally inducted.

The Army regretted that decision because he was more of a threat to his fellow soldiers than the Nazis and Japanese combined!

Lovers in the spotlight...Jimmy and the
Lovers in the spotlight...Jimmy and the
Duchess meet the press in 1952.

It would have made sense for Jimmy to join the Army earlier since he was so desperate for men, but he also considered his vast fortune, and the chances of getting killed. The Army discharged Jimmy in 1945.

Jimmy and the Duke were
Jimmy and the Duke were

Jimmy and the Windsors became a ménage à trois.

Jimmy was so depraved that he did things that would make Emperor Nero blush with shame!

He was constantly on a manhunt and he castrated a waiter and a sailor who resisted his advances!

His vast fortune kept him out of jail.


Jimmy taking the Duchess
home to 834 Fifth Ave.

Jimmy's vast Woolworth fortune kept him out of jail and he seriously considered marrying Wallis. Eventually, this love triangle led to jealousy, and caused a rift with the Duke.

The Windsors and Jimmy were very close friends with Cardinal Spellman of New York. When the Duke took his coronation oath, he swore to defend the Latin Church, and he still took his responsibility seriously.

Cardinal Francis Spellman (1889–1967).
Cardinal from 1939 to 1967.

Cardinal "Fanny" Spellman felt supremely confident that he would succeed Pope Pius XII.

He was even planning on using the name Pius XIII.

Thanks to Jimmy Donahue, the cardinal had at his disposal the vast Woolworth fortune to buy the conclave, and he fully expected to be the first American Pope.


Jimmy carrying the cross behind Cardinal Spellman in a parade.
Jimmy carrying a cross behind
Cardinal Spellman in a procession.

With Spellman as Pontiff, the Antichrist would have planted his tabernacle from sea to shining sea a long time ago!

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