Joseph Patrick "Joe" Kennedy was named after his grandfather Patrick who arrived in Boston from Ireland in 1849. Patrick Kennedy was one of a million Irish emigrants fleeing the Great Irish Famine.

That Famine was created by the Jesuits so that millions of Irish would flee to Massachusetts and replace the Chosen People who were working in the cotton mills.

No image of Eugene Macnamara exists.
No image of Eugene Macnamara exists.

In 1846, Mexico donated 13 million acres of the best land in California to Father Eugene Macnamara for a Papal Irish colony.

Coincidently, Hibernia was suffering from a potato famine and millions were encouraged to emigrate.

The rest of California was to be colonized by Mormons from Britannia.

Map of the Macnamara Concession.
Map of the Macnamara California Concession.

As far back as 1846 Antichrist began to plant his tabernacles from sea to shining sea (Daniel 11:45).

In the very place where the Pilgrims began to build the new Zion in the wilderness, the Kennedys opened a saloon selling liquor (Lucifer's urine) to their descendants!

The Kennedy home in Brookline, Boston.
The Kennedy home in Brookline, Boston.

In 1902, Joe Kennedy attended Boston Latin School, which included such famous alumni as Cotton Mather, Benjamin Franklin, John Hancock, and John Quincy Adams.

In 1908, he attended Harvard University. When Harvard was first founded, the study of Hebrew was mandatory for every student.

Back then the Christians knew that they were the born again Israel predicted by the Hebrew prophets!

Joseph P. Kennedy
Joseph P. Kennedy
1969), circa 1913.

By the time Kennedy enrolled, Harvard University was backslidden; had lost its Christian identity, and the study of the Holy Scriptures was no longer mandatory!

In January 1914, Joe was elected president of Columbia Trust. At age 25, he was the youngest bank president in the country.

By 1929, Joe was one of the richest men in the United States. His fortune came from bootlegging and the Bank of England. Amazingly, he was not affected by the Wall Street Crash of 1929, but managed to survive with his millions intact. As a matter of fact, he emerged richer, while most of his contemporaries were bankrupted.

Joe used his millions to finance FDR's presidential campaign in 1932, and his own son's presidential campaign in 1960.

William Henry O'Connell (18591944).
Cardinal from 1911 to 1944.

In the very place where the Pilgrims landed and established the New World Israel, Jesuit Cardinal O'Connell ruled with an iron fist.

He sent millions of dollars of "JuPeter's Pence" to the "Sawdust Caesar" in Italy in order to restore the lost Papal States!!

Sulpician Bishop Walsh of Portland, Maine, was the kinder, gentler face of the Catholic hierarchy, but he was sent to "Purgatory" prematurely for exposing the corrupt cardinal.

That purple prelate married Joseph and Rose Kennedy, and he was the driving force behind installing a Kennedy in the White House!!


Louis Sebastian Walsh (18581924).
Bishop from 1906 to 1924.

To increase the zeal of his Catholics against the "Puritans," O'Connell had his priests place "No Irish Need Apply" posters on factories and shops throughout the archdiocese!

During his long misrule the financial and sexual scandals in Boston were legion, and are well documented by several Catholic biographies of the cardinal.

Joseph P. Kennedy and his family traveled to England in 1933 to meet the Churchill double. The real Churchill was the son of "Edward the Caresser" and Jennie Jerome from New York City....Kennedy was as determined to become President of the United States as the WC double was to become Prime Minister.

Chartwell Manor was the
Chartwell Manor was the home of the
Churchill doubles!!

Joe Kennedy first met a WC double at Chartwell Manor in Kent in 1933.

Joe and "Winston" were in the liquor importing business together and Joe was a big supporter of FDR's Presidential campaign.

Winston Churchill at his desk
A "bulldog" double at his desk
in Chartwell Manor.

