After the glorious victory of General Jackson at New Orleans, plans for a "Holy Roman" Empire States of America were gone with the wind! That resulted in a seismic geopolitical change in Western Europe.

At the Congress of Vienna, arch-reactionary Prince Metternich laid the foundation for the Second Reich over the tomb of the First Reich.

Tsar Alexander I tried to bring permanent peace to Europe by the creation of a Holy Alliance but the conqueror of Napollyon was sent to Orthodox heaven in 1825.

King Leopold I (17901865).
Misruled from 1831 to 1865.

Leopold of Saxe-Coburg-Saalfeld was the first king of the newly created ultra-Catholic kingdom of Belgium.

Leopold became a British subject in March 1816, and in May he married Princess Charlotte of Wales.

Charlotte was the only daughter of the Prince of Wales and Caroline of Brunswick (17681821).

The Prince of Wales hated Caroline because he was secretly married to Catholic Maria Fitzherbert.


Princess Charlotte

The Prince of Wales had several children with Maria. One of them, Sir John Conroy, was the real father of Queen Victoria. After a year and a half of marriage, Princess Charlotte died in childbirth after delivering a stillborn son.

The enthronement of Leopold I
on July 21, 1830.

On July 21, 1830, King Leopold I was enthroned in the newly created kingdom of British Belgium.

He promised to be a "constitutional" monarch.

Finding a "constitutional" monarch in this world is like finding an atheist in heaven!

In 1832, the king married Louise-Marie of Orléans, and the couple had 6 children.


Queen Louise-Marie

The blessed Reformation started in England when King Henry VIII read Leviticus 16:18 and realized that he had committed incest when he married his dead brother's wife.

The founders of the British Belgian kingdom completed ignored the prohibitions against such consanguineous marriages, and they trampled the Word of the Alpha and Omega under their feet.

Prince Consort Albert

Francis, Duke of Saxe-Coburg-Saalfeld, was the grandfather of Queen Victoria, and the father of King Leopold I.

Ernest I, Duke of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha, was the father of Prince Albert.

He was also the brother of Princess Victoria of Saxe-Coburg-Saalfeld (mother of Queen Victoria).

Victoria and Albert were kissin' cousins, and such abominable consanguinity is clearly prohibited in Leviticus 18:6.


Victoria and Albert on their
incestuous wedding day.

The Prince Consort was just a stud to father children for the consanguineous dynasty....When his job was done, and he tried to play the role of a real husband, the ogress had him poisoned!

Princess Charlotte—better known by her Spanish name Carlota—was the only daughter of Leopold I and Louise-Marie.

Before becoming Emperor of Mexico, Maximilian was an archduke of Austria, and a scion of the House of Habsburg. His brother was the dictatorial Franz Joseph, Emperor of Austria.

Empress Carlota of Mexico

In July 1857, Charlotte married Maximilian of Austria.

Maximilian was the younger brother of WWI Emperor Franz Joseph.

In 1864, Maximilian and Carlota were installed as emperor and empress of Mexico, with a grandiose plan of becoming rulers of the entire New World if the South won the Civil War!

Maximilian was shot by a firing squad, Carlota went insane; and she spent the rest of her long life hidden away in a CONVENT!


Emperor Maximilian of Mexico

Emperor Maximilian was not air conditioned as he was sterile from syphilis. Carlota believed that she was infertile, so when she became pregnant by a Belgian captain she discovered the truth. She persuaded her husband to allow her to return to Europe to recruit more French soldiers for their Mexican misadventure. She returned to Europe alone, and her husband never saw her again....In 1939, the tragic saga of Maximilian and Carlota was made into a Hollywood movie entitled Juarez, starring Paul Muni and Bette Davis.

Leopold Jr. was crowned in December 1865. The former Empress Carlota did not attend the coronation because she was locked away in the convent.

The marriage of Leopold and Marie Henriette created an historical link between the British Belgian kingdom and the ultra-Catholic Habsburg monarchy.

King Leopold II (18351909).
Misruled from 1865 to 1909.

Leopold Jr. was heir to the British Belgian throne.

In 1853, he married Marie Henriette, scion of the ultra-Catholic Habsburg dynasty.

Leopold succeeded his father as king in 1865.

At his enthronement he also promised to be a "constitutional" monarch.


Queen Marie Henriette

King Leopold II ruled over the nightmarish British Belgian Congo state, and tight British censorship of the press prevented the world from knowing what was really happening there.

Instead of scalps . . . the British Belgian Congo Force Publique collected hands!!

