The 16th century was one of the most momentous times in world history. In 1517, the blessed Reformation began with Saint Marin Luther. In 1527, King Henry VIII divorced Roma permanently; In 1605, the explosive Gunpowder Plot almost succeeded, and in 1620 the Pilgrim Fathers established Israel in the New World Wilderness!

Pope Clement VII (14781534).
Pope from 1523 to 1534.

The very existence of the Tudor dynasty was in question because Henry did not have a Prince of Wales!

The king knew that the Holy Bible prohibited consanguinity (Lev. 18:16) and female sovereigns.

Fake "Roman" Emperor Charles V sacked Roma in 1527, and Clement became his captive.



King Henry VIII (1491–1547).
Reigned from 1509 to1547.

Henry had just sent a shipload of gold to Pope Clement and everyting was set for the ponfiff to grant the king his divorce. With Pope Clement as his prisoner, Charles kept the gold, and the king never obtained his divorce from Catherine of Aragon.

That debacle led to Henry divorcing Roma permanently. However, Henry had powerful enemies in his kingdom, led by Sir Thomas More, who were determined to maintain the status quo Babylonian Captivity. Henry's wife, Queen Anne Boleyn, was beheaded, and her daughter, the future Sultana Elizabeth I, became sovereign in 1559.

Pope Clement VIII (15361592).
Pope from 1592 to March 1605.

In 1605, Jesuit general Claudio Aquaviva needed a pontiff who would "bless" Guy Fawkes and the Gunpowder Plot.

On March 3, 1605, Clement was sent to St. Peter and replaced by Pope Leo XI.

On April 27, 1605, Pope Leo was also sent to St. Peter.

Finally, the Jesuit general had a compliant Pope when Paul V became pontiff on May 16, 1605.


Pope Paul V (1550–1621).
Pope from May 1605 to 1621.

The next pontiff, Paul V, was totally subservient to Jesuit general Aquaviva, so he issued a plenary indulgence (license to kill) to all who participated in the Gunpowder Plot, and he said that they were doing a "holy work most pleasing to God."

Pope Clement IX (1600–1668).
Pope from 1667 to 1669.

The pontificate of Clement IX fell during one of the most momentous times in British history.

As the year 1666 approached, the Fifth Monarchy Men believed that the downfall of Babylon was near.

Catholic King Charles I was beheaded in 1649, and the country became a republic under Cromwell for 10 years.

Sir George Downing
Sir George Downing

The Fifth Monarchy Men believed that Britannia would be revived Israel . . . but it wasn't Old England . . . but New England . . . where the new Jerusalem would be established.

The Bible says that "a leopard cannot change his spots," so a counter-revolution restored the monarchy under King Charles II. Charles launched the greatest manhunt in the history of the world to find the "regicides" who signed his father's death warrant. The bloodhounds were led by Sir George Downing—the British Judas Iscariot!

Pope Clement X (15901676).
Pope from 1670 to 1676.

Pope Clement X was the real father of Mary of Modena.

In 1673, Mary she was about to be buried alive in a convent in Italy when Clement wrote a special letter commanding her to marry the Duke of York instead.

In 1673, Mary married the Duke of York, who later became King James II.

Mary failed to produce a male heir, so she introduced a Warming Pan Prince of Wales instead!

Mary of Modena (1658–1718), was the daughter of Pope Clement X.
Mary of Modena (1658–1718) was the daughter of Pope Clement X.

After the death of Charles II, his son James II, followed him on the throne. His wife, Mary of Modena, could not produce a Prince of Wales, so she faked the birth, and introduced a nun's baby instead.

That event led to the invasion of William of Orange to save the country from the Warming Pan Plot. James fled to France, and then to Ireland, where he made a last stand at the Battle of the Boyne. He was defeated and never returned to Britannia. The warming pan baby survived under the name James Francis Edward Stuart.

Pope Clement XI (1649–1721).
Pope from 1700 to 1721.

Pope Clement XI encouraged James Francis Edward Stuart to seize the crown of Britannia after the flight of his "father" and mother from the kingdom.

The Jacobite Uprising of 1715 was led by that "Old Pretender."

That rebellion failed, but his descendants are still alive today looking to restore the Catholic Stuarts to the throne!



James Francis Edward Stuart

The 18th century, which began with Clement XI in the Chair of St. Peter, was just as violent as the previous century. However, the battleground had moved westward to the New World, and the New Jerusalem still clung precariously to the eastern seaboard of North America.

Pope Clement XII (16521740).
Pope from 1730 to 1740.

During the pontificate of Clement XII, a plot was set in motion to marry the Catholic Lady Diana Spencer to the Prince of Wales.

Lady Sarah Churchill, Duchess of Marlborough, was the richest and most influential person in the 3 kingdoms.

Sarah offered a huge bribe or dowry to the Prince of Wales if he would marry Lady Diana Spencer.

Lady Diana Spencer
Lady Diana Spencer

Sir Robert Walpole—the first Prime Minister of Great Britain—knew the law and he vetoed the marriage. That history was repeated in the 20th century when another Catholic named Lady Diana Spencer married the Prince of Wales.

Clement XIII was pontiff during the Seven Years' War or the First World War. That conflict was actually started by George Washington when he attacked a French settlement in Ohio. It soon spread into a worldwide conflagration.

Pope Clement XIII (16931769).
Pope from 1758 to 1769

Clement XIII was pontiff during the first worldwide conflagration called the Seven Years' War (17561763).

That war was started by George Washington when he attacked a French settlement in Ohio.

Eventually, it spread into a worldwide conflict with the French ceding India and Canada to the British.


Colonel George Washington

The war was a disaster for France, and King Louis XV knew that the Jesuits were the instigators of the conflict. The king was eager to ban the firebrands from his kingdom . . . but fearful because of a Jesuit assassination attempt on his life in 1757.

Pope Clement XIV (1705–1774).
Pope from 1769 to 1774.

King Louis' foreign minister, Étienne François de Choiseul, was the driving force behind the suppression of the Jesuits.

At the conclave of 1769 that "elected" Pope Clement XIV, he insisted that the new Pope give a guarantee in writing that he would suppress the Jesuits.

That pontiff prevaricated, because he was not looking forward to seeing St. Peter . . . but he finally relented and signed the suppression decree!



King Louis XV (17101774).
Reigned from 1715 to 1774.

On July 21, 1773, this "infallible" Pope banned the Jesuit order by a perpetual decree never to be rescinded. It cost him his life as he was given the cup of Borgia shortly thereafter and died a horrible lingering death:

And to this end a member of the regular clergy, recommendable for his prudence and sound morals, shall be chosen to preside over and govern the said houses; so that the name of the Company shall be, and is, for ever extinguished and suppressed. (Bull of Suppression of Pope Clement XIV).

Even the Papal States refused to give the Jesuits a refuge, and they were finally dumped on the island of Corsica. It was no coincidence that the "real Apollyon" was born on that island in 1769.

Pope Clement XIV was the last Clement in the nightmarish Papal dynasty. The best way to rescue Catholics . . . and Muslims . . . from the Babylonian system is to present a true history of the Papal dynasty:

Flee out of the midst of Babylon, and deliver every man his soul: be not cut off in her iniquity, for it is the time of JEHOVAH's vengeance; he will render unto her a recompense (Jeremiah 51:6).

And I heard another voice from heaven saying, "Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues" (Apocalypse 18:4).

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