The real conversation between Churchill and Kennedy at that time was not recorded:

Prime Minister Ramsay MacDonald received the Kennedys and the Roosevelts for dinner at 10 Downing Street. As was customary in those days, the conversation consisted of generalities and did not include any discussion of politics, on which the Kennedys and the MacDonalds would not have been in agreement in any case. The party was received by Chancellor of the Exchequer Neville Chamberlain and at Winston Churchill's estate in Kent. It is certain that Churchill gave them, as he did all prominent visitors, a signed copy of his newly published life of his illustrious forebear, the first Duke of Marlborough. In London, they were often seen at the Cafe de Paris, dancing until the small hours with Lord and Lady Ashburton and Lady Castlerosse. (Higham, Rose, pp. 148-149).

Kennedy was obsessed with the idea of becoming President of the United States so the conversation must have centered around the 1936 and 1940 U.S. Presidential elections.

We know from subsequent events that the Churchill double promised Kennedy that he would be the Democratic Presidential candidate in the 1940 election.

A WC double promised Kennedy the White House in 1940

As payment for his support of Churchill's puppet FDR, Kennedy was promised the White House in 1940. Kennedy's only ambition was to be President, while Churchill's burning ambition was to be Prime Minister.

Immediately upon becoming President, Roosevelt confiscated all the gold belonging to U.S. citizens. Most of that gold came from California.

Winston Churchill at his desk
On April 5, 1933, Roosevelt ordered
all U.S. citizens to turn in their gold.

Executive Order 6103, signed by President Roosevelt, ordered the confiscation of all private gold at $20.67 an ounce.

The next year gold was revalued at $35.00 an ounce. It was called the Great Gold Robbery of 1933.

It was the greatest gold theft since Cortés and Pizarro.

Henry J. Morgenthau (1891–1967).
Henry J. Morgenthau (1891
Treasury Sec. from '34 to '45.

The penalty for non-compliance was a $10,000 fine, and/or 10 years in jail, plus confiscation of gold forfeited to the government. The wheelchair bound Roosevelt was just as much a dictator as Churchill and Hitler. Roosevelt ended up in a wheelchair when his wife Eleanor asked her friend Louis Howe to cure her husband of adultery!!

Edomite Henry J. Morgenthau was the architect of the Great Gold Robbery. He worked closely with Hjamar Schacht (Reichbank), Benjamin Strong (U.S. Federal Reserve), Montagu Norman (Bank of England).

The innocuous HQ of the BIS in Basel, Switzerland, until 1977.
The innocuous looking HQ of the BIS
in Basel, Switzerland, until 1977.

The vast hoard of gold confiscated by Roosevelt was melted down, turned into ingots, and then shipped to the BIS (Bank for International Settlements) in Basel, Switzerland.

That gold financed the Nazi military buildup, including the shipment of uranium from the Belgian Congo uranium mine.

Hitler was proclaimed Führer on
A Hitler doppelgänger laughing all the way to the
BIS, was proclaimed Führer on January 30, 1933.

By the time Hitler had completed his military buildup, and was ready to start his phony war with Britain, President Roosevelt appointed Joe Kennedy ambassador to Britain. Previously, five Presidents held that position so Kennedy was confident that he would be the sixth.

President Roosevelt congratulating
Kennedy on his appointment to the
Court of St. James.

Five Presidents held the position of ambassador to Britain: John Adams, James Monroe, John Quincy Adams, Martin Van Buren and James Buchanan.

Like Kennedy, those men were all extreme Anglophiles, and Kennedy was confident that he would be the sixth!!

Joe Kennedy arriving at Buckingham Palace to present his credentials
Joe Kennedy arriving at Buckingham Palace to present his credentials to King George VI

The Kennedys were given a very warm welcome in Britain until the phony war between Hitler and Churchill began. Churchill knew that the British people would never vote for him for prime minister so he was totally dependent on Hitler for the premiership.

Tyler Kent kept Kennedy out of the White House in 1940

Joe Kennedy fully understood that he was the heir apparent of President Roosevelt in 1940. However, Churchill had a completely different agenda. Churchill desperately needed his puppet Roosevelt to serve for at least another term as WWII was about to begin. Churchill had his own highly secure private line with Roosevelt which bypassed the U.S. embassy and the State Department.