Incredibly, the United States was the first country to grant diplomatic recognition to the British Belgian Congo "free state."

George Washington Williams

George Washington Williams was a Baptist missionary to the Congo who was shocked by the brutality of the British Belgian Congo regime.

In 1890, he wrote an "Open Letter" to the king, accusing him of being implicit in crimes against humanity.

Williams met an untimely death in London the following year!

Missionary William Sheppard provided photographic evidence for many of the atrocities in the Congo.


William Sheppard

Vast quantities of ivory and rubber came from the Congo through the port of Antwerp. The ships returned with soldiers, meat cleavers, Maxim machine guns, and rifles for the Force Publique.

Missionary Williams and others provided hundreds of photos of the brutal soldiers of the Force Publique cutting off the hands of the Congolese!

2 Congolese youths with
missing hands!

Rubber was harvested from vines grown in the Congo.

Harvesting the rubber was backbreaking work, and Congolese who didn't meet their quotas were whipped.

Those who still refused to work had their hands severed with a meat cleaver!


Congolese men holding hands
severed with a meat cleaver!

"In the most unkindest cut of all" Leopold's brutal slave colony was called the Congo "Free" State!

The fiendish King Leopold II finally went to "Purgatory" in 1909, and he was succeeded by King Albert I. Albert was a cousin of "Kaiser Bill," and like Pope Benedict XV, he was "praying" for a Prussian victory!

The British Belgian Congo supplied Nazi Germany with uranium!!

Until the end of WWII, the British Belgian Congo was the only known source of uranium. When the mine was reopened for the Manhattan Project atomic bomb it was missing thousands of tons of ore.

Panoramic view of the Shinkolobwe
uranium mine.

Beginning in 1934, uranium from Katanga was shipped via rail to the Congo port of Matadi, and then loaded on ships bound for Antwerp.

From Antwerp, the uranium was shipped via rail to Nazi Germany.

Union Minière du Haut Katanga was in charge of the operation.


Interior view of the Shinkolobwe
uranium mine.

Congolese slaves did most of the backbreaking and dangerous work of loading the uranium on trains and ships.

The Congo uranium was the purest in the world . . . but also the deadliest due to radiation. A huge amount of leftovers or tailings remained after the Nazis had taken thousands of tons of ore. No special consideration was given to the thousands of African slaves who loaded the uranium on the trains and ships.

Rexist Léon Degrelle

Léon Degrelle was the founder of the ultra-Catholic Rexist Party, and the leader of the "Church Militant" in Belgium.

Incredibly, Léon Degrelle was the half-brother of Führer Adolf Hitler.

His real father was Nazi ideologue Houston Stewart Chamberlain.

Degrelle was a member of the Waffen SS and a vicious, bloodthirsty fighter against Russians on the Eastern Front.


Hitler greeting his half-brother at the
"Wolf's Lair" in East Prussia.

When the wicked die they cease troubling the world, but the demons that inhabit them just look for new hosts. That is why the Neo-Nazis in Ukraine are just like their predecessors!

What makes such terrorists doubly dangerous is the fact that they believe that committing such crimes will shorten their time in "Purgatory!"

NATO is the successor of the British Belgian Congo terrorist state!!

The North Atlantic Terrorist Organization was founded in London in 1949, and General Lionel Ismay began serving as Secretary-General in 1952.

General Lionel Ismay (18871965).
NATO head from 1952 to 1957.

Gung-ho British imperialist General Lionel Ismay was the first Secretary-General of NATO.

Ismay (no relation to Titanic Bruce Ismay) was military adviser to "Church Militant" Winston Churchill.

From the very beginning, NATO has been on the nuclear WARPATH against Russia!

NATO HQ in Brussels.

History does repeat itself in marvelous ways. The British Belgian state was founded during the reign of Queen Victoria. The reign of twins Elizabeth and Lilibet began in 1953, and they represented a "kinder, gentler" British Empire . . . until the Suez Canal Crisis in October 1956.

NATO symbol.

Many peace-loving people have noticed the similarity between the NATO cross and the swastika.

A more appropriate symbol for NATO would be a MEAT CLEAVER or a SEVERED HAND!


The Arch of the Severed Hands in Brussels.

While the British monarchs presented a peaceful facade, British Belgium almost triggered Armageddon 4 times: during the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis, the assassination of President Kennedy, the 1967 666-Day War, and the Second Pearl Harbor in March 1968.

It's time for a true BREXIT, when Britannia withdraws from Europe completely, and returns the breakaway kingdom of Belgium to heroic Holland.

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