Tyler Kent (1911–1988) was a "code clerk" at the U.S. embassy.
Tyler Kent (1911–
was a "code clerk" at the U.S. embassy.

Unknown to Kennedy, Churchill had a spy in the U.S. embassy named Tyler Kent.

Maxwell Knight, head of MI5, was also known as "M" and he ran Churchill's highly sophisticated "keep Kennedy out of the White House" spying operation.

Churchill sent all kinds of "highly confidential" correspondence to Roosevelt via the U.S. embassy.

Maxwell Knight (1900–1968).
Maxwell Knight

"Code clerk" Kent copied all the correspondence and kept the documents in his apartment in London:

Kent began squirreling away copies of the secret memos and messages (more than fifteen hundred documents in all) and kept them in his London flat. He waited for the right moment to expose this duplicity between the American president and Churchill-led British officials. He envisioned giving the purloined papers to an isolationist congressman or a hungry newspaperman, and once the truth about this chicanery appeared, he, Tyler Kent believed, would be hailed as a national hero. (Maier, When Lions Roar: the Churchills and the Kennedys, pp. 242-243).

The messages were enough to prevent Kennedy from running against Roosevelt in 1940.

Kent had a flat at 47 Gloucester Sq., where he lived with his mistress Anna Wolkoff.
Kent had a flat at 47 Gloucester Sq., where he lived with his "Russian" mistress, Anna Wolkoff.

On May 20, 1940, Kent was arrested by Scotland Yard and all his correspondence was confiscated.

Kennedy waived his diplomatic immunity and Kent was sentenced to 6 years in prison.

He served his sentence on the Isle of Wight and was finally released in December 1945.

Kent immediately after his arrest by Scotland Yard
Tyler Kent immediately after
his arrest by Scotland Yard

Kent was immune from prosecution in Britain because he was a U.S. citizen. Kennedy ignored this breach of diplomatic immunity because he did not want Kent back in the United States . . . and talking to the Mothers Against Intervention!!

As long as Kent was kept away from reporters, Kennedy felt secure, but it all depended on Churchill keeping him in prison and incommunicado.

Kennedy saying farewell to
Kennedy saying farewell to
Churchill in October 1940.

Kennedy said "goodbye" to Churchill in October 1940 and he thanked him for keeping Tyler Kent in jail!!

When he arrived back in the U.S. he was ordered to contact Roosevelt immediately.

Roosevelt reminded him of the Tyler Kent affair and thus his dream of succeeding FDR was at an end.

On October 29, 1940, Kennedy endorsed Roosevelt for a 3rd term.
On October 29, 1940, Kennedy
endorsed Roosevelt for a 3rd term.

Roosevelt reminded him of the Kent affair and Kennedy was forced to reluctantly endorse Roosevelt for an unprecedented third term. Roosevelt did not even bother to offer him the Vice Presidential spot which is just a heartbeat from the Presidency.

The Florida White House.
The Florida White House.


The Kennedys owned a spectacular home in Palm Beach called the Florida White House.

On Dec. 19, 1961, Joe went "golfing" with his shapely chauffeur Ann Gargan.

Joe had a stroke which paralyzed him for the rest of his life.

Joe and Ann Gargan with Frank Saunders.
Joe and Ann Gargan with
Frank Saunders.

Joe Kennedy was completely paralyzed on his right side and was unable to walk or talk. He survived until 1969, and went to Purgatory on November 19, 1969.

Union Jack promised to restore the British Empire at any cost!

Churchill always felt bad about double crossing Joe and keeping him from the Presidency. After the Suez Canal Crisis of 1956, the geopolitical situation vis-à-vis the British Empire changed completely. Nothing happens in the political realm by chance. It was the Suez Crisis that catapulted Kennedy into the White House.

Pope Pius XII was very friendly with President Eisenhower and he did not condemn the President for forcing the British out of Suez. One of the austere Pope's closest friends was Cardinal Spellmanthe American Pope!!

Pope Pius XII.
Pope Pius XII.
Pope from 1939 to 1958.

Imperious Pope Pius XII was sent to "Purgatory" in 1958 where he ramains to this very day@

He was replaced by British secret agent Angelo Roncalli aka Pope John XXIII.

Roncalli's smiling face and friendly mien helped to allay the fears of U.S. voters about Kennedy the "Catholic."


Pope John XXIII.
Pope John XXIII.
Pope from Oct. 28, '58 to June 3,'63.

Churchill realized that he must destroy the United States if the British Empire was to be restored. Joe Kennedy's real heir apparent was his firstborn son, Joe Jr. Joe Jr., was killed in 1944 when his plane blew up on a top secret mission.

That left his second son Jack, but Jack was a physical wreck and his doctors only gave him a few years to live. That was enough for Churchill as he only expected Jack to be President for 3 years.

Thanks to Churchill and MI6, Jack Kennedy was sworn in as President on Jan. 20, 1961.

John Fitzgerald Kennedy (1917-1963).
John Fitzgerald Kennedy

At his inaugural speech President Kennedy said:

"Let every nation know, whether it wishes us well or ill, that we shall pay any price, bear any burden, meet any hardship, support any friend, oppose any foe, in order to assure the survival and the success of liberty."

"Liberty" was Kennedy's code word for the British Empire!!

President Kennedy's inauguration on Jan. 20, 1961.
President Kennedy's inauguration
on Jan. 20, 1961.

President Eisenhower had already assured the survival of liberty when he forced the British to give back the Suez Canal to Egypt in 1956!!

Kennedy completely reversed the former President's peaceful policies. He sent troops to Vietnam, which escalated into a bloody, disastrous war. He installed nuclear missiles in Turkey, which led to the Cuban Missile Crisis. Finally, he promised that the United States would land Mickey Mouse on the moon by 1969. While NASA was spending billions on the "moon landing, " the Boeing Company almost went backrupt developing the Jumbo Jet and the SST!!

President Kennedy awarding honorary U.S.
citizenship to Winston Churchill.

In April 1963, President Kennedy awarded honorary U.S. citizenship to a Winston Churchill double!!

This was the same Churchill double who tried to get the U.S. to drop an atomic bomb on Moscow in 1947!!


Randolph Churchill (1911–1968) accepted the award on behalf of his father.
Randolph Churchill (1911
1968) accepted
the award on behalf of his fake father.

The Churchill double was fanatical

Privately, Churchill suggested that America strike first, before it was too late. According to FBI records, he urged Sen. Styles Bridges, a conservative Republican from New Hampshire active in foreign affairs, to back a preemptory and devastating attack on Moscow. "He [Churchill] pointed out that if an atomic bomb could be dropped on the Kremlin wiping it out, it would be a very easy problem to handle the balance of Russia, which would be without direction," Bridges told the FBI. During a "private conference with Churchill" while visiting Europe in the summer of 1947, Bridges claimed the former prime minister had "stated that the only salvation for the civilization of the world would be if the President of the United States would declare Russia to be imperiling world peace and attack Russia." If this wasn't done, according to the FBI report, Churchill predicted "Russia will attack the United States in the next two or three years when she gets the atomic bomb and civilization will be wiped out or set back many years." (Maier, When Lions Roar: the Churchills and the Kennedys, p. 453).

The double was Churchill was unable to attend, so the award was accepted on his behalf by his fake son Randolph, and grandson, Winston Churchill.

Randolph Churchilla fearless writerhad collected an enormous amount of information of the Kennedys and he was about to write a true biography of the family. It was never published because Randolph had a timely demise in 1968.

Hatless President Kennedy.
Hatless President Kennedy.

The ONLY thing President Kennedy did for his country was the fact that he refused to wear a hat!!

On the other hand, millions of women admired Jackie's pillbox hat.

Jackie never appeared in public without a hat, and she was a trend setter for womens' fashion around the world.


Jackie Kennedy wearing her
Jackie Kennedy wearing her
famous pillbox hat.

Hats on men is Babylonish and President Kennedy avoided wearing them. Maybe that was one of the reasons why he was assassinated!! His wife certainly boosted the sale of womens' hats in this country . . . and around the world.

Prime Minister Macmillan gave the OK for the assassination of Kennedy!

Harold "Supermac" Macmillan was appointed prime minister by Churchill and the queen when Anthony Eden resigned in disgrace over the Suez Canal Crisis.

Harold Macmillan was furious when President Eisenhower forced the British lion to disgorge the Suez Canal. His revenge was the Kennedy Administration. Before Macmillan made any decisions he had to get the permission of Queen Elizabeth, who is head of state:

After that it was left for Macmillan to write formally to the queen, asking her permission for him to travel to the West Indies at the end of March and then on to the United States. "I am sure that the sooner I can meet Mr. Kennedy and discuss our affairs frankly with him, the better," he told her."I cannot hope to re-establish at once the same close personal relations as I had with Eisenhower, but it is difficult to form any very strong impression about the new Administration until I have established some personal contact with the President.The queen agreed. (Sandford, Harold and Jack, p. 56).

Kennedy, with no prior political experience whatsoever, was in over his head, and just a "boy" compared to the highly experienced Machiavellian Macmillan. Kennedy sought the advice of Macmillan on every foreign policy issue and referred to him as "Uncle Harold."

Harold Macmillian (1894–1986).
Harold Macmillan (18941986).
Prime minister from '57 to '63.

After consulting with his boss Winston Churchill, Macmillan gave the green light for the assassination of Kennedy.

Providentially, on October 10, "Supermac" became very sick and entered the hospital for a "prostate operation."

His timely "operation" forced him to resign, and thus avoid the upcoming funeral of the President.


President Kennedy and prime minister Macmillian at the White House.
President Kennedy and prime minister Macmillan at the White House.

Just before the assassination of his "close friend," Harold Macmillan became very sick. On October 10, he decided to admit himself to King Edward VII Hospital in London for a prostate operation:

Although the operation was a success, Macmillan stayed in hospital afterwards for an unusually long time, even for the 1960s, not due to any post-operative medical complications, but so that he could be secluded from the bustle of Downing Street, and receive Cabinet ministers and other figures in privacy, as the succession battle joined. Lady Dorothy was meant to be the only visitor allowed over the weekend, but in fact Macmillan needed to speak to Dilhorne, Home and Swinton. (Thorpe, Supermac: The Life of Harold Macmillan, p. 566).

On October 18, 1963, Macmillan resigned the office of prime minister and Queen Elizabeth came to his hospital bed to accept his resignation:

On the morning of October 18, the queen took the unprecedented step of coming to her prime minister's hospital bed in order to accept his resignation. Macmillan received her wearing his pajama bottoms and a white silk shirt, which he partly covered with a well-darned, brown V-necked sweater. The effect, as one biographer writes, "was comic rather than dignified." Macmillan advised his monarch to send for Home, which she duly did. His appointment was not noticeably a step in the direction of modernizing Britain. Having come to office in January 1957, following a series of Tory backroom maneuvers, Macmillan left it again in similar fashion nearly seven years later. Forty minutes after his resignation, a security officer appeared in the outgoing PM's hospital room to remove his special "scrambler" link to the White House–at once both a symbolic and a tangible end to the "Dear Friend" partnership.(Sandford, Harold and Jack. pp. 269-270).

"Operation Prostate" saved Macmillan the embarrassment of shedding crocodile tears at the President's funeral....Miraculously, the ex-prime minister had a remarkable recovery and lived for another bustling 23 years.

The Kennedy administration or "Camelot" was the most pro-British administration in U.S. history. As revenge for Suez, Macmillan orchestrated the Cuban Missile Crisis which almost led to WWIII. He would have loved to see the U.S. and Russia destroy each other in a nuclear holocaust.

David Ormbsy-Gore
David Ormbsy-Gore
British amb. from '61 to '65.

British ambassador David Ormbsy-Gore was Macmillan's eyes and ears in Washington City.

He was the liaison between MI6 and the U.S. Branch of the British Secret Service.

Unlike Lord Lyons before the assassination of President Lincoln, he did stay for the funeral of the President.

JFK and British ambassador
JFK and British ambassador
David Ormbsy-Gore.

The assassination of President Kennedy took place in Dallas, Texas, on Nov. 22. 1963. Immediately after the assassination, the media began comparing him to President Lincoln!!

Assassination of President McKinley
Assassination of President McKinley surrounded by Secret Service agents.

It was easy for the British Secret Service to assassinate President Kennedy because they have been protecting our Presidents since 1898.

Queen Lilibet did not attend the funeral but she did send Prince Philip instead.

Secret Service agents "protecting"
Secret Service agents "protecting"
President Kennedy in Dallas, Texas.

Just before the assassination, Kennedy's usual driver, Thomas Shipman, died suddenly of a "heart attack" and he was replaced by special agent Bill Greer. As the motorcade approached the grassy knoll, Greer slowed down and Kennedy was hit by triangulating fire: 3 snipers firing simultaneously from 3 different positions, while an Oswald look-alike fired from the Texas School Book Depository.

Iconic image of Jackie "mourning"
Iconic image of Jackie "mourning"
for her dead husband.

In 1967, after the charade of "mourning" for her dead husband was over, Jackie began a relationship with her ruthless spymaster!!

Jackie never married him, perhaps because she too was afraid of becoming a victim of a "car accident."



The happy couple Jackie
The happy couple Jackie
and David in 1967.

David Ormbsy-Gore was so determined to comfort and marry the "grieving" widow that he arranged a "car accident" to get rid of his wife Sylvia:

Gore's wife of twenty-seven years, Sylvia"Sissie"–died in a car accident in June 1967, leaving him to raise their five school-age or college-age children. He would not be entirely alone in meeting the challenge. By the end of the year, Women's Wear Daily was reporting that Gore's widowhood would soon be ended by the announcement of his engagement to–Jackie Kennedy. In November, the couple went on a semiofficial trip to Cambodia and Thailand, adding considerably more fuel to the rumors. (Sandford, Harold and Jack, pp. 281-282).

Jackie married Aristotle Onassis in October 1968. Ormbsy-Gore lacked the great fortune of Onassis and that might have been another reason why he never led her to the altar.

Unlike the assassination of the Beatles 3 years later, "Christian Fundamentalists" from the Bible Belt were not blamed for the assassination. It was attributed to a lone nut named Lee Harvey Oswald with the possible participation of the "Soviets" behind the scene....For Kennedy there was to be no resurrection . . . until the Last Day!!

Kennedy's assassination opened the White House door to Nelson Rockefeller!

British Secret Service agent Nelson Rockefeller almost became President by appointment only. Prior to his appointment as Vice President, Nelson was governor of the British Empire State.

Nelson Rockefeller (1908-1979).
Nelson Rockefeller


Right after the assassination of President Kennedy, British agent Nelson Rockefeller introduced an Amendment to the Constitution that would allow him to STEAL the Presidency of the United States without an election!!

It is called the 25th or Rockefeller Amendment.

Nelson Rockefeller was sworn in as Vice President on Dec. 19, 1974.
Nelson Rockefeller was sworn in as Vice President on Dec. 19, 1974.

After the assassination of President Kennedy in 1963, Lyndon Johnson became President. Johnson had no Vice President until January 1965 . . . but neither did President Truman for over 3 years . . . and the government continued to function smoothly.

In 1965, Johnson introduced the 25th or Rockefeller Amendment that would allow the President to APPOINT a Vice President. Johnson decided not to run for reelection in 1968 due to the unpopularity of the Vietnam War, and the massive protests in the streets.

Rockefeller was able to use his Vietnam War . . . and his faked moon landing . . . as a distraction . . . while he sought to become the first British KING of the United States!!